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Buffalo Bills News - June 15, 2003

Marker Dad of 11 teaches everyday is Father's Day [10:21 PM]
Kansas City Star reports: Article about former KC Chiefs and Buffalo Bills lineman Art Still. "It should be a mother's day every day, a father's day every day, a children's day every day or a grandparent's day every day. If people had that type of mentality, we probably wouldn't have as many problems that we have with the family now."

Marker Chief concerns [10:20 PM]
CNNSI reports: Who are the top five cornerbacks in the NFL?" asks Richard of Miami. Also, where would I place Champ Bailey? Is he better than the Dolphins corners? My top corners last year were Ronde Barber of the Bucs, Fred Thomas of the Saints, Aaron Glenn of the Texans, Troy Vincent of the Eagles, Patrick Surtain of the Dolphins, Mario Edwards of the Cowboys and Antoine Winfield of the Bills.

Marker We can be NFL legends [7:58 PM]
Glasgow Daily Record reports: 'Jonas Lewis insists he and Scottish Claymores running- back mate Ken Simonton can be legends in the NFL because they have big hearts and a massive desire to succeed..."I wanted to showcase my talent and I wanted to show that guys like myself and Ken who they say are not big enough to cut it in the NFL are wrong."'

Marker With new additions, aggression is the watchword for Bills' defense [9:21 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'The defense should not have to play eight men in the box nearly as much as last year, which means the cornerbacks can play a little more zone coverage and might get a better look at the quarterback releasing passes. That might result in more interceptions.'

Marker Bills finish fine-tuning for training camp [5:36 AM]
D and C reports: '“I think it’s almost like the calm before the storm,” said veteran fullback Sam Gash. “Everyone is really excited knowing what we can do, but you’ve got to pace yourself right now. It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon, to bring back an old cliche. We’ve tried to make sure the guys don’t get too excited and blow a gasket.”'

Marker Tackling bills of Ex-Bills linemen [5:35 AM]
D and C reports: 'Adrian Jules Ltd., a tailor in Irondequoit, is suing two former Buffalo Bills offensive linemen for more than $20,000 after the players failed to pay for custom-made clothing.'

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June 14, 2003

Marker Father had big influence on Spikes [9:11 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"He taught me the integrity of just being a good man," Spikes says. "There are so many traits he had. I feel like I'm shortchanging him if I just say one. That's how much respect I have for him."'

June 13, 2003

Marker Garcia tops Manning as highest paid for 2002-03 [11:39 PM] reports: Hardly a done deal yet, but the Buffalo Bills and two-year veteran punter Brian Moorman have nudged closer to a possible contract extension agreement. Moorman is one of the top young punters in the NFL, having averaged 36.9 yards net in his career, and the Bills would like to secure his tenure with the franchise for the long-term. Moorman is likely to sacrifice his free agency year if he signs a new deal but he seems to prefer to stay in Buffalo and the two sides would like to have something completed before the start of training camp next month.....And if the restricted market is going to heat up, fueled by the Redskins' ardor this year, some teams have considered protecting themselves by seeking longer-term deals on rookie contracts. The Buffalo Bills have already said they might attempt to negotiate four-year contracts with some of their later-round draft choices.

Marker Player Q&A: CB Kevin Thomas [8:44 PM] reports: '"The speed. The players are a whole lot smaller (in college) and the game is a lot faster (in the NFL). That's the only difference for me."'

Marker Comments from Drew Bledsoe [8:43 PM] reports: '"We have got the ability to beat anybody in the league. The thing that is inspiring to me is to see the collective attitude that this team has right now. We are a fairly young team with some veterans mixed in. Across the board everybody is hungry, has bought into what we are doing, and is enthusiastic about what we are doing. We are working hard, practicing hard and practicing well, so even more than the talented people we have brought in, the attitude that this team has is what gives me hope."'

Marker Catching Up With...Takeo Spikes [8:40 PM] reports: I want to win a Super Bowl. Pretty cut and dry. Personally, I'd like to play in the Pro Bowl, and I'd like to be considered for the Defensive Player of the Year Award. That's one of my biggest goals right there. But like they say, it's all about the ring.

Marker Bledsoe, Bills buoyed as minicamp sessions end [8:39 PM]
AP reports: '''We have the players to be a playoff team, and that's what we expect,'' he said. ''Anything less than a good solid playoff berth will be a great disappointment.'''

Marker Bills Fans Across America - Spotlight: Tennessee [4:15 PM] reports: I've attached my picture, taken at the Kentucky/Tennessee border in Static, Tennessee. I chose to wear my (autographed) Jack Kemp jersey because he was the Bills quarterback when I attended my first game at War Memorial Stadium in 1964. That was the beginning of my dedication to the Bills.

Marker The game continues for coach Foster [3:57 PM] reports: 'Both Foster and Green will continue coaching this summer as part of the NFL Minority Fellowship Coaching Program. Green will join the staff of the Minnesota Vikings while Foster will work with the Buffalo Bills.'

Marker McGahee won't be ready for start of Bills' training camp [3:54 PM]
AP reports: '``Everything will fall into place for me,'' he said. ``I'm not trying to rush anything. As long as the team accepts me for how I am, that's all I have to worry about.'''

Marker Spotlight on the San Diego Bills Backers [2:49 PM] reports: The San Diego Bills Backers fan club has been around since the early 1980's. They were incorporated under the Bills Backers umbrella in 1988 and are one of the oldest continuously operating fan clubs in the NFL.

Marker A Closer Look at… Justin Bannan [1:21 PM] reports: 'Where is the weirdest place you have ever been asked for an autograph?
"Do I have to comment on that? No comment."'

Marker Bills brass upbeat off field, too [5:16 AM]
D and C reports: 'Of course, the best Bills marketing tool will be winning games this fall.'

June 12, 2003

Marker Simonton Receives MVP Honors [4:45 PM] reports: Buffalo Bills running back KEN SIMONTON (Scottish Claymores) won the voting for Offensive MVP after leading the league with 871 rushing yards and finishing fourth with 39 receptions.

Marker Competition is good for all [3:53 PM]
Shout! reports: 'Eventually we should see a fierce competition between Travis Henry and Willis McGahee – an absolute battle to the death between two hardworking, mentally strong, enormously talented individuals. I’m so confident that Henry vs. McGahee would make such compelling television that I recently called ABC wondering if it would be interested in a new reality series, The Running Back.'

Marker Fan Reactions to the Shout! Song - Part II [3:27 PM] reports: '"I believe the Bill's Shout Song was and is one of the greatest things for the team and us fans. No matter where you hear shout you get excited about the Bills. It is one way that fans can connect to the team and get enthusiastic about the team. I for one love the song and what it does for the fans….I wish they would play it more at the games though."'

Marker Fan Reactions to the Shout! Song - Part I [3:26 PM] reports: '"The song is old and totally outdated. Lets get something more modern and not so ritualistic. Fans singing shout sound like they have been wound up and programmed. Something not as structured would be better."'

Marker A Hero's Welcome [3:26 PM] reports: 'During their tour of duty overseas, they stopped twice to pose for pictures, once in the desert of Kuwait and again in the heart of Baghdad in front of a military academy. In both pictures a Buffalo Bills banner was proudly displayed. The 15 men adorned their tank with Bills insignias, decals and even a "Bledsoe 11" on the canon. Their passion for their team was proudly displayed for all of Iraq to see, they were fans of the Buffalo Bills and they didn't care who knew it.'

Marker Individual Game Tickets Go On Sale July 12 [1:16 PM] reports: 'Due in large part to a considerable increase in season ticket sales, availability will be very limited for the team's home games vs. New England (9/7), Philadelphia (9/28) and Washington (10/19). The only way to guarantee tickets for all home games is by purchasing season tickets.'

Marker Beneath the Turf [1:15 PM] reports: 'After visiting various pro, college and youth-level fields in 10 - 15 cities, Munson and Frandina settled on AstroPlay for a variety of reasons. One of the biggest was the field's "G-max" rating, which measures the hardness of a ground surface based on vertical-drop tests. A measurement of zero is extremely soft; a measurement of 200 is extremely hard. Natural grass is an 85, and AstroPlay is close, "around an 85 to a 95," Munson says.'

Marker Denney Working Hard at Home and On the Field [11:11 AM] reports: Ryan Denney will have something to celebrate this Father's Day. The Buffalo Bills defensive end is a new father, welcoming his daughter to the world just two months ago. Though he is in the midst of training during mini-camp, he has also has his hands full at home, caring for an infant. But Denney doesn't let his fatherly duties interfere with his job. He's been hitting the weights and practicing hard in anticipation of the 2003 season.

Marker The Bills say thanks [8:58 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"I have one request, actually an order, for you ladies - to beat the Patriots on opening day."'

June 11, 2003

Marker The Mort Report Chat Wrap [11:13 PM]
ESPN reports: Kevin (Buffalo): Mort, my beloved Bills have made many great moves this offseason with the only downside being we had to trade Peerless Price. Do you think that Josh Reed will be able to fill his shoes or not? Thanks

Chris Mortensen: (7:12 PM ET ) Price and Reed are different receivers. Price is a speed, deep guy and Reed is a possession, run after the catch guy. Don't forget, Eric Moulds is still the best receiver on the Bills and he's not going anywhere. Bledsoe will be better in the system. The O-line will be better. Travis Henry will be hungry. It may be a little different, but the Bills should be better this season.

Marker The Bills Sign 6th Round Pick Sape [9:16 PM]
WGR-AM reports: 'Sape didn't expect to be drafted. He's enthusiasm has shown in Mini Camp with many off sides which drives new defensive line coach Tim Krumrie crazy. You can tell just from his brief time of the field, Sape's motor is always running.'

Marker Bills sign 6th-round pick, DT Sape [9:06 PM]
AP reports: 'Considered a project, Sape will have time to develop on a Bills defensive front made up of starters Sam Adams and Pat Williams, and projected backups Ron Edwards and Justin Bannan.'

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