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Buffalo Bills News - October 24, 2001

Marker Jack and Jills: Buffalo Bills Sports Challenge [9:41 AM]
TBD reports: Jack In Syracuse, TBD's resident Blue Coat, took pictures of the Buffalo Bills Sports Challenge help at Jim Kelly Club.

The Jills cheerleaders as well as players including Alex Van Pelt, Rob Johnson, Jake Arians, Jay Riemersma, Bill Conaty, Jonas Jennings, and Jon Carman attended the event.

Marker Scouting report [9:04 AM]
San Diego Union Tribune reports: 'And, contrary to what many in Buffalo would try and have you believe, it's not all Rob Johnson's fault. The quarterback who isn't Doug Flutie has been only so-so, but he hasn't had much help from a young offensive line or a defense that ranks in the bottom third of the league.'

Marker Conaty shrugs off pain [9:02 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"It stuns you at first because you can feel it," said the 6-foot-2, 300-pound Conaty. "It's bad pain while it's out and it hurts a lot. Once it slides back in it's like the biggest relief in the world, it feels great."'

Marker Bills backers talk up a storm on Web sites powered by fans [9:01 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"The Bills bring us together," said Sarama, who works in telecommunications in Bethlehem, Pa. "We have relationships that have formed across the United States, a really strong community of friends that has grown throughout the years. "That's what keeps me going, I can watch the games without all the hassle of updating the site (with game stories and news) every day," Sarama said.'

Marker Getting on board [8:59 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'Some abbreviations and symbols you'll find on the message boards...'

Marker Tom Donahoe's Weekly Bills Update [8:54 AM] reports: "It's a start. We can play a lot better, it was not by any stretch of the imagination a perfect game. There are many areas to improve, and we have to look at it critically, we have to try to build on it as we're going to do this Sunday when we go to San Diego."

Marker Whazzzzup in the NFL? [8:52 AM]
ESPN reports: 8. I think Buffalo's Travis Henry always looks like one of those stubborn buffaloes on the Discovery Channel that fight off four or five cheetahs before they finally get dragged down. Last week against the Jaguars, he had 57 carries for 65 yards even though he was hit three yards behind the line by four defenders on every carry. High comedy. His career might not last until November at this rate.

Marker CBS Power Poll - 26 (was 29) [8:45 AM]
CBS Sportsline reports: A big road victory against the Jaguars will do a lot for this team.

Marker Buffalo West [8:37 AM] reports: '"Overall, it was a great experience," said Flutie of playing in Buffalo. "The fans were very supportive and it was a fun atmosphere to play football in. The fans really cared and packed the house all the time."'

Marker ESPN Power Poll Rating - 26 (was 28) [8:35 AM]
ESPN reports: Will see plenty of familiar faces across the field Sunday.

Marker Dr.Z/SI - Power Rating 25 (was 29) [8:31 AM]
CNN/SI reports: I like Gregg Williams, their coach, and I liked the fire they showed against Jacksonville, but when you're sitting on a small lead and backed up on your four-yard line late in the game, you simply must squeeze out a first down. You don't call three straight runs, lose three yards, punt 28 yards and hand the Jags the tying field goal. To their credit, though, they drove the field to win it at the end. But to me, this is a case of a coach almost undoing the hard work of his players.

Marker Donahoe answers Flutie blitz [5:14 AM]
D and C reports: '"I've never had a problem with people who are passionate," said Donahoe, sipping coffee while discussing Flutie's Svengali hold on some people. "You can love Doug Flutie, but it doesn't mean that to love Doug you have to hate the Buffalo Bills. I don't understand that, I just don't."'

Marker Wiley still talking a good game [5:13 AM]
D and C reports: 'Wiley admits it will be strange lining up and seeing old friends like Bills guard Ruben Brown staring back at him Sunday. "It's going to be like one of those backyard games in the neighborhood," Wiley says. "I'm sure some trash talking will be exchanged." The former Bill just hopes this isn't a day where he'll have to eat his words.'

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October 23, 2001

Marker Chargers, Bills preparing for angst-driven grudge match [9:22 PM]
Fox Sports reports: 'Butler was a valued employee of the Buffalo Bills, and if Wilson didn't think so he wouldn't talk so passionately about an AFC West opponent. Until this year, San Diego was nothing more than a destination for Wilson; now it's an obsession, and unless it has something to do with his suggestions of tampering I don't get it. He made Butler an offer, and it was refused. He fired Butler, and Butler found somewhere else to work. End of story.'

Marker Gregg Williams press conference (10/22) [10:38 AM] reports: On owner Ralph Wilson's comment that this was his Super Bowl:

"When that was made, I've always approached each game as if it was the most important game of the season. This week, that's the most important game. They have no significance to me. That's the most significant game of the season because that's who we play this week."

Marker Welcome to the wild, wooly AFC East [10:34 AM] reports: This year's AFC East race has certainly taken a strange turn through the first six weeks of the NFL season. The Dolphins are currently atop the division with a 3-2 record, while Indianapolis, sits in 4th place with just a 2-3 mark. New York and New England both have .500 marks at 3-3 to be tied for 2nd.

With that in mind, coach Williams has been reminding his players that they are still very much alive in the chase if they can put some more wins together

Marker Johnson ready for Flutie's Chargers [9:07 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'This should be brutal. This should be acrimonious. This should be nasty and cold-blooded. This should be wonderful.'

Marker Butler to get look at mess he left behind [9:06 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'Enjoy it while it lasts, San Diego. Before you know it Butler will be dealing out oversized contracts to every middle-of-the-road Charger, spending your franchise into salary-cap poverty. And when the deed is done, when the options are to either tough it out or find a new sugar-daddy owner to feed his spending habit, Butler will reach for the money faster than the toad inhales the fly. Just ask us. We know.'

Marker Jennings questionable for Chargers [9:06 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'Buffalo Bills starting right tackle Jonas Jennings missed practice Monday and will be evaluated through Wednesday before the team determines if he will be able to play in Sunday's game at San Diego.'

Marker Bills owner pops off on ... rivalry with Bolts? [9:05 AM]
San Diego Union Tribune reports: 'Flutie, who is close to sainthood in Buffalo -- Chargers games now regularly televised in Western New York gather ridiculously high 14 ratings -- loves the Buffalonians. But he echoes Butler when discussing Wilson's statement. "He's got a lot of explaining to do to his players," Flutie said.'

Marker Johnson eager to face Flutie [5:31 AM]
AP reports: '"I look forward to these types of games," Johnson said on Monday. "It kind of reminds you of a college-type rivalry and that sort of thing. Definitely, it gives fans something to talk about and makes it a little more interesting." Maybe more than a little.'

Marker Seau rehabs groin; Flutie faces 39 candles [5:30 AM]
AP reports: 'Seau is cautiously optimistic that he'll be able to play in San Diego's grudge match against Buffalo despite a groin pull that kept him out of the second half of the Chargers' 27-10 win over Denver on Sunday...Flutie, meanwhile, will face a forest of birthday candles when he turns 39 on Tuesday. Flutie says he feels more like he's 25 on game days.'

Marker Jabs flying as Flutie vs. Johnson looms [5:21 AM]
Toronto Sun reports: 'The second shot in advance of Sunday's Flutie-Rob Johnson showdown came out of San Diego where former Bills linebacker Sam Rogers had this assessment: "This is a game we should win by 10 points at least," Rogers said. "I don't think (the Bills) can sneak one out."'

Marker Bills focus on Chargers, not hype [5:07 AM]
D and C reports: '"It's of no significance to me," said Williams when asked about Wilson's feud with Butler. "It's the most important game of our season -- because it's the game we have this week."'

Marker Flutie's fun to watch because he's a winner [5:06 AM]
D and C reports: 'Buffalo management has cut too far and too deep. These players aren't the Buffalo Bills to me. This is like an expansion team with an old, familiar name. I hope the Bills do leave western New York. I don't want my taxes supporting these impostors.'

October 22, 2001

Marker RJ Peter King's Offensive Player of the Week [3:12 PM]
CNN/SI reports: (tie) Buffalo QB Rob Johnson and New England WR David Patten. Johnson, with his 23-of-30, 1 TD performance in the Bills' first win of the season Thursday night at Jacksonville, is a symbolic pick.

Marker Marv Levy's Week 6 snapshot [2:12 PM] reports: Don't place blame -- find solutions. That's what the Buffalo Bills did this week. They simplified their game-plans and worked on fundamentals. They didn't run that 4-6 defense with all the clever blitzes.

Buffalo at San Diego Rob Johnson vs. Doug Flutie . This is one game that I really think Buffalo prefers to play on the road. The general sentiment in Buffalo is that the fans love Doug Flutie. Johnson had a very good game against Jacksonville. I think San Diego has learned their lessons on the road -- they have to earn every victory. This will be a very hyped game in both cities.

Marker Here we go again - Flutie vs. Johnson, anyone? [1:49 PM]
Niagara Falls Reporter reports: 'It's about Johnson and Flutie. It figures to stay that way until Sunday. And probably long after.'

Marker Other Sunday stories [10:27 AM] reports: '"It's the best game I've seen out of Rob," said A.J. Smith, the Bills' former pro scouting director who now fills the same duties for the San Diego Chargers. "He did an outstanding job. He looked very comfortable, made all the plays. And his accuracy, it was outstanding."

Marker Time for a pep talk during a dismal Bills season [8:59 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'Fred Rogers, from TV's "Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood": "Sometimes a football game makes us very happy, like after an onside kick that our team recovers on the first play of a game. Other times, it makes us sad, like when some knucklehead on our team gives the ball back on a fumble. It's best to draw pictures of the play that made you the angriest, then have Dad roll it up in a big envelope and send it to One Bills Drive, c/o Gregg Williams. He'll be very happy you shared your feelings."'

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