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Buffalo Bills News - February 12, 2016

Marker McCoy changes attorney, no charges filed yet [1:59 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'Meanwhile, the DA’s office is prepared to file warrants and levy charges against McCoy and three other suspects involved in the Philadelphia nightclub brawl earlier this week. The DA’s office, however, is not expected to make any formal decisions on warrants or charges until next week, according to CSNPhilly. Law enforcement officials told the site that the office was “moving slowly for reason” and “this can’t be rushed.”''

Marker It's been a strange year for LeSean McCoy in Buffalo... [1:58 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'Here's the timeline.'

Marker New York State not yet ‘buying in’ on new stadium for Bills [1:57 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '“I’m not going there yet,” Gov. Andrew Cuomo told reporters and editors at The Buffalo News. “We’ll deal with the new stadium issue when we have to.”'

Marker Philadelphia mayor Jim Kenney says Bills RB LeSean McCoy 'needs to pay the price' [1:56 AM]
Syracuse Post Standard reports: '"If he wants to pound our officers and stomp our officers, then he needs to pay the price and answer for his actions."'

Marker LeSean McCoy latest: No arrest warrant for ex-Eagle ... yet [1:55 AM]
South Jersey Times reports: 'While it is hard to speculate on how this might play out in the legal system, it is safe to assume that the NFL will have their say as well as to what happens to McCoy.'

Marker LeSean McCoy latest: Will he be arrested? And did he admit to making a mistake? [1:54 AM]
South Jersey Times reports: 'Since the fight, details have emerged slowly as to what happened at the bar, and with each passing day, the chances of McCoy and his friends being charged because of the fight seem to grow.'

Marker Meet the lawyer reportedly representing LeSean McCoy [1:53 AM]
Harrisburg Patriot News reports: 'He defended anti-racism activists who were arrested after a fight at a supposed KKK meeting in 2008. During the case, a judge ordered prosecutors to reveal the identity of two off-duty police officers believed to be members of the Klan.'

Marker Mayor Kenney On LeSean McCoy Brawl: ‘He Needs To Pay The Price And Answer For His Actions& [1:52 AM]
KYW-TV reports: 'The mayor said that he has seen some of the video. “In addition to punches being thrown, there were some kicks that looked as if they were being leveled and that’s unconscionable and it’s cowardly,” Kenney said.'

Marker The LeSean McCoy in the news today is far cry from one who played at Pitt [1:51 AM]
Pittsburgh Post Gazette reports: 'McCoy jumped in with both feet. Now, he appears to be sinking fast.'

Marker Buffalo Bills Player Reveals Why He Proposed to Terminally Ill Girlfriend [1:50 AM]
People reports: '"Every single day was an adventure with her and just really being able to have something like that is unbelievable," he says. "It's amazing because a lot of people never even get to experience that in life and I got to experience it for four of the greatest years of my life.'

Marker Harvin's contract set to void today, making him a free agent [1:49 AM]
WGR-AM reports: 'The Bills signed Harvin to a three-year deal last March, but only for salary cap purposes. The deal was essentially for one-year, with a base salary of $3 million, plus a $3 million signing bonus. The extra two years were added on to spread that bonus out over the life of the deal, only counting $1 million per year towards the Bills cap number in 2015, 2016, and 2017.'

Marker ESPN lists Bills as top landing spot for RG3 [1:48 AM]
WGR-AM reports: 'Bringing in Griffin as insurance and/or to push Taylor for the starting job could make sense for the Bills. Backup EJ Manuel's career appears to have run its course in Buffalo. His expected departure would open a spot for Griffin to compete with Taylor, whose deal voids after the 2016 season. Griffin would fit better in coordinator Greg Roman's offense than he would in most other systems, making Buffalo one of the few natural scheme fits.'

Marker McCoy warrant not expected until next week [1:47 AM]
WGR-AM reports: 'Philadephia attorney Dennis Cogan will also represent McCoy along with Krasner.'

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February 11, 2016

Marker Defensive coaches devising solutions in the offseason [8:25 PM] reports: '“The first thing you do is you go through all your cut-ups, all your calls, but I think when you’re looking at specific trends in the league, like zone read was a big one a few years ago,” said head coach Rex Ryan. “We had to devise a way to defend it. We’ll look at similar things, but more specifically we look at how people attack us.”'

Marker LeSean McCoy says he's misquoted, hires new lawyer [1:33 PM]
CSN Philadelphia reports: 'McCoy, 27, initially retained the services of high-profile Philadelphia defense attorney Jack McMahon. Since then, McCoy has reportedly changed his mind and hired Philadelphia lawyer Larry Krasner to represent him. Krasner did not immediately return a request for comment.'

Marker Arrest warrants expected soon in McCoy assault case [1:59 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '“The video we’ve seen clearly indicates that they were being stomped and beaten and struck while they were on the ground,” Perri said. “So for anybody to characterize this as a bar fight – this was aggravated assault that occurred in a bar – plain and simple.'

Marker Conviction or not, NFL could come down hard on McCoy [1:58 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '“Conduct by anyone in the league that is illegal, violent, dangerous, or irresponsible puts innocent victims at risk, damages the reputation of others in the game, and undercuts public respect and support for the NFL. We must endeavor at all times to be people of high character; we must show respect for others inside and outside our workplace; and we must strive to conduct ourselves in ways that favorably reflect on ourselves, our teams, the communities we represent, and the NFL.”'

Marker Arrest warrant reportedly expected by Thursday for LeSean McCoy; off-duty cops won't be charged [1:57 AM]
Syracuse Post Standard reports: 'As of now, the case is in the hands of the Philadelphia District Attorney's office, which will ultimately decide what charges, if any, are brought against McCoy and the other parties involved. Police are reportedly recommending charges for all four suspects including possible aggravated assault.'

Marker Bills DE Mario Williams out to prove a point in 2016, but where will he be if not Buffalo? [1:56 AM]
Syracuse Post Standard reports: '"We were building a defense that we can go and shut people down, shut people out, and then all of a sudden everything just changes as far as how the players are used," Williams said. "That's just kind of odd to me. ... I'm not saying that the scheme is wrong, I'm just saying that our strengths could be utilized better. ... In our meetings defensively, especially in our defensive line room, we said, 'Can we go straight? Can we just go? Can we turn it loose?''

Marker McCoy's latest legal issues should surprise no one [1:55 AM]
Toronto Sun reports: 'OK, we’re not talking Manzielian proportions, and the Bills have been known to be a halfway house for questionable characters, but McCoy may be close to turning into more trouble than he’s worth — for financial, ethical and practical reasons.'

Marker Life with LeSean ... one disgrace at a time [1:54 AM]
Delaware County Daily Times reports: 'And if you’re an advocate of the team — or human decency — then you should be counting your lucky stars that McCoy is not your problem anymore.'

Marker Sources: Arrest warrant coming soon for LeSean McCoy [1:53 AM]
WPVI-TV reports: 'Perri says, "They suffered serious facial fractures and multiple bones in their faces. The video we've seen clearly indicates that they were being stomped and beaten and struck while they were on the ground. So for anybody to characterize this as a bar fight - this was aggravated assault that occurred in a bar - plain and simple."'

Marker Bills' McCoy could face charges soon [1:52 AM]
The Sports Xchange reports: 'According to reports on Wednesday, an arrest warrant could be issued for McCoy, whose attorney told ESPN that his client would surrender to police if charged in the case. Police have recommended that one of the charges be aggravated assault.'

Marker Arrest warrants expected soon in incident involving LeSean McCoy [1:51 AM]
ESPN reports: 'McCoy's lawyer told Outside The Lines' John Barr on Tuesday that his client will turn himself in if he is charged.'

Marker McCoy speaks in video as arrest warrants expected [1:50 AM]
WGR-AM reports: 'The video was posted hours after WPVI-TV in Philadelphia reported that sources have told them they expect arrest warrants to be issued by Thursday for McCoy, along with three others, in connection with an altercation at a Philly nightclub last weekend that allegedly involved the Bills runnning back, his friends, and off-duty Philadelphia police officers.'

Marker Bills can find talent young and old in free agent safety market [1:49 AM]
WGR-AM reports: 'Today, a look at the free agent safeties. The unfortunate reality is for this team, they may need two new starters at the position depending on how Aaron Williams recovers from a serious neck injury.'

Marker Assault charges recommended in Bills' McCoy case [1:48 AM]
WKBW-TV reports: 'The report also indicates that the two off-duty police officers will not face any charges from the incident.'

February 10, 2016

Marker Bar brawl tied to Bills’ LeSean McCoy now in hands of Philadelphia district attorney [1:59 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '“They review all of the paperwork and evidence from the Police Department on crimes and alleged crimes,” Kline told The Buffalo News. “That evidence and paperwork is here, and our unit will review that and make a decision on if there will be charges, who will be charged, and what those charges will be.”'

Marker Bills best served by cutting their losses with McCoy [1:58 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'I don’t know exactly what transpired with McCoy and his football buddies in the private club in the Old City section of Philadelphia. But I’m absolutely positive this overpaid problem child isn’t worth the hassle.'

Marker Bills' LeSean McCoy could face charges in bar brawl [1:57 AM]
Rochester D&C reports: 'The DA’s office will decide, perhaps as early as Wednesday, whether to charge McCoy and three other men who were identified by witnesses as participants in the brawl at the Recess Lounge. Because policemen were assaulted, there’s a very good chance the DA will pursue charges in the case.'

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