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Buffalo Bills News - September 24, 2001

Marker While the Bills self-destructed, the Colts galloped away [1:36 PM]
USA Today reports: Down 35-17 at halftime, the Bills, who weren't completely out of it, never could get entirely back in, either. They went most of the second half without putting up a touchdown, finally hitting on a 40-yard pass from Rob Johnson to Peerless Price on a desperation, fourth-down play with 1:25 left.

Marker Pathon adds to Colts' potency [1:33 PM]
Marion Chronicle Tribune reports: '"In the second half we were able to really push the pocket and make Johnson work harder," said defensive tackle Josh Williams, who had two sacks. "He's so elusive and we did a good job of getting to him in the second half. It was the key to our win."'

Marker It's a juggernaut [1:31 PM]
Terre Haute Tribune Star reports: 'On what was an All-America day at National Football League stadiums around the country, Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning put on his best All-American performance Sunday in the RCA Dome.'

Marker Incidental Contact [11:52 AM]
Colts Express reports: 'From that point on, the already sketchy officiating went down hill. Example - the final Bill's TD, a result of a hail Mary pass by Johnson to the left corner of the endzone, was pulled in only after three players from each of the two teams committed every possible interference foul possible before anyone touched the ball.'

Marker Indianapolis awesome on offense [9:47 AM]
Kokomo Tribune reports: 'The comparisons to the St. Louis Rams and Minnesota Vikings of 1999 are already flying about like Manning-thrown footballs through the air. And they're just as on target.'

Marker Manning gives Bills an education [9:06 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'Manning conducted a clinic titled "How to Attack a Blitzing Defense" in the Colts' 42-26 victory over the Buffalo Bills at the RCA Dome. The Colts' QB did more skewering, slicing and dicing in three hours than Emeril Lagasse does in a week. In one dizzying nine-minute span of the first half, Manning produced three touchdowns on six offensive plays. In dropping to 0-2, the Bills were filleted for 555 yards, the third-most yards allowed in team history. Manning hit 23 of 29 passes for 421 yards.'

Marker Shoulder forces Moulds to sit [9:05 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'Wide receiver Eric Moulds suffered a sprained AC joint in his left shoulder in the first half of a 42-26 loss and did not return. "I took a little shot on it and it started swelling my chest up a little bit," said Moulds, who had a sling on to stabilize his heavily wrapped shoulder. "I couldn't raise my arm up. I was going to play back on it in the second half, but I couldn't raise my arm."'

Marker Clements shows his stuff on TD pick [9:04 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'It was only one play, but it was enough to show why the Buffalo Bills made cornerback Nate Clements their first-round selection in the April draft. Clements gave the Bills an early 7-0 lead when he intercepted a Peyton Manning pass intended for Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Marvin Harrison and returned it 48 yards for a touchdown.'

Marker Pushed around [9:03 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'Most yards allowed by the Bills: 598 at San Francisco W, 34-31 Sept. 13, 1992...559 at Seattle L, 17-56 Oct. 30, 1977...555 at Indianapolis L, 26-42 Sept. 23, 2001...'

Marker Defensive play leaves Bills' coordinator speechless [9:02 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'And boy, did Jerry Gray have a bad day Sunday. The Colts made him look like a Pee Wee coach, like the rookie coordinator that he is.'

Marker Monday billboard [9:01 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'Armed with a lucrative new contract, the regular NFL officials returned Sunday. They made sure everyone noticed, calling 27 penalties for 192 yards. The Bills tied a team record with 19 penalties, and they deserved most of them.'

Marker Offensive showcase [5:39 AM]
Indianapolis Star reports: 'Indianapolis' 42-26 victory was an exercise in offensive excess. The Colts piled up 555 yards. They averaged 9.3 yards a play. Aside from the first down of every series, they never huddled. They never punted.'

Marker Harrison makes Bills pay for their 1-on-1 defense [5:38 AM]
Indianapolis Star reports: 'The Indianapolis Colts running back knew Buffalo would crowd the line of scrimmage with defensive manpower Sunday in the RCA Dome. "They weren't going to let me run the ball if they could help it," he said, referring to the Bills' tendency to crowd the line with safety support. And James knew one of the by-products of that pick-your-poison approach would be significant one-on-one opportunities for wide receiver Marvin Harrison. "Can't play Marv one-on-one," said James. "Give him one-on-one, and Marv is dangerous. Today just showed it."'

Marker Colts, Bills get tangled up in altercations [5:37 AM]
Indianapolis Star reports: '"They hit us in the mouth. We hit them in the mouth," said Peterson.'

Marker Bills ashamed by their performance [5:36 AM]
Indianapolis Star reports: '"I shook my head a lot," Winfield said. "A few of those plays were on me. I was real frustrated. We just couldn't stop them from moving. I don't think they punted one time this game."'

Marker Lifestyle change helps Pathon on the field [5:35 AM]
Indianapolis Star reports: 'For now, at least, defenses have to be concerned with Pathon. When Sunday's game began, Buffalo was focused on stopping Harrison, who didn't catch a pass until 2:27 remained in the first quarter. By then, Pathon had caught four.'

Marker Emotion plays a big role in NFL's return [5:34 AM]
Indianapolis Star reports: '"I've never heard or felt anything like that," said Colts cornerback Jeff Burris. "There was so much emotion from the teams, from the fans. In eight years (four as a visiting player and four with the Colts), I've never heard it so loud in here. The noise was just piercing. It was as if everybody wanted to show their pride as a country. Everybody, from the players to the fans, they wanted to show what we're about."'

Marker Defense keeps it close before offense takes over [5:33 AM]
Indianapolis Star reports: 'Three plays after Clements' interception, linebacker Kenyatta Wright covered a fumble by tight end Ken Dilger at the Colts 35. Three plays later, Bills punter Brian Moorman trotted onto the field. The Colts defense held -- two Rob Johnson incompletions, a 1-yard toss to running back Travis Henry -- and the lead remained 7-0. "It was really big for us to come out and not even let them have a field goal," said strong safety Chad Cota. Given a reprieve, the Colts' offense responded by scoring touchdowns on its next six possessions.'

Marker Patriotism abounds [5:32 AM]
Indianapolis Star reports: 'Nobody wore more red, white and blue than four friendly fans sitting in front of their Dodge minivan with New York license plates. They were located at the edge of the South handicapped lot near the main entrance between gates 2 and 3. They were members of the Buffalo Bills Booster Club.'

Marker An Indy 500 romp [5:17 AM]
D and C reports: 'Four mistakes. Four touchdowns.'

Marker Football helps us heal, but Bills are really ailing [5:16 AM]
D and C reports: '"We talked a good game," veteran wide receiver Eric Moulds said. "But we didn't play it."'

Marker Bills' performance discouraging [5:15 AM]
D and C reports: 'I'm starting to wonder what "46" defense stands for. Does the 46 represent the target score the Bills are trying to keep their opponents under?'

Marker Secondary is burned as Colts avoid blitzes [5:14 AM]
D and C reports: '"I can't get used to this, losing and giving up all these yards and points on defense," said cornerback Antoine Winfield. "I hope in the next few weeks we'll start making things happen."'

Marker Report card [5:14 AM]
D and C reports: 'COACHING - Team was ill-prepared for this big road test against a strong opponent. Bills' record-tying 19 penalties was shameful for a coaching staff that allegedly preaches discipline. F'

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September 23, 2001

Marker Colts 42, Bills 26 [5:34 PM]
AP reports: 'While almost nothing went wrong for the Colts, who scored touchdowns on five straight possessions during one stretch, the Bills did little right. They tied a team record with 19 penalties, and their leading rusher was quarterback Rob Johnson with 63 yards. Meanwhile, the Colts were virtually unstoppable.'

Marker Indianapolis 42, Buffalo 26 [5:34 PM]
Sportsticker reports: 'The Bills were their own worst enemy, committing 18 penalties for 128 yards.'

Marker Game summary - Bills lose 26-42 [5:07 PM] reports: Johnson (24/37, 257 yds, 1 TD,1 INT)
Johnson is Bills's leading runner (5 for 63), Larsen is only sacker (one additional sack negated by a penality), Inteceptions by Winfield and Clements)

Marker Bills want Manning to feel pressure [10:58 AM]
Terre Haute Tribune Star reports: 'Bills defensive coordinator Jerry Gray, like Williams a former Titans assistant, is quick to agree. He says the key to slowing down the Colts' signal caller is to keep the pressure on all afternoon. "With a guy like Peyton Manning as smart as he is, you don't want to go out there and tip your hand," Gray said. "The guy studies more than a coach. But I think the worst thing to do is be afraid to go rush Peyton Manning. "You cannot let a guy like Peyton sit back and throw the ball on rhythm. He will eat you alive. The biggest thing you want to do is make sure Peyton is not in rhythm in the backfield."'

Marker Against Colts, Bills' 'D' needs help from 'O' [9:16 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'That's why the talk all week has been on the Bills' offense being more productive than it was in the opener. Rookie RB Travis Henry has the potential to give the Bills a legitimate rushing attack, but his effectiveness will be determined by their ability to stay in the game. If the game is close and Henry is able to do some damage, it will be a big help to quarterback Rob Johnson, who needs to bounce back from his sub-par performance against the Saints.'

Marker Baby Bills [9:15 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'The average age of the 53 players on the Bills' roster is 25.4 years, tied with Dallas for No. 2 behind Arizona, the league's youngest team with an average age of 25.2 years. Just how composed the Bills are able to remain in one of the louder facilities in the league will be a key in determining their success.'

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