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Buffalo Bills News - August 8, 2004

Marker AFC East preview [9:21 AM] reports: 'Mularkey's primary task is to restore balance to the attack, to reduce the sacks and turnovers and in that way help Bledsoe and the warrior defense (coord. Jerry Gray has been retained). If he can do it, the Bills can play with any team in the AFC East (except New England).'

Marker A day for the foot soldiers [9:19 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"As the day went on, from my perspective, it looked like he got more comfortable, as he took another hit and took another hit," said backup quarterback Travis Brown. "He started to run a little harder. On the goal line he was putting his head down and getting in there. On a couple plays we were really close to seeing something unbelieveable. He was really close."'

Marker Suggs shrugs off defenders [9:18 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"The O-line was opening up holes and giving me creases, and all I had to do was hit it," Suggs said.'

Marker McGahee offers solid proof he's recovered and potent [9:18 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'Good for him, and very good for the Buffalo Bills.'

Marker Donahoe takes a sack with Williams pick [9:17 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'He's just another "U" for unsatisfactory on Donahoe's report card.'

Marker Bledsoe not satisfied with offense [9:16 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"I think two things were apparent," Bledsoe said. "No. 1, we came out and ran the ball extremely well the first couple of plays. We showed what we're capable of against a good defense. We also showed if we can't build a little bit more mental toughness to fight through the adversity of one mistake and not allow that to snowball into two and three mistakes, then we're not going to be successful."

Marker The billboard [9:15 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"You could really see Lee's speed," Brown said. "He was so wide-open that I didn't want to overthrow him. He probably would have scored if I hit him in stride. But I wanted to complete the ball. We had one yesterday that just went off his fingertips. That was in the back of my mind."'

Marker McGahee impressive after long recovery [5:20 AM]
Rochester D&C reports: '“Two things were very apparent,” Bledsoe said. “We came out and ran the ball extremely well the first couple of plays. We showed what we are capable of against a good defense running the ball the way we did. We also showed that if we can't build a little more mental toughness to fight through the adversity of one mistake and not allow that to snowball into two or three mistakes, we're not going to be successful.'

Marker Reese predicts stronger defense [5:19 AM]
Rochester D&C reports: '“We're going to be better this year. We've got more chemistry, and in this scrimmage alone it's starting to show. We were able to make some turnovers and guys were starting to make more plays because they know the defense.”'

Marker Bills unlikely to match 2003 Panthers [5:18 AM]
Rochester D&C reports: 'In order to match the success of the 2003 Panthers, Buffalo's defense would have to produce significantly more turnovers, Travis Henry and Willis McGahee would have to be at least as effective rushing the football as Stephen Davis and DeShaun Foster were last year, and QB Drew Bledsoe would have to bounce back and be at least as productive as the 2003 version of Jake Delhomme (3,219 yards passing with 19 TD passes and 16 interceptions).'

Marker Day 9 [5:17 AM]
Cleveland Plain Dealer reports: 'Jeff Garcia's first pass as a Brown in a game-type situation was one he'll soon try to forget.'

Marker Suggs outplays Green in scrimmage [5:16 AM]
Akron Beacon Journal reports: 'The play was designed to go to the left, with Suggs following fullback Terrelle Smith. But Suggs said the Browns had watched film of the Bills Friday night and noticed that their defense often overpursued. Suggs said Smith told him before the snap he was going to try to create a hole in the middle.'

Marker Suggs the scrimmage star [5:15 AM]
Lorain Morning Journal reports: 'No scoreboard was used, but the Bills technically won the scrimmage 14-0. Willis McGahee scored from scrimmage from the 1 and defensive end Michale Spicer picked up a fumble by Luke McCown and ran about 50 yards for the Bills other touchdown.'

Marker Suggs picks upwhere he left off [5:14 AM]
Warren Tribune Chronicle reports: 'The Browns' first-team defense had a positive time on the field against the Bills' top offense and quarterback Drew Bledsoe. Cornerback Anthony Henry nearly had an interception, and defensive tackle Gerard Warren was credited with a sack. The only unsettling sign for the defense was McGahee had 34 yards on seven carries. The top priority on defense this season is to do a better job of controlling the ground game.'

Marker Suggs socks it to Green, Bills in scrimmage [5:13 AM]
Canton Repository reports: '“A rusher (Jeff Posey) gets his hand up, the ball bounces up in the air, and it’s a free ball,” Garcia said. “That’s not how I wanted to have my first pass as a Cleveland Brown. Good thing it’s just a scrimmage.”'

Marker Will quarterbacks make a comeback? [5:12 AM]
Canton Repository reports: 'Jim Kelly remembers looking around the NFL and seeing a great quarterback on almost every team. “At any given point of my career, there were 10, 12, 15 top quarterbacks in the league'"

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August 7, 2004

Marker Transcript: Quarterback Drew Bledsoe [10:03 PM] reports: 'On whether he gave the players 'the riot act' after the penalty miscues on offense...'.

Marker The rust is coming off [9:59 PM]
CNN/SI reports: "Browns defenders and coaches I talked to said McGahee still lacks the burst that he was known for in college, and seemed to be dealing with a slightly lingering limp. But they noted that while he ran tentatively early on in the scrimmage, he became more confident and aggressive the more he touched the ball."

Marker Donahoe, Bills finally get first glimpse of rehabbed McGahee [9:58 PM]
CBS Sportsline reports: '"We have to be smart how we use them," Mularkey said. "We have two guys who don't just have speed but are big, physical backs. People don't realize they're 240 pounds, well-built and can get to the edge. It's hard to say how the whole thing will play out. Willis has great ability, but he has to prove himself."'

Marker McGahee Scores 4 Touchdowns [9:56 PM] reports: 'Bills quarterback Drew Bledsoe was unhappy with the team's mistakes. "We came out and ran the ball extremely well the first couple of plays. We showed that we are capable of against a good defense, coming out and running the ball the way we did. We also showed that if we can't build a little bit more mental toughnesss to fight through then adversity of one mistake and not allow that to snowball into two and three mistakes, then we're not going to be successful."'

Marker Mularkey fighting uphill trend [9:55 PM] reports: 'But Mularkey never has been in charge of a whole team. He never has set the agenda for both sides of the ball, never been a policy maker, never been the primary link between the team and the keepers of the team's finances. Mularkey never has been as accountable as he is now.'

Marker Whitey's Bills-Browns Scrimmage Wrap [9:53 PM]
WGR-AM reports: 'First and foremost, Willis McGahee is no longer a guy who's rehabbing his knee, but rather a running back on the Bills roster, who looks good enough to challenge for a starting spot in the NFL. Travis Henry started the day with the first team offense, and ran the ball effectively, before penalties thwarted the drive. Henry was very productive, but I got the impression that the Bills coaching staff was at Fisher today for the same reason most of the fans were - find out what Willis McGahee can do.'

Marker The Browns coach evaluates the scrimmage [4:36 PM] reports: 'Q. How did Willis McGahee look to you?
A. Ask Buffalo how he looked. I don't know.'

Marker Scrimmage belongs to Suggs [4:35 PM] reports: 'All told when the regular units were on the field, the Bills offense and defense each scored once. The Browns did not score.'

Marker McGahee sheds nerves, scores 4 TDs in scrimmage against Browns [4:30 PM]
AP reports: 'On his way back to the sideline, McGahee was greeted by a standing ovation from the crowd behind the Buffalo bench at the Bills training camp site in suburban Rochester. ''It's good to know that they're behind me and they want to see how I do,'' McGahee said. ''And I'm just glad to score and let them know that I can still do certain things.'''

Marker Suggs shines in Browns scrimmage against Bills [4:29 PM]
AP reports: 'He was the key force in the Browns offense even though he was limited to playing only the first of four offensive series. Suggs carried five times for 82 yards, including a nifty cutback run of 50 yards on Cleveland's second offensive play of the scrimmage held at the Bills training camp site in suburban Rochester.'

Marker Transcript: Coach Mike Mularkey [4:02 PM] reports: 'On recovering from some early mistakes and Drew Bledsoe speaking to his teammates on the sidelines:
I was extremely please by what he did on the sideline. That's what we need. Don't wait until Mondays after games to address the problem. They're recognizing at least that they have an issue and they're trying to address it and take care of it so when they go back on the field it's been talked about. They know that probably their biggest opponent that they'll face can be themselves. It's just too hard to make mistakes against good football teams and every team is good to overcome. It was a good example. I'm glad it was a scrimmage it took place in.'

Marker Transcript: Running Back Willis McGahee [4:01 PM] reports: 'On if he thought about all of his hard work and rehab after his first touchdown:
Not yet. It doesn't start until preseason. It was a good day today to go against the Cleveland Browns in a scrimmage, but it will really pay off during preseason and during the regular season.'

Marker Bills Stand Tall Against the Browns [4:00 PM] reports: '"The protection was outstanding," said quarterback Drew Bledsoe. "We ran the ball well at times, so that gives me a reason to be very optimistic about what we've done so far as far as the changes."'

Marker Clements catching on to Bills' pickoff wish [8:55 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"I try to come back stronger and faster and more mentally prepared as far as knowing the schemes and the defense," Clements said Friday. "I know the defense now. I'm expanding on it by knowing what all the guys around me are doing to help me be in the best position."'

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