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Buffalo Bills News - September 12, 2005

Marker Bills Dominate In Every Way [4:07 PM] reports: 'All three phases were kicking on opening day, leading to a dominating win. Here are our position by position grades...'.

Marker Saints to play three games in Alamodome [3:34 PM]
San Antonio Express News reports: 'The Saints will play in the Alamodome on Oct. 2 against Buffalo, on Oct. 16 against Atlanta and on Dec. 24 against Detroit.'

Marker Bills-Texans Postgame Notes [3:31 PM] reports: 'Defense held the Texans to just 120 total yards allowed which was good for the 10th fewest in team history, while 25 net passing yards allowed rank 6th in club history.'

Marker An encouraging start for the Bills [1:10 PM]
Olean Times Herald reports: '“Are we happy, yes. Satisfied, no. We have a long way to go. We can’t rest on our performance today ... and I don’t think we will ... I won’t allow it. Most people will say we were dominating today, but we could have been better.”'

Marker Texans left with plenty of questions [1:09 PM]
Olean Times Herald reports: '“That was as helpless as I felt playing quarterback since I’ve been in third grade,” he said. “That was embarrassing. It was embarrassing for our team, our fans, our families. You go into a game thinking you’re prepared, thinking you’re ready to go ... we get in there and we do absolutely nothing.”'

Marker Lindell gets foot in Bills' record book [1:08 PM]
Olean Times Herald reports: 'Marking his first visit to “The Ralph” in his new job as an officials’ supervisor for the NFL was former referee Johnny Grier. Grier’s final game as a ref was last October when the Bills hosted the Patriots. In that game he suffered an ankle injury that ended his officiating career. It took until March for doctors to correctly diagnose the problem, at which point he had a ligament from a cadaver stitched into his ankle. “I’m done (as an official),” he said, “now I’m a supervisor and, since this is my first game, I’ll let you know how it turns out. All I know is, they sent me back to the scene of the crime as my first assignment.”'

Marker Running start [9:12 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"We weren't going to sit back (and wait) to try to get him more involved in the game," Bills coach Mike Mularkey said. "I think they were expecting us to run the ball, and we were not going to hold back. We were going to bring out the offense, try to keep them off balance. A lot of that was getting him out of the pocket. . . . A lot of that is trusting that he could do it, and he did it."'

Marker Vincent provides safety in numbers [9:11 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"It's a change, but a good change," he said. "I'm trying to learn everything there is to know about playing free safety because I'm committed to being the best free safety that I can be and bring the most value to this football team."'

Marker Preston steps up to line [9:11 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"Duke stepped right in with Chris out and we thought that may be a situation that comes up," Bills coach Mike Mularkey said. "I think Duke was prepared for it. It was obvious. I didn't hear his name on the headset very often, so he must have done pretty well."'

Marker Carr crashes into Bills defense [9:11 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'No, the loss wasn't entirely Carr's fault and there was a tug of war among everyone in the Houston locker room over who deserves the most blame for the embarrassing 22-7 loss. A lot of it had to do with the unruly Buffalo defense, which didn't give Carr time to think, much less complete passes while forcing five turnovers.'

Marker Fans, players find Losman easy to love [9:11 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"He surprised everybody today," said free safety Troy Vincent, who led an inspired defensive effort with two interceptions. "Maybe not so much a surprise. I think that was the performance everyone hoped that he would have - that he needed to have for us to be successful."'

Marker Wyche sees his star pupil Losman ace the opening exam [9:11 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"Maybe the best deal is, what I've done in the past is, you get everything ready up until game time and then stay away from him," Wyche said. "Because there's really not a lot you can add to their performance. All you can do is make them a little nervous."'

Marker Lindell takes five, and makes five [9:11 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'The Bills didn't bring in a player to offer a serious challenge to Lindell in training camp, which should tell you how they feel about him.'

Marker And they're off [9:11 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'Hats off to the Kid from Tulane. Losman led the Bills to scoring drives on their first five possessions - four field goals by Rian Lindell and a touchdown pass to Jason Peters - while completing 17 of 28 passes for 170 yards in his first NFL start. Losman, who showed good poise in the pocket, was sacked just once and didn't throw an interception.'

Marker Grading the Bills [9:11 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'Congrats to Sam Wyche for getting J.P. ready for Opening Day. Play-calling on offense and defense was on the money.'

Marker Grading the Texans [9:11 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'The Texans' problem is they have only one WR threat. Carr didn't have anywhere to go with the ball. He was off target, too.'

Marker By the numbers [9:11 AM]
Buffalo News reports: Box score and stats.

Marker A splendid start for Bills' Losman [5:05 AM]
Rochester D&C reports: 'You know he has it in him, but you don't know what you're going to get (from a guy making his first NFL start)," said Milloy, the veteran strong safety. "Knowing that you have a young quarterback, we wanted to play a near perfect game on defense to give him as much time as possible to jell, not only as an individual but with his offensive unit. So our focus was to go out there and play our best ball and give this guy as many opportunities as possible to get it right."'

Marker Losman's long wait ends with cheers, sweet victory [5:04 AM]
Rochester D&C reports: 'There will be days when his ears will be filled with jeers rather than cheers. But this was a start. A damn good one. "It was unbelievable how he played in his first big game," marveled Bills owner Ralph Wilson. "He was very composed. He's got everything in front of him."'

Marker Lindell has an answer: 5-for-5 [5:03 AM]
Rochester D&C reports: 'He needs to be more consistent on the long ones, and he needs to make a pressure-packed kick to gain full acceptance. But for now, making five field goals and playing such a central role in a victory is a step in the right direction. "It was a good start, but it's over," he said. "The uprights don't get wider next week."'

Marker Losman has 'all the tools,' says Texans tackle Payne [5:02 AM]
Rochester D&C reports: '"They came out passing," Payne said. "We were expecting them to focus on running McGahee but then that first series they passed their way down the field. It looks like he has all the tools."'

Marker The two-minute read [5:01 AM]
Rochester D&C reports: '12.1 — David Carr's QB rating which was the second-worst of his career.'

Marker Buffalo Bills report card [5:00 AM]
Rochester D&C reports: 'Quarterback: J.P. Losman did what Jim Kelly and Drew Bledsoe couldn't do, win his Bills debut. The second-year pro was a very efficient 17 of 28 with one touchdown pass, one sack and no turnovers in leading the offense to points on its first five drives. A 42-yard strike to Lee Evans was right on the money on the opening drive. His play tailed off in the second half (just 1 of 7 on third-down conversions), but all in all, a very good start. B'

Marker J.P. passes first test [4:59 AM]
Toronto Sun reports: 'Many of the 71,781 celebrating the season-opening party at Ralph Wilson Stadium yesterday had to wonder, too. For now, at least they know -- in quarterback J.P. Losman they can trust.'

Marker QB Carr runs out of gas [4:58 AM]
Toronto Sun reports: 'Carr was picked off three times and added a fourth turnover via a fumble. To complete the beating, he was sacked five times for losses of 45 yards.'

Marker Lindell’s kicks were offense’s quick fix [4:57 AM]
Lockport Union Sun and Journal reports: '“That’s what I like about my job, where you can just keep chipping away. I’m almost like that little bee that won’t go away,” Lindell said. “It’s not a big touchdown where the fireworks go off, but you go out and get a field goal and they feel it’s not a big deal because we stopped them. Then I go out and get another one, then all of a sudden they need a touchdown and then they’re down nine. It’s kind of rewarding when I go out and do my job.”'

Marker Bills' Losman makes successful debut [4:56 AM]
Erie Times News reports: 'After struggling with his decision making and execution in the preseason, he allowed his instincts and skill to take over in his first career NFL start. That made a huge difference.'

Marker Bills' defense takes step toward lofty goal [4:56 AM]
Erie Times News reports: '"They have set some goals, and they want to attain them,"Bills coach Mike Mularkey said of the defense. "If they can continue to play like that, I think they'll be OK."'

Marker Looking good in week 1 [4:56 AM]
Erie Times News reports: 'Achieving the ultimate goal or even the playoffs will not be easy, but after one week it does appear that these Buffalo Bills certainly have the talent and desire to get it done.'

Marker Season Preview [4:55 AM]
Erie Times News reports: 'The ultimate question is “Did the Bills make the right choice by dumping Bledsoe and confirming J.P. Losman as starting quarterback?” I say that that question is a no-brainer. Even if the Bills fail with Losman at the point, taking a chance on the kid was the only way to go after the plethora of gaffes that Bledsoe made last year.'

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