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Buffalo Bills News - October 7, 2003

Marker McGahee close to returning after passing physical [8:52 PM]
AP reports: '``He's ready to play,'' Uribe said. ``He's worked pretty hard to get back to where he is and the fact that his biology cooperated is pretty amazing. He looks very good.'''

Marker Tops Game Ball Winner: Travis Henry [10:25 AM] reports: 'Playing through the pain of a rib injury that caused him to miss the previous game vs. the Eagles, Henry scored both of Buffalo’s touchdowns, including the game-winning touchdown run in overtime, and finished with 85 rushing yards on 25 carries. The third-year back also had two catches for 14 yards and a 9-yard touchdown reception in the third quarter.'

Marker Reed's slow start is no joke [8:56 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'For now, the Bills have not lost faith or patience in Reed. "Josh Reed's a good player and he'll be fine," Bills coach Gregg Williams said Monday. "The big thing is he has to play with confidence. He has to see the confidence in me, see the confidence come from his teammates. I'm very confident in him. He's just got to play with more confidence and everything will iron out. He's been in enough plays in his career at all levels of ball that he'll be fine at this level, too."'

Marker Bills finally ran ball with authority [8:56 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'Donahoe didn't draft McGahee to sit around and watch. The Bills need to find out if he's close to the player he was at Miami. If he is, they'll have two solid, healthy running backs. Gilbride will really have his hands full then. He'll have one more running back to satisfy, and one more angry person to answer to when he abandons the run.'

Marker Henry shows no ill effects [8:55 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'Given the seriousness of Henry's injury, the Bills were amazed by his performance. "He was extremely physical," marveled coach Gregg Williams. "His performance energized the people around him in their performances. They got down in the trenches a little dirtier. As far as lower pad level, they came off the ball stronger and harder. It was good to see the inspiration he provided."'

Marker Moulds' status still not clear [5:27 AM]
Rochester D&C reports: 'It is likely that the Bills will list Moulds as questionable for Sunday’s game in New York against the Jets and then keep his progress a secret so the Jets have to prepare for him.'

Marker Buffalo Bills replay [5:26 AM]
Rochester D&C reports: 'The way the Jets have played on offense, it might not matter how many weeks they’ve had to prepare for the Bills. Curtis Martin is a shell of his former self, New York ranks dead last in rushing, second-to-last in scoring, and Vinny Testaverde has thrown just one touchdown pass.'

Marker What good came out of this? [5:25 AM]
Rochester D&C reports: 'It would appear that needing a fifth quarter to beat the Bengals, without Corey Dillon, at home, is like a starving man struggling to eat a slice of pizza. But even good teams need to learn how to win. And overcoming adversity for the first time should toughen this Bills team up for more difficult times ahead.'

Marker Ugly win vs. Bengals ‘great W' for Wilson [5:24 AM]
Rochester D&C reports: '“I never got caught up in that Super Bowl stuff. I really didn’t,” Wilson said. “Before the season, yes, we signed all these players, good players, but you know, you’ve got to play the game and the other team has good players, too. And they hustle, and they get breaks, and this and that. So I never got caught up in that. I never told people, ‘Hey, we’re going to the Super Bowl.’ I said listen, ‘Let’s just play the games first, because you don’t know what’s going to happen.’ In this league, it’s Sunday to Sunday.”'

Marker Lewis would take ball in OT again [5:23 AM]
Cincinnati Enquirer reports: '"We had momentum in the fourth quarter. We had moved the ball," he said. "I felt really comfortable that we were going to win the toss. I told the guys on the sideline that we were going to have to go into the wind, so get ready for that."'

Marker Inside slant [5:22 AM]
CBS Sportsline reports: 'No matter who quarterbacks the Jets, the Bills have to start generating more of a pass rush. Cincinnati's Jon Kitna dropped back to pass 45 times and he was sacked just once. In the second half the Bills began to use more blitzing schemes and that forced Kitna to make quicker decisions.'

Marker Strategy and personnel [5:21 AM]
CBS Sportsline reports: 'Once again the Bills won in spite of their suspect coaching.'

Marker Notes, quotes, anecdotes [5:20 AM]
CBS Sportsline reports: 'FB Sam Gash, who has had almost no role in the offense because the Bills have shunned the running game, was used as a pass receiver against the Bengals. He caught three passes for 32 yards and would have had a fourth if he hadn't dropped it.'

Marker Field goal folly? [5:19 AM]
WGRZ-TV reports: 'But pleeeeeze. Ask his players how many of them think he should have lined up to kick the field goal on 2nd and goal at the 2. Rian Lindell’s hand would be the only one to go up, and I’m not so sure about that.'

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October 6, 2003

Marker Marvin Lewis news conference [10:00 PM] reports: 'With 23 seconds left on the clock, you called for quarterback Jon Kitna to kneel to run out the clock. Could you have tried to shoot downfield for a last-second field goal?
“I’m glad someone asked that. We had one time out left. (In the 20 games per year I’ve coached in), I have never seen anybody do that. (If) somebody (were to) move the ball over 40 yards for a field goal with one time out in that situation, I would want to commend them."'

Marker The Day After: Gregg Williams Comments [9:54 PM] reports: '"Eric Moulds is sore. It's really still too early to tell. We've got a couple of days here before we've got to get a status on everything. Sam Adams is sore. Travis (Henry) came out of it pretty good, carrying the ball 25+ times in the ballgame running backs are usually a little bit sore. I didn't notice any residual effect from the ballgame. Just listening and talking to him, no, (Travis) is no worse for the wear."'

Marker Team encouraged to see leader on field [9:50 PM]
ESPN reports: DE John Abraham, arrested last week for drunken driving and sent home to South Carolina by Edwards, was not at practice as the team returned from its bye week. Edwards said he expected Abraham at practice on Tuesday. His status for Sunday's game against Buffalo isn't clear. Asked if Abraham will play Sunday, Edwards replied: "I haven't decided what I'm going to do."

Marker WR Moulds' status uncertain because of groin strain [9:47 PM]
AP reports: '``He's sore but it's really still too early to tell,'' coach Gregg Williams said of his star wide receiver.'

Marker Pennington throws for the first time since injury [9:46 PM]
AP reports: 'Pennington, who had seven pins removed from his left hand and wrist about 10 days is not expected back until the Jets' Nov. 9 game in Oakland at the earliest.'

Marker Bengals coming up just short of wins [9:34 PM]
AP reports: 'They lost in Oakland on a field goal in the closing seconds, and let Buffalo tie it with a field goal in the final minute of regulation Sunday, sending it to overtime. The Bengals got the ball first and Jon Kitna severely underthrew uncovered Kelley Washington on third-and-2, forcing a punt that set up the Bills' winning touchdown. Just like that, another one got away.'

Marker Reed dropping balls a growing concern for Bills [9:33 PM]
AP reports: '''He's just got to play with more confidence and that way everything will iron out,'' said Williams. ''He's made enough plays in his career at all levels of ball that he'll be fine at this level, too.'''

Marker Jets' linebacker sees Bills game as chance to avert obituary [1:35 PM]
Bergen Record reports: '"I think I'm going to have that juice regardless," Cowart said before coach Herman Edwards' Jets ended their bye week of practices Friday. "Herm has challenged us as a defense and as linebackers. Individual players have to play better. We're going to have to step up and accept the challenge."'

Marker Levy's Week 5 snapshot [1:25 PM] reports: The East is beastly. The preseason indications that the AFC East was going to be a tough division was somewhat diminished, but now reaffirmed. The Dolphins beating the Giants in NY; New England recouping like they do; even the Bills, although it wasn't glamourous, got back on the winning track.

Marker Buffalo returns to basics in beating Bengals [1:09 PM]
Niagara Falls Reporter reports: 'Cincinnati's defense entered the game ranked a miserable 25th in the NFL against the run, but No. 8 against the pass. Henry's ribs had healed enough to play, giving Buffalo the quality running back it lacked a week earlier against Philadelphia. So, of course, offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride called for 18 passes in the first half, as opposed to 10 runs.'

Marker Bills struggle to down Bengals in OT [1:07 PM]
Olean Times Herald reports: 'But you could do worse than speculating that the Buffalo Bills’ head coach’s future was on the line late Sunday afternoon at Ralph Wilson Stadium.'

Marker Close no longer good enough for Bengals [1:06 PM]
Olean Times Herald reports: '“We’re not winning games that we should win or that we could win,” said defensive back Artell Hawkins. “When does that all change? I don’t know. But we are playing harder. We are right there, and every team that we play knows that. Now, the onus is on us to finish it, to get the Ws that are sitting right there in front of us.”'

Marker The only good thing the Bills did was win [1:05 PM]
Olean Times Herald reports: 'In short, about the only good thing the Bills did on Sunday was win. And that’s enough ... for now. But losing in virtually everything but on the scoreboard isn’t a recipe for a continued victories and, hopefully, the Bills realize it.'

Marker Bills Notebook [1:04 PM]
Olean Times Herald reports: 'When it was revealed that Buffalo’s undefeated heavyweight boxer Baby Joe Mesi — who has gotten a lot of criticism for the lack of quality opposition on his resume —would lead the Bills out on the field, the recurrent line was, “The Bengals must be terrible ... Baby Joe only shows up for pushovers.”'

Marker Bengals-Bills Game Notes [11:35 AM] reports: 'Led largely by the play of defensive tackle Pat Williams, the Bills run defense surrendered just 67 yards on 27 carries (2.5 average) and stopped the Bengals for no gain or negative yardage on one of every three rushes (9 of 27 attempts).'

Marker Grand Island's Dean Santorio Named Bills HS Football "Coach of the Week" [10:47 AM] reports: 'At the end of the season, one of the weekly award winners will be named the “Coach of the Year” and will receive an additional $1,000 donation to his program from NFL Charities. The 2003 "Coach of the Year" will be honored at the Bills-NY Jets game on December 7 and at the final luncheon meeting of the Monday Quarterback Club on December 8.'

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