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Buffalo Bills News - December 24, 2000

Marker Bills keeping fans in check [9:17 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'Though the Bills haven't had much success on the field this season, finishing at 8-8 after Saturday night's win in Seattle, the security officers have been credited with improving crowd behavior in Ralph Wilson Stadium.'

Marker Do a quarterback sneak [9:16 AM]
AP reports: 'A Web site offers a cereal box-size mock up of a box of the quarterback's flakes. "Paste it on to any 20 oz. box of cereal you have handy and - voila - instant Flutie Flakes," the Web site explains.'

Marker Big win leaves big questions for Bills [8:16 AM]
Olean Times Herald reports: 'Just when the Buffalo Bills' owner thought he had this team doped out, it gave him way more to contemplate than he ever imagined.'

Marker Time to pull the plug on Seahawk defense [8:10 AM]
Bellevue Eastside Journal reports: 'Buffalo rolled up 579 yards of offense, or about one for every fan still remaining when time finally ran out last night on this 6-10 Seahawk season.'

Marker Butler discovers Bills come with a price [7:21 AM]
Boston Globe reports: 'While keeping his team competitive, Butler changed the face of the Bills from an aging team with fading talent into a young one on the rise that frankly would have reached the playoffs again this year if coach Wade Phillips had a brain in his head and played Doug Flutie at quarterback instead of Rob Johnson.'

Marker Hawks flop start to finish [6:17 AM]
Everett Herald reports: 'When all was said and done, the Buffalo Bills piled up 579 yards on the way to a 42-23 victory over Seattle at Husky Stadium in the season finale.'

Marker Watters ends his silence with goodbye? [6:16 AM]
Everett Herald reports: 'With a non-guaranteed base salary of $3 million in 2001, and with promising rookie Shaun Alexander playing well, Watters may be an offseason salary cap casualty.'

Marker Rogers' TD hits the spot [6:12 AM]
Everett Herald reports: 'Rogers finished the game with 171 yards on four kickoff returns.'

Marker Flutie-led offense buries Seahawks [5:37 AM]
Seattle Times reports: 'Actually, the Seahawks finished the season as the worst defensive team in the NFL, having clinched that honor before the game even started. But just in case the Seahawks didn't feel they had properly earned the title, they went out and gave up 579 yards of offense to the Bills - 1 yard short of the team record for defensive futility set on September 25, 1988.'

Marker Return to sender [5:35 AM]
Seattle Times reports: '"We saw some weaknesses in their cover, from looking at film, that we thought we could take advantage of," he said. Weaknesses? They were more than mere weaknesses, because that word would do an injustice to how well Rogers abused the Buffalo special teams.'

Marker Ugly season could bear bright future [5:33 AM]
Seattle Times reports: 'It was lost in an October that was as bad as anything we saw in the 1990s. And Seattle saw a lot of bad football in the '90s.'

Marker Watters creeps into 12th on rushing list [5:31 AM]
Seattle Times reports: '"I told Doug, 'I should have eaten my Flutie Flakes this morning. You are on fire'," Seahawk cornerback Shawn Springs said.'

Marker Flutie fabulous in finale [5:18 AM]
D and C reports: '"That was the way we wanted to finish the season," said coach Wade Phillips, who may have seen his job saved by his team's performance.'

Marker Flutie sends Bills a message for next season [5:15 AM]
D and C reports: 'Because of their salary cap problems, the Bills have to seriously consider cutting Flutie, who turns 39 next year, but to his credit, he made the decision a very difficult one with his play in the snow and wind against New England and last night's display against the Seahawks.'

Marker Cap problems won't deter Bills' GM hopefuls [5:12 AM]
D and C reports: '"We've lost in the past," strong safety Henry Jones said, "but we never lost someone like John Butler accompanying a losing streak."'

Marker Offensive night to remember [5:09 AM]
D and C reports: 'The moment Doug Flutie took the field for the first time. You knew he was going to come to play, and did he ever.'

Marker Bills 42, Seahawks 23 [5:07 AM]
AP reports: 'Buffalo Bills coach Wade Phillips didn't get much of an endorsement from his owner.'

Marker Buffalo 42, Seattle 23 [5:05 AM]
Sportsticker reports: 'If Antowain Smith and Doug Flutie were playing their final game as members of the Buffalo Bills, they made it a memorable one.'

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December 23, 2000

Marker Johnson: Bills' quarterback controversy has taken its toll [9:24 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'Does Johnson want to be in Buffalo next year? "Yeah I do . . . if I'm the guy," Johnson said. "Public sentiment is so for Doug and it will always be for Doug. And it makes it hard for the team when I go out there and get booed in warm-ups, or throw the ball away and get booed, and have a concussion and get cheered. I played my ass off for the city this year, I thought."'

Marker Laugh Till It Hurts [9:22 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'Marcellus Wiley is his own personal laugh track. He cannot help himself, working a room of friends or strangers with a smile, a joke, a wise crack. How can he be so upbeat in the face of a season gone wrong with the addition of front office and contract negotiation drama? Heck, try being the life of the party after 16 weeks of playing football.'

Marker Johnson's elbow has tear [9:21 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"There is a slight tear in the ligament in my elbow," he said. "I've had it for two years now." Johnson said the initial prognosis is he will not need surgery to repair the tear, but he will see a specialist during the offseason to make sure.'

Marker Heads could roll if Bills throw a stinker in Seattle [9:20 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'Outlook: Flutie may be able to conjure up a win in what likely is his Bills finale. But win or lose, don't expect it to be pretty. . . . Bills, 24-23.'

Marker Bills: We're focused on finale [8:08 AM]
D and C reports: 'If ever there was a run-for-the-bus game, this is it, though the Bills were saying all the right things this week as they prepared for their meeting with the Seahawks.'

Marker Dismissal a relief for Butler [8:07 AM]
D and C reports: 'But daily contact with Wilson, who didn't necessarily tell him what to do, but who wanted to know every detail of what he was doing, wore Butler down.'

Marker Bills/ Seahawks scouting report [8:07 AM]
D and C reports: 'It's hard to predict what might happen tonight in this meaningless season finale for the Bills and Seahawks. With both teams out of the playoffs, they're playing for pride and the chance to make one last final impression on their respective coaching staffs. Is that enough to warrant a well-played game?'

Marker Bills' future uncertain [8:06 AM]
Toronto Star reports: 'To say there was an air of uneasiness in the Bills' locker room this week, especially after Butler's firing, is a huge understatement. The fact team owner Ralph Wilson Jr. decided to accompany the team west - he said it was to show his support for the team in Butler's absence, others say it's so he can fire coach Wade Phillips in person immediately after the game - hasn't helped ease tensions.'

Marker Meaningless game? Tell that to the Bills hoping to keep jobs [8:05 AM]
Olean Times Herald reports: 'However, Phillips denies his job is on his mind. "I'm focused on this game, I'm coaching, I'm not even thinking (about my job)," he maintained. "(Owner) Ralph Wilson makes decisions based on what's best for the Buffalo Bills. I'm sure he'll make the right decision (on coaches)."'

Marker Holmgren learns lesson in meaningless games [8:03 AM]
Olean Times Herald reports: 'Mike Holmgren isn't used to playing meaningless football games. The Seattle Seahawks' head coach has worked 15 seasons in the National Football League and not until this year had he ever had a team involved in a losing season.'

Marker More than a game at stake [8:02 AM]
Seattle Post Intelligencer reports: 'Seahawks, 23-17.'

Marker Seattle will pull out all the stops to contain Flutie [8:01 AM]
Seattle Times reports: '"I think, probably, Flutie is one of the best scrambling, creating quarterbacks who has ever played the game," said Seahawk defensive coordinator Steve Sidwell, acknowledging the headaches Flutie can cause an opposing coach.'

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