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Buffalo Bills News - December 21, 2003

Marker Ricky Williams Quotes [7:18 PM] reports: '"Nobody likes to lose regardless of the situation, especially against Buffalo when there is a rivalry between us. We were up for (the game) and I think we would have kicked ourselves if we let this one get away and Denver lost."'

Marker Sammy Knight Quotes [7:17 PM] reports: '"Right now we are just trying to make the playoffs. We are fighting, our back is against the wall. We came out and did what we needed to do and hopefully Indianapolis will take care of Denver today and we will keep rolling."'

Marker Terrell Buckley Quotes [7:16 PM] reports: '"It was all film study. We saw that play during the week of practice and it just so happened that we were in the right man-to-man call. That allowed me to use what I saw during the week as a benchmark. I can't say enough about the pass rush and the guys up front. The route was one of those rhythm type passes and I just beat him to the spot."'

Marker Williams' future in Buffalo uncertain [5:32 PM]
CBS Sportsline reports: '"We don't know what to believe anymore because you hear soooo much stuff about it," one Bills veteran player said this week. "Gregg is good. He treats us like men and you can see we're still busting our asses for him but you just hear so much about how he's gone. If our offense didn't struggle like it has we may not even be talking about this."'

Marker Miami 20, Buffalo 3 [5:10 PM] reports: 'The Bills (6-9) bumbled their way through the game, an apparent letdown after they were eliminated from playoff contention with last week's 28-26 loss at Tennessee.'

Marker Miami 20, Buffalo 3 [5:09 PM]
AP reports: 'Buffalo quarterback Drew Bledsoe's season-long struggles continued. He finished 12-of-24 for 114 yards passing, the eighth time this season he's failed to break 200. That's a significant drop from last year, when Bledsoe set 10 franchise passing records in his first season with the Bills.'

Marker Bills' Williams out with knee injury [5:08 PM]
AP reports: 'Bills tackle Mike Williams missed Sunday's game against Miami because of an injured right knee.'

Marker Miami 20, Buffalo 3 [5:08 PM]
Sportsticker reports: 'Nickel back Terrell Buckley returned an interception 74 yards for a touchdown and the Dolphins forced four turnovers and recorded six sacks in a 20-3 victory over the Buffalo Bills.'

Marker Bills would love to give misery some company [9:10 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'Call it the Misery Loves Company Bowl.'

Marker Bills can bring Dolphins down with them [9:09 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'But there will be no AFC East title. There will be no postseason for the fourth consecutive year. For that, Bills fans, you can blame the Dolphins.'

Marker McGahee should stay glued to the bench [9:08 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'So why expose McGahee to a desperate Miami defense, with Zach Thomas, Sammy Knight, Junior Seau and their pals playing with sparks coming out the ear holes of their helmets? Why think about playing McGahee in the final game next week in New England with Richard Seymour, Mike Vrabel, Tedy Bruschi and the rest of the Patriots' defense seeking reparations for that 31-0 pasting the Bills laid on them on the opening day at the Ralph?'

Marker Will aloha mean goodbye? [9:07 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'Buffalo has had its chances since '95, but the Bills never neared another title game. Smith caught the flu before they lost to Pittsburgh in Brown's first year. Kelly's career ended with a playoff knockout against Jacksonville in '96. Buffalo suffered through Billy Joe Hobert and Todd Collins before Levy retired. Along came the Rob Johnson-Doug Flutie debate. Miami beat the Bills in '98. Home Run Throwback was in '99. Since, it's been four years of frustration.'

Marker Telephone calls for Van will sadly come to an end [9:06 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'Irv has moved away, John Otto has died. Each year, another part of what defined Buffalo for us departs. A foot ball team, and its voice, is a constant in an era of protean rosters and marketing-driven uniforms.'

Marker Dolphis activate TE Josh Whitman off practice squad [8:37 AM]
AP reports: 'To make room for Whitman, the Dolphins waived wide receiver Kendall Newson, who caught two passes for 55 yards in a reserve role this season.'

Marker Seeking direction [8:36 AM]
Miami Herald reports: 'If the Dolphins make an improbable playoff run that ends in a Super Bowl sprint, he will be allowed to continue coaching the Dolphins as he has done since 2000, according to a source close to Huizenga. But if the next few weeks don't deliver that storybook ending, Wannstedt could be dismissed or asked to move aside, the same source said, adding that decision is ``definitely not yet made.'''

Marker Explanations needed for this 8-6 record [8:35 AM]
Miami Herald reports: 'We keep talking about all this talent Miami has, so there has to be a reason that talent keeps falling short at important times in important games, right?'

Marker Spielman backs offseason moves [8:34 AM]
Miami Herald reports: 'Wannstedt makes all personnel decisions but relies on Spielman and others for advice. Insisting he has no regrets about last offseason, Spielman defended his and Wannstedt's personnel record and addressed criticism of several moves.'

Marker Dolfans brace for a letdown [8:33 AM]
Miami Herald reports: '''You know what's frustrating?'' he began, in a voice not quite his -- a voice a shade higher, and faster, and wobbly. ``The negativity that surrounds this team. The doom and gloom we get all the time. It's not that we're not trying.'''

Marker Spikes' escape: Was it worth it? [8:32 AM]
Miami Herald reports: 'But the relocation project for Spikes has become a classic example of someone needing to be more careful about what they wish for.'

Marker The disadvantages of Ivy League schooling [8:31 AM]
Miami Herald reports: '''They were writing up all the pluses and minuses and he had all these pluses,'' Morris said with a weary grin. ``But his main weakness they could come up with was both his parents are doctors, and he comes from a good area. That was supposed to be his weakness.'''

Marker Scouting report [8:30 AM]
Miami Herald reports: 'Bills: This team is just playing out the string at this point, so don't expect much in terms of a hard effort.'

Marker Bills' new goal: Put Fish on ice [5:16 AM]
Rochester D&C reports: '“They’re going to come in here needing this game,” said linebacker Takeo Spikes. “The way we look at it, we’ve got a lot of room on our couch to look at the Super Bowl and playoffs together.”'

Marker Bills Q&A: Chris Kelsay [5:15 AM]
Rochester D&C reports: '“Early on, I lived so close to Kansas City, I followed Derrick Thomas. As soon as I got into middle school and started playing organized football, I looked up to my older brother Chad. He played at Nebraska and played a year or two for the Steelers. He stuck out in my mind.”'

Marker Not much buzz around Bills-Dolphins these days [5:14 AM]
Olean Times Herald reports: '“Playing football in this area is a real privilege,” he said. “We have fans that come out in spite of the disappointing year that we’ve had and cheer for us."'

Marker Bills can finish Dolphins’ season [4:59 AM]
Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel reports: 'This is what desperation looks like for the Dolphins.'

Marker More than playoffs at stake for Dolphins [4:58 AM]
Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel reports: 'All the attention, as well as too much South Florida venom, is focused on Wannstedt. In the past 15 years, the Dolphins have had three coaches, the Marlins six managers, the Panthers seven coaches and the Heat five coaches. But none has taken a public pounding like Wannstedt.'

Marker Bills RB Henry dishes out punishment [4:58 AM]
Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel reports: '"You literally have to knock him unconscious to stop him," the Tennessee Titans' Jeff Fisher said a week ago in the sort of pregame hyperbole that seems to infect almost every NFL coach.'

Marker Dolphins Playoff Possibilities [4:57 AM]
Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel reports: 'Here are the scenarios that would help and hurt the Dolphins entering their final two regular-season games against Buffalo and the visiting New York Jets (6-8).'

Marker Bowens makes speedy recovery [4:56 AM]
Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel reports: '"When [Bowens] injured his knee, he had an isolated ACL tear," O'Neill said. "Another player that has a more complicated injury, there might have been other complications, and those things can prolong the recovery."'

Marker 1/12/1991: Bills 44, Dolphins 34 [4:55 AM]
Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel reports: 'The beginning of Buffalo's postseason superiority began in a divisional game on the iced carpet at Rich Stadium.'

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