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Buffalo Bills News - September 30, 2002

Marker Gory details of OT demise [6:39 AM]
Chicago Tribune reports: 'When your defense allows 222 yards in total offense in the first half alone and your smash-mouth offense manages just 20 yards rushing in that same half, it would seem to be more than a case of details.'

Marker Blache vows shakeup [6:38 AM]
Chicago Tribune reports: '"We're a poorly coached, undisciplined defense right now," Blache said. "The onus is right here. We'll go through the film, we'll regroup the troops, see if we've got the wrong people on the field and what's the problem. But right now we're not getting the job done. There's no way of candy-coating it.'

Marker `Go' is unstoppable [6:38 AM]
Chicago Tribune reports: 'Bledsoe picked on every nickel and dime defender the Bears trotted out on the field. It was his 10th career four-touchdown game.'

Marker Determined Bills stop A-Train in his tracks [6:37 AM]
Chicago Tribune reports: 'You know what the Bills' defense thought about Thomas and the Bears' offensive locomotive after Buffalo's 33-27 victory Sunday in Ralph Wilson Stadium? Well, they weren't too impressed, actually.'

Marker Robertson gets hook at tackle [6:36 AM]
Chicago Tribune reports: 'Robertson was flagged for a false start to take the Bears out of a fourth-and-1 at the end of the third quarter, and Colombo was at left tackle the next time the Bears got the ball. Robertson has been plagued by false starts in his first season of game action.'

Marker Punting game needs a kick [6:35 AM]
Chicago Tribune reports: 'Maynard has struggled with his consistency. His 27-yarder in the fourth quarter against New Orleans gave the Saints great field position for their winning touchdown. Maynard punted a 31-yarder that gave the Bills the ball on their 44-yard line, setting up their winning drive.'

Marker Defenseless [6:01 AM]
Arlington Heights Daily Herald reports: 'The defense's inability to get to Bledsoe, with the exception of Colvin's 2 sacks, and repeated mistakes in coverage allowed the Bills to pile up 328 passing yards. That was 88 more than the Bears had passing and running combined.'

Marker Bledsoe tears apart Bears [6:00 AM]
Arlington Heights Daily Herald reports: '"He thinks we're going to score every time the ball comes out of his hands, and you can see the confidence he brings in the huddle,'' Bills coach Greg Williams said.'

Marker Terrell certain he was pushed on overturned TD [5:59 AM]
Arlington Heights Daily Herald reports: '"I made a catch, they made a call, it didn't go in my favor,'' Terrell said. "I felt I got pushed out of bounds on the play, but it didn't go my way. You can see if you look at the replay I got one foot inbounds, was about to drag my right leg and his body hit my right leg and pushed it out of bounds."'

Marker Thomas left spinning his wheels [5:58 AM]
Arlington Heights Daily Herald reports: 'For example, Bears running back Anthony Thomas rushed the ball 23 times Sunday for a total of 48 yards, with no single attempt going for more than 5 yards.'

Marker It's all in the details, Bears finding out [5:58 AM]
Arlington Heights Daily Herald reports: '"Details" is a convenient catchword, but maybe it's just that the Bears aren't good enough to out-detail the opposition. Like, it didn't hurt the Bills that one of their details happened to be Drew Bledsoe, who completed 28 of 36 passes for 328 yards and 4 touchdowns.'

Marker On dismal day for defense, Colvin still manages to stand out [5:57 AM]
Arlington Heights Daily Herald reports: 'Colvin, who led the team last season with 10¨ sacks, picked up his fifth and sixth of the season Sunday in the Bears' overtime loss to Buffalo.'

Marker Vanishing magic act [5:39 AM]
Suburban Chicago Newspapers reports: 'Bledsoe caused most of their misery. The player the Bears passed on in the trade market last season came back to pass on them, becoming the first quarterback to throw for four touchdowns against them since Randall Cunningham did it for Minnesota in 1998.'

Marker Bills target Urlacher with play-action, tight ends [5:38 AM]
Suburban Chicago Newspapers reports: '"His biggest asset is his speed and by running right at him you can minimize that with blocking," Moore said. "We made him rely more on his ability to be physical rather than his speed. I think it was very effective in the run game."'

Marker Changes coming on both sides of ball? [5:37 AM]
Suburban Chicago Newspapers reports: '"We've got guys that just kind of run around and kind of float at times".

Marker Report Card [5:36 AM]
Suburban Chicago Newspapers reports: 'Defensive backs: D-minus - Only avoided an F because of Mike Brown's TD return with a lateral and the fact only Eric Moulds among Bills receivers came up with big gainers. Needed an interception badly at several points in the game, but failed to produce.'

Marker The thrills continue [5:26 AM]
D and C reports: '“The whole team had to contribute today, from the special teams to the defense to the offense, everybody had to pitch in,” coach Gregg Williams said.'

Marker 'Weak link' Watson is strong when it counts [5:25 AM]
D and C reports: 'He doesn’t start, so when Watson trots out onto the football field, one might as well just slap a sign on his back reading “Pass Here.”'

Marker Bledsoe is wasting little time [5:25 AM]
D and C reports: 'Ralph Wilson is running out of superlatives to describe Bills quarterback Drew Bledsoe.'

Marker Henry gets another chance and he doesn't drop the ball [5:24 AM]
D and C reports: '“I just wanted him to calm down a bit and not over blow the situation,” Williams said. “We told him we’d get him back in the flow and we did -- and he responded.”'

Marker Improving Bills not quite 'great' [5:24 AM]
D and C reports: 'Came to play: Bills QB Drew Bledsoe: This, of course, is redundant.'

Marker Buffalo Bills Report Card [5:23 AM]
D and C reports: 'Drew Bledsoe continued his case for league MVP. He was so good, tickets for the Bengals game in December probably started selling.'

Marker Bills' heart-stopping finish Drew to form [5:22 AM]
Toronto Star reports: 'If the Bills are not yet the stuff of which Super Bowl champions are made, with Bledsoe at the controls they're one of the NFL's surest guarantees of heart-stopping entertainment so far this season.'

Marker Bills grin and Bear it [5:21 AM]
Toronto Sun reports: '"Drew throws the ball phenomenal. His ball is better than Kurt Warner. He can throw all the throws."'

Marker Henry loses his goat horns [5:20 AM]
Toronto Sun reports: '"It felt great because as a football player you want your coaches and teammates to believe in you and that's basically what happened," Henry said. "I had some problems early in the game and when I got my opportunity to get back in, I wanted to show I was ready to make up for my mistake."'

Marker Surprising Bills discover overtime pays [5:19 AM]
National Post reports: '"As a team, even after the two games that we've lost this year, I think that we're starting to develop a belief in ourselves that we've got the talent, the ability, to play with anybody in the league," he said.'

Marker No shortage of extra credit for Bledsoe [5:18 AM]
Boston Globe reports: '''We hope winning these close games is a big building block,'' said Williams. ''Every week in this league, most games come down to the wire. Our guys made the plays they needed to make to win.'''

Marker Bills-Bears Postgame Quotebook - Cornerback Antoine Winfield [12:35 AM] reports: "Right now, our offense is playing very well. We're putting up points and getting in the position to win games. Defensively we are giving up too much. We are giving up too many penalties, giving up touchdowns instead of field goals."

Marker Bills-Bears Postgame Quotebook - Running back Travis Henry [12:34 AM] reports: "Yes. It was a great block downfield by (Peerless) Price. I just read it and I saw the end zone and I just knew I was going to get that…I was just so happy to get the win."

Marker Bills-Bears Postgame Quotebook - Wide receiver Eric Moulds [12:32 AM] reports: "We felt that way. When we came in at halftime we knew that we had made too many mistakes. Penalties, giving up the touchdown off the fumble and just a lot of other stupid mistakes that shouldn't have been made, were and we knew we needed to change things in the second-half."

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