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Buffalo Bills News - December 8, 2003

Marker Bills' sack attack punishes Pennington [8:58 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"The offense did a good job of putting us in a situation where (the Jets) had to throw the ball," said Schobel, who followed last week's three-sack day with one sack and a load of pressures Sunday. "We blitzed them. We got after them. It was fun out there."'

Marker Adams silences every-down critics [8:56 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"It's the biggest misconception of a big man, especially after you get up in your years," Takeo Spikes said. "He has a lot of gas left in the tank. A lot of times, he may not make the tackle, but he will make the play. Only people who watch football and study football will see that. His name might not be on the stat sheet, but he created the whole thing."'

Marker Sullivan shines as Jennings' replacement at tackle [8:55 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"It hasn't been easy not playing," Sullivan said. "It has been a little frustrating because you feel like you can help the team in some capacity. Those are the cards that were dealt to me, so I had to take it. But I didn't have to accept it, though. All I did all season was to prepare myself mentally every week as if I was starting. When my opportunity came today I just wanted to make the most of it."'

Marker Monday Billboard [8:54 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"Our season isn't done yet. We might be on life support, but we haven't flat-lined."'

Marker Hustle of Henry keeps hope afloat [5:20 AM]
Rochester D&C reports: '“And when we play total defense, the offense puts points up and the special teams are solid, we’re a dominant team. That’s what makes the situation we’re in so disappointing. This team is so much better than what our record shows.”'

Marker Spirited Adams won't let Bills quit [5:19 AM]
Rochester D&C reports: 'The big man outdid himself against the Jets with two sacks, seven tackles, two behind the line of scrimmage, and a batted-down pass, personally thwarting half of the Jets’ 10 possessions. It was fitting that after gobbling up normally elusive quarterback Chad Pennington to force a field goal at the end of a 17-play drive to open the game, Adams celebrated by stretching out his arms like a B-52 bomber and gyrating to the delight of 72,000 frozen patrons.'

Marker In his best NFL game, Bills' Henry is all heart [5:18 AM]
Rochester D&C reports: '“Travis, you’ve had a lot of great games for us, but this one was the best of them all,” Wilson gushed while pumping the Pro Bowl running back’s hand. “It got to a point where the Jets wanted nothing more to do with you. They didn’t want to hit you anymore because you were delivering all those punishing blows. You really hurt them.”'

Marker At last, the offense catches up [5:17 AM]
Rochester D&C reports: 'This is how this team should play every game, and it makes you want to scream, “Why haven’t they?”'

Marker Buffalo Bills report card [5:16 AM]
Rochester D&C reports: 'Travis Henry added to his credentials for team Most Valuable Player honors with a career-best 169 yards, his fifth 100-yard outing in his past seven games, hitting the 1,139-mark for the season. Ran with power and smarts, all on that busted fibula. Only error was a late lost fumble. So why did the Bills draft Willis McGahee again?'

Marker Bills get revenge on Jets, win 17-6 [5:15 AM]
Niagara Gazette reports: 'Sam Adams, who had two of the five sacks on Jets quarterback Chad Pennington, said, "We don't have a choice but to think we're going to get in. Someone always gets in every year, 9-7. Always. We play New England. We play Tennessee. We play Miami. As far as we're concerned, they have to go through us to get where they want to be."'

Marker Bills Bring the Jets Back to a Tormented Reality [5:14 AM]
New York Times reports: '"Every area they outplayed us," Martin said. "There's no excuse."'

Marker Jets Fail To Stop The Run Once Again [5:13 AM]
New York Times reports: 'The Jets' defensive coordinator, Ted Cotrell, has a different philosophy than Coach Herman Edwards. Cotrell made his reputation in Buffalo while using a a 3-4 defense; Edwards has installed a 4-3 defense with the Jets. But Cotrell said Sunday that the Jets' troubles had less to do with strategy than with performance. "It's not changing strategy," Cotrell said. "What else are you going to do? The guys are there and they're not making the play."'

Marker Jets' playoff bid won't fly [5:12 AM]
New York Daily News reports: 'The Great Pretenders couldn't block, couldn't tackle and couldn't muster a hearty response after being bullied around the field. With a chance to move within two games of the final wild-card spot, the Jets (5-8) let their quarterback take the worst beating of his career and yielded a season-high 203 yards on the ground.'

Marker Jets' false start fitting end [5:11 AM]
New York Daily News reports: 'The players who began the season with four straight losses have no right to whisper the word "playoffs," even if they are smart enough to figure out the mathematical permutations that suggest such fantasies are still possible. The Jets don't deserve the benefit of the doubt, not after that zombie-like performance against the Bills that killed every ounce of hope and goodwill.'

Marker Buffalo run Jets into the ground [5:10 AM]
New York Daily News reports: 'In a must-win situation, the Jets surrendered a season-high 203 yards on the ground, including a career-high 169 by Henry. The wretched performance, rife with missed tackles and a lack of pursuit, may have sealed the fate of embattled defensive coordinator Ted Cottrell. Privately, some players hinted there was a lack of effort, a damning indictment of the overall defense. That it came after their best game, the Monday night win over the Titans, made it more curious.'

Marker Carter injured on kick return [5:09 AM]
New York Daily News reports: 'The Bills lost a complicated replay challenge in the second quarter. On a Buffalo punt, Kevin Thomas, trying the pin the Jets deep in their own end, batted the ball at the Jets' 1. It went back toward the field of play and deflected off the Jets' Aaron Beasley, who tried to grab it at the 9. The Bills recovered. Coach Gregg Williams challenged play, but the rule is that the receiving team can't lose possession if it's first touched by the kicking team.'

Marker Jets Report Card [5:08 AM]
New York Daily News reports: 'Rushing Defense - F
In a word, lousy. What else is new? The Jets surrendered a season-high 203 yards to an offense that averaged only 101 yards on the ground. The Jets' interior was eaten alive by RB Travis Henry & Co. Hard to believe, but rookie DT Dewayne Robertson was credited with zero tackles. This isn't Kentucky anymore, kid.'

Marker Jets Extra Points [5:07 AM]
New York Daily News reports: 'Pennington was harassed by a barrage of five-man zone blitzes, suffering a career-high five sacks. Only two of the five came on blitzes, but he was hurried on many other throws. The secret to the Bills' success was isolating a pass rusher on a running back. More often than not, the Bills won that matchup. The Jets responded by moving the pocket with rollouts, but that didn't help much.'

Marker Cold reality dims Jet playoff dream [5:06 AM]
New York Post reports: 'The Jets' defense allowed Bills' running back Travis Henry to gash it for a career-high 169 rushing yards and a TD on 32 bone-bruising carries, including a mind-boggling 127 yards on 22 second-half carries.'

Marker Chad requires help to regain the magic [5:05 AM]
New York Post reports: 'The 5-8 Jets won't be in the playoffs (barring a miracle) and don't deserve to be. They showed no heart, no desperation, no pride and no belligerence against the 6-7 Bills at Ralph Wilson Stadium.'

Marker Knee injury fells Carter [5:04 AM]
New York Post reports: 'Receiver and returner Jonathan Carter was lost for the game - and possibly the season - with a sprained left knee injury when he got his leg bent back while returning a kick in the second quarter of the Jets' 17-6 loss to the Bills yesterday.'

Marker Buffalo exposes Jets 'D' [5:03 AM]
New York Post reports: 'Fortunately for Henry, he was hardly touched by the Jets' defense, which looked as if it wanted no part of any physical contact as the game wore on and it wore out. Had the teams been playing either touch football or flag football, Henry's stats wouldn't have differed by much.'

Marker Still tackling dummies [5:02 AM]
New York Newsday reports: 'The Jets went to Buffalo needing a win to keep their faint playoff hopes alive, and instead saw their longshot dreams ended by an undersized Bills running back named Travis Henry who had a career day - wait, it gets worse - despite playing with torn rib cartilage and a broken right leg.'

Marker Hope Trampled by Buffalo [5:01 AM]
New York Newsday reports: '"I don't know when I [last] felt that we just got beat up the way we did today," Martin said. "I don't even know that I felt like that this year. This is probably our worst game collectively this year, when we needed it the most."'

Marker Bills' Heat Cools Chad [5:00 AM]
New York Newsday reports: 'Buffalo blitzed more than it has in the past against the Jets and appeared determined to collapse the pocket and force Pennington to roll out or hurry throws. Tackle Sam Adams had two sacks from the inside, but pressure also came at times from a linebacker or a safety. This strategic mix confused the offensive line, and Pennington, who rushed a number of passes and was not his usual sharp self, completing only 15 of 29 for 155 yards and an interception.'

Marker Martin Passes O.J. On List [4:59 AM]
New York Newsday reports: 'With 39 yards next week against Pittsburgh, Martin will pass former Jet John Riggins for 11th all-time. With 47 yards, he will reach 1,000 yards for the ninth consecutive season. Barry Sanders (10 years) is the only other back in NFL history with as long a streak to start his career.'

Marker A Crash Landing [4:58 AM]
New York Newsday reports: '"They took it to us," said Pennington, who could not elude Buffalo's devastating array of blitzes long enough to rescue his team this time. "This game's not real hard, and they out-executed us, their defense against our offense."'

Marker Banged-Up Henry Blasts Jets Defense [4:57 AM]
New York Newsday reports: '"It's December. That is when you're supposed to run the ball," Henry said. "Today I was in the zone. I wasn't thinking about anything. Every time I got the ball in my hands I was thinking [go] north and south, and trying to take control of the game."'

Marker Grading the Jets [4:56 AM]
New York Newsday reports: 'The Jets failed to adjust to the Bills' varying blitzes and stunts.'

Marker Bills and Henry run all over Jets [4:55 AM]
Staten Island Advanve reports: 'That's how it has often been for teams playing against the Jets, who let Henry run through holes so large that even the Bills' linemen seemed a bit surprised. The running back rarely got touched behind or near the line of scrimmage.'

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