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Buffalo Bills News - July 26, 2003

Marker Centers would be a nice catch [5:24 AM]
Boston Globe reports: 'Centers, who spent his first nine seasons toiling for a non-contending Cardinals team, figures to be attracted to the opportunity to play for a potential playoff team. Key word being ''play.'' Finding a role for Centers shouldn't be problem for Charlie Weis, nor should committing the funds; Centers likely won't accept just the veteran minimum, but the Patriots could sign him to a multi-year deal and pay him the minimum with a satisfactory signing bonus.'

Marker Bills Parade in Pittsford [5:23 AM]
WROC-TV reports: 'Tonight's pep rally welcomed the team back to its summer home. The team's training camp is located at St. John Fisher College.'

Marker Hunter's Hope Ball [5:22 AM]
WROC-TV reports: 'This was the first candlelit ball in Rochester- the Kelly's plan to make it an annual event.'

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July 25, 2003

Marker Williams contract no "weighty" matter [10:58 PM]
WGRZ-TV reports: 'No doubt about it, if the Bills have a great season, which isn't a stretch with the new talent on the field, Williams will be in great position for a very hefty raise. If the Bills stumble, he'll be gone, an outcome likely to occur even if he had signed an extension, as did both coordinators in the off season.'

Marker Bills Get Physical [10:57 PM] reports: 'About an hour into their only practice on Friday, offensive tackle Jonas Jennings mixed it up with defensive end Grant Irons. "It's just two players being aggressive and just going out there to battle," explained Irons after practice.'

Marker Buffalo Bills Camp Photos [10:20 PM] reports: Chris Kelsay, Marcus Jones, Sam Aiken, Ken Simonton, and more...

Marker Buffalo Bills Bausch & Lomb Training Camp [10:19 PM] reports: Follow the Bills throughout training camp. Watch same-day news conference highlights featuring Gregg Williams and Drew Bledsoe as well as practice video compiled by the WKBW-TV sports department.

Marker Mike Williams looked great, friday mourning [10:19 PM]
reports: Guess who was first on a warm-up jog? Big Mike. He looks 25 pounds lighter and stronger than last year.

Marker Williams Is Pleased With Condition & Attitude [2:20 PM] reports: '"Right now as soon as Willis gets here that's great. I'm not going to worry about it, nor am I going to talk about that. I'm going to coach the guys that are here. Willis has been working hard here from the time that we left on June 13. We've had our check-ups on what his progress has been. From the rehab part of it he's doing fine."'

Marker Camp report submitted by Quiklid [2:13 PM]
The Stadium Wall reports: 'Chris Kelsay got laid out by Jonas Jennings on a reverse. Jonas hooted and hollered walking back to the other players by the water tanks, kicking his helmet with a playful arrogance as his teammates congratulated him.'

Marker Friday 7/25 AM Training Report by Rockpile [12:52 PM]
The Stadium Wall reports: * Brandon Spoon is back and is strong. He played solid at middle LB.
* Everyone was hitting a lot harder today; contact was LOUD! At one point the coaches were blowing whistles and had to physically break in between Jonas Jennings and Grant Irons.
* Josh Reed - what can I say - call the carney this guy is an acrobat.
* Based on the number of reps he gets, I think the coaches are giving Travis Brown a chance to move up to #2 on the QB depth chart. AVP remains a strong backup from what I have seen. This is just my speculation.

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Marker Jones' tedious wait is over as Bills kick off camp [9:00 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'While McKenzie, Denney and Kelsay should help in certain situations, Jones is the Bills' best chance to hit the jackpot. If Jones can regain the form that saw him record 13 sacks for Tampa Bay in 2000, he could be the final piece that solidifies the front seven.'

Marker Williams opens camp by closing door on discussion of his contract [9:00 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"I've got a contract to work this year," he said after the morning workout at St. John Fisher College. "I'm pleased with that contract. I'm not going to change on how I coach and what I feel about the situation."'

Marker No more contract talk [5:20 AM]
D and C reports: 'Clearly, signing Williams to an extension would’ve made his future less of a powder keg issue heading into camp.'

Marker Spoon comes full circle [5:19 AM]
D and C reports: '“ Physically there’s no problem. It’s the mental block, not being able to throw your arm out there to make a tackle,” said Spoon, who was in on 72 tackles, 46 unassisted, as a rookie. “ I haven’t thought about my arm since March.”'

Marker Thursday 7/24 PM Training Camp Report by Jĺy Ró§eń [12:23 AM]
The Stadium Wall reports: * Best player on the field - Josh Reed, who made 2 or 3 circus catches.
* Terrence McGee also had some nice coverage. On one corner route he got great inside position and broke up the pass but got yelled at for not getting the pick. In fact I didn't see a pick all session, but did see one or 2 forced fumbles.
* On many passing plays, DEs (Irons & Denney especially) ended up way downfield and we assumed it was part of the zone blitz package.
* I saw Marcus Jones heading for the autograph tent near the end of practice and I yelled "How's the knee, Marcus?!"
He looked up and said "Almost there, baby!"
* Starters in attendance: Bledsoe, Reed, Wire, Jennings, Williams, Jones

July 24, 2003

Marker Bills Class of the Camp [9:20 PM]
WROC-TV reports: 'Nice concentration here by wide receiver Josh Reed, taking in the pass from backup Travis traffic.'

Marker Inside Bills Training Camp [9:19 PM]
WROC-TV reports: '"This is a great way to start camp, ya know. A little bit of rain. A little bit of the weather we're going to have throughout the rest of the season. Our guys have to learn how to execute in this stuff. There's not anybody that has to worry about heat problems or hydration problems today because it's been just a nice light rain. We got through it. It was fun to see them get back together."'

Marker Kemp Possible Candidate in Calif. Recall [9:12 PM]
AP reports: 'Besides lengthy public service, Kemp played professional football for 13 years, quarterbacking the Buffalo Bills and the San Diego Chargers.'

Marker DE Jones gives coach a lift in proving his knee's sound [9:06 PM]
AP reports: 'Jones transformed his desire by focusing on his rehabilitation, which began in early January after he had surgery a second time when doctors discovered the bone and cartilage hadn't healed properly. Taking only two one-week breaks since, Jones considers his knee fully healed and, overall, rates himself at being 85 to 90 percent ready to play.'

Marker Williams done talking about contract and McGahee [9:03 PM]
AP reports: '''As soon as Willis gets here is great,'' Williams said. ''But I'm not going to worry about that, nor am I going to talk about him. I'm going to coach the guys that are here. You want to talk about the guys that are here, I'll talk about that.'''

Marker August Buffalo Bills Wallpaper Now Available [8:30 PM] reports: Three new versions featuring August Training Camp Schedule

Marker World Airways has been named airline for the Buffalo Bills [4:48 PM] reports: 'World Airways, Inc. today announced that it has signed a contract with the Buffalo Bills for the 2003 NFL season. World Airways will provide service using an MD-11 aircraft with both business and economy seating, and will fly the Bills non-stop to eleven NFL cities for both the pre-season and regular season games.'

Marker Bills Open Camp, Jones Enters Mix [3:08 PM] reports: But not even the weather could stop defensive end Marcus Jones, who has been anxious to get back into action after missing nearly a year. Jones was placed on injured reserve in September by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, after a knee injury sidelined him in a pre-season game against the Washington Redskins last August.

Marker Bledsoe Expects Playoffs For 2003 Bills [2:00 PM] reports: '"I expect us to get into the playoffs. If we are not a playoff team I'll be greatly disappointed. I think that we can beat anybody. Looking at the way that we stack up against any team in the league and looking at our schedule, I think we can beat any team in the league. I would expect us to do that on a consistent basis. But in order to do that we've got to go prove that everyday and it starts right here in camp. We've got to go prove it on the practice field and we've got to go out and prove it every day."'

Marker Thursday 7/24 AM Training Report by Rockpile [12:48 PM] reports: * Coy Wire, Kevin Thomas, Tony Driver and rookie Terrence Mcgee were doing drills, backpedaling diagonally - zig zagging backwards maybe ten yards and trying to catch a ball thrown their way. Nice to see our defensive players going through passing drills.
* RB Joe Burns saw a LOT of work, running and catching passes. It seemed like today was a test to see which RBs could catch. Of the RBs I liked Ken Simonton best. A lot of heart.
* QB Travis Brown saw the most action. Bledsoe and Van Pelt threw a few and even Jason Johnson saw some action.
* Chris Kelsay looked very quick, spinning off blocks and following the play. He was double and even triple teamed at times. One time after a double team, he grappled with two lineman (could not catch the numbers) and it almost came to punches.

Marker McGahee and Bills play waiting game [8:59 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"We're really just getting started (with serious contract talks)," Rosenhaus said from his Miami office. "I'm optimistic only because of the Bills' track record. You've got to really respect what they've done in getting their players signed. (President and General Manager) Tom Donahoe and (Vice President/Administration) Jim Overdorf are very good administrators and negotiators."'

Marker Tasker provides sweet inspiration [8:58 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'When his coaches told him he was too small to play professional football, Steve Tasker didn't let that stop him from chasing his dream. The 5-foot-9, 185-pounder went on to enjoy a 13-year career in the NFL, which included four trips to the Super Bowl with the Buffalo Bills. Tasker made whatever sacrifices were necessary to make his lifelong dreams a reality, and that's what he encouraged a gathering of 6,000 athletes to do at Wednesday night's opening ceremonies of the Empire State Games.'

Marker Bledsoe talking up playoff run [5:28 AM]
D and C reports: 'He didn’t flinch when asked if he thought this could be a Super Bowl team. “ Most definitely,” he said.'

Marker Rigors of practice get lighter [5:27 AM]
D and C reports: 'There are just three two-a-days, that rite of passage that football players come to dread as teenagers. One takes place Aug. 1, when the Bills travel to Cleveland to practice with the Browns.'

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