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Buffalo Bills News - December 9, 2002

Marker Heating up nicely [10:28 AM]
Portland Press Herald reports: 'The Pats won despite an average day by Brady, who was 15 for 27 for 183 yards and the two scores. It was the first time the Patriots had won a game in which he didn't throw for at least 200 yards. They had been 0-3.'

Marker Few wanted it quite like this [10:27 AM]
Portland Press Herald reports: 'Peerless Price's fumble early in the fourth quarter may have been the turnover that hurt the Bills more, but this game will be stamped with the images of four Bledsoe interceptions.'

Marker Sights and sounds are very familiar [10:26 AM]
Portland Press Herald reports: '"We put that team behind us," said Law, after New England's second decisive victory over Buffalo this season. "But eight wins ain't going to get you anything in this league. We still have to keep it going and take it one game at a time."'

Marker Drew's return shaky [10:25 AM]
Nashua Telegraph reports: 'To put it mildly, Bledsoe had a bad day, throwing four interceptions while being sacked twice while under constant pressure.'

Marker A nightmare from the start [9:06 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'He didn't put the Bills in a hole, but he helped dig it very deep.'

Marker Deja vu [9:05 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"Their plan against us defensively is to force us to march it down the field without making mistakes, and that will continue to be their plan until we prove we can do that," said Bledsoe, who threw for 328 yards but had four killer interceptions. "Most teams when they play us will do everything to take away the big play."'

Marker Thank goodness there's no Bledsoe Bowl III [9:04 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'For the second time in five weeks, the Pats made it clear why Belichick chose Tom Brady over Bledsoe as his quarterback and why he dared trade him in the division. He did it because he knew how to stop him. Why not slide him over to an AFC East foe if it meant two easy wins on the schedule?'

Marker Turnovers prove to be killer stat [9:04 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'All things considered, the Bills are lucky the margin of defeat wasn't larger.'

Marker Monday Billboard [9:03 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'The Bills will try to get back to .500 when they host the San Diego Chargers at 1 p.m. Sunday in Ralph Wilson Stadium. Don't they have a diminutive backup quarterback who used to play in Buffalo?'

Marker Picked apart again [5:40 AM]
D and C reports: 'When the defense needed to turn back New England’s early surge, it did what it has done this entire year -- it failed.'

Marker Bledsoe no homecoming king [5:39 AM]
D and C reports: 'In a game the Bills absolutely had to win to keep their playoff chances from fading to black, they turned in a clunker against the defending Super Bowl champs, who are starting to rev it up again.'

Marker Bills need plenty of help on defensive line [5:38 AM]
D and C reports: 'Pats TE Christian Fauria on the victory: ’’It shouldn’t have been as close as it was. It looked closer than it really was.’’'

Marker Week 14 Buffalo Bills report card [5:37 AM]
D and C reports: 'QUARTERBACK: When it comes to New England homecomings, Drew Bledsoe proved he’s no Doug Flutie. Struggled with his reads, throwing four interceptions, two that helped dig an early 20-0 hole. Throw to the end zone that was intercepted was a terrible piece of decision making. Was outscored 65-24 by his former Patriots backup Tom Brady this season. F'

Marker Bills picked apart [5:36 AM]
Toronto Sun reports: 'To make it that much worse, each of Bledsoe's four interceptions were uncharacteristically poor throws by a player that has helped revive a struggling franchise.'

Marker Pats have seen it before [5:35 AM]
Toronto Sun reports: '"I've gone against that guy a long time in practice," Jones said following an easy 27-17 win. "He knows us, we know him. Today we had a little edge. Wherever he turned, that's where we went."'

Marker Easy pickings [5:34 AM]
Boston Globe reports: 'Four horrible interceptions by former Patriots quarterback Drew Bledsoe, one fumble by Peerless Price, and all the Patriots had to do yesterday was make sure they took advantage in a 27-17 win over the Bills that Bledsoe handed them on a silver platter.'

Marker Efficiency expert Brady wins showdown [5:33 AM]
Boston Globe reports: 'Bledsoe, meanwhile, struggled against the Patriots this year. He threw for 630 yards and three touchdowns in the two losses, but was intercepted five times and sacked on six occasions.'

Marker Win hits the spot for defense [5:32 AM]
Boston Globe reports: '''It's not the quarterback that we are up against,'' cornerback Terrell Buckley said. ''It's the one-on-one matchup with the receiver. It boils down to you and the receiver and you have got to have a feel for the other team's offensive scheme and what they are trying to do. They are tough to cover because their offense is based on where you are, and they run to the opposite spot.'''

Marker For Bills, it hasn't been a total loss [5:31 AM]
Boston Globe reports: 'What bothers the Bills the most is that they believe they are a better team than last season, yet they may have little to show for it at this season's end.'

Marker Full scope of Seymour's play on display [5:30 AM]
Boston Globe reports: '''I wish I had gotten into the end zone,'' said Seymour, who had the job done for him by Donald Hayes two plays later. ''It seemed like the ball was in the air forever. When it came down, I felt them on my back. I think I gave a nice stiff-arm [not really, he just barreled over little Travis Henry], then some guys [Ruben Brown, Mike Williams] fell on my back.'''

Marker It's hard keeping up with Jones [5:29 AM]
Boston Globe reports: 'With old friend Drew Bledsoe standing under center only 3 feet from a touchdown, Jones made his first pick of the season when tight end Dave Moore came into his field of vision. Up front, Willie McGinest put the heat on Bledsoe, and just as Bledsoe's left shoulder turned his way, Jones figured the ball was coming to him.'

Marker Weak comeback from Bills QB [5:28 AM]
Boston Globe reports: 'It was, in a word, dreadful.'

Marker Defense again quite a force [5:27 AM]
Boston Globe reports: '''Our defense was really flying around, smacking people today."'

Marker Hayes catches up to his teammates [5:26 AM]
Boston Globe reports: 'After he caught a 9-yard touchdown pass from Tom Brady with 3:14 remaining in the first quarter on a well-designed fade pattern, Donald Hayes threw the ball way up into the end zone stands.'

Marker Nice middle management [5:25 AM]
Boston Globe reports: 'Middle linebacker Ted Johnson was quite successful in stuffing the center of the field and turning Henry toward the outside. The Patriots were able to keep Henry in check with their outside linebackers and safeties, but as the game progressed and the Bills needed to throw, Henry wasn't used as often.'

Marker Timely plays by the ageless Smith [5:24 AM]
Boston Globe reports: 'A sign of the times: Several cars were spotted on Route 95 bearing both Patriots and Bills flags.'

Marker Pats bowl over Bledsoe [5:23 AM]
Boston Herald reports: '"Maybe he wanted it too bad."'

Marker Romeo's `D' dynamic [5:22 AM]
Boston Herald reports: 'Another terrific game plan in yesterday's emphatic 27-17 victory over Drew Bledsoe and the Bills: innovative and complex but not confusing to the players.'

Marker Timing perfect for Jones' interception [5:21 AM]
Boston Herald reports: '``But (Bledsoe) wasn't pressing. He was just following their game plan, and we came out good, and we were able to stop it,'' Jones said. ``I played with him for four years, and other guys have played with him for more than that. So we had a little edge. We relied on the guys up front to put pressure on him, and wherever he turned, we went.'''

Marker Seymour picks his spot [5:20 AM]
Boston Herald reports: '``We knew that Drew would hold the ball, and because of that we could put pressure on him,'' said Seymour. ``A lot of that was due to the fact that our defensive backs did a good job. No quarterback likes you in their face.'''

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