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Buffalo Bills News - September 21, 2003

Marker AFC East foes set for prime time [5:15 AM]
Florida Today reports: '"They've come out and shown that they're one of the top teams in the league. They've certainly got the talent all the way across the board, offense and defense, to back that up," Dolphins quarterback Jay Fiedler said. "The statistics back that up. We've got to go out there and prove to the rest of the league and prove to ourselves that we're of the same caliber."'

Marker Dolphins backed into a corner [5:14 AM]
Florida Today reports: 'Whoever Moulds lines up against -- be it opposite Madison or Surtain -- you can bet it won't take long for Buffalo quarterback Drew Bledsoe to take a shot deep. Last season, Moulds caught touchdown passes of 70 and 57 yards against Miami and ridiculed Madison in the process.'

Marker Bills provide early gut check for Dolphins [5:14 AM]
Naples Daily News reports: '"He had 144 yards average against us in two games last year and I don't know how many 100-yard games we had against us last year, but they do some good things. "He's a hard guy to tackle. He breaks a lot of tackles. We definitely have to tackle to win this game, especially myself, I missed a few on him especially out there."'

Marker The gifted slinger [5:13 AM]
Vero Beach Press Journal reports: '"I always knew he was capable of doing these things, even when he was sitting on the bench during our Super Bowl run," Milloy said. "He has one of those Dan Marino arms. Give him a little bit of protection and he can keep doing this for years to come. I'm just glad to be fighting for him again. He's second to none in my book."'

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September 20, 2003

Marker Expectoration confrontation lingers as Dolphins brace for Bills [6:34 PM]
AP reports: '''Whenever I see man-to-man coverage on Eric, that's where I'm going to try to throw the ball, regardless of who the corner is,'' Bledsoe said. ''I just think Eric is that good that whoever it is, he's going to win if it's straight man coverage.'''

Marker Bills vs. Dolphins Preview [11:28 AM]
TBD reports: 'The media has begun to question whether the Dolphins have lost their place as the team Bills fans love to hate most. In a word no. The mere mention of the Dolphins is enough to get the blood of any Bills fan worth his or her salt boiling. As is often the case, first place in the AFC East is on the line. Since the teams don't meet again until week 16, bragging rights from this one will last for a while. '

Marker Bills want Dolphins to see red in red zone [8:55 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"It's a real critical part of the field, and it's part of the game we work on every week," said free safety Pierson Prioleau. "You want to force them to settle for a field goal. They're already in field-goal range. Make the field-goal kicker make the kick, and you save points."'

Marker Surtain says Moulds is lying [8:54 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"They're off to a 2-0 start so he has room to talk. Come Sunday, we're looking to change that and see what he says next time around."'

Marker Consultant makes another pre-Miami visit [8:53 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'The Bills have hired Elko to speak to the team regularly the past two years. He talks to the players about positive thinking, dealing with distractions and getting the most out of their ability on the field.'

Marker Protecting Drew [5:19 AM]
Rochester D&C reports: 'The offensive line has been spectacular, Bledsoe said. I had as much time against Jacksonville to throw as in any game Ive had in my career. The big play to Bobby (Shaw, 54-yard touchdown) at the end of the half, there was nobody around me and I could deliver the ball in comfort.'

Marker Buffalo fans shouldn't fret over RB Henry [5:18 AM]
Rochester D&C reports: 'It is much too early to be seriously concerned about Buffalos sputtering running attack, and it wont be a shock if Henry gets his first 100-yard game of the season Sunday in Miami.'

Marker Itchy McGahee stays patient [5:17 AM]
Rochester D&C reports: 'I really think Im going to be back this year, McGahee says. But its going to be up to the general manager (Tom Donahoe), the coaches, the physicians and the trainers. The decision isnt in my hands.'

Marker OT helps with Bills [5:16 AM]
Toronto Sun reports: '"We've got enough time to go out and socialize in the off-season but we've got a job to do during the season."'

Marker Newcomers still settling in [5:15 AM]
Miami Herald reports: 'The Dolphins defense is ranked 30th in the NFL.'

Marker Surtain calls Moulds `unmanly' [5:14 AM]
Miami Herald reports: '''It was a shock to me. It was made up,'' Surtain said. ``None of these things ever happened. I don't know where he comes off making those kind of allegations. It was funny because it was a lie, a blatant lie.'''

Marker The Dolphins can only simulate proper way to tackle in practice [5:13 AM]
Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel reports: '"Tackling is a skill. It truly is. It is no different than jumping rope. You have to do it. It has to be a repetitive thing to be good at it."'

Marker Moulds won't get Surtain off game [5:12 AM]
Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel reports: '"He is supposed to [say that]," Surtain said. "You have got to have swagger to play in this league. I would say no one can complete a pass on me if you guys ask me."'

Marker Thomas shares his sobriety [5:11 AM]
Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel reports: '"As upfront a guy as who has ever lived," Jones said. "What you see is what you get."'

Marker Griese getting comfortable in Miami [5:10 AM]
Palm Beach Post reports: '"This is a different situation than Denver and I am happy,'' Griese said. "When I came here, my role wasn't to create controversy, but to create consistency at the quarterback position.'''

Marker Surtain fires back at Moulds for comments [5:09 AM]
Palm Beach Post reports: '"It was unmanly of him (Moulds) to do it and then come back and say he didn't mean it," Surtain said. "It's severed between us. It's all business now."'

Marker Wade Smith steps up, steps on [5:08 AM]
Florida Today reports: 'Wade Smith is so mild-mannered and laid-back, it seems surprising when he reveals he used to be a bit of a trash-talker his final two seasons at the University of Memphis.'

Marker Dolphins hope to slow down high-powered Bills [5:07 AM]
CNN/SI reports: 'Look for the Bills to move to 3-0 winning by more than a touchdown.'

Marker Wide receivers often struggle with new teams [5:06 AM]
ESPN reports: 'On the subject of "tough kids," Buffalo right guard Mike Pucillo hasn't gotten much attention yet, but he certainly ranks in that subset. The Bills haven't been very productive in running the ball through two games and their 2.3-yard average is the lowest in the league. Buffalo has just two runs of 10 yards or more and none of 20 yards. But the Bills said they were going to be better balanced in 2003, to protect Drew Bledsoe from taking so many hits, and coordinator Kevin Gilbride has stuck to that script.'

Marker Keys to Winning at Miami [5:05 AM] reports: '"We just need to contain things down to a minimum. I think that starts with Ricky Williams," linebacker Takeo Spikes explained. "We can't allow him to do what he did last year and have a chance."'

September 19, 2003

Marker Surtain says Moulds lied about spitting spat [8:37 PM]
AP reports: '''It's made up,'' Surtain said Friday. ''It was funny because it was a blatant lie.'''

Marker Way Overrated [4:13 PM]
CBS Sportsline reports: "He goes to the Pro Bowl every year on reputation. There are some Bills who insist he is the worst player on the offensive line now. He's not that he's a bad player. Just not Pro Bowl deserving.

Marker Balancing act [4:13 PM]
The Sports Network reports: '"If teams are going to commit to stopping the run, then we can throw the ball," Bledsoe said.'

Marker ESPN's Take [1:26 PM]
ESPN reports: 'This is a classic matchup. Miami's strengths lie in its running game and defense. Although the defense didn't look very good in Week 1 against Houston, it came back with a little vengeance against the Jets -- a bad team admittedly. So, the Dolphins are going to have their hands full with Buffalo on Sunday night.'

Marker Bills-Dolphins should be a heavyweight fight [1:22 PM]
ESPN reports: 'Here are three keys the Bills must focus on to beat the Dolphins...'.

Marker A Closer Look at Coy Wire [9:47 AM] reports: 'Q: What restaurant has the best buffalo wings? CW: Gabriel's Gate, but I haven't been many places for wings.'

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