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Buffalo Bills News - October 4, 2003

Marker Henry a game-time decision [9:02 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'Bills running back Travis Henry, suffering from torn rib cartilage, took about 40 percent of the snaps during Friday's practice and is a game-time decision for Sunday's game with Cincinnati, according to coach Gregg Williams.'

Marker Joe D to sign today for 'Jumbogate' [9:01 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'New Pro Football Hall of Famer Joe DeLamielleure will be promoting "Jumbogate," Western New York's largest tailgate party. DeLamielleure will appear at Basil Chevrolet, 5111 Transit Road in Depew, and will meet fans and sign autographs from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. today.'

Marker Agent provocateur [9:00 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'Bills President and General Manager Tom Donahoe thinks Rosenhaus has changed for the better when it comes to negotiating. As the Pittsburgh Steelers' director of football operations, Donahoe and Rosenhaus clashed over a bitter contract dispute involving Green in 1994. 'He's a lot better to deal with," said Donahoe, who described working with Rosenhaus on McGahee's deal as pleasurable. "Early in his career he was very confrontational. He had a take-it-or-leave-it type of attitude. He wasn't going to take anything less than a certain amount. It didn't make any difference what we said or what the circumstances were.'

Marker Bengals return with confidence [8:44 AM]
Cincinnati Post reports: 'The two teams meet again Sunday in western New York and the atmosphere will be decidedly different this time around for the Bengals. Once again, the Bengals are coming off a win. Unlike last season, however, the Bengals have a real belief that they can win this game and many more down the line.'

Marker Lewis spreads the responsibility [8:43 AM]
Cincinnati Post reports: 'Showers are expected today but it should be dry during Sunday's game with temperatures in the low 50s.'

Marker Bengals at Bills [8:42 AM]
Cincinnati Post reports: 'The running game needs to get up and moving. Whether it's Travis Henry or Joe Burns, Buffalo can't survive on just the passing game no matter how good Drew Bledsoe and Eric Moulds are.'

Marker Dillon doubtful Sunday [5:47 AM]
Cincinnati Enquirer reports: 'The Bengals downgraded the condition of three players Friday. Tailback Corey Dillon (groin strain), wide receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh (hamstring) and linebacker Riall Johnson (calf) were all listed as doubtful - meaning there is only a 25 percent chance of them playing Sunday at Buffalo.'

Marker Bengals' keys to victory [5:46 AM]
Cincinnati Enquirer reports: 'With their offense struggling for seven quarters, the Bills went to the no-huddle offense in the fourth quarter last week, and it helped to produce a pair of touchdowns.'

Marker Bills' defense in '03 bolstered by new faces [5:45 AM]
Cincinnati Enquirer reports: '"You're not going to surprise them with anything. You're going to have to play sound football."'

Marker Isolation Booth: DT Williams vs. C Teague [5:44 AM]
Cincinnati Enquirer reports: 'Buffalo quarterback Drew Bledsoe isn't the most mobile. He has been sacked eight times this season. The opportunity is there for Williams and ends Justin Smith and Duane Clemons to get to Bledsoe. But that plan starts with taking away the Bills' running game and pushing the middle of their line into the backfield.'

Marker Run game crosses a fine line [5:35 AM]
Rochester D&C reports: '“It’s always easy to beat up on the offensive line,” Brown said the other day.'

Marker Bills backers from abroad [5:34 AM]
Rochester D&C reports: 'You see, 28-year-old Lux and 37-year-old Stritzel are from Germany, and while it can’t be officially proven, they are very likely the biggest Bills fans in all of Europe. “I just loved the power and the color of this logo,” Lux said. “I fell in love like that (snapping his fingers) and I’ve been a Bills fan ever since.”'

Marker Lewis likes new tailback Watson [5:33 AM]
Dayton Daily News reports: 'Winfield has 39 tackles, including eight for loss. He and Clements are responsible for holding opposing quarterbacks to a 58.7 passer rating, an AFC low. "They've got their head in the backfield, they're looking at the quarterback, and they're going to take chances," Bengals quarterback Jon Kitna said. "The one (Winfield) is small, but pound for pound, he hits pretty good. You don't want to challenge him."'

Marker Five questions with . . . [5:31 AM]
Dayton Daily News reports: 'Who's your pick to win the World Series?
"It doesn't matter now with the Seattle Mariners out of it."

Marker Plenty of Blame [5:30 AM]
WOKR-TV reports: 'Prediction. Bledose wakes up. Gilbride remembers to call some running plays. Takeo Spikes flies all over the field. The Bengals are better, but not this Sunday.'

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October 3, 2003

Marker Spikes TV [1:10 PM]
The Sports Network reports: '"It's big; it's real big," Spikes said. "Just to know where I've come from, knowing where I'm at now, and knowing where I want to go, that's how big an emotional game this game is going to be for me."'

Marker Bills Games Played On October 5 [11:41 AM] reports: 'Sunday, October 5, 1980 - Bills 26, San Diego 24....Kush's heroics enabled the Bills to win their first game on the West Coast since 1966 and to return home as professional football's only undefeated team.'

Marker LeBeau revisited [11:40 AM] reports: 'LeBeau seems forever tagged as “great assistant, bad head coach,” yet Kitna thinks LeBeau can still be an excellent head man, “but he needs a team that has veteran leadership that steps up and says, ‘You can’t do it like this.’ Everyone says he wasn’t a strong disciplinarian,” Kitna said. “To me, that says we didn’t have the right leadership in the locker room. Ultimately, he shouldn’t have to be the disciplinarian. If you talk to guys on other teams, the 49ers back in the day, they take care of a lot of things through the veterans.”'

Marker How can Cincy build on its first win under Marvin Lewis? [11:39 AM]
ESPN reports: 'The Bengals have been in every game and unlike the Bears or the Jets, you can see the week to week improvement. They're playing a good Bills team that needs to settle down and find their rhythm.'

Marker Johnson gets shot at carrying load [9:39 AM]
Columbus Dispatch reports: 'Coach Marvin Lewis did not commit to Johnson taking the lead role at Buffalo, saying he would continue to work Bennett into the mix. But if anyone is called on to grind out tough yards, there’s little doubt it will be Johnson.'

Marker Bengals tight ends coming up with big catches [9:38 AM]
Columbus Dispatch reports: 'Longtime Bengals player and assistant coach Tim Krumrie is in his first season as defensive line coach for the Buffalo Bills, Cincinnati’s opponent Sunday. As a player, Krumrie was legendary for his toughness and intensity. Apparently, nothing has changed.'

Marker Clements seeks more consistency [8:55 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"I think Nate sets the bar high," Gray said. "I think that's what he's working to get to. Any time you are a top corner in this league, it's called consistency. Either you are getting a lot of interceptions and not giving up plays or you're getting no interceptions and you're not giving up plays. But No. 1, you're not giving up plays."'

Marker McNabb's foes know Limbaugh is wrong [8:54 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"It sounds like a jealous comment, a racist comment coming from a jealous standpoint," Gash said. "Black people play quarterback, white people play quarterback and it doesn't really matter. I don't think you should single out any position based on race or creed. . . . I don't look at Drew (Bledsoe) and say, "He should be a better white quarterback.' "'

Marker Bills upbeat on sales of premium seats [8:53 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'Four months into their sales drive for suites and club seats, the Bills have compiled somewhat stronger numbers, selling between half and three-quarters of the different types of premium seats for three- and five-year commitments that begin next fall.'

Marker The game within the game [6:30 AM]
Cincinnati Post reports: '"They've got two real good, respectable cover corners and to me the best run support corner I've ever seen is Antoine Winfield," said Bengals wide receiver Chad Johnson, never one to miss a chance to talk trash about another player but who became serious when talking about Buffalo's corners. "Most DB's do not want to make tackles, but in this game and this situation we're playing against the whole package -- cover, tackle, the whole nine yards."'

Marker Warrick yin to Johnson's yang [5:47 AM]
Cincinnati Enquirer reports: 'Through four games, Peter Warrick and Chad Johnson are just one of three wide receiver duos each with 20-plus receptions.'

Marker Bledsoe must step it up [5:28 AM]
Rochester D&C reports: '“The only thing I’ll say on that, is that it was a stupid, stupid play,” he said, as if to take out a paddle and spank himself. “I was scrambling, and as I looked to the sidelines, I saw that big ‘4’ (on the down marker). There’s no place to hide. It was just a dumb play.”'

Marker Lewis: Can the ‘trash’ [5:27 AM]
Dayton Daily News reports: '"If guys have to go out and talk about what they are going to do, then they don't have much confidence because they are trying to convince themselves they can do it," Lewis said.'

Marker Bledsoe concerns defense [5:26 AM]
Dayton Daily News reports: '"He's outstanding at throwing the football and he plays with some toughness in there," Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis said. "He's not a guy who shies away from getting hit. Obviously, he's been a big part of the improvement of the Bills over the last two years. He's a fine quarterback."'

October 2, 2003

Marker Cincinnati (1-3) at Buffalo (2-2) Sunday, 1:00 pm EDT [8:49 PM]
CNN/SI reports: Marvin Lewis had a chance to become coach of the Buffalo Bills following the 2000 season. But the Bills ultimately decided on Gregg Williams. [Lewis rejected the Bills.]

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