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Buffalo Bills News - July 29, 2003

Marker Bills Work At Night [5:35 AM] reports: 'Working after 6:00 PM with cooler temperatures and a large crowd is something some of these players have never experienced before. "It gets the blood flowing and gets you thining about Sunday's," said new linebacker Takeo Spikes.'

Marker Stand Up Coach [5:34 AM]
WIVB-TV reports: 'The decision he made on his contract is the kind of big time decision that makes the difference between greatness and mediocrity. If it works, he will have taken a great risk and will receive a major personal and financial reward.'

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July 28, 2003

Marker Veteran Eric Moulds Tutors Younger Josh Reed [9:50 PM] reports: '"We have to prove that we can win with the run. Look at Tampa Bay, they had a potent passing attack. They have some guys who can run the football and their efficient when they pass the ball and that's the way we have to be. We're going to take our shots up the field make some plays in the passing game, but we want to run the football and get better and I think that if we run the ball well it creates play action passing and that's one of Drew's strengths."'

Marker McGahee ready to practice? Not yet, say Bills [9:27 PM]
AP reports: 'Bills president Tom Donahoe disagreed. Saying that Rosenhaus is attempting to improve his position in contract talks, Donahoe added that the agent should ``leave the medical opinions to the medical people.'''

Marker Bills LB Denman not sure whether he'll report to camp [4:29 PM]
AP reports: '''He's got some personal issues that he's trying to work through right now,'' Denman's agent, Joel Segal, said Monday. ''He's wading through the problems trying to figure out what he's going to do.'''

Marker Newlywed Williams focused on second season with Bills [4:28 PM]
AP reports: 'Williams is aware that expectations are only going to increase heading into his second season. ''That's the tough part. Now it's time to perform,'' he said. ''You don't have that, 'Hey, I'm out of college. I'm a rookie.' You can't go in there and be inconsistent. You've got to go in there and produce. ''You've got to be the player they want you to be.'''

Marker Banged-up Pats add Centers, Stai to mix [12:16 PM]
ESPN reports: 'Centers, 35, is a player who should fit in well with the New England offense and he has already spoken with coordinator Charlie Weis about his role. The 13-year veteran was released by the Buffalo Bills early in the offseason and will be joining his fifth franchise.'

Marker Book those flights to Houston now [12:14 PM]
Niagara Falls Reporter reports: 'The Buffalo Bills will not only reach the playoffs, but finish their season on Feb. 1, playing in Super Bowl XVIII.'

Marker Bills Conduct Double-Session Workout [9:53 AM] reports: 'Buffalo's only other double-session workout scheduled this summer will take place at the Cleveland Browns training facility on the campus of Baldwin-Wallace College on Friday, August 1.'

Marker Lions sign DT Shawn Price and TE Tywan Mitchell [9:26 AM] reports: The 11th-year defensive tackle spent six seasons with the Buffalo Bills where he became a full-time starter in 2001. As a rookie in 1993, Price came off the practice squad to start six games late in the season and tallied 25 tackles and three sacks. The Carolina Panthers selected him in the 1995 expansion draft and after one season in Carolina, he signed as a free agent in 1996 with Buffalo.

Marker Bledsoe aims to increase his efficiency [7:58 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'The Bills' offense averaged 30.1 points per game the first half of last season and 17.2 the second half.'

Marker Time for O-line to show it's ready to dominate [7:57 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"We're thinking "all the way,' too," said Jennings. "We're excited. This is our first time with the same line two years in a row, under the same system. It's something you gotta love. We know exactly what to do. If the team goes as we go, we have to take it to the next level. We want to be the combination that opens the lock."'

Marker Players hear Wilson praise their coach [7:57 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"I told them Tom Donahoe has brought in a lot of good players, but I want to say something about Gregg Williams," Wilson said. "Two years ago, we were really down on our talent and had a tough year. Last year, we were a little better but still weren't quite there yet. But never once has Gregg complained to me or anybody else in this organization. Never once has he made excuses. And I admire him for that."'

Marker Bills team excites Mr. Wilson [4:22 AM]
Rochester D&C reports: '“ I said, ‘ Gregg didn’t have any material his first year,’ ” Wilson said. “ The second year, we had some better players. But never in these two years did I hear Gregg complain. He never said, ‘ Oh well, we don’t have this, we don’t have that.’ He took what we had and I admired him for that."'

Marker Reed feels peerless, not pressured [4:21 AM]
Rochester D&C reports: '“ I told Josh that it took Peerless four seasons for everything to crystallize for him,” Gilbride said. “ Part of Peerless’ success last year (94 receptions, 1,252 yards and nine TDs), was due to a system and a quarterback that took advantage of his unique skills. But part of it also was him growing into the position and developing an understanding of what it took to be successful at that position in this league. That took four years for that evolution to occur."'

Marker Coach has surgery, will miss a month [4:20 AM]
Rochester D&C reports: '“ The surgery went very well,” Williams said. “ Every indication right now immediately after the surgery was that it was very successful and it was contained. Now we hope he has a speedy recovery and that when Fred gets back, hopefully we won’t have missed a beat.”'

Marker Bills reach out to young fans [4:19 AM]
Rochester D&C reports: '“ It doesn’t take a lot to bring a smile to someone,’’ said Teague, the Bills’ center. “ You’re making someone feel good, and there’s nothing wrong with that. This is the best part of training camp.’’'

Marker NFL says Jumbogate must end [4:18 AM]
Business First of Buffalo reports: 'A long-standing National Football League policy has sacked a successful fund-raising venture at Ralph Wilson Stadium that benefits the non-profit Heritage Centers.'

Marker Improved Defense Puts Spring in Bills' Steps [4:17 AM]
New York Times reports: 'If the Bills improve on last season's 8-8 record, it will be on the legs of Spikes and the girth of Adams, a free-agent acquisition from the Oakland Raiders, as much as on the arm of quarterback Drew Bledsoe, who enters his second season in Buffalo.'

Marker Centers signs on [4:16 AM]
Boston Globe reports: 'Centers was considered a locker room leader in Buffalo, where he played the past two seasons. But the Bills did not re-sign him, feeling his best days were behind him. Centers caught 43 passes for 388 yards last season, bringing his career totals to 808 catches and 6,691 yards. Before landing in Buffalo, he played nine seasons with the Cardinals and two with the Redskins.'

Marker Centers, Stai sign on [4:15 AM]
Boston Herald reports: '``It's just good to get with a team that has a chance to win it all,'' said the 14-year veteran last night. ``There's a good chance this is my last shot at it. I've watched their offense for years and I've always liked the way they used their backs out of the backfield. I spoke to Charlie Weis (the Pats offensive coordinator) and he told me that they tailor their offense to their personnel not the other way around. It was music to my ears.'''

Marker Bills should take another step forward [4:14 AM] reports: 'Tom Donahoe came into Buffalo two years ago as the Bills' general manager, bit the bullet and got the team out of salary-cap jail. Believe me, that's not an easy thing to do. But after going 3-13 in 2002 and coming back with an 8-8 record last season, the reconstruction of the once-proud franchise is under way.'

July 27, 2003

Marker Training Camp Report: Afternoon session, July 27th [6:44 PM]
The Stadium Wall reports: 'Chris Kelsay- This guy is a mountain. I didn’t know husking corn was such a good workout. This guys biceps are as big as my head. Looks very quick off the line and has good form. Handled the second string with ease, never saw him against the first. If Jones thinks he has the starting position locked up he is mistaken.'

Marker Bills, Bledsoe hard-pressed to repeat prolific season [6:18 PM]
AP reports: '''Right now, if I was another defensive guy, I would say, 'Make them prove that they can beat us with the running game,''' he said. ''It's, 'Can you win running the ball?' And if we can, then they have to defend that and it'll open up the opportunities for us throwing the ball again.'''

Marker Miller Enters 37th Season, 'Do you believe it?' [4:55 PM] reports: '"Radio is more of a challenge," Miller said. "You have to paint a word picture. Television is easy. The picture tells the story for you. But it's different in radio. You have to give your listeners the feeling as if they were there."'

Marker Bills aide Graves has cancer surgery [8:05 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'While Graves is out, the Bills will shift assignments among their assistants. Running backs coach Les Steckel will coach the wide receivers. Offensive assistant and special teams coach Tommy Kaiser will coach running backs, along with former NFL running back Barry Foster, who is assisting at Bills camp as part of the NFL's Minority Coaching Fellowship Program.'

Marker With offseason over, it's time for nitty-gritty [8:03 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'As a public service for those who plan to visit the team's training camp at St. John Fisher College and later to assess the performances in the preseason games, we offer this guide to things to watch...'.

Marker Great expectations fuel Moulds' desire to maintain elite status [8:02 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'Obviously, having a consistent running game will help Moulds' cause. But Gilbride's game plans will play the biggest role in what kind of season Moulds has.'

Marker Fired-up Spikes sets tone as Bills veterans hit camp [8:01 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'If die-hard Buffalo Bills fans could have spent 10 minutes watching and listening to Takeo Spikes on Saturday afternoon, they probably would have jumped in their car, driven directly to Ralph Wilson Stadium and started camping out for the Sept. 7 season opener against New England.'

Marker Warren says knee injury not serious [7:53 AM]
Cleveland Plain Dealer reports: 'Tickets for $5 are on sale now for the Browns scrimmage against the Buffalo Bills at 10 a.m. Saturday at Cleveland Browns Stadium. Call Ticketmaster at 216-241-5555.'

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