Buffalo Bills News - March 28, 2014

Marker Bills appoint 7 to stadium search group [1:46 AM]
AP reports: 'The establishment of a stadium search committee was a requirement of the 10-year lease the Bills negotiated with the state and county in December 2012.'

Marker Bills, New York exploring new stadium [1:45 AM]
The Sports Xchange reports: '"The seven individuals we have selected for the committee are passionate about the Buffalo Bills franchise and recognize its importance, both economically and socially, to the Western New York community," Brandon said. "These individuals have a good understanding of our franchise and the National Football League. They also understand the impact of the team's relationship with the business community and the significance to all Western New Yorkers, particularly our fans."'

Marker Bills name 7 to ''New Stadium Working Group'' [1:44 AM]
WGR-AM reports: 'Joining the committee that could be as big as 21, the team announced President and CEO Russ Brandon, team CFO Jeffrey Littman, team EVP Mary Owen, United States Senator Charles Schumer, New Era Cap Company CEO Christopher Koch, LPCiminelli Chairman Louis P. Ciminelli and SoftBank Capital Managing Partner Jordan Levy as their seven members.'

Marker Bills announce seven members to New Stadium Working Group [1:43 AM]
BuffaloBills.com reports: 'The Bills have announced the seven members selected by the organization to serve on the New Stadium Working Group.'

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March 27, 2014

Marker Wilson’s passing leaves Bills’ future in question [10:00 AM]
Sportsnet reports: 'The challenge is that those managing the trust will have fiduciary duty to get the highest return possible for Wilson’s estate, and it’s almost certain that the highest return will be had from somewhere other than Western New York.'

Marker Taxes likely played a role in Wilson’s decisions about the Bills [1:59 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '“We normally tell people like Ralph Wilson, ‘Do not sell the team if you’re getting old because the appreciation is tremendous,’” said Daniel S. Hoops, an attorney who specializes in estate planning and is a professor at Walsh College in Michigan, where Wilson’s estate is likely to be settled.'

Marker Charities laud Wilson for his generosity and concern for community [1:58 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '“A lot of what he did was behind the scenes,” said Candace Johnson, deputy director at Roswell Park Cancer Institute. “He has given over $11 million to medical institutions, and Roswell Park was fortunate to get $2 million to fund innovative research projects as seed money. That was parlayed into another $10 million to $12 million for those projects.”'

Marker Ralph the man was greater than Ralph the owner [1:57 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'He was a sweetheart of a man who thoroughly enjoyed a sweetheart deal. I’ve never viewed that as greed, as many others did. For me, he was like many wealthy people. They’re not hooked on money itself or what it provides them. Money is their way of keeping score. In professional sports, that doesn’t work for me. Winning does.'

Marker Doctor says Kelly’s cancer is ‘very treatable’ [1:56 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '“Jim Kelly’s condition remains very treatable and potentially curable,” Dr. Costantino said. “Our immediate focus is on controlling his pain and beginning the process of eradicating the cancer.”'

Marker Tailgate vigil for Ralph Wilson planned for Sunday [1:55 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'The lot holds about 100 cars, although the owner is said to be looking to use adjacent lots. Parking will cost $10.'

Marker What does the future hold for the Buffalo Bills? [1:54 AM]
Rochester D&C reports: '"We all know they have a lease. We know the terms of that lease, and we also know we have to find a long-term solution to keep the Bills there,'' said Goodell, who was born in Jamestown. "That's what we're going to continue to work to do, but that's not our priority now in the next few days."'

Marker Duffy: Buffalo Bills' lease ''buys us seven years'' [1:53 AM]
Rochester D&C reports: '"They’ll be there for seven years, and it’s really incumbent the Bills, the state and Erie County to work hard to keep that team there beyond seven years because that team means so much to western New York and New York state," Duffy said.'

Marker Ralph C. Wilson was a man of honor [1:52 AM]
Rochester D&C reports: 'For now, rather than focusing on what could happen, people across the region should look back at what happened on Wilson’s watch. He was an example of a businessman with high integrity, a breed that’s disappearing. Wilson, an original owner in the American Football League who was later instrumental in its merger with the NFL, said what he meant and meant what he said. Whether that was about keeping the Bills in Buffalo, taking an unpopular stand on a league collective bargaining agreement or giving generously to local charities or institutions such as St. John Fisher College, Wilson’s word was his bond.'

Marker Some fond memories of the Bills’ late owner [1:51 AM]
Olean Times Herald reports: 'Indeed, it occurred to me that loyalty, probably Ralph’s most admirable trait, often proved his undoing in the early years.'

Marker Wilson's legacy includes Bills in Buffalo [1:50 AM]
Niagara Gazette reports: 'Now, with Mr. Wilson gone, it’s time for all the stakeholders to pay a fitting tribute to his legacy. State and county leaders, the NFL, the Bills front office along with those who will be tasked with overseeing the estate owe it to the late owner to show the same loyalty he did.'

Marker Wilson leaves huge hole in Buffalo sports [1:49 AM]
Wellsville Daily Reporter reports: 'While the lease agreement settled last year keeps the Bills in Orchard Park for at least the next seven years, the prospect of a new owner has to be a scary proposition for fans.'

Marker Wilson – the person – was an admirably rare breed as an owner [1:48 AM]
Corning Leader reports: 'Yet, when the news hit me and as I devoured every bit of media coverage of his passing in the hours after the news broke, it was difficult not to get choked up about Wilson’s legacy as a person, regardless of where his team takes up residence in the future.'

Marker Local fans reflect on Wilson’s Buffalo legacy [1:48 AM]
Finger Lakes Times reports: '“I think Mr. Wilson’s legacy will be even more impressive and more respected as time goes by. People beyond Buffalo don’t realize what he did for the region. It’s folks outside of western New York that don’t realize the impact of his loyalty.”'

Marker In the end, the owner of far more Upstate than just the Buffalo Bills [1:47 AM]
Syracuse Post-Standard reports: 'In the end, all things measured, Wilson did the one thing that really matters in an Upstate region that has lost so much. He stayed.'

Marker Bills to stay in Buffalo until at least 2020 [1:46 AM]
Toronto Sun reports: 'In an interview Wednesday morning at the conclusion of the NFL annual meeting, the prominent sports-franchise consultant said that whoever should buy the Bills in the wake of Ralph Wilson’s death on Tuesday cannot relocate the team from Western New York at any time over the remaining nine years of their lease agreement, which expires after the 2022 season.'

Marker Toronto’s quest for NFL team strewn with obstacles [1:45 AM]
Toronto Globe & Mail reports: 'In addition to the Bills’ 10-year stadium lease, which was signed last year and brought with it $130-million from the state and Erie County for renovations to Ralph Wilson Stadium, there are many other obstacles the Rogers family, which owns Rogers Communications Inc., and Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment Ltd. chairman Larry Tanenbaum face in their campaign to bring an NFL team to Toronto.'

Marker Ralph Wilson’s passing means chase for Bills franchise will soon commence [1:44 AM]
National Post reports: 'And then comes the question of whether you can pay nearly a billion dollars for a team in the 49th-biggest market in America with a 40-year-old stadium and the second-cheapest tickets in the NFL — they cost an average of US$58 in 2013, with the league average at US$209, according to CNN. Buffalo loves its Bills, and deserves them. But it would be hard to pay off that mortgage there.'

Marker Good Night, Ralph... [1:43 AM]
Artvoice reports: 'That the Bills will eventually go to the highest bidder has never really been in question, given Wilson’s refusal to discuss selling while he was alive. The question, today as it was a week ago and two decades ago, is who might buy them?'

Marker Jim Kelly's battle with cancer adds to anguish for Buffalo Bills [1:42 AM]
Los Angeles Times reports: '"This is a hard time for the Bills family," said Bill Polian, former team president, his eyes welling. "The good part about it is it's a big family. We'll mourn Ralph's loss, and we'll pray for Jim. But there's a lot of people doing that."'

Marker Despite Ralph Wilson's death, Bills not leaving Buffalo in near future [1:41 AM]
USA Today reports: '"Our priority right now is to focus on the people at One Bills Drive and to focus on (Wilson). All of that will come at a later time," Bills president Russ Brandon told USA TODAY Sports on Wednesday.'

Marker R.I.P. Ralph Wilson [1:40 AM]
SI reports: 'In 1996, angry that Art Modell was abandoning Cleveland, Wilson was one of two owners to vote against the move of the Browns to Baltimore. He never voted in favor of a franchise relocation. He said owning a sports team isn’t like owning a car dealership. If the car dealership founders, it can be closed and consumers will find another place to purchase cars. But an NFL team—that’s a public trust.'

Marker Jim Kelly’s toughest game: Fighting oral cancer [1:39 AM]
Fox News reports: 'Oral cancers are any cancers occurring in the oral cavity, which starts in your throat and extends all the way to your lips. The sad part about this disease is that oral cancers are typically not identified early, which severely reduces survival rates.'

Marker Bills staying put for now following Wilson's death [1:38 AM]
AP reports: '"Anyone expecting to see the Los Angeles Bills is sorely mistaken," SportsCorp President Marc Ganis told The Associated Press. "They can't move even if they wanted to. It would go against the ironclad agreement done with Ralph's blessing."'

Marker Bills, Steelers ask NFL to approve joint practices [1:37 AM]
AP reports: 'The Steelers would host the Bills this summer at Saint Vincent College in Latrobe, Pa., then would visit the Bills' camp at St. John Fisher College outside Rochester, N.Y. in 2015. The Steelers held joint training camp practices with the Washington Redskins in the 1980s and 1990s.'

Marker No surgery for former Bills QB Kelly for cancer [1:36 AM]
AP reports: 'She says doctors believe chemotherapy and radiation are the best option given the cancer's complexity and aggressive nature.'

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