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Buffalo Bills News - October 16, 2001

Marker Moorman adds kick to Bills special teams [3:52 PM]
AP reports: 'Moorman, who replaced steady veteran Chris Mohr, ranks second in the league, averaging 48.1 yards a punt, playing an important role on a team whose inexperienced and banged-up defense requires all the help it can get.'

Marker Schottenheimer snubbed Levy refusing to let Bruce Smith attend HoF induction [3:11 PM]
Slate reports: Schottenheimer denied Smith permission to attend the Hall of Fame induction of former coach Marv Levy, because of jealousy of Marv's Bills besting Marty's Chiefs in the 1993 AFC championship game. The snub against Levy was both very, very small on Schottenheimer's part and got him off on such a bad footing with Smith, Washington's best player, that by early October, Bruce was denouncing Schottenheimer on-camera to ESPN's Andrea Kramer.

Marker Johnson at a crossroads in Jacksonville return [2:29 PM]
Olean Times Herald reports: 'As for his own fate, Johnson admits, "Obviously, I didn't expect to get hurt this much ... that's been my problem here. But I think over the last three years, I think I've played very good football ... winning football."'

Marker 2001 Buffalo Jills cheerleaders [2:00 PM] reports: Some good things happened during the bye week. The Bills were able to place on their website pictures and profiles of the new Jills cheerleaders.

Marker Bills continue work on Jaguars [12:57 PM] reports: "After watching yesterday's ballgames, getting a chance to see some of the things that took place, and you can see again, the division is wide open," Williams said. "Everyone in our division has at least two losses, we need to win in front of a national spotlight, and get on a roll right now. We have the opportunity to play emotional, the way we need to play when we get down there, and that is wide-open football and have a chance to get a win here."

Marker Alex Van Pelt answers email questions [12:56 PM] reports: "I'd have to say have the guys have confidence in me. If you prepare yourself well, when you come into the game, you give off a feeling of confidence. If the guys believe in you, there's not a lot of drop off. Some places, if you're not prepared, and don't know how to call the plays in the huddle, or aren't familiar, the guys will say 'great.' When you've done your work and prepare as the starter, the guys respond well."

Marker Johnson welcomes change of place [9:09 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"I'm excited," he said. "I had some good times down there. I have some really good friends. . . . I'm just looking forward to having the chance to play against some of the guys I used to play with."'

Marker Black ready for 'promotion' to wide receiver [9:08 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'Black is expected to see more action with the offense Thursday when the Bills visit the Jacksonville Jaguars. McDaniel missed practice Monday with a high ankle sprain and likely will be sidelined against the Jags.'

Marker Bills hope to 'maintain the course' [5:31 AM]
D and C reports: 'So how can Williams keep this team from quitting? How can he keep their spirits up and get them to work harder, play better, and maybe win a few games during the final three-quarters of the season? "As a professional football player and as a coach you've got to maintain the course," Williams said yesterday during a break in preparation for Thursday night's nationally televised game in Jacksonville against the Jaguars. The logical question here would be 'What is the course?' because thus far, this team seems to be farther off course than Christopher Columbus when he set sail in 1492.'

Marker Hansen could return for Jaguars game [5:30 AM]
D and C reports: 'Still, Hansen's status for the Jaguars is questionable after he re-aggravated his injury in practice on Sunday. He was able to practice yesterday at the stadium but was still favoring the arm.'

Marker True NFL fans won't bat an eye [5:29 AM]
D and C reports: 'NFL Crazy Lenses, retailing for $120 to $150 a pair, are being sold as accessories, not to correct vision. They will initially be available in designs of a handful of teams, including the Buffalo Bills, Oakland Raiders and Minnesota Vikings.'

Marker Ex-Jag rides gnarly waves with Bills [5:28 AM]
Florida Times Union reports: 'A surfer who practically grew up on the beach, the former Jaguars quarterback is as loose and laid back as ever these days. Even in frigid Buffalo, Johnson's Southern California roots are still showing. "I'm just having fun and rolling with it," he said. Listening to Johnson joke and laugh, you would never know his career with the Bills -- not to mention Buffalo's season -- is crashing down around him.'

Marker Boselli surgery a success [5:27 AM]
Florida Times Union reports: 'Coughlin also was asked how he felt about the nearly 8,000 empty seats at Alltel Stadium for the Browns game. "It obviously isn't an inspiration," he said. "It's not as exciting. The full support is lacking to a certain extent. Does it have anything to do with how we play? I hope not."'

Marker Inside the huddle [5:26 AM]
Florida Times Union reports: 'The completion rate against the Bills so far is an astounding 67 percent. Buffalo can't stop the run and applies almost no pressure (just five sacks in four games), so it's little wonder the Bills are giving up 32 points a game.'

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October 15, 2001

Marker Dick Roach answers Butler's call [11:48 PM]
ESPN reports: Dick Roach was a coach with the Buffalo Bills from 1987-97.
The absence of defensive coordinator Joe Pascale due to back problems has caused problems with Chargers defense and Roach worked with Butler in Buffalo.

Marker Another blackout for Jaguars; Boselli begins recovery [10:08 PM] reports: The Jaguars confirmed late this afternoon that this Thursday night's game against the Buffalo Bills will be blacked out to the Jacksonville tv market.

Nearly 6,000 tickets remained at the close of business today. The blackout marks the 2nd consecutive regular-season Jaguars home game not to be televised in Jacksonville.

Marker Gregg Williams press conference (10/15) [2:28 PM] reports: "After watching yesterday's ballgames, getting a chance to see some of the things that took place, and you can see again, the division is wide open. Everyone in our division has at least two losses, we need to win in front of a national spotlight, and get on a roll right now."

Niagara Falls Reporter reports: After analyzing the Buffalo Bills' first four games, the inescapable conclusion is that they simply lack the raw materials to contend, even in the National Football League's present watered-down state.
Problem is, there's not much the Bills can do at this point to beef up a roster that's been outscored 128-71 over the course of four one-sided losses. All they can do is keep trying to get better. Or at least prevent things from getting worse.

Marker Scouting the Jaguars with John Guy [11:26 AM] reports: Bills Director of Pro Personnel John Guy talks about the Jaguars.

Marker From Mohr to Moorman [9:34 AM] reports: As a kickoff specialist and former field goal kicker, Moorman had a natural tendency to "cut" with his leg (kick slightly to the side) instead of punting straight through the ball. While he got away with that in college, he had to fix it in the pros. In Seattle, Moorman also worked on his drop. "Ninety percent of the punt," he says, "is the drop."

Marker Bills are catching limping Jaguars at right time [9:05 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'The Bills face an opponent missing two of its four best players when they go to Jacksonville to play the Jaguars on Thursday night. The Jaguars' offense will operate without star running back Fred Taylor and All-Pro left tackle Tony Boselli.'

Marker Johnson looking good [9:04 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"He threw the ball extremely well, especially in the wind today," said coach Gregg Williams. "He had a fresh arm. It seems like there is no residual effect from it right now."'

October 14, 2001

Marker There some backups who could breathe live into offenses with struggling QBs [12:58 PM]
CNN/SI reports: [VIDEO] NFL Insider - analyst Pat Kirwan lists some backup QBs who could rescue their struggling teams (Dallas, Seattle, Buffalo).

Most surprising boost came from Alex Van Pelt in Buffalo. After Rob Johnson get hurt, Van Pelt came in and threw three TDs. One Bills player told me 'We need Alex out there but I can't put my finger on it but it is something'.

Marker Bills' credibility sinks if they throw Rob overboard [9:10 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'A lot of loyal fans paying $36 a ticket think the results already are clear on the first issue. They have made up their minds. Johnson is not the answer. They might be right. But Tom Donahoe and Gregg Williams aren't ready to pull the plug on Johnson and can't afford to pull it yet.'

Marker Bills finally get something Wright [9:09 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'Buffalo Bills linebacker Kenyatta Wright got a little more than he bargained for last week when he spent a day meeting with residents of the Waters of Orchard Park nursing home on Armor Road. The folks were genuinely appreciative that a pro football player would spend his day off visiting with them. At the same time, the senior citizens were anything but shy in voicing their opinions about this year's Bills and their 0-4 start.'

Marker A tough call on quoting Bills' coach [7:18 AM]
Olean Times Herald reports: 'In commenting on his disappointment in the team's play, Buffalo coach Gregg Williams used a fairly common and relatively mild curse word to describe his state of mind. Still, it created a dilemma for me. I could easily have put in a "bleep", though to those who aren't sure what he said, it might seem the actual word was more offensive than the one used. Or, I could have used a synonym, such as "ticked", which is how the Associated Press handled the issue.'

Marker Wicked use of humor serves Williams well [6:05 AM]
D and C reports: 'Buffalo Bills' rookie coach Gregg Williams has a good sense of humor, too, more a dry-martini, acidic wit that is serving him well in the midst of an 0-4 start, worst by a Buffalo team in 16 years.'

Marker Donahoe is standing by his QB option call [6:03 AM]
Boston Globe reports: '"We picked Rob because he's more talented, and we felt he fit best with what we were trying to accomplish here."'

October 13, 2001

Marker Cowbows, Redskins fill bad football quota with Bills on bye [10:24 PM]
Niagara Falls Reporter reports: The Bills have unquestionably been one of the league's worst teams so far. If they're not THE worst, either the Redskins or Cowboys deserve that dishonor. Egotistical owners and salary cap mismanagement have turned two of the league's most storied rivals into hopeless losers with little cause for optimism.

Marker Bobby Collins, Former Bill, waived by Packers [10:23 PM]
AP reports: The Green Bay Packers activated DT Cletidus Hunt from the NFL's suspended list Saturday in time for Sunday's game against the Baltimore Ravens.
The Packers released tight end Bobby Collins to make room for Hunt. The Packers acquired Collins from Buffalo on Aug. 7.

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