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Buffalo Bills News - April 26, 2004

Marker Donahoe stakes his reputation, Bills future on Losman [5:08 AM]
AP reports: '''The honeymoon's been long over,'' he said. ''It's time to produce.'''

Marker Dylan McFarland drafted by Buffalo, Snyder signs with Detroit [5:07 AM]
AP reports: '‘‘I had just gotten off the phone with Carolina, and Denver called when I was talking to the (offensive line) coach from the Bills. It was pretty quick and pretty exciting,'' he said. ‘‘I don't know much, other than they didn't draft any other offensive linemen,'' McFarland said. ‘‘That's a great deal for me. There is a huge opportunity there, and there is definitely a spot for me.'''

Marker Draft report cards: How the 32 teams fared [5:06 AM]
CBS Sportsline reports: 'Overall grade: C-. The first two picks will be scrutinized closely, especially Lee Evans and his knee.'

Marker Sudden impact: These first-day draft picks will help their teams right away [5:05 AM]
CNN/SI reports: Lee Evans (No. 13)
A season without Peerless Price proved one thing to the Bills: the need for speed. And Evans has plenty of that, but he is also very adept at catching the ball. As a Buffalo newspaper pointed out, Evans is no Bucky Brooks, a second-round pick from North Carolina in 1994 who washed out without catching a single pass. And the Bills threw 541 of them that year. "[Evans] is appealing in his speed and his ability to make big plays," GM Tom Donahoe said. "We felt that he was a complete receiver. There are a lot of guys that are fast who struggle catching the ball. Lee is a fast guy who can catch. That's a nice combination to have."

Marker Bills nab Evans with 13th pick [5:04 AM]
Wisconsin Badger Herald reports: '"It's great. I couldn't be more happy, more thrilled with what's going on," Evans said. "It's been an incredible ride. To be rated real high my junior year, to come back and play and still be rated high, it's a great feeling. I'm really enjoying the day with my family and all my friends."'

Marker Tim Euhus and Richard Seigler Selected in Fourth Round of NFL Draft [5:03 AM] reports: 'Euhus played his senior year at Oregon State at 6-5 247 pounds. The Eugene native played in 49 career games, starting 37 straight. He was a first team All-Pac-10 Conference selection as a senior. For his career he caught 98 passes for 1,346 yards and nine touchdowns. He also played in three bowl games, the Fiesta, Insight and Las Vegas. In addition, Euhus played one season of basketball for the Beavers.'

Marker Buffalo Bills Draft Jonathan Smith [5:02 AM] reports: 'The Pasadena, Calif., native rushed for 961 yards and 10 touchdowns in 2003 while adding 349 yards and another score via pass receiving.'

Marker Transcript: Bills Select WR/RB Jonathan Smith [5:01 AM] reports: 'A punt returner and a receiver. I think he's a fearless guy. He's a quicker than fast guy who does a great job in the return area but he's a guy that can give you an extra receiver. A slot type receiver. Big punt returns, tough guy. He's one of those guys who's not real tall but always has to be the first guy up off the ground after a hit. Jonathan Smith, he likes to be called Freddy, will be flexibly. He has the capability, it's nice to have that flexibility with a guy.'

Marker Transcript: Draft Day Two Wrap Up [5:00 AM] reports: 'On picking five out of six offense picks: It just happens that way. Obviously going into the draft we felt there were some areas on offense that we would like to address. You can't go into the draft saying, 'ok we have to do this and we have to do that'. When you do that, you come out disappointed. You go into the draft and you say we want to try to help our football team wherever we can help the team. This particular case it ended up that way.'

Marker Transcript: OT Dylan McFarland [4:59 AM] reports: 'My aunt lived out there for a couple years in Buffalo. She was pulling big time for me to be a Bill. I think the weather is fairly comparable to up here in Montana. I'm excited about the snow. I like cold weather and I like to play in football weather. I know the fans are great. I'm just excited.'

Marker Transcript: Bills Select OT Dylan McFarland [4:58 AM] reports: 'He's a good athlete. He's got size and size potential. He's a very bright kid. We think he has a chance to be a two position guy in time. It takes a while for guys. We're looking at him as someone who could do one or the other, tackle or guard, because of his ability.'

Marker Transcript: WR/RB Jonathan Smith [4:57 AM] reports: 'On being a "slash" player:
I have the abilities to do different things. I'm always up for trying new things, anything to help out the team.'

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April 25, 2004

Marker Losman Q&A: Ready to learn [9:07 PM] reports: Are you looking forward to working behind Drew Bledsoe? Yeah, of course. I was kind of prepared with Green Bay talk and sitting behind (Brett) Favre, and now here I am. You never know how the draft is going to work out. Luckily enough, I am able to be in another situation like this with another great quarterback who's been in the league so many years.

Marker Mularkey Q&A: Bills go for offense [7:20 PM] reports: 'What do you see in J.P. Losman that made him worth moving up for?
Mobile, strong arm, competitive, leader.'

Marker Four Aces - Teams invest heavily in future QBs [7:16 PM] reports: But that wasn't the most dramatic of the 10 trades made in the first round. That distinction belonged to the deal the Buffalo Bills made to get the Dallas Cowboys' 22nd overall pick, which the Bills then used for QB J.P. Losman. The Bills gave the Cowboys their second-round choice this year (RB Julius Jones ) and first- and fifth-rounders in '05.

Marker Bills complete draft [7:09 PM]
WGR-AM reports: 'On Day Two, the Bills used their 4th round selection on tight end Tim Euhus out of Oregon State. Euhus, 6'5", 260 pounds, was three-year starter at Oregon State who has good hands, but lacks pure speed, as he ran a 4.89 in the 40-yard dash. He is known for being an intelligent player, but will need to improve his blocking techniques to succeed at the next level. Euhus also earned letter status playing basketball at Oregon State.'

Marker Win Some, Lose Some [7:07 PM] reports: 'Some folks have panned the top of the Bills' draft for taking Wisconsin receiver Lee Evans too high at No. 13, and for giving up next year's No. 1 to Dallas in order to get back into the opening round and select Tulane quarterback J.P. Losman at No. 22. But not me.'

Marker Transcript: Sam Wyche on J.P. Losman [7:03 PM] reports: 'J.P. is a guy that we ranked right there in the bulk of guys including the top three people. I wouldn't say we said he was the best in the draft but he was right there with them. Some times when you put them in lists like that, they are not equidistant from each other. They are very tight in terms of our feelings towards him and the other picks. He was a guy that we said going into the draft, if we end up with him we have a good player. The thinking was from Mike Mularkey that if we don't draft one this year we're going to have to go get one next year. We can't go on and on restocking here. Why this year rather than wait until next year and have a raw rookie that has another year to wait before he's ready to go before he's ready to go to play. We'll give him that playing time, spend that next year's draft now and get the advantage of the playing time between now and next year. He's not coming in to take the opener. He's got a very comfortable transition period here.'

Marker Bills continue focusing on offense in Day 2 of draft [7:02 PM]
AP reports: 'Of Buffalo's six selections during the two-day draft, five were offensive players. It was a trend the team established on Saturday in an attempt to bolster an offense that finished 30th in the NFL last year, and was blamed for Buffalo's disappointing 6-10 finish.'

Marker Seventh Round: Dylan McFarland [6:28 PM] reports: 'The last three seasons he has been one of the key ingredients to Montana’s offensive success and has helped the Griz to be ranked among the national leaders in several offensive categories.'

Marker Seventh Round: Jonathan Smith [5:40 PM] reports: 'Versatile big-play performer who was Tech’s main offensive weapon in his senior year…In addition to regular duties as a wide receiver and punt returner, Jonathan also lined up at halfback and quarterback during his career.'

Marker Transcript: Bills Select TE Tim Euhus [4:52 PM] reports: 'He's a good athlete. In his freshman year at Oregon State he was on the basketball team. He's a tall athletic tight end. He's a good receiver. Big, strong hands. He has good speed for his size. He's a tenacious blocker. He's a tough scrapper and a hard nose player.'

Marker Transcript: TE Tim Euhus [4:52 PM] reports: 'It was good news for me. I figured that with all the other tight ends that had been taken, my number would come up pretty quick, and it was a little quicker than I thought. Quick news is good news.'

Marker First Round: Jonathan Losman [4:51 PM] reports: 'Can slide and elude the pass rush and has the ability to throw on the move…Does a very good job with his timing on the mid-range throws, as the receiver rarely has to work back to the ball…Has the field vision and awareness to look off his primary target to find his second and third options…Competitive player who can handle hard coaching.'

Marker Bills Trade Up, Snag Tulane's Losman [4:51 PM] reports: '"When we first did our board we had four quarterbacks that we thought had first round talents," Bills President and GM Tom Donahoe said. "As soon as we made our (first) pick we began to explore the possibility of trying to get back into the first round to pick J. P. We called just about every team from our pick on and proposed a trade to them. Finally, we were able to get it done with Dallas."'

Marker Bills go for two in first round [8:57 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"This guy's a leader," Donahoe said. "We think he's got a heck of an arm and he's a good athlete. He's a quarterback who can move around and throw the ball on the move."'

Marker Cocky Losman believes he's as good as it gets [8:56 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"He's highly competitive, which probably rubs some people the wrong way," said Bills President and General Manager Tom Donahoe. "But that's the business we're in. We're in a competitive business, and we want people that want to lay it on the line every time they go out on the field, and when they're not successful we want them to be upset."'

Marker Knee injury couldn't slow down Evans [8:55 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"From when I was little he would always tell me about how hard it is getting up and working in a factory every day," Evans said Saturday on a conference call. "It's hard (work), to say the least. But my dad is a very hard worker, and he does what he has to do. He gets up every morning and goes to work to provide for his family. He instilled that work ethic in me. He's always inspired me to do some of the things he didn't do."'

Marker Bills' fortunes rely on more than draft alone [8:54 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'Tom Clements - Has the new offensive coordinator cooked up the right Travis Henry-McGahee casserole? The Bills are a running team now, or so they tell us. Nevertheless, Eric Moulds is still their best player. Will Clements make him more than an occasional weapon?'

Marker Bills drop another smart bomb, and it had better hit its target [8:53 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'After awhile, you start to wonder if the Bills' primary objective on draft day is to show the football world just how smart they are, to prove that, if nothing else, they're more daring and inventive than any other organization in the league.'

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