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Buffalo Bills News - October 3, 2004

Marker A mind for the game [5:37 AM]
Toronto Sun reports: 'It is here in Orchard Park, N.Y., where Clements has the challenge of resurrecting an offence gone dormant.'

Marker Bills Bits [5:36 AM]
Toronto Sun reports: 'The Bills are 10-5 in games following the bye week, which sounds good enough. Trouble is, they are 1-4 in the past five years ... The Buffalo defence ranks second in the AFC and fourth in the NFL ... Dating back to the beginning of the 2003 season, Buffalo has surrendered just three individual 100-yard rushing games ... Patriots running back Corey Dillon ran for 158 yards in the New England win over Arizona. It was the most yards by a Patriots back in more than seven years.'

Marker Drew not through [5:35 AM]
Boston Herald reports: 'Bledsoe must start a personal renaissance today against his former team and current nemesis -- the Patriots [stats, news]. His Bills are 0-2, and as is customary for quarterbacks in general and Bledsoe in particular, fans say the winless record is his fault.'

Marker Four downs [5:34 AM]
Metro West Daily News reports: 'If Drew Bledsoe has too much time, he still has the ability to pick the opponent apart, and remember, there's good talent at the skill positions in Buffalo. Attacking the Bills' weakness means going after their offensive line. And if the Pats are getting pressure through rushing three or four, freeing up the rest of defense to cover, Buffalo is in big trouble.'

Marker McGahee the epitome of Bills' bumbling [5:34 AM]
Providence Journal reports: '"Third down?" McGahee said. "Nothing's good enough for now. But you know, you always strive to be better, and that's what I'm going to do. I don't want to be no backup. But you know, they're paying me. They're paying me a good salary. So to be a backup, I'll be a backup."'

Marker Martinez and Bledsoe have a few things in common [5:33 AM]
Providence Journal reports: 'Everyone knows the best way to beat Bledsoe is to blitz him. He's not a threat to scramble and, if allowed to get comfortable in the pocket, he can burn defenses with both long and short passes.'

Marker Gone, Not Forgotten [5:21 AM]
Hartford Courant reports: '"Nobody knows better than we do how hard it is to win in Buffalo," Belichick said.'

Marker Patriots (2-0) At Bills (0-2) [5:20 AM]
Hartford Courant reports: 'The Raiders sacked Drew Bledsoe seven times, partly because Bledsoe is immobile and partly because the Bills offensive line, supposed to be led by former Texas All-Everything RT Mike Williams, hasn't jelled. The Patriots will try to rattle Bledsoe with their pass rush rather than drop eight guys into pass coverage, as they do against Peyton Manning. But if the Bills line can open holes for the talented RB tandem of Travis Henry and Willis McGahee, keeping Bledsoe out of second- or third-and-long, the Patriots defense could be in trouble. With receivers Eric Moulds, Josh Reed, rookie Lee Evans and Bobby Shaw, True Drew has some real weapons. Still, No.11 hasn't thrown for 200 yards in his last six games, a sad commentary on his decline. The Patriots run defense failed miserably in its opening test against the Colts (202 yards), but had no problem shutting down decrepit Emmitt Smith and a weak Cardinals line (50).'

Marker Bills out to end another streak [5:19 AM]
Woonsocket Call reports: 'In order to beat Buffalo, the Patriots must do two things - stop the run and limit their mistakes against the Bills’ aggressive defense. With new head coach Mike Mularkey, Buffalo is trying to become a power running team, but it lacks the right personnel, so that’s putting extra pressure on Bledsoe to make big plays in the passing game.'

Marker Patriots in Buffalo today to face Bills [5:18 AM]
Attleboro Sun Chronicle reports: 'The best sales for a new book about the New England Patriots may have been in this western New York hamlet.'

Marker Last year’s Bills still haunting Patriots [5:17 AM]
Manchester Union Leader reports: '“We didn’t score a point. We were shut out for the first time in 10 or 12 years. It was just embarrassing. We played terribly. I played terribly and I still remember that game,” said Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, who threw four interceptions in the loss. “There is a bad taste in our mouth from that game. We want to go out and try to play certainly much better then we did last year, but even better then we did the last two weeks.”'

Marker Sunday's New England Coverage [5:16 AM] reports:
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Receivers cut from the same Moulds (Lawrence Eagle Tribune)
17, going on 19 (Fort Worth Star Telegram)
On verge of a record, Patriots play it down (San Francisco Chronicle)
Ex-loser Belichick a genius in Foxboro (Chicago Sun Times)
Patriots play it cool (Minneapolis Star Tribune)
Pats strike first during streak (Miami Herald)

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October 2, 2004

Marker Streaking Patriots still stinging from last game at Buffalo [2:09 PM]
AP reports: '''They ain't winning 18 straight, I'll tell you that,'' defensive tackle Pat Williams said. ''I don't care what kind of game plan they come in with, we're going to win on Sunday. The guys are hungry around here. We ain't settling for nothing less.'''

Marker Patriots-Bills scouting report [2:08 PM] reports: 'Patriots 20, Bills 10.'

Marker Bills look to book the Pats [12:57 PM]
Wellsville Daily Reporter reports: '"I think there's a benefit absolutely," said Bills tight end Mark Campbell of playing the Raiders and Patriots back-to-back. "With the Raiders, they had the Pittsburgh Steelers (Mularkey's former team) a week before they had us so they had a bit of a benefit. I definitely think there's a benefit. Now instead of having one week to prepare, we've actually had three weeks to prepare for this style of defense."'

Marker What to Look for vs. Patriots [12:53 PM] reports: 'Drew Bledsoe vs. the Patriots Blitz.'

Marker New England at Buffalo [12:46 PM]
Quincy Patriot Ledger reports: 'Bills must ... Convert in the red zone - Twice Buffalo has driven inside the 15 and come away with no points ... Think deep - A big play now and then from Eric Moulds or Lee Evans would be nice ... Present a united front in secondary - Pats QB Tom Brady can identify a weak link back there and exploit it.'

Marker Pats riding the crest of a brain wave [9:17 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"He is the next closest thing to a coach," Patriots offensive coordinator Charlie Weis said of Brady in a news briefing last month. "It has gotten to the point now, by the time he comes in and we put in the game plan, by the end of the week, he knows the plan like a coach knows the plan."'

Marker Simms takes offense over talk on QBs [9:15 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"It is important that (Bledsoe) plays well for a lot of reasons," said Simms, "for himself, for his team, the coaches and even for the fans and the media. You have to do something that people go "OK, he can do it.' " But he laughs at talk show complaints that focus on Bledsoe's lack of mobility. "It (mobility) is just so over-talked about in the NFL," said Simms. "Is (Indianapolis quarterback) Peyton Manning the most mobile guy in the world? Kurt Warner (of the New York Giants) is not the fastest. Tom Brady (of New England) arguably could be the slowest guy in the NFL at quarterback. Bill Walsh (the legendary coach and QB guru) said all you have to do is sidestep and avoid one guy to get the next little window and throw the football. There are so many guys in the league who are not mobile."'

Marker Bills braced for energy of Dillon [5:08 AM]
Rochester D&C reports: 'In Cincinnati, his teams went a combined 34-78 and never went to the playoffs. New England has captured two of the past three Super Bowls under coach Bill Belichick and is 42-14 since the start of 2001.'

Marker Belichick exposes Bills' OL [5:07 AM]
Rochester D&C reports: 'Bills coach Mike Mularkey is trying to use Belichick's comments to fire up his offensive line and quarterback, but there probably aren't many Bills fans expecting it to be a factor. If Buffalo beats New England on Sunday, the defensive unit figures to be taking most of the bows.'

Marker Can Szabo corner the market? [5:04 AM]
Boston Globe reports: '"If there is knowledge that you have about your opponent that would help your team win, then it definitely would be appropriate and it should be done. It should be mentioned. He should bring it up. He should be able to say, `This guy is not that fast. Everyone thinks he's fast. But I coached him. He's not that fast.'"'

Marker Law longs for Milloy [5:03 AM]
Boston Herald reports: '``Don't get me wrong - I want him to lose,'' Law said. ``I want him to play well, but I'm not rooting for those guys to win. Hell, I hope it's a big ass-whupping this week.'''

Marker Are Belichick's secrets safe with Szabo? [5:02 AM]
Providence Journal reports: 'While players regularly change teams and bring information with them -- Bledsoe and Lawyer Milloy both have gone from the Pats to the Bills in the past two years -- few people know Belichick, and how he operates, as well as Szabo.'

Marker Belichick’s comments provide fodder for Bills [5:01 AM]
Woonsocket Call reports: 'Although the Bills haven’t read the book, they’ve been informed about its contents. According to The Buffalo News, Bills head coach Mike Mularkey was caught on camera by a news channel needling defensive back Nate Clements – whom Belichick said could be exposed deep in the book – and the offensive line about the insulting remarks.'

Marker Old friend Szabo could give Buffalo an edge [5:00 AM]
Woonsocket Call reports: '"It’s definitely a concern," Belichick said. "Steve spent a lot of time here last year and he’s a very smart guy. He graduated from the Naval Academy and was a double major, so he’s smart. He was here and did a lot of things for us on a volunteer basis and was helpful for myself, the defensive staff and the defensive linemen."'

Marker Brady, Bledsoe face off in Buffalo Sunday [4:59 AM]
Attleboro Sun Chronicle reports: '``Anybody that you come across anywhere outside of the building, you have to just be careful of being influenced by comments, positive or negative,'' Mularkey said. ``There is too much work that goes on in here for anybody really outside to know the amount of time and effort that goes into it. It's not like they're going out there to try to please the crowd,'' he said of his players. ``That's not their objective. They're trying to win a football game. To me, that's just a distraction. If you bring it up they're going to be looking for it, so I really have not addressed it that way. I've just said be careful of outside sources.'''

Marker A Beating Not Soon To Be Forgotten [4:58 AM] reports: 'The casual observer might disagree. The Bills had the Patriots by a mile in every aspect possible, including energy, discipline and execution. Drew Bledsoe never has such an easy time with a Bill Belichick defense. The Bills’ defense was flying all over the place, inducing four Tom Brady interceptions, one of which was run back 37 yards for a touchdown by Buffalo’s Son Of Sam, Sam Adams (whose dad was a former Patriot lineman). Given the 13-1 regular season (and a Vince to boot) which followed this game, only a shattering development like the Milloy release could have precipitated such a horrid result for the Patriots.'

Marker Eagles show support for Vincent [4:57 AM]
Trenton Trentonian reports: 'Vincent, a former Eagles star defensive back now playing for the Buffalo Bills, remains a major supporter of Trenton. "It’s not difficult maintaining my interest in Trenton. I have the right people in charge here and Mayor (Doug) Palmer keeps me in the know,’’ said Vincent.'

Marker Saturday's New England Coverage [4:52 AM] reports:
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Pats anxious to face overdue Bills (
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