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Buffalo Bills News - December 2, 2002

Marker Bills nuke frozen Fish [5:38 AM]
Toronto Sun reports: '"I saw them wear out. They just started getting frozen over there. At the end of the game, they couldn't even talk."'

Marker Rompin' Ricky not enough [5:37 AM]
Toronto Sun reports: 'So how could the Miami Dolphins employ the perfect cold-weather strategy and still get thumped 38-21 by the Buffalo Bills?'

Marker Buffalo gives Miami the chills [5:37 AM]
Toronto Globe & Mail reports: 'Winter has returned and, just like the old days, so too have the Bills' National Football League playoff hopes and, maybe, a little bit of their missing mojo.'

Marker 'What a waste' [5:36 AM]
Miami Herald reports: '''Man, we talk about it all the time,'' linebacker Zach Thomas said. ``You get tired of saying it. I'm sure people are tired of hearing it, but we keep doing it. It's frustrating.'''

Marker QB Bledsoe bombs away [5:35 AM]
Miami Herald reports: '''The way the Dolphins play is that they try to challenge you a bit,'' Bledsoe said. ``They try to get their safeties up involved in the running game a little bit. They play man coverage outside, and that allows us to have more of an opportunity to work the ball down the field."'

Marker `I really think I'm struggling' [5:34 AM]
Miami Herald reports: 'In particular, two passes thrown toward Madison -- both intended for Moulds -- stand out.'

Marker Ricky runs hot in loss [5:33 AM]
Miami Herald reports: '''Everyday I'd come in and talk about how cold it was going to be,'' Williams said. ``I'd check on my phone to see the forecast up here and look on the computer every chance I had. I was a little nervous about it. It was cold and miserable but we did a good job up front and it made my job easy.'''

Marker Early signs of a possible late-season freeze [5:32 AM]
Miami Herald reports: 'Buffalo must wish it played Miami every week.'

Marker Dolphins defense trips up Williams' smooth ride [5:31 AM]
Miami Herald reports: 'But Madison isn't quite as good as he thinks he is.'

Marker Surtain spittin' mad over heated faceoff [5:30 AM]
Miami Herald reports: 'Bills quarterback Drew Bledsoe threw underneath to Moulds for a seemingly harmless 4-yard gain. Surtain stopped Moulds, and the two pushed at each other on the ground as they untangled. They exchanged words and Surtain said Moulds spit on him. Surtain responded by hitting Moulds in the head, and the officials pulled the flags.'

Marker 'Slippery' Henry reaches milestone [5:29 AM]
Miami Herald reports: 'Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly was all over the Bills' sidelines, firing up fans and players. He was the first one to hug Peerless Price in the back of the end zone after Price's 73-yard TD catch.'

Marker Grading the Dolphins [5:28 AM]
Miami Herald reports: 'Overall: You squander a 14-3 lead. You waste a 228-yard rushing performance. You take what looked like an exhilarating division victory on the road and turn it into a bitter loss that scrambles the playoff chase. Three turnovers made the Dolphins their own worst enemy. Disappointing. Grade: D'

Marker Defense is frustrated by Bledsoe, big-play Bills [5:27 AM]
Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel reports: '"We had a chance to separate ourselves from the pack," Wannstedt said, after his team passed for just 55 yards and allowed 306 to Drew Bledsoe. "And now we're right back in it, fighting for our lives again."'

Marker Bledsoe and friends have chilling effect on secondary [5:27 AM]
Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel reports: 'Bills receivers Peerless Price and Eric Moulds, who each eclipsed the 1,000-yard receiver mark Sunday, took advantage of the Dolphins' well-respected secondary by exploiting the deep ball, beating cornerback Sam Madison twice and safety Arturo Freeman once on three long pass receptions that collectively taxed the Dolphins for 177 passing yards, 122 more yards than the Dolphins threw for the entire game.'

Marker Moulds puts Bills back in playoff chase [5:26 AM]
Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel reports: 'Moulds loves playing against the Dolphins because they are one of the few teams willing to try single coverage against him. The operative word here is "try."'

Marker Lucas, Fiedler get battered [5:25 AM]
Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel reports: ' The last time Dolphins quarterback Jay Fiedler was playing in such snowy weather, he led his Dartmouth team to a come-from-behind victory over Princeton.'

Marker It's a record-setting day for Williams [5:24 AM]
Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel reports: 'A thigh bruise took him out for a couple plays late in the third quarter. But it was the Bills stretching their lead that really took the ball out of Williams' hand in the fourth quarter. He carried just once in the fourth quarter for four yards.'

Marker Williams' day was terrific - and futile [5:23 AM]
Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel reports: 'The snow god must have a sense of humor. How else to explain that Williams gains a franchise-record 228 yards on a day he also broke the team's rushing record for a season -- and it's relegated to a footnote?'

Marker Tip from Madison helps Moulds score TD [5:22 AM]
Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel reports: '"I've played in cold weather for a long time now, since high school. It never has been a real factor as far as throwing the ball." -- QB Drew Bledsoe.'

Marker Wannstedt challenges clock; refs say not this time [5:21 AM]
Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel reports: 'Linebacker Zach Thomas felt the conditions worked against Miami's quick defense, as Travis Henry had 151 yards, just the third time this season a back has exceeded 100 against the Dolphins, and the second time for Henry. "They have a big offensive line, and when you've got a surface like that, it slows you down, and they can get up on you," Thomas said.'

Marker Grading the Dolphins [5:21 AM]
Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel reports: 'PASSING DEFENSE: F - They went from in charge in the first half to a total breakdown in the final 30 minutes. The Bills were gifted with some luck. Cornerback Sam Madison got his hand on a long pass in the third quarter, and it tipped to Eric Moulds at the 10 for a 57-yard touchdown. But most of it was Bledsoe's superior throwing ability in bad weather and the Dolphins becoming increasing fatigued by chasing Moulds and Peerless Price.'

Marker Winter blunderland [5:20 AM]
Palm Beach Post reports: 'Cold?, they seemed to be saying, this isn't cold. This is Buffalo weather.'

Marker Dolphins should raise their hands, say they blew it [5:20 AM]
Palm Beach Post reports: 'Whatever Moulds was saying, he backed it up. He disrespected the Dolphins' secondary with his deeds and not just his words.'

Marker Ricky: 'It doesn't mean anything' [5:19 AM]
Palm Beach Post reports: 'Instead of euphoria, the talk was of an opportunity lost.'

Marker Delvin Williams glad for Ricky [5:18 AM]
Palm Beach Post reports: 'It took 24 years, but the Dolphins' single-season scoring record that Williams held has left him at last. It now belongs to Ricky Williams, who passed Delvin Williams' mark of 1,258 yards with an 8-yard run behind left guard Jamie Nails in the third quarter of the Dolphins' 38-21 loss at Buffalo on Sunday.'

Marker Bledsoe replay was a matter of time [5:17 AM]
Palm Beach Post reports: ' It wasn't as impressive as Ricky Williams' day, but Travis Henry continued his mastery of the Dolphins' run defense.'

Marker Buffalo feeling warm [5:17 AM]
Palm Beach Post reports: '"There's definite signs of life here," receiver Eric Moulds said. "It's a great win. Morale is up. It gives us a final push. It gives us optimism knowing we can play with the big guys and get on a winning streak again."'

Marker Bledsoe rallies Buffalo to 38-21 victory in snow [5:16 AM]
Florida Today reports: 'The Dolphins, who turned the ball over six times in a 23-10 loss to the Bills on Oct. 20, committed three turnovers Sunday, which Buffalo converted into 21 points.'

Marker Bills spoil Williams' day [5:15 AM]
Florida Today reports: '"What a waste," Fiedler said, shaking his head.'

Marker Wannstedt stands firm on play that resulted in fumble [5:14 AM]
Florida Today reports: 'The coach said the decision to go for it on fourth down rather than punting was his alone. "When you're on the road, you're going to have to score points against Buffalo," Wannstedt said. "Drew is going to score points. You can just feel it out there. We're at the (36)-yard line at fourth-and-4. You've got to try to get some points out of that thing. "The worst scenario is to get sacked and fumble the ball and lose (33) yards."'

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