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Buffalo Bills News - October 28, 2002

Marker Harrington learns lesson the hard way [9:04 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'But he's learning. Sunday was only his fifth start as a pro and he already has two wins, both of the come-from-behind variety.'

Marker Moulds' talk with Faulk paying huge dividends [9:04 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"He has an attitude about things," Moulds said. "Marshall said he leads the league in receiving and yardage, and it's still not good enough. I think that's the way you have to approach it if you want to be a solid player."'

Marker Turning the corner is elementary for Watson [9:03 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'He might have been its best player Sunday in the Bills' 24-17 victory over the Detroit Lions, and fans leaving The Ralph couldn't help but think this defense - believe it or not - just might be coming of age.'

Marker Centers now only on winning streak [9:02 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"There's a little disappointment, but I knew eventually that it would come to an end," he said. "I think I could have very easily had a catch or two today. It was just one of those days where the ball didn't bounce my way. I think I had two come my way and one was a penalty that would have come to me. But on all three of those opportunities, I struck out."'

Marker Monday Billboard [9:02 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'They may not admit it, but the Bills marked next week's game against New England on the calendar the day the schedule was released.'

Marker Lions fall short against Bills when fourth-down plays fail [7:07 AM]
Toledo Blade reports: '"I thought we had something there," Mornhinweg said. "But it’s simple - we didn’t get it done. We were stopped twice on fourth downs. Good football teams make those. The effort level was huge, but we had opportunities and didn’t execute. We didn’t make it happen."'

Marker Harrington thrown for loss by rough outing in Buffalo [7:06 AM]
Toledo Blade reports: '"That’s five straight weeks we’ve been within one drive of winning the game," said the rookie, whose team is 2-3 during that stretch. "So I’m encouraged we keep putting ourselves in that position. Nobody expected us to be competing like this. The fact that we keep coming up short, though, is not any fun."'

Marker Lions can't gain needed inches [6:57 AM]
Booth Newspapers reports: 'The Lions needed 10 yards, and gained just 9 1/2. Any way you cut it, that's coming up short.'

Marker Fourth-down plays made difference for Bills [6:56 AM]
Booth Newspapers reports: '"I didn't really see what happened, but I talked to a few of the guys about what happened," he said. "I think it was more, they just made a great play on defense."'

Marker Harrington stumbles, Lions fall [6:56 AM]
Booth Newspapers reports: '"We had an opportunity again and it didn't happen. The defense gave up a quick score before halftime, but then really kept us in it in the second half. Then we got stopped twice on fourth down. Good football teams make those first downs."'

Marker Lyght: Officials played role in bad day [6:55 AM]
Booth Newspapers reports: '"I was aggressive a couple of times and they called pass interference penalties on me," Lyght said. "It caused me to not be as aggressive as I would've liked. We were trying to be aggressive, but this league is becoming an offensive league and it's difficult to play defense these days. You can only hit the quarterback in the upper body; you can't him in the knees, you can't hit him in the head. With the receivers, you can only jam them so long and you have to stay off of them."'

Marker Grading the Lions [6:54 AM]
Booth Newspapers reports: 'The Lions also blew two fourth-down situations that could've turned the momentum of the game. When the team needed the offense the most, it disappeared.'

Marker 'D' has the right stuff in victory [5:24 AM]
D and C reports: 'In fact, more than the dynamic Drew Bledsoe-led offense, it has been the defense that has keyed a three-game winning streak, officially thrusting the Bills into the playoff picture.'

Marker Nice win, now let's talk Pats [5:23 AM]
D and C reports: 'With the pesky Lions out of the way, the Bledsoe Bowl is finally here, and let the hype begin.'

Marker The two-minute read [5:22 AM]
D and C reports: 'Lions coach Marty Mornhinweg: “You can take your hat off to Drew Bledsoe, he does things that a veteran quarterback does.”'

Marker Centers' streak for grabs ends [5:21 AM]
D and C reports: 'Centers, whose 785 receptions are the most ever by a running back, is focusing on another streak: Three straight wins. “I don’t know if I’ve ever been on a team that won that many in row,” said the 13-year NFL veteran. “I’m serious.”'

Marker All right, I'm a believer now [5:21 AM]
D and C reports: 'They’ve gone from pretenders to contenders. They are good enough to dream.'

Marker Surprising studs and duds [5:20 AM]
D and C reports: 'You know it is another zany NFL season when the Buffalo Bills are favored by 3 points Sunday against the defending Super Bowl champion New England Patriots.'

Marker Report Card [5:19 AM]
D and C reports: 'Eric Moulds and Peerless Price continue their Pro Bowl bids, each topping 100 yards receiving in the same game for the second time this season. When the Lions blitzed, the Dynamic Duo made them pay dearly. Moulds (9 catches for 123 yards) simply could not be covered by Lions cornerback Todd Lyght one-on-one, and set up one TD with a 42-yard grab. Price put a great deke on cornerback Eric Davis to score. A+'

Marker For Bledsoe it's Lions down, Pats to go [5:18 AM]
Toronto Sun reports: '"I've been here for four years and the last couple have been really rough," said Price, who undressed Lions' defensive back Eric Davis with a midfield deke. "I am just happy we have a winning streak. I don't even care if we win ugly."'

Marker Harrington keeps learning [5:17 AM]
Toronto Sun reports: 'After three consecutive games of throwing for more than 350 yards, Harrington was held to 199 completing 20 of 42 attempts. He managed to avoid a sack, but the Buffalo defence got in his face enough to repeatedly force him to get rid of the ball quickly.'

Marker Buffalo more than Bledsoe and company [5:16 AM]
Toronto Star reports: '"It was nice to see them step up and win it at the end of the game," said Bills head coach Gregg Williams of his defensive unit key, late stop.'

Marker Lions can't get yard when they need it [5:15 AM]
Detroit Free Press reports: 'The lesson? "Got to play better, more often," Harrington said, mustering his best response to a situation that is growing increasingly frustrating to him and his teammates.'

Marker Lions can't turn good bounces into victory [5:14 AM]
Detroit Free Press reports: '"The coaches kept stressing for us to keep banging on this guy and he'll cough it up," Walker said. "We needed to get the ball back, so we were just trying to make one play at a time. I felt that I got a pretty good shot on him. . . ."'

Marker Patience lets Bledsoe, Bills' receivers pass Lions by [5:13 AM]
Detroit Free Press reports: '"When teams decide that they want to double (Moulds), they leave me in single coverage," said Price, who celebrated his 26th birthday with four catches for 101 yards and a touchdown. "The last two or three teams have doubled both of us, but we still find ways to make plays and that's what we did today."'

Marker Lions have ways to go on the road to respect [5:13 AM]
Detroit Free Press reports: 'If you can't get a yard when you need it, you don't deserve a victory.'

Marker Joey feels more growing pains [5:12 AM]
Detroit Free Press reports: 'Aside from his debut as an NFL starter when he completed 15 of 35 passes and was intercepted four times against Green Bay, Harrington had his toughest game as the Lions' No. 1 quarterback.'

Marker Three wishes [5:11 AM]
Detroit Free Press reports: 'After an earlier loss, coach Marty Mornhinweg said the outcome might have been different if you took away only a few plays. Sunday, it might have been three...'

Marker Too little, too late - again [5:10 AM]
Detroit Free Press reports: 'Give the Lions credit for one thing: At least they looked better than Buffalo, uniformwise. Even with Drew Bledsoe, the Bills sure looked a lot like Grey Cup contenders.'

Marker Bills sock Lions with 12th road loss [5:10 AM]
Detroit News reports: 'The Bills' ability to dominate the passing game was critical. They went after cornerback Todd Lyght often.'

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