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Buffalo Bills News - February 14, 2015

Marker After Watkins and Woods, pass catchers in short supply [1:59 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'A decent case could be made that the Bills need to find an impactful third receiver. The free-agent market could include some higher-end talent (such as Dez Bryant, Demaryius Thomas, and Randall Cobb) that might be a tad pricey for a team with no franchise quarterback, but there are other interesting names they might be more inclined to consider (such as Jeremy Maclin, Michael Crabtree, Eddie Royal, and Torrey Smith).'

Marker Jim Kelly reflects on turning 55 [1:58 AM] reports: '"I have no complaints whatsoever. Yeah you can have health issues, we all do, but you don't complain about them, you just keep moving on and hope that tomorrow you wake up and you're not quite as sore as you were the day before."'

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February 13, 2015

Marker Bills in a rush to improve ground game [1:59 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'Let’s start with the concerns. Jackson turns 34 on Feb. 20, and that raises questions about just how effective he’ll be through another season. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense for the Bills to make a major investment to retain Spiller, whose durability is an issue. If he departs, the Bills would need to find a replacement in the open market, which includes some big-name pending free agents in DeMarco Murray, Frank Gore, Justin Forsett, and Knowshon Moreno, or the draft.'

Marker ‘Anti-bullying guy’ Rex Ryan explains Richie Incognito signing [1:58 AM]
New York Post reports: 'Ryan was trying to do a bit of damage control after signing Incognito — the infamous ringleader of the Dolphins’ 2013 bullying controversy — as his first major move following a debut press conference in which the former Jets coach said he wanted to “build a bully” with the Bills.'

Marker Incognito return figures to draw cheers, too [1:57 AM]
AP reports: 'The storyline is hardly new. We're a society that embraces second chances, and that's especially true in sports. Incognito is simply the latest of a long line of athletes who have resurrected themselves and their careers after facing public contempt.'

Marker Rex Ryan thinks Bills' Gilmore can become elite CB [1:56 AM]
WGR-AM reports: '“Now, he might not get all the interceptions... [but] they're not completing balls on him,” Ryan said. “And so to me, he has got that kind of ability. We've got to catch the ball a little bit, sometimes go up and get more picks and things. But this guy's an elite guy, there's no question about it.”'

Marker Bills' Ryan: At QB, we're looking at every scenario out there [1:55 AM]
WGR-AM reports: '“Will EJ Manuel have an opportunity to win a job? I believe he will,” said the Bills head coach. “He'll be given an opportunity certainly. I think he's gonna improve. I think he'll improve a great deal under the leadership, obviously with Greg Roman being our offensive coordinator. David Lee, in my opinion, is one of the best fundamental quarterback coaches that there is, so I think he's going to improve that way.”'

Marker Ryan addresses bully comment, Incognito signing [1:54 AM] reports: '“First off I understand the concerns,” said Ryan. “However, I’m also a guy that believes in second chances and sitting down and talking with Richie I truly believe that that’s in the past now. He’s really looking forward to putting that all behind him and moving forward. I wouldn’t bring a guy in that I thought would have issues like that in the locker room or in the community certainly.”'

Marker Rex says more additions coming on offense [1:53 AM] reports: '“We feel good about the guys we have on our current roster, but that doesn’t mean we’re done at that position,” said Ryan. “Whether it's a guard, tackle, center, if we think we can help ourselves we’re definitely going to explore that. I could definitely see us bringing in another offensive lineman to add to this mix.”'

February 12, 2015

Marker Bills roster rundown / Quarterbacks [1:56 PM]
Buffalo News reports: 'Quarterback has to be a top offseason priority. Without a first-round pick – and in a draft where the position isn’t considered particularly strong or deep – the Bills will need to find help in free agency and/or via trade. The most obvious name mentioned is Mark Sanchez, who is expected to hit the open market after one season with the Philadelphia Eagles, because he and Ryan were together with the New York Jets.'

Marker Jerry Hughes: Bills are first choice in free agency, franchise tag would come with 'mixed emoti [1:59 AM]
Syracuse Post-Standard reports: '"It would just mean that they want me back in Buffalo for another year and I would suit up and get ready to win the AFC East," Hughes said. "I'm here to play football, and I love that aspect of it. I let the business side work its end out, and I go out and do my best to win ball games."'

Marker Richie Incognito tells NFL Network he's out to prove to Bills, rest of league that he's &a [1:58 AM]
Syracuse Post-Standard reports: '"I told them what I had learned from the whole situation," Incognito wrote in a text to NFL Network's Jeff Darlington. "That I needed to respect those around me more and that I needed to realize I may find things funny that other find offensive. This whole learning process was about becoming self-aware. About becoming a better person/teammate/leader.'

Marker Buffalo Bills' Richie Incognito says he's learned from his mistakes [1:57 AM]
Los Angeles Times reports: '“I told them what I had learned from the whole situation," Incognito wrote in a text message to's Jeff Darlington. "That I needed to respect those around me more and that I needed to realize I may find things funny that other find offensive. This whole learning process was about becoming self-aware. About becoming a better person/teammate/leader."'

Marker Bills' Incognito: 'I'm not a racist jerk' [1:56 AM]
The Sports Xchange reports: '"We mutually expressed that this would be my last chance and we should look at it as a positive," he told Darlington. "Take the opportunity to bring attention to a sensitive subject while proving to people that I'm not a racist jerk. We talked about possible ways to turn this situation around and ways we can impact the community. We had a good talk for about an hour. They met separately. They then came back and said they would like me to be part of the organization."'

February 11, 2015

Marker Bully on the Bills’ block riles neighborhood [1:59 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '“I’m concerned about it. If it was just Incognito’s issues from 2013, that would be one thing. But there’s been a history of aggressive and violent and demeaning behavior that is hard to ignore.”'

Marker Dareus to stand trial on drag race-related charges [1:58 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '“We weren’t able to work out a plea today,” Caffery later told The Buffalo News. “A plea offer was made by the DA’s office to reckless driving, which I wasn’t willing to recommend for my client.”'

Marker Rex Ryan's Boys Town is best, last chance for Richie Incognito [1:57 AM]
Rochester D&C reports: 'Ryan, who has given Incognito a leash with one link in it, is that kind of player's coach. And after three other teams declined to sign him last season, Incognito has to know this is his last and best chance to keep playing. Mickey Rooney just landed in Boys Town. We'll see what kind of Father Flanagan Ryan is.'

Marker Bills DT Marcell Dareus' trial set for May in alleged car race incident [1:56 AM]
Syracuse Post-Standard reports: 'Dareus, who crashed his 2012 Jaguar into a tree during an alleged race with teammate Jerry Hughes in May of last year, did not speak during his brief court appearance in Hamburg, N.Y., during which the judge set the trial date.'

Marker Marcell Dareus given trial date for reckless-endangerment charge [1:55 AM]
Birmingham News reports: 'Although a misdemeanor, the reckless-endangerment charge is the most serious facing Dareus, with punishment ranging to a year in jail.'

Marker Buffalo Bills' Dareus to stand trial for alleged car race [1:54 AM]
AP reports: 'The two sides are due back in Hamburg Town Court for a procedural hearing March 12.'

Marker 4 things players can expect from Rex Ryan [1:53 AM] reports: '“One thing about Rex, people see his brash personality, but he’s always teaching technique,” Gregg told host John Murphy. “I don’t care if you’re 30 years old or 21, he’s going to pound the techniques and the basics with you to be a good fundamental football player.”'

February 10, 2015

Marker It’s official: Bills sign Incognito [1:59 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'Incognito has not played since his suspension on Nov. 3, 2013.'

Marker Bills’ special teams shot up the charts in 2014 [1:58 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '“I attribute everything positive – it’s always the players,” said special teams coordinator Danny Crossman. “I’m a big believer when good things happen, it’s players making plays, and when bad things happen, it’s the coaching aspect of it, not doing a good enough job getting the players ready.”'

Marker Colin Cowherd: Rex Ryan using word 'bully' inappropriate in light of Richie Incognito sign [1:57 AM]
Syracuse Post-Standard reports: '"You talk about the bully word," Schlereth said. "It doesn't bother me because it's football vernacular. There are things said in the locker room that can't be said anywhere else in America, and there are things that football players and football coaches say that, when you're inside that locker room, you don't think of it from the standpoint of what the public thinks oftentimes.'

Marker Buffalo Bills owner Terry Pegula is convinced Richie Incognito is 'ready to move forward' [1:56 AM]
Syracuse Post-Standard reports: 'Incognito's checkered past extends far beyond the Dolphins' bullying scandal. The 2012 Pro Bowler has a long history of aggressive and violent behavior dating back to college. While he will be 32 when the season begins, Incognito likely represents an upgrade for the Bills' struggling offensive line.'

Marker Bills sign a real bully in Incognito [1:55 AM]
Toronto Sun reports: 'True to his word, Ryan has signed the Captain Bligh of the sneer set, announcing Monday it has reached agreement with controversial guard Richie Incognito.'

Marker Even Richie Incognito has a right to play [1:54 AM]
Toronto Globe and Mail reports: 'The notion that all “bad” people should be barred from modern-day sports is a perverted sub-species of the one that kept the Jackie Robinsons out of the games 60 years ago. It may have very different motivations, but it ends up in the same place – a subjective barrier to entry. Who defines that code? Where do they derive their authority from?'

Marker Bills owner Terry Pegula on Richie Incognito signing: We’re convinced he’s ‘prepar [1:53 AM]
New York Daily News reports: '"We're not going to be pushed around," the former Jets coach said at the Jan. 15 press conference. "In fact, we're going to be the bullies ... we are going to build a bully."'

Marker Bills sign Incognito, key figure in bullying scandal [1:52 AM]
AP reports: 'Incognito had established a reputation for having a mean streak even before the bullying scandal. Bills defensive tackle Marcell Dareus once called Incognito "the dirtiest player in the NFL," following a game against the Dolphins.'

Marker Buffalo Bills' Dareus due in court for alleged car race [1:51 AM]
AP reports: 'Dareus' lawer, Michael Caffery, turned down an offer to plead guilty to reckless driving early on, but in December, Caffery said he was still talking with the Erie County District Attorney's office about resolving the case without a trial.''

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