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Buffalo Bills News - October 13, 2002

Marker Mike Doser: Bills clamp down on Texans, win 31-24 [11:32 PM]
Shout! reports: In reality, the victory was only satisfying because it enabled Buffalo (3-3) to move into a second-place tie with the Patriots, who dropped their third in a row. And it was satisfying because, let's face it, wins have not come all that often during Gregg Williams' tenure, so any time the Bills can win, that's satisfying.

Marker Mike Doser: Reliving Price's game-winning TD [11:31 PM]
Shout! reports: Bills' ball, third and 6 from the Houston 26, four minutes, 2 seconds remaining in the game, game tied at 24.

Marker Jimmy's Old Town Tavern raising money for Hunter's Hope [11:11 PM]
JOTT reports: Jimmy's Old Town Tavern in this year hosting the 11th annual Northern Virginia Restaurant Olympics and choose Hunter's Hope as the charity they are raising money for. First competition was tonight (Sunday) and continue thru November 17.

Marker Buffalo 31, Houston 24 [9:52 PM]
ESPN reports: Play by Play

Marker Costly penalties sink young Texans [9:51 PM]
ESPN reports: Houston defense on the ensuing series had stopped the Bills (3-3) on third down at the Buffalo 34 when Jay Foreman, an ex-Bill traded to Houston, lost his cool.

"I take full responsiblity," Foreman said. "I shouldn't have done that. I'm not even that kind of person or player... I don't know what happened and I don't know why. I still can't believe it. That was a selfish play. I feel real bad."

Marker Bills @ Texans Recap [9:41 PM] reports: Three overtime games this season toughened the Buffalo Bills for just the kind of comeback they engineered against the Houston Texans. Drew Bledsoe, the NFL's leading passer, threw two touchdown passes in the final 10:39 and Travis Henry rushed for 159 yards and touchdowns of 1 and 23 yards, leading the Bills to a 31-24 victory.

Marker Bills @ Texans game stats [9:39 PM] reports: D. Bledsoe 19/33 for 254 yds, 2 TDs; T. Henry 28 carries for 159 yds, 2 TDs (1 fumble lost); P. Williams 8 tackles and an assist.

Marker Photos from [9:35 PM] reports: All of the photos appear to be plays favorible to Texans (Texans 82 yard gain, Bledsoe Fumble, Texans WR celebrates, David Carr throws).

Marker Week 6: Bills-Texans Postgame Quotebook [7:30 PM] reports: "We came back and battled in the second half. We were defensively very strong and offensively, made enough big plays to come in and get a win on the road. We played well in the second half and we had to win today in order to put ourselves in position to make a big game next week."

Marker Bills Even Record [6:47 PM] reports: Drew Bledsoe led yet another Buffalo comeback and this time overtime was avoided. Bledsoe, the NFL's leading passer, threw two touchdown passes in the final 10:39 and Travis Henry rushed for 159 yards and touchdowns of 1 and 23 yards, leading the Bills to a 31-24 victory over the Houston Texans.

Marker Texans-Bills photo gallery [5:11 PM]
Houston Texans reports: Photos from today's game.

Marker Buffalo rallies to a 31-24 victory [5:08 PM]
Houston Texans reports: 'With about two minutes remaining in the game, the Texans put together an exciting drive after a 15-yard roughing the passer penalty kept their crusade alive. Wells dashed up the field 20 yards to the Buffalo 30 to get the Texans a first down. Carr later ran seven yards to get another first down but a few failed passes in the end zone later, the Bills regained possession of the ball and sealed a 31-24 win.'

Marker Buffalo 31, Houston 24 [4:58 PM]
UPI reports: 'Five of Buffalo's six games this season have featured ties or lead changes in the fourth quarter.'

Marker Bills 31,Texans 24 [4:57 PM]
AP reports: 'The most costly penalty was a taunting call on third down following an incomplete pass at the Buffalo 34 that gave the Bills a first down.'

Marker Buffalo 31, Houston 24 [4:45 PM]
Sportsticker reports: 'Maybe the Buffalo Bills should just skip the first three quarters.'

Marker O'Shei's Three Keys to the Game [12:36 PM] reports: 1. Pick the Pot The Buffalo Bills defense needs an interception. Badly. Everyone is talking about it. Everyone admits it. Everyone is even willing to put money on it. The Bills’ defensive players each contributed cash to a $1,500 pot that will be awarded to whoever gets the first interception.

Marker Texans look for second win [10:55 AM]
Galveston Daily News reports: 'Despite Drew Bledsoe’s offensive heroics, the Bills haven’t allowed fewer than 27 points in a game this season. “That would be fun,” said Houston quarterback David Carr of a potential shootout against Buffalo. “I would welcome that. I’m used to scoring a lot of points, especially the last couple of years at Fresno State. I like those kinds of games."'

Marker Bills remember lesson in Texans' history [9:31 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'With the Texans coming off a bye week, the Bills expect to face a rejuvenated, improved and hungry team.'

Marker Will the real money players for Bills' defense please stand up? [9:30 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'Fans are tired of hearing about youth and communication breakdowns and linebackers funneling the action to the middle of the field. It's time for someone to make a big play.'

Marker This Carr has no warranty [9:29 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'The former Fresno State University star will take the field against the Bills as the lowest-rated starting quarterback in the NFL.'

Marker When the Bills run [9:28 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'With a trip to Miami looming, the Bills can't afford a letdown. Bledsoe has another big day in a 27-16 victory.'

Marker Key matchup [9:28 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'Pitts has the size (6-4, 320) to overpower the 6-4, 265-pound Schobel in the running game. But Schobel has the speed and athleticism to take advantage of Pitts' limited quickness and lateral movement in pass-rushing situations.'

Marker Hunter's help [9:27 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"My goal for Hunter each day," Waggoner said, "is giving him the best quality of life he can have and thanking God each morning that he is here again today."'

Marker Bills can't take Texans for granted [5:38 AM]
D and C reports: '“We don’t have a winning record right now and we have an opportunity to get to 3-3. We have to go out there and take it because I’m sure they’re going to be up for the game, they’re not going to come out and lay down for us.”'

Marker Q&A with Coy Wire [5:38 AM]
D and C reports: '’’The coaches say the perfect tackle is any that gets an opponent on the ground, but I feel you can really express your emotions in a tackle. This game is all about spirit and the best way to win is to crush the other team’s spirit. You do that by crushing their body first.’’'

Marker Answer Man offers insight on pressing questions of fall [5:37 AM]
D and C reports: '[Q:] Do you still project only a 6-10 record for the Bills? [A:] Yes, but an entertaining and completely satisfying 6-10.'

Marker Bills don’t see Texans game as a gimme [5:35 AM]
Olean Times Herald reports: '“Every game they’ve played, they’ve moved the ball up and down the field,” he said. “Drew Bledsoe back there gives them a guy who can throw the ball any place on the field. They have a very talented receiving corps and it’s produced tremendous results for them.”'

Marker Cannon for an arm not No. 1 strength for QB [5:34 AM]
Houston Chronicle reports: 'For instance, Bledsoe might be more inclined to try to fit a ball into tight coverage than a quarterback with lesser arm strength such as Tom Brady, the man who took Bledsoe's job in New England. Sometimes, the result is an interception instead of a sack or an incomplete pass. Other times, the result is a big play that few quarterbacks could have made.'

Marker Texans' expectations on rise [5:33 AM]
Houston Chronicle reports: 'For example, we have every right to ask the offense to move the football with a modicum of efficiency and consistency against the Bills at Reliant Stadium this afternoon. It should be able to score touchdowns (plural) and accumulate an acceptable sum of total yards because Buffalo has yet to surrender fewer than 27 points in any of its five games while being burned for more than 40 twice.'

Marker Rested Texans await Bills [5:32 AM]
San Antonio Express News reports: 'Still, when Houston (1-3) plays host to the Buffalo Bills (2-3) at noon today in Reliant Stadium, the Texans believe they have a good shot at tying the mark for the fastest expansion team to two wins.'

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