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Buffalo Bills News - November 8, 2004

Marker Jets give Bills their props [8:59 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"This was just their day," Martin said. "They came out and took control of the game from the beginning. They outplayed us in every aspect of the game. We got our butts kicked. There is no excuse. Buffalo played a good game. They came out and they handed it to us today. Defense, offense, special teams - they did everything."'

Marker O-line mushrooms into capable unit [8:58 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'They are still only 3-5, but the Bills have at least put themselves on the outer fringes of the playoff race and given their fans a reason for hope heading into the second half. They've reclaimed their home-field mystique, and the improved play of the offensive line is a big reason.'

Marker Bledsoe finally sheds scapegoat horns [8:58 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'It's no surprise Bledsoe has been a different quarterback these last two weeks, at ease and productive. Maybe infusing the running game with Willis McGahee has had something to do with it. Maybe the offensive line has finally started to meld. What's clear is that Bledsoe is receiving adequate time to make his reads, that his confidence in his line has been restored, that he's back to throwing passes with conviction. He was 18 for 30 for 184 yards in Sunday's 22-17 win over the Jets. He made key throws at the important times and appeared thoroughly rejuvenated.'

Marker Williams' injury brings a scare [8:57 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"I think he's doing everything that everybody expected out of him when he was drafted," said Bills offensive line coach Jim McNally. "That light is going on. He's played very good football the last four or five weeks."'

Marker In the zone [8:56 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'Game Balls: The Bills will distribute them this week, but we give them to Jonas Jennings on offense and Chris Kelsay on defense.'

Marker Grading the Bills [8:55 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'Coaching: (B) - - Good call to go for it at Jets' 12. Botched clock at end of half. Defense starred. Offense rebounded from first meeting.'

Marker The Bills Look (Almost) Respectable [7:53 AM]
Erie Times News reports: 'Now the Bills sit at 3-5, with a Sunday match up against the New England Patriots looming. Obviously, I have already thrown the flag in on the Bills season in earlier columns, but for some reason these guys don’t seem to believe that it is over. Hey, whatever works for them. If they believe, I guess I can still believe. But of course, only if they can knock off New England and get to 4-5.'

Marker Bills picking up steam [5:08 AM]
Rochester D&C reports: 'Unfortunately for the Bills, the reality is just that: With this victory over a New York team that came into blustery Ralph Wilson Stadium with a 6-1 record and an earlier 16-14 victory over the Bills, Buffalo still is saddled with a 3-5 record. And on the horizon is the toughest test of the season, a night road game at the home of the defending Super Bowl champion New England Patriots that could very well determine the fate of their season.'

Marker Offensive line is coming on, easing coach McNally's homecoming [5:07 AM]
Rochester D&C reports: 'The Bills' 22-17 victory against the previously once-beaten New York Jets at The Ralph was their second straight win and third in four games. Besides improving their record to 3-5, it provided additional proof that the offensive line is finally getting its act together.'

Marker Gimmick plays aren't working [5:06 AM]
Rochester D&C reports: 'In other words, they won in spite of failed gadgetry and some odd personnel use that, quite frankly, doesn't seem necessary and could come back to bite them in a future game.'

Marker When Milloy's making plays, Bills' defense is very, very good [5:06 AM]
Rochester D&C reports: 'Watching the energy the playmaking Milloy has breathed into Buffalo's lineup the past three games, including Sunday's dominant 22-17 victory over the rival New York Jets at Ralph Wilson Stadium, it's not a stretch to say that had Milloy opened the year healthy as planned, Buffalo would be at least two wins better today.'

Marker Two-minute read [5:05 AM]
Rochester D&C reports: 'Bills offensive line: Willis McGahee carried 37 times for 132 yards, and he couldn't have done it without the play of his line. They blocked for 46 running plays that netted 157 yards, and they did not allow a sack of Bledsoe on 30 dropbacks, the second week in a row Bledsoe stayed upright all day.'

Marker Report card [5:04 AM]
Rochester D&C reports: 'Say this about Drew Bledsoe, he's not giving way to first-round pick J.P. Losman without a fight.'

Marker McGahee, Bills still dreaming of playoffs [5:03 AM]
Toronto Star reports: '"We kicked their ass," said Buffalo defensive tackle Pat Williams, who tackled Jets running back Curtis Martin for a huge safety with six minutes to play. "It was a whuppin'."'

Marker Bills play with passion vs. Jets [5:02 AM]
Syracuse Post Standard reports: 'That's right. Buffalo, which is going nowhere, bullied New York, which believes it is bound for the playoffs and a nice run in them upon arrival. But, as this is a league in which so many clubs are distinguishable one from the other only through the color of their laundry, there was little cartwheeling inside the Bills' dressing quarters. Satisfaction, yes. Surprise, no.'

Marker Bills' McGahee Hits Pause and Then Runs Fast Forward [5:02 AM]
New York Times reports: 'In his three starts, McGahee has rushed for 345 yards on 93 carries, an average of 3.7 yards a carry. "He's very capable of making yards when things look bleak," Mularkey said.'

Marker Bills deflate Martin [5:01 AM]
New York Post reports: '"I don't think there's any doubt that they came into this game with more intensity than we did, that they took it to us and laid us out," Martin said. "All the credit in the world goes to them, they played great and they were easily the better team out there today. And it's frustrating to know that." The Bills made little mystery about what they wanted to accomplish yesterday: keep Martin under 100 yards, which is usually a benchmark of success for the Jets. They received an added bonus when Chad Pennington hurt his shoulder on a first-quarter fumble. But keeping Martin under wraps was the key.'

Marker Bills stomp on Abraham and run over Jets' 'D' [4:59 AM]
New York Newsday reports: 'The Bills were cooking, all right. They kept the Jets' blitz buried in the playbook because of a relentless running game by Willis McGahee (132 yards) and magnificent blocking by the offensive line. The Jets, who entered the game eighth among NFL teams against the run, were dominated. "They ran the ball everywhere," Abraham said. "They ran it left, right. They ran at me and away from me. Whatever they did worked."'

Marker Nowhere to run, hide [4:58 AM]
New York Newsday reports: '"People were saying they had two 100-yard backs," said Spikes, a constant presence in Martin's path, "and I totally respect Martin and their entire team. But I didn't think it was fair for them to mention the Miami defense and the Buffalo defense in the same breath when it came to stopping the run."'

Marker No timeouts, so no challenge [4:57 AM]
New York Newsday reports: 'Why didn't the Bills try to score a touchdown at the end of the second quarter?'

Marker Bills' injury scary to all [4:56 AM]
New York Newsday reports: '"It really just opens your eyes to know that you're not invincible," Bills safety Lawyer Milloy said after Buffalo's 22-17 victory. "This is a contact sport. It's given to you, the game itself and celebrity or whatever, but it can be taken away just as quickly."'

Marker Jets are left holding the bag with empty sacks on Bledsoe [4:55 AM]
Newark Star Ledger reports: '"They came out and got their offense going," DT Jason Ferguson said. "We tried to slow them down but once they got the run going it was kind of hard" to rush the passer."'

Marker McGahee hits the ground running [4:54 AM]
Newark Star Ledger reports: '"(The Bills) can run the ball well," Jets coach Herman Edwards said. "That's the whole key. That's the most we've given up all year. They did a good job running and we missed some tackles. (McGahee) made some big runs. He was fast and got to the outside."'

Marker Worth the wait [4:53 AM]
Asbury Park Press reports: '"Good things come to those who wait. I knew I couldn't rush anything," McGahee said of his comeback.'

Marker Late, questionable catch was final nail in Jets' coffin [4:53 AM]
Middletown Times Herald Record reports: 'That got the Jets on the sideline squawking, but squawking was all they could do. They were out of timeouts, so they couldn't challenge the play. "They called it (inbounds)," coach Herman Edwards said afterward, shaking his head.'

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Marker Bills Down Jets [4:52 AM] reports: 'On defense, the Bills forced a Chad Pennington fumble and Lawyer Milloy intercepted the Jets QB in the fourth quarter. In addition, the Bills held Curtis Martin to a season low 67 yards rushing and Pat Williams tackled Martin in the endzone for a safety.'

Marker Rookie Evans Comes Up Big for Bills [4:52 AM] reports: '"Lee made some spectacular catches for us today in pivotal situations," said Bledsoe. "That's great to see, you want a young guy that can come in and make plays at pivotal times in games."'

Marker Offense Capitalizes on Jets’ Mistakes [4:51 AM] reports: '"The thing that I like is that this team is starting to take on the personality that Mike (Mularkey) has been preaching since he first got here," quarterback Drew Bledsoe said. "The running game is taking off…special teams are playing well…we're not turning the ball over, and our defense is playing well."'

Marker Bills Pull Off Upset Win 22-17 [4:50 AM] reports: The Bills continue their mid season revival as they beat a quality team for the first time this year with a 22-17 win over the Jets. Willis McGahee was a workhorse as he rumbled for 132 yards on 37 carries and a touchdown. The defense added two takeaways and a safety while Drew Bledsoe hit Lee Evans for a score as the Bills pulled off a complete victory before a soldout crowd at Ralph Wilson Stadium.

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