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Buffalo Bills News - October 2, 2003

Marker Rudi, Rudi, Rudi [9:45 AM] reports: '“He’s a straight down-hill runner. He’s got great contact balance,” said Bills linebacker Takeo Spikes, a former Bengal who recalled what his fellow Auburn alum did to the Bills in the preseason. “I know what he can do. A lot of the guys here know what he can do. When I was with Cincinnati, we came up here (last year) and nobody could even tackle Rudi. That’s what these guys are still talking about. He’s not as fast as damn Corey. He’s a power runner.”'

Marker Defense moves on [9:44 AM] reports: 'Even though Spikes is gone, the defense feels good about the future even though such a huge part of their past is blocking them Sunday.'

Marker Spikes looks forward to meeting former mates [8:54 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"Believe it or not I got a couple phone calls from them on Monday," he said. "I thought they'd be enjoying their win over Cleveland on Monday, but I guess they love Spikes. I got one from Chad Johnson, he left a message, and Tony Williams and Brian Simmons."'

Marker Bills defense sensing a must-win game [8:53 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"As a team, we set our standards high the first two weeks," said strong safety Lawyer Milloy. "That's our potential. That's what we expect out of each other. I've only been here a couple of weeks and that's the first thing I got when I walked through that door. These guys expected to be good. You can go to anybody in this locker room and ask if they think we're playing up to our capabilities and they'd say no."'

Marker Finding a long snapper isn't a snap [8:52 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'Long snapping is like real estate. The key is location, location, location. You have to be accurate 99 percent of the time. Albright, the ex-Bill now with the Redskins, has made about $3.5 million in 10 years doing nothing but snapping. If I were a backup lineman at a major college, I'd spend all my summers snapping a ball between my legs.'

Marker Spikes, Lewis didn’t mesh [8:51 AM]
Columbus Dispatch reports: 'When the Bills offered him a six-year, $32 million contract with a $9 million signing bonus, Spikes called Lewis and asked him not to match, as was Cincinnati’s right. Lewis obliged. In what remains the signature move of his brief tenure, Lewis allowed Spikes to leave.'

Marker Lewis wants players to exhibit ‘swagger’ [8:50 AM]
Columbus Dispatch reports: '"Too many times, we make plays and our guys turn around and go back to the huddle," he said. "Let’s be happy with things, let’s be excited, because the other team feels that — that you have that. The term is ‘swagger.’ It’s a confidence thing."'

Marker Spikes has no regrets about leaving Bengals [7:11 AM]
Cincinnati Post reports: '"I personally felt like my tank was running low as far as some of the stuff you had to put up with around there, and then week in and week out getting yourself pumped up mentally thinking you have a chance to win and then be disappointed most of the time," said Spikes. "My mind was pretty much made up. I felt like my time was over. I did my time and, like I told (Lewis), he had some personal goals that he wanted to accomplish in life and I had some at the same time. And I felt that me being there with him and him being there with me, I think we would kind of be cutting short each other of our personal goals."'

Marker Krumrie, LeBeau move on [7:10 AM]
Cincinnati Post reports: '"(LeBeau) does a great job on game days acting as an assistant coach. He's in an advisory role to me constantly," said Williams. "When I was a young coach in this league, (Krumrie) was still playing and I loved watching him when he was playing and he coaches the same way, with the same attitude as he played."'

Marker Surviving the game [7:09 AM]
Cincinnati Post reports: '"If it weren't for football," he says solemnly, humbly, "I'd be one of three places. I'd be dead, I'd be in jail, or, what's the third thing? -- selling drugs. I guarantee you I could give you 30 names right now of people I grew up with who are dead. We got 'em dead, we got 'em in jail, we got 'em on the street hustling."'

Marker Bills aware yellow flags must stop [5:19 AM]
Rochester D&C reports: 'Against Miami and Philadelphia the past two weeks, the Bills committed 21 penalties worth 168 yards and lost both games, deflating the team’s early season momentum like police road spikes piercing the tires of a getaway car.'

Marker Spikes says Bengals offense won't stall [5:18 AM]
Rochester D&C reports: '“I think it helps to know players’ tendencies,” he said. “I never had to play against the Cincinnati Bengals offense, but I practiced against them a lot. Just seeing how they react in certain situations, who seems to turn it up a level, who falls below the level, who seems to be like ‘I’m going to just do my job and see what happens.’ I definitely know that.”'

Marker Bills getting positive returns on premium seat renewals [5:17 AM]
Business First of Buffalo reports: '"We will continue to work from the list of our clientele," said Tom Donahoe, Bills' president and general manager. "We will utilize this month to get a firm understanding of exactly where we are in the process. The figures are now in but we want to take a good look at what they indicate."'

Marker Bills regroup for the Bengals [5:16 AM]
Toronto Star reports: '"It gets to the point where you're getting tired of being an average defence," said Spikes.'

Marker Henry, Dillon likely to sit [5:15 AM]
Cincinnati Enquirer reports: 'The Bengals' plan would appear to be to run Johnson in Dillon's role as the featured back and spell him with Brandon Bennett.'

Marker Spikes speaks about his decision to leave [5:14 AM]
Cincinnati Enquirer reports: 'Q: Are you surprised by the power Lewis has in the organization and what he has been able to do? A: "What has he done? The only thing I know is what the record (1-3) is right now."'

Marker Ex-Bengal enjoys living life of a star [5:13 AM]
Dayton Daily News reports: 'Off the field, Spikes has become a celebrity. He's been interviewed by media megastars Jim Rome and Dan Patrick. He appears in ESPN commercials that trumpet the network's NFL coverage. And he's all over the Buffalo and Rochester TV and radio air waves. "That comes along with winning," Spikes said. "You can go out and hire all the best people (to promote you), but if you don't win, it's pretty much irrelevant."'

Marker Eric Moulds has his own TV show [5:12 AM]
Mississippi Press reports: 'That's right, the Eric Moulds Show airs weekly on the Empire Sports Network across the state of New York. Here on the Coast and anywhere else outside of New York, the Empire Sports Network is available on DirecTV.'

Marker Closeup: Chief Charlie Waters [5:11 AM]
Atlanta Journal Constitution reports: 'You have to get there to lose. So there is something to be said for just getting there. The day before the Super Bowl was always the best. The day after was always the worst. But it might happen this year. I thought that until [the Sept. 21 game] against the Dolphins.'

Marker Spikes Psyched for Bengals [5:10 AM] reports: '"You got to go out and prove something," explained the Bills linebacker. "Two of the things I miss about Cincinnati are the friendships I built with some of the guys, and I miss the fans there also."'

Marker Round 1: Patriots vs. Bills [5:09 AM]
ESPN reports: 'After seeing how the Bills dress, no wonder Buffalo is known as a "drinking town with a football problem."'

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October 1, 2003

Marker Myers Joins Bills Practice Squad [9:01 PM] reports: 'The Bills announced that the team has re-signed wide receiver Jerel Myers to its practice squad.'

Marker Marvin Lewis news conference [8:59 PM] reports: 'Are the fingerprints of Dick LeBeau all over the Buffalo defense?
“No, I wouldn’t say that. I think it’s still the things that Tennessee did, and the Houston Oilers before that. That’s where Gregg (Williams) was, and also Jerry Gray, who is coordinating their defense. What Dick (LeBeau) brings is a sense of calmness and stability and some reinforcement of the things that they are doing when Gregg is not there with them. They have a resource in Dick and his coaching ability and philosophy.”'

Marker Jon Kitna news conference [8:58 PM] reports: What does Takeo do best?
“If you run the same play twice, he’s on it. The play that stands out to me is in Baltimore two years ago, and they ran a sprint pass for the second time in the game and he ran out of what his job was supposed to be, because he saw the play. He trusted his instincts and got an interception and ran it back for a touchdown. That’s the thing about him, he recognizes you and what you are trying to do. If you run the same play twice, he’s going to be in that spot, and that’s a lot like Rod Woodson.”'

Marker Henry returns to practice for Bills [8:38 PM]
The Sports Network reports: 'His backup, Sammy Morris, also missed last Sunday's game while recovering from surgery to repair a sports hernia and is not expected to play this Sunday.'

Marker Lewis & Spikes were never meant to be [8:02 PM]
AP reports: '''Takeo couldn't predict the future, and Marvin couldn't look into the past.'''

Marker Bills RB Henry returns to practice; still questionable [8:00 PM]
AP reports: '''It's getting better every day. I'm better than I was yesterday, and I think that's how it's going to go throughout the week,'' Henry said, adding that he expected to practice more on Thursday.'

Marker Bills running game barely walking [7:59 PM]
AP reports: '''You want to make sure you take pressure off of that pass game by running the football, and we've got to get better at that,'' coach Gregg Williams said. ''And that's all of us. I've got to give them some better answers.'''

Marker Bills-Bengals Running Back Status In Question [4:16 PM] reports: 'Buffalo has allowed 158.8 yards rushing per game.'

Marker Bills RB Henry returns to practice [3:12 PM]
AP reports: 'Henry wore shoulder pads beneath his jersey and shorts as he took handoffs from Drew Bledsoe during drills.'

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