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Buffalo Bills News - March 27, 2001

Marker NFL Coaches Double As Psychologists [5:12 PM]
AP reports: 'Bills coach Gregg Williams is a focus of this article on the need for coaches to know how to motivate their players.'

Marker Phillips upset Bills won't pay remainder of contract [3:42 PM]
AP reports: 'Ralph is losing his marbles by pursuing this ill advised slap in the face to the coaching ranks.'

Marker NFL awards Bills four more draft picks [8:56 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'The picks are compensation for the losses the Bills suffered during last year's free-agency season. The Bills lost four unrestricted free agents to other teams - Kurt Schulz to Detroit, Thomas Smith to Chicago, Dusty Zeigler to the New York Giants and Sean Moran to St. Louis. They did not sign any from other clubs.'

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March 26, 2001

Marker NFL awards Bills four compensatory draft picks [8:40 PM]
AP reports: 'The allotment of compensatory picks is determined by a formula based on the salary, playing time and postseason honors of players the team lost to free agency in comparison to free agents the team added.'

Marker Buffalo picks up four compensatory draft picks [4:23 PM] reports: 'GM Tom Donahoe got what he wanted Monday at the NFL owners meetings, as the Bills were awarded four compensatory draft picks for their free agent losses during last off-season. Buffalo will get an additional third-round choice (95th overall), along with a pair of sixth-round picks (195 and 196th overall), and a seventh-round pick (238th overall) at this year's draft.'

Marker Canada dry: Satellite company loses fight to show NFL games [1:24 PM]
The Sporting News reports: PrimeTime 24 lost a Supreme Court appeal Monday that sought the right to transmit NFL games to customers in Canada. The court, without comment, turned down the company's argument that it could transmit the games without violating the NFL's copyright. Capturing the NFL game signal in the United States for transmission abroad is an unauthorized act under the copyright law.

Marker Washington negotiation hits a snag [1:14 PM]
Chicago Tribune reports: The Bears have been counting on three factors being in their favor this year. Salary-cap problems have kept a handful of teams from being serious bidders for top players, leaving teams like the Bears with less competition for talent. Also, the talent pool particularly at defensive tackle has deepened with the release of veterans like Traylor, Lett, Randle, and Stubblefield. More cuts are expected after June 1. Finally, defensive tackle projects as one of the strongest positions in the upcoming draft. As many as a half-dozen defensive tackles are projected in the first round. Angelo Wright has also been in contact with the Patriots...

Marker Realignment on owners' plate [11:57 AM] reports: 'Last time the owners decided on realignment,... commissioner Pete Rozelle decided to let fate draw the NFL's look. Five of the acceptable proposals were put into a flower vase, and Rozelle's administrative assistant, Thelma Elkjer, drew out the winning hand that sucessfully integrated the AFL teams in the NFL.'

Marker Bears, DT Traylor agree on 3-year deal [9:12 AM]
Chicago Sun-Times reports: The Bears agreed to terms with defensive tackle Keith Traylor on a three-year contract Friday but still consider themselves in the running for Ted Washington. Director of business operations Jim Miller says "I talked to Ted's agent [Friday]. It's not dead yet. They're asking for a lot of money. We have a disagreement on his value, but we're still talking." I think Ted is pricing himself out of the market. He better start skating at the Pepsi Center.

Marker Wilson aims to deny Phillips pay for 2001 season [8:54 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'But the Bills are contending that Phillips breached his contract by refusing Wilson's directive to fire special teams coach Ronnie Jones after the season. Phillips got the first two checks he was scheduled to receive in the final year of his deal. But the letter said he will not receive any more. It's a pretty unusual move in the NFL.'

Marker The League At Crossroads [8:18 AM]
TBD reports: 'Now that the dust has settled on one of the most tumultuous two month periods of Buffalo Bills history, a quick look back causes me a great deal of apprehension.'

Marker Bills charge Phillips with insubordination [12:57 AM]
ESPN reports: 'It appears that the Ronnie Jones decision will continue to haunt Phillips. Just when Wade thought it was over Ralph Wilson refuses to pay the final year of his contract.'

March 25, 2001

Marker Kelly's heroics make strong case for Hall election [9:03 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'But Kelly is not about statistics. Never was. He was about leadership, true grit, toughness, unlikely comebacks and an ability to convince his teammates they could win games against formidable odds. His statistics were impressive, but his intangibles are the jewel of his resume.'

Marker Keeping in shape for the cameras [8:55 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '[Steve] Tasker, the All-Pro turned broadcast color guy, is starring as Dr. Einstein - a disbarred, alcoholic, spineless plastic surgeon with an unsteady hand - in the East Aurora group's production of "Arsenic and Old Lace.'

March 24, 2001

Marker Van Pelt Familiar With West Coast Offense [1:14 PM] reports: 'An article from the Bills official site that talks about Alex Van Pelt's familiarity with the west coast offense from his days at Pitt and it's value to the Bills offense....'

March 23, 2001

Marker Ask an Alum: Charley Ferguson [10:59 AM] reports: 'Charley Ferguson came to the Bills in the wide receiver position from the NFL's Minnesota Vikings in 1963 and played on the 1964 and 1965 championship Bills with the likes of quarterback Ed Rutkowski and punter Paul Maguire, both former Ask an Alum guests... Ferguson played for six seasons, retiring in 1969.'

Marker Roth, Hulsey ready for NFL Europe [10:50 AM] reports: 'Buffalo Bills fullback Josh Roth and guard Corey Hulsey arrived in Tampa this week to prepare for a trip to play in NFL Europe. The two players were assigned to the Amsterdam Admirals and look forward to impressing the new coaching staff, while gaining the opportunity to experience a foreign country.'

Marker Roth, Hulsey ready for NFL Europe [10:49 AM] reports: 'The Bills will take a closer look inside NFL Europe through periodic diaries from from its own players, fullback Josh Roth and guard Corey Hulsey. Both Roth and Hulsey will play for the Amsterdam Admirals during the 2001 season.'

Marker Fans "ask the owner" [10:47 AM] reports: 'Ralph Wilson answered questions submitted by Bills fans via e-mail today in an exclusive interview with Wilson was scheduled to perform a live chat, but due to technical software difficulties, he answered fans questions submitted via e-mail to the site over the past few days.'

Marker NFL Puts A Wrap On Bandannas [9:19 AM]
New York Newsday reports: 'Concerned about the image being portrayed by a number of high-profile NFL players who wear bandannas and stocking caps beneath their helmets, the league's eight-member competition committee will make a recommendation next week to team owners that players be prohibited from wearing them during games.'

Marker Washington disappointed with Bears' initial offer [8:25 AM]
Daily South Town reports: 'The Bears made former Buffalo defensive tackle Ted Washington an offer Wednesday, and at the same time began exploring cheaper alternatives in the free-agent market.'

Marker The Flutie Factor already is a force in San Diego. [8:11 AM]
D and C reports: 'Some news a lot of fans probably don't want to hear:
The Chargers, coming off a 1-15 season, have sold more than 1,000 new season tickets since free-agent quarterback Doug Flutie was signed March 12, and the renewal rate has increased in what generally is a "down time" for season-ticket sales.'

March 22, 2001

Marker Defense a Gray area [11:40 PM] reports: "It's a give-and-take situation," Gray said. "These guys played for Ted Cottrell, and they liked him. There might be a tad bit of animosity at first. They might want me to be just like Ted."

Marker Bills to Stay in AFC East? [12:28 PM] reports: Don Banks speculates on the details of the NFL's possible realignment in 2002. When the league becomes a 32-team, eight-division in 2002, Banks thinks most of the new look will be quite familiar. Will the AFC East have Miami, New England, Buffalo and the New York Jets?

Marker Positive changes found all around One Bills Drive [5:15 AM]
D and C reports: 'Donahoe and Williams are a tad over the edge when it comes to details. But their obsession with the finer points looks pretty good next to the Obsessive Ostrich Disorder displayed by Butler and Phillips during last year's slide to .500.'

March 21, 2001

Marker Draft Digest Bills Board [11:24 PM]
NFL Draft Digest reports: 'Brian Delucia (one of the more well-respected draftniks) projects the different players the Bills have shown interest in and where they might project to take 'em - pretty good stuff ... no qbs till round 5 ... only round 2 possibility at tackle is Kareem Mackenzie ... possibly Nick Harris as punter in round 5.'

Marker Dolphins, other teams interested in Rich Owens [3:29 PM]
Miami Herald reports: The articles states Miami and KC offered Miami FA DE Rich Owens contracts last week, and neither was accepted. Owens was in Buffalo last Friday. Owens' agents expect a contract offer from the Giants and the Bills as early as today. He missed 6 games last year with a back injury.

Marker Williams will miss other half of 'The Package' [8:54 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"It's tough to deal with," said Williams, shaking his head. "Even now, it's hard to believe he is gone." "He" is Ted Washington, the Pro Bowl nose tackle who was released by the Bills last month. To Williams, Washington was more than just a vital element of the Bills' defense. He was Williams' confidant and closest friend on the team.'

Marker Pats add Panos to offensive line [5:42 AM]
Boston Herald reports: 'He signed with Buffalo as a free agent in 1998 and started all 16 games that season, but missed all of 1999 after undergoing surgery to repair a bulging disc in his neck. He was able to rejoin the team last season, but a series of nagging injuries, as well as the play of Pro Bowler Ruben Brown and Jamie Nails, kept him on the bench for the entire season.'

Marker Patriots sign free agent G Joe Panos [5:41 AM]
Sportsticker reports: 'Waived by the Buffalo Bills for salary cap purposes in February, Panos has started 56 of 83 games in seven NFL seasons.'

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