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Buffalo Bills News - November 24, 2003

Marker Bills season a profound disappointment [7:26 PM]
Olean Times Herald reports: 'It’s also why coach Gregg Williams and team president/general manager Tom Donahoe looked as if someone had lifted their wallets after the game. Their football team played pretty well.'

Marker Colts exuded confidence [7:25 PM]
Olean Times Herald reports: '“That’s the type of team we have,” said Colts’ coach Tony Dungy. “We don’t get too overly excited about things, and we hang in there for 60 minutes. We did a good job of hanging in there."'

Marker The Day After: Gregg Williams Comments [7:24 PM] reports: '"Jeff Posey had a knee sprain from the ballgame and I'm supposed to have an update on him later today and I'll have another update on that Wednesday. Right now it's a knee sprain."'

Marker Staying cool [7:23 PM] reports: '“We made the plays when we needed to make them. That’s probably one of the pluses of our team. We’ve got a real veteran group - in the skill positions anyway. They just feel real good that when they have the ball coming down the stretch they’re going to make things happen.”'

Marker Bills find new way to lose [4:21 PM]
Niagara Falls Reporter reports: 'The Colts' 17-14 win, like the rest of Buffalo's lost season, boils down to one of those sporting truisms that sound overly simplistic but are, well, true. Good teams find a way to win. And bad ones find a way to help them. At 9-2, the Colts are indisputably good. And in case anybody still had any lingering optimism about the Bills before Sunday, they aren't.'

Marker Lack of personality from Coach shows in players [11:46 AM]
Dunkirk Observer reports: 'Even so, Sunday's loss to the Colts wasn't a showcase of Williams and his staff's ineptitude, as the first six losses were. This one seemingly did come down to the players. Yet, it's becoming more and more clear that on the field, the team as a whole is starting to resemble their robot-like coach. As Williams' vapid tones indicate, the Bills have no personality. That positive attitude that can be sensed from every crevice of the stadium, clear through your television screen just isn't there. It's a trait that all great teams have, and it stems from every level, from the coaches to the players. Have we ever seen Williams get mad, or even say something semi-unexpected? They are all drones and have played like it too.'

Marker Indy Rally Sinks Bills [11:43 AM]
ESN reports: The Bills led 14-3 in the fourth quarter after touchdowns by Drew Bledsoe and Sammy Morris. Bledsoe's 2nd quarter score was the Bills first touchdown since October 19 in a victory over Washington. Morris scored on a punishing run from 7 yards out. Though improved, the Bills offense was unable to put enough points on the board for the victory.

Marker Larry Felser: Repair Job [11:42 AM]
ESN reports: As I watched the Bills’ gritty defense finally wear down to the Colts’ relentless push Sunday afternoon, I couldn’t help thinking about how this team might have fared under different coaching hands. This counts for more than a little. What they need is a leader in whom they have faith.

Marker Jim Kelly: Thanksgiving means football, family [11:02 AM] reports: That dream finally came true in 1994, when the Bills played in Detroit. By that time, we were coming off playing in four Super Bowls, so we had been on national TV in every one of those seasons in the playoffs and on Monday Night Football. But it was still a special feeling to play on Thanksgiving.

Marker Bills get caught again [8:58 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"This whole year I feel like I'm in a Stephen King horror movie," safety Lawyer Milloy said after the Bills' 17-14 loss to the Indianapolis Colts. "Every game is ending horribly. We're fighting hard. We're playing hard. We're doing so many things the right way. But we're just missing something. . . . Believe me, the effort is there. That's what makes this so hard to swallow right now."'

Marker Punter turns runner for Bills' longest gain [8:57 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"It's just one of those things that happens," said Moorman, whose run tied Paul Maguire (against Kansas City on Dec. 12, 1964) for the longest run by a Bills punter. "The ball hits your hands wrong and it's a matter of making a quick decision. I looked up and there was plenty of room, so there was no need to kick it because I figured I could get to the first-down marker."'

Marker In Manning they trust: QB's on the money [8:56 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'That was not a great performance by Indianapolis. But you can find out a lot about a team when things aren't going its way. In Sunday's 17-14 victory, the Colts showed how a great offense, and a great quarterback, can persevere on a day when circumstances seemed stacked against them.'

Marker Playing with pain isn't just an expression; it's reality [8:55 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'Sometimes you have to wonder how they do it, from where it is they draw their resolve. Wasn't the season already over? Couldn't they see that 4-6 and a brutal closing schedule added up to 16 games and out? But that's just it. They couldn't see it. Or maybe, more honorably, they refused to see it, and won't see it, not until the mathematics extinguish the final flicker of hope.'

Marker Colts' win brings back memories for Polian [8:54 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"At 14-3, you worry a little bit," Polian said. "But No. 32 (James) did what No. 34 (Thomas) used to do, you know? As I told Tony, "That's the way those guys across the field used to win.' When you play hard for 60 minutes, good things happen."'

Marker Ailing Jennings does the job [8:53 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"I don't know how I made it through. I was just going on will," said Jennings, who walked very gingerly in the locker room. "I was in bad pain, but the job was getting done at the same time. That one time Drew (Bledsoe) got sacked it was on a three-step drop and (the ball) should have been gone. Things like that happen. But, you're talking about a guy who's been having two- and three-sack games, so you have to battle and maintain. It wasn't pretty, but the job got done. That's all that matters."'

Marker Monday Billboard [8:52 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'Player of the Game: Colts quarterback Peyton Manning. Archie's kid isn't bad. He led the Colts on the two late drives. It seemed he was in command even when the Bills had a 14-3 lead.'

Marker Four-gettable finish [5:18 AM]
Rochester D&C reports: '“The teams that have the good records haven’t been blowing people out; they’ve been winning the ugly games, and we haven’t won any ugly games,” Milloy said.'

Marker The point of scoring points is lost on Bills [5:17 AM]
Rochester D&C reports: 'The Bills scored only two touchdowns in their 17-14 loss to the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday, but for them, that’s a flood. It was Biblical. Build an ark.'

Marker Cooler heads of Colts prevail [5:16 AM]
Rochester D&C reports: 'If the 9-2 Colts are “in the arena,” then the 4-7 Bills clearly have left the building. Their playoff hopes are toast, as are the Buffalo coaching careers of Gregg Williams and Kevin Gilbride. Like the Bills offense, their time here will be remembered for going three-and-out. Three downs and out, three years and out.'

Marker This time it's the O-line's fault [5:15 AM]
Rochester D&C reports: 'On Bledsoe throwing the pick, Donahoe said, “That wasn’t his fault; he didn’t have a chance. You can’t put that on a quarterback. When you have five against four, you better win.”'

Marker Buffalo Bills report card [5:14 AM]
Rochester D&C reports: 'Coaching: Kevin Gilbride finally showed some guts running the ball inside the red zone, and the defensive game plan was sound until that unit wore down. Team hasn’t quit on Gregg Williams. C'

Marker Don't count the house until you have the facts [4:52 AM]
Business First of Buffalo reports: 'Wilson comes through again. Whether such actions make a difference to the Pro Football Hall of Fame voters, it should be noted that over the last several seasons Bills' owner Ralph Wilson has stepped up on several occasions and donated tickets to various groups including law enforcers and emeregncy personnel, and, most recently, to some 4,000 military reservists. To the cynics, it's probably no big deal but by doing so, Wilson not only helped keep the stadium full, he has, however unintended, helped lift the local TV blackout, always important to the community no matter how poorly the Bills are playing.'

Marker Bills broken by Manning [4:51 AM]
Toronto Sun reports: '"There's no panic," Manning said after completing 26 of 42 attempts for 229 yards. "I've been in enough of those situations and we did a good job being patient. We executed when the stakes were on the highest level."'

Marker Vandy put Peyton in right place [4:50 AM]
Toronto Sun reports: '"I think he's more poised and confident. I think it all comes down to Peyton. He's playing incredible right now. He makes the whole thing go."'

Marker Manning plays comeback kid again [4:49 AM]
Toronto Star reports: '"You hear about how many fourth-quarter comebacks that a guy has and I think it means a guy screwed up in the first three quarters," said Manning, clearly unimpressed with his first 45 minutes at the office. "But I've been in enough of those situations and we did a good job of being patient."'

Marker Orange Horses [4:48 AM]
Syracuse Post-Standard reports: 'Mungro was speaking in the cramped, humid Colts locker room. About 20 feet away, Marvin Harrison encamped at his single stall. Around the corner, Dwight Freeney was pulling on a silky gray dress shirt. Indianapolis hasassumed a sort of Syracuse West. All three players starred for Syracuse University and now all three contribute to a Colts team making plans for the playoffs.'

Marker Colts find winning edge [4:47 AM]
Indianapolis Star reports: 'The temperature at kickoff was 70 degrees, and Buffalo's fourth-ranked defense played with a stubborn ferocity that tested the visitors' poise and resourcefulness. The Colts held on. Their defense kept them close. Their offense put together a pair of fourth-quarter touchdown drives. Then their defense put it away.'

Marker Keeping it simple from 3 inches shows this team is serious [4:46 AM]
Indianapolis Star reports: 'If anybody was still wondering why the Colts are 9-2 and going places, here was a reminder. They make plays. They make plays like these.'

Marker Linemen persuasive about utilizing run [4:45 AM]
Indianapolis Star reports: '"It's tough when you get down there and it looks so tempting to throw the ball. But I felt Edge was running (well), hitting the holes hard all day."'

Marker Defense shines with game on line [4:44 AM]
Indianapolis Star reports: 'The Colts showed no sympathy. They attacked Bledsoe. "He's not the most mobile guy," said Colts linebacker Rob Morris. "His game is standing back there and picking you apart." So the Colts blitzed almost every play during the first half. Often as not, they brought two extra defenders.'

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