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Buffalo Bills News - January 26, 2002

Marker Bills looking at UFA LBs, talks with Cowart stalled [10:07 AM]
ESPN reports: And Modok may stay in Buffalo because no GM positions opened for him.

Marker Bills show offensive coordinator Sheppard the door [9:10 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"Mike Sheppard is a quality person and a super individual. He's very organized, very detailed. But this business is about, you know, prove it, and handling the whole offense. I need to make a move and take a look at another person out there."'

Marker Next mistake could be last for Williams [9:08 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'Firing Sheppard is a clear sign that the pressure has intensified at One Bills Drive, a recognition by Williams that his own job and reputation are on the line.'

Marker Bills Fire Offensive Coordinator Mike Sheppard After One Season [6:59 AM]
Bloomberg reports: 'Buffalo's offense ranked 13th out of 31 National Football League teams with 321.1 yards a game this season, but the team scored only 16.6 points a game, fifth-worst in the league.'

Marker Williams fires Sheppard [5:30 AM]
D and C reports: '"We needed to win this year, that's how I look at it," said Williams, who is believed to have a three-year contract. "I'm going to coach in this league. The issue is how do we get better next year and that's what I'm addressing right now."'

Marker Bills leave Johnson out in cold [5:29 AM]
D and C reports: 'Of course, a new dynamic is at work. Now that Mike Sheppard has been fired as offensive coordinator, depending on who his replacement is -- possibly Kevin Gilbride -- the Bills might try harder to re-sign Johnson to a new deal. Donahoe did not give an indication that talks were going smoothly.'

Marker Sheppard's departure won't improve Bills [5:27 AM]
D and C reports: 'Imagine how much better Sheppard's unit might have fared with a healthier and better offensive line. Or with a quarterback capable of the quick-thinking and adjustments necessary to successfully run a West Coast offense and isn't on pace to break every negative sack record in league history. Or with veteran Antowain Smith instead of rookie Travis Henry as the designated heavy-duty running back.'

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January 25, 2002

Marker Bills may be looking North [11:42 PM]
Toronto Sun/Regina Leader-Post reports: The Toronto Sun reports Saskatchewan Roughriders (CFL) DT Demetrious Maxie is reportedly close to signing a two-year contract with the Buffalo Bills. Although Maxie recently told the Regina Leader-Post he hopes to re-sign with Saskatchewan, a CFL source said Thursday that he is expected to join an NFL team. Demetrious Maxie was signed by a NFL team last year but failed to make the team and returned to the Roughriders.

Marker Robert Hicks one of few players likely to stick with Texans [11:14 PM]
The Sporting News reports: Hicks (6-7, 324) surprised the coaches with his speed and mobility in workouts. He started 23 games for the Bills in 1999-2000, then was hurt coming into camp last year and was cut early by the new staff. He went to the Lions and was cut two weeks later. Hicks admits he "was still a Buffalo Bill at heart" when he went to the Lions and didn't perform the way he should have. He now says he's over the heartbreak and is eager to show the league he can still play. The Texans believe he has a good chance to show it with them.

Marker No one seems to want Phillips as head coach [11:02 PM]
ESPN reports: It's funny, with winning coaches such as Tony Dungy and Schottenheimer getting jobs, that no one seems to be moving on Wade Phillips, who took the Bills to back-to-back playoff appearances. Phillips is a close friend with Chargers GM John Butler, but the Chargers are expected to wrap up some kind of deal with Schottenheimer over the weekend.

Marker Falcons HC Reeves contacted Wade Phillips regard DC post [10:59 PM]
ESPN reports: has learned that Reeves met with former Washington Redskins defensive coordinator Kurt Schottenheimer early this week. In addition, he discussed the job with Wade Phillips, most recently head coach of the Buffalo Bills, and a man who worked as Reeves' defensive coordinator in Denver and who succeeded him as head coach of the Broncos in 1993.

Marker Unprotected players for expansion draft [10:45 PM]
ESPN reports: Full list of expansion players (except final four playoff teams) has been released. QB Rob Johnson at $11,225,250 is the largest 2002 cap cost. Other ex-Bills players exposed include: CB Jeff Burris ($6,583,000), Safety Kurt Schulz ($2,100,000), Guard Glenn Parker ($1,663,357)

Marker Bills jettison offensive coordinator Sheppard [10:35 PM]
ESPN reports: Despite an attack that statistically ranked 13th in the league, the Buffalo Bills on Friday dismissed offensive coordinator Mike Sheppard after only one season, feeling his philosophies did not jibe well with what head coach Gregg Williams had in mind.

Marker Bills fire offensive coordinator Mike Sheppard [9:25 PM]
Sportsticker reports: '"I just thought we needed to see if there was someone else out there who could improve the offense," Williams said.'

Marker Donahoe says expansion-draft list doesn't mean Johnson will go [4:12 PM]
AP reports: 'Donahoe on Friday downplayed the significance of the quarterback's availability in expansion. "It doesn't really signify anything other than the fact that he's on the list. I can't violate the confidences of what I said with the players. Some players weren't happy, but I can't expect them to be thrilled. A large percentage won't get picked and will come back to the teams that put them on the list."'

Marker No Surprises: Official Expansion List Announced. [1:43 PM]
BuffaloBills.Com reports: Rob Johnson, John Fina, Ken Irvin, Raion Hill, Avion Black were placed on the expansion list.

Marker Bills fire Mike Sheppard as offensive coordinator [1:26 PM]
AP reports: 'Sheppard was hired by head coach Gregg Williams last February. He spent the previous two years as quarterbacks coach in Seattle.'

Marker Kelly deserves to be a first-ballot Hall selection [1:22 PM]
Olean Times Herald reports: '"When I looked over Jim's stats," he said, "head-to-head against the three most heralded quarterbacks of his era, he had a .667 winning percentage against each of them ... and cumulatively. Against Dan Marino he was 14-7, against John Elway 4-2 and against Joe Montana (already in the Hall) 2-1. In playoff games he was 5-0, 3-0 against Marino and 1-0 against each of the other two.''

Marker Sheppard is Gone. [1:20 PM]
BuffaloBills.Com reports: All rumors to this effect are true. TD will hold a PC at 12:30 ET

Marker OC Mike Sheppard Dismissed [11:48 AM]
WNSA reports: Stadium Wall regular Mike in Syracuse says that WNSA has reported that offensive coordinator Mike Sheppard has been fired after one year. Details to follow.

Marker Moulds dreams of going from football to NBA [5:06 AM]
D and C reports: '"I'm going to look at my options and see what happens," Moulds said. "By no means am I just going to bolt the NFL and go to the NBA, but if it's something that I get the opportunity to do and it's a way to stay in shape and get ready for the football season (I'll do it)."'

January 24, 2002

Marker David Carr, QB Fresno State, ESPN chat [7:01 PM]
ESPN reports: David Carr answered chat questions including one on Buffalo.

Q: Some mockdrafts done for a sports website has you going to Buffalo. What are your thoughts on that?
A: David Carr: I mostly followed QBs when I was younger so I didn't really have a favorite team. I just liked watching good players. I wouldn't mind playing for Buffalo. They have a good team and good players. The weather wouldn't bother me. But I will play anywhere.

Marker Up close with Ruben Brown [5:35 PM] reports: Ruben discusses his Probowl preparation; he is also bringing his son with him without his wife for she is due in February.

Marker Johnson could lift off in Houston [9:02 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'Whether the Texans pick him or not, his career with the Bills - which has spanned four rocky seasons - is likely over.'

Marker Jill of the Year - Marissa [6:41 AM] reports: The fans have spoken and you chose Marissa, Jill of the Week from the Bills pre-season matchup against the Rams, as the 2001 Jill of the Year! Marissa dominated the polls with 38% of the total vote! The runner up received less than half that number with 17% of the online vote.

Marker Johnson hints that he's gone [5:08 AM]
D and C reports: 'The Bills won't confirm several published reports that their five players are Johnson, left tackle John Fina, cornerback Ken Irvin, strong safety Raion Hill and wide receiver Avion Black. The agents for Fina, Hill and Black have confirmed their clients are on the list, however.'

January 23, 2002

Marker Cap figures for [reported] Bills players on expansion list [2:11 PM]
ESPN reports: Official list will not be released until Friday but here are the figures of the 5 players reported to be on Bills Expansion list:
S Raion Hill ($389,000)
WR Avion Black ($443,333)
CB Ken Irvin ($3,320,000)
OT John Fina ($4,423,380)
QB Rob Johnson ($11,225,250)

Marker Jim Kelly Interview with the fans [1:11 PM] reports: '[Q:] If and when you are selected for the "Hall," who wil be your presenter? - Mark Butler [A:] Marv, without a doubt. That is a slam-dunk. There are so many people who have influenced my life. There are about five or six guys who I could easily have introduced me like my High School football coach, Terry Henry, my oldest brother Pat, college coach Howard S., Ted Marchibroda and Frank Reich.'

Marker James Lofton on making the cut [1:11 PM] reports: '[Q:] What team will you declare as your team if you go in? [A:] I would like to go in as a cross between a Packer and a Bill. What would you call that?- A Pabiller?'

Marker Jim Kelly talks to the media [1:10 PM] reports: '[Q:] If you had to pick one game that would describe what kind of player you were and what you stood for which one would it be? [A:] "The Dolphins game when I dove across the end zone at the end of the game. That game I was never so tired in my life. There are many games that I look back on but the Dolphins games will always be a special on in my mind. That game pretty much set us to be we needed to go."'

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