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Buffalo Bills News - December 23, 2002

Marker Ferguson firmly grabs spot as No. 3 receiver [5:16 AM]
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports: 'After watching Moses' erratic play, Bills general manager Tom Donahoe was asked if he'd be petrified entering the playoffs with him as a dual returner. "A little bit, but it's not my problem," Donahoe said. "He's got to make better decisions."'

Marker Defense stops 'em cold [5:15 AM]
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports: '"Our DBs had great coverage going all day on those receivers," Hunt said. "I heard a lot talking from those (Buffalo) receivers, too, and they ignored it, stepped up, shut them down and made them eat these words."'

Marker Sharper's status still up in the air [5:14 AM]
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports: 'Sharper sprained the medial collateral ligament in his right knee after returning an interception from 5 yards deep in the end zone. Instead of kneeling down and taking a touchback, Sharper took the ball out and paid the price when Buffalo fullback Larry Centers drove into the side of the safety's legs at the Packers' 14.'

Marker Williams puts it on the line [5:13 AM]
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports: 'Price dropped one pass that could have been a game-breaker. It occurred in the third quarter with the Bills facing third and 12 on the Packers' 42-yard line. Bledsoe put it right in Price's hands, but he dropped it.'

Marker Packer Replay [5:12 AM]
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports: '3.9 -- Bills quarterback Drew Bledsoe's quarterback rating after the first half.'

Marker Packer Report [5:11 AM]
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports: 'PLAY OF THE GAME: The Packers were ahead, 3-0, and driving for another score when running back Ahman Green was stripped of the ball and cornerback Nate Clements took off running with it in the open field. He probably would have scored if the play had not been ruled an incomplete pass. The officials blew the whistle because they thought Green never had control of the ball before defensive tackle Pat Williams reached in and poked the ball free. The Bills were unable to use instant replay to challenge the call because the whistle had blown. Bills coach Gregg Williams said the officials should have let it go and put the onus on Sherman to decide whether to review it. "That's what instant replay is for, to have that play ruled a fumble," Williams said. The Packers scored on the next play to take a 10-0 lead with 7 minutes 23 seconds to go.'

Marker Packer Perspective [5:10 AM]
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports: 'Sacks are very important. We all know that third down is the most crucial down in this game. If you can get the quarterback on the ground on third down, then it's pretty safe to say you're going to get off the field. They're very important that way. In key situations, such as the situations where Vonnie had his sacks today, they were crucial. On third down, this is when Buffalo was trying to come back. These were crucial sacks. They just weren't run out of bounds, you're the closest man to him so you get a sack. These were sacks where in the time of need, they were coming up with the big play.'

Marker Hot and cold running banter fills tube [5:09 AM]
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports: 'Buffalo began the game turning the ball over and ended the game turning the ball over. Wild it never became.'

Marker Defense never rests as Packers prevail [5:08 AM]
Wisconsin State Journal reports: '"I don't care what the weather conditions are, when you're able to shut out the Buffalo Bills with Bledsoe and Henry and Price and Moulds ... they did a fantastic job," Packers coach Mike Sherman said. "You lose Sharper, your best player, right there at the beginning of the game, obviously I can't say enough about the guys who stepped in."'

Marker Conservative approach nets desired result for Packers [5:07 AM]
Wisconsin State Journal reports: 'In fact, it's the only way to win games in Green Bay in December. You run, you stop the run and you win the turnover battle. Sunday, the Packers did all three.'

Marker It's a day of highs and lows for Holliday [5:06 AM]
Wisconsin State Journal reports: 'Only three of the Bills' 12 drives went for more than 17 yards.'

Marker Packers put a chill on hopes of Bills with 10-0 victory [5:05 AM]
USA Today reports: 'A win here would have kept Buffalo's wild-card scenario intact, given Miami's loss Saturday.'

Marker Playoffs do Lambeau leap to death [5:04 AM]
Shout! reports: 'Green Bay's offense and defense played better than Buffalo's. Certainly, the Bills' defense played well, holding the Packers to 223 total yards and just 104 yards passing. But it didn't force the six turnovers or six sacks that the Packers did.'

Marker Bills quotebook [5:03 AM]
Shout! reports: '"We needed to come up with one of those. Better throw, better catch, better route, whatever. But we needed to execute a few of those, take some people out around the line of scrimmage so that we can run the ball more effectively."'

Marker Holliday spirit [5:02 AM]
Packers Report reports: 'Besides the Driver TD, the offensive fireworks can be summed up in a sentence: There weren't any.'

Marker Sherman sez [5:01 AM]
Packers Report reports: 'On defense: "Both offenses were struggling and defenses had to step up and our defense rose to the occasion. I don't care what the weather conditions are, when you are able to shut out the Buffalo Bills with Bledsoe, and Henry, and Price, and Moulds and those receivers and tight ends, and Centers at fullback...this was as talented a group as we have faced this year."'

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December 22, 2002

Marker Packers 10, Bills 0 [4:28 PM]
AP reports: 'The Bills gained just 53 yards in the first half and turned the ball over three times in Packers territory.'

Marker Green Bay 10, Buffalo 0 [4:27 PM]
Sportsticker reports: 'Holliday registered five sacks and forced two fumbles as the Green Bay Packers remained alive in the race for home-field advantage throughout the playoffs with a 10-0 victory over the Buffalo Bills, who were eliminated from postseason contention.'

Marker Plenty at stake today for Packers and Bills [9:27 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'The Bills are already eliminated from winning the AFC East...'

Marker Sweat equity [9:27 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'In six months, he had lost 15 pounds and lowered his body fat from 11 percent to 4 percent while increasing his strength and speed. He can bench press 430 pounds, amazing for a 5-foot-9, 215-pound running back.'

Marker Chain reaction [9:26 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"People always say, "Run the ball,' " Gilbride said. "But the key is moving the ball. It's not running the ball. It's moving the ball and holding onto it and getting first downs. We're first or second in the league at that, so we've done a good job."'

Marker Colvin could be Bills' avenue to a better rush [9:25 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'The Bills will be hard-pressed to find someone better than Rosevelt Colvin, the Chicago Bears linebacker whose contract is up after the season.'

Marker Interviewing skills go a long way for Saban [9:24 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'How did Saban get all those jobs after resigning so often? The answer is that he is one of the great interviews of all time.'

Marker 'Tundra' win would make Bills proud [5:48 AM]
D and C reports: 'The Green Bay Packers are an NFL-best 66-11 the past decade playing on their “tundra,” including an amazing 34-0 under quarterback Brett Favre when the temperature dips below 34 degrees.'

Marker Alive and very well [5:48 AM]
D and C reports: 'He didn’t want them to know that his father had deserted him when he was an infant or that his mother cared more about getting her next cocaine fix than being a mom. He didn’t want the world to know that he and his little sister, Christine, were nomads, bouncing from this home to that, occasionally sleeping on the streets of San Bernardino, Calif., and begging for food.'

Marker Bills Q&A with Eddie Robinson [5:47 AM]
D and C reports: '[Q:] If you had to describe the violence of the NFL to someone who didn’t follow football, what would you say? [A:] ’’I guess it’s like a schoolyard fight. There’s guys going at it, taking up sides, and then you have an intermission so you go at it again after recess. I like it. It’s a great way to make a living. You get paid to hit people, you take out your aggressions on somebody else and you don’t get in trouble for it. It’s fun to compete against guys, especially when everybody comes together and you win as a team. That makes it great.’’'

Marker As the sports world turns: Bills getting better, but still need much more [5:46 AM]
D and C reports: 'The Bills have the cap room (particularly if they let Price go) to pursue one or two big-play defenders, preferably a pass-rushing end and a linebacker. Forcing more turnovers (the Bills are last in the NFL with 14 takeaways) would make the offense even more dangerous with better field position.'

Marker Bills at Packers: Today’s game at a glance [5:45 AM]
Green Bay Press Gazette reports: 'The Packers are third behind Philadelphia (12-3) and Tampa Bay (11-3) in the race for the best record in the NFC and home-field advantage throughout the playoffs. Philadelphia and Tampa Bay hold tiebreakers over Green Bay.'

Marker Five keys to today’s Packers-Bills game [5:44 AM]
Green Bay Press Gazette reports: 'The 7-7 Bills are mathematically in the AFC playoff race and need to win their last two games to have any chance of qualifying, but will need help. Suffice it to say the Bills are relative long shots. The Packers should have more urgency because they’re still in the thick of the race with Philadelphia and Tampa Bay for the top seed in the NFC.'

Marker How our writers see today’s Packers-Bills game [5:42 AM]
Green Bay Press Gazette reports: 'The Bills have a slim chance for a playoff berth, which makes them dangerous. Quarterbacks Drew Bledsoe and Brett Favre could get into a shootout. Take the Packers because they’re at home and still battling for overall home-field advantage.'

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