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Buffalo Bills News - May 8, 2015

Marker Buffalo Bills miss out on LSU OT La'el Collins, who reportedly signed with Dallas Cowboys [1:58 AM]
Syracuse Post-Standard reports: 'The Bills had a bigger need than the Cowboys on the offensive line, but Dallas was able to land the Louisiana native despite Ryan's highly publicized trip to Baton Rouge Monday. Ryan didn't seem interested in answering questions about Collins when asked Wednesday, and now he won't have to answer many more in the future.'

Marker How can Syracuse's Sam Rodgers speak at graduation and try out with Bills on Saturday? [1:57 AM]
Syracuse Post-Standard reports: '"They asked if I had anything going on this weekend," Rodgers said. "I just said, 'Nope. I'm free. I'll be there.' In my head I'm thinking, 'Well, I was supposed to speak at graduation.'"'

Marker Did the Buffalo Bills throw up a smokescreen with Bryce Petty meeting? [1:56 AM]
Syracuse Post-Standard reports: '"Sometimes you do it even by strategy or if there is something with certain visits that you'll bring in people or you don't," Ryan said. "Sometimes we may go visit a school thinking there is a little smokescreen here. I went to visit a certain player that we didn't really think fit us."'

Marker Bills reset 2015: Rex loads up on veterans [1:55 AM]
The Sports Xchange reports: '"I'd rather have, in a perfect world, 'this is our guy,' but I'm excited about the competition," said Ryan. "You don't know how it's going to shake out. There's not anybody who knows how it's going to shake out. We're going to give them a platform that will showcase what they can all do, and let's see what happens. Is it a perfect situation? No, I'm not saying it is, but when we end it, it'll be a clear guy who will be No. 1. There are three guys in my opinion, who can be NFL quarterbacks."'

Marker Several players invited for tryouts with Bills [1:54 AM]
WGR-AM reports: 'The Bills have not officially released any of the names or confirmed all of them as of yet, but we can piece together many of them from reports found online via media reports, their school, agent, or personal social media accounts. Here are some names that have been gathered...'.

Marker Rookie minicamp primer [1:53 AM] reports: '“I think when you look at (Ronald) Darby, he’s a guy that obviously has the traits that we look for in a man cover corner,” said head coach Rex Ryan. “I love the fact that he was criticized for not being thrown at. I thought that was pretty interesting to me. Generally, this just in, but you usually don’t throw to a guy that is covered. I like that about him.”'

Marker Former Bills LB Bryan Scott: Life after the NFL [1:52 AM] reports: '“The NFL is more of a job, not a career, because it doesn’t last very long,” Scott said. “If you’re blessed to stay in it, one thing is for certain: if you’re a player now, one day you will become a former player. Don’t make it your life. Enjoy it, live in the moment yes, and just understand that one day it will end."'

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May 7, 2015

Marker Kouandjio puts lost season behind him [1:59 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '“I learned that you can’t mistakes,” he said. “You’ve just got to work really hard in the NFL. In college, you could make a mistake here, make a mistake there, you’re stronger, faster, smarter than the guy, you can get away with it. But here, it’s professionals. It takes a lot of work, and this is my job.”'

Marker Ryan defends Bills’ background checks on draft picks [1:58 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '“I had the benefit of meeting most of these players, and I feel great,” he said. “No player that we have in that locker room is perfect. Everybody’s had something in their lives they’re probably not proud of. I know certainly I’ve had more than my share.'

Marker McCoy’s revelations have no real merit [1:57 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'It makes McCoy seem petty and resentful, like he’s too proud to accept the fact that Kelly got rid of him because he didn’t feel he was worth top running back money. Maybe what Kelly didn’t like was backs who don’t always hit the hole and run sideways at times.'

Marker Ryan mum on McCoy's comments, dinner with Collins [1:56 AM]
Rochester D&C reports: '"You see how fast he got rid of all the good players, especially all the good black players; he got rid of them the fastest," McCoy said, referring to himself and wide receivers DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin. McCoy, who was traded by Kelly to the Bills in exchange for linebacker Kiko Alonso in early March, then added, "There's a reason he got rid of all the black players — the good ones — like that," though he didn't elaborate on what he actually meant.'

Marker Brady deserves four-game suspension [1:55 AM]
Rochester D&C reports: 'Given the serious punishment handed out in Spygate (first-round draft pick taken from Patriots), Bountygate (a year's suspension for Saints coach Sean Payton), Textgate (four games for Browns GM Ray Farmer) and Noisegate (fifth-round draft pick and suspension of Falcons president/CEO Rich McKay from the competition committee), I'd expect at minimum a four-game suspension for Brady, the Patriots stripped of a first-round draft pick and some hefty fines.'

Marker Buffalo Bills coach Rex Ryan explains why team took chances on Ronald Darby, Karlos Williams in NFL [1:54 AM]
Syracuse Post-Standard reports: '"Well I had the benefit of meeting most of these players and I feel great," Ryan said. "I think there is a player we have in that locker room is perfect. Everybody has had something in their lives that they are probably not proud of. I know certainly I have had more than my share. It does not mean they are a bad person or whatever. These guys I know for a fact will respect the guys in the locker room and that is all I ask. We all respect each other and play your butt off. That is what they are going to do. As far as outside in the community, I expect them to be respectful of the people in the community and to be good characters. I believe we will have that."'

Marker Possible Tom Brady deflategate suspension could benefit Buffalo Bills [1:53 AM]
Syracuse Post-Standard reports: 'While the league doesn't have precedent for this type of issue, it's safe to wonder whether Brady could be suspended. Any time the star quarterback misses for New England would only help the Bills' cause of getting a leg up in the AFC East, but it's also worth noting that the Bills play the Patriots in Week 2.'

Marker Buffalo Bills coach Rex Ryan won't 'put muzzle on' LeSean McCoy, any other player [1:52 AM]
Syracuse Post-Standard reports: '"We are not going to be lined up, but I think it is better for our fans just like you guys reporting here—this goes to our fans and I would rather be honest," Ryan added. "We are not going to be 100-percent lined up. Why? Because we do not feel like we have to come out and, 'Here is a blank statement.' Somebody reads it and then he is going to follow it up."'

Marker Former Bills LB Brandon Spikes reportedly meeting with Patriots [1:51 AM]
Syracuse Post-Standard reports: 'Spikes did not have the smoothest departure from New England. He sent out tweets saying he couldn't wait to hand the Patriots two losses a year and seemed happy to be out of Bill Belichick's locker room.'

Marker Buffalo Bills coach Rex Ryan uncharacteristically quiet about LSU OT La'el Collins [1:50 AM]
Syracuse Post-Standard reports: '"When you look at it from my perspective, I had the opportunity to have dinner with him, and that's what I did. I'll just leave it at that."'

Marker Former Syracuse football long snapper Sam Rodgers to attend Buffalo Bills rookie camp [1:49 AM]
Syracuse Post-Standard reports: 'He'll become the third Syracuse player to join the Bills in rookie camp. Running back Prince-Tyson Gulley and defensive back Darius Kelly will also be with the Bills this weekend.'

Marker Buffalo Bills RB LeSean McCoy says Eagles coach Chip Kelly got rid of 'all the good black playe [1:48 AM]
Syracuse Post-Standard reports: '"The relationship was never really great," McCoy told ESPN. "I feel like I always respected him as a coach. I think that's the way he runs his team. He wants the full control. You see how fast he got rid of all the good players. Especially all the good black players. He got rid of them the fastest. That's the truth. There's a reason. ... It's hard to explain with him. But there's a reason he got rid of all the black players -- the good ones -- like that."'

Marker LeSean McCoy says Chip Kelly doesn't respect stars [1:47 AM]
Philadelphia Inquirer reports: 'McCoy said that he has no animosity toward Kelly and that he intends to call his former coach soon. He understands the NFL is a business, but he said he felt disrespected with how the trade went down without his prior knowledge.'

Marker LeSean McCoy shows why he's an ex-Eagle [1:46 AM]
Philadelphia Daily News reports: 'It seems more likely, given all we know about Kelly and all we have heard from McCoy since his departure, that the coach got rid of all of the players who viewed themselves as bigger than the system he was selling.'

Marker LeSean McCoy wrong about Chip Kelly [1:45 AM]
Philadelphia Daily News reports: 'Those inclined to agree with McCoy are so entrenched in a mindset of racial bias that even the most logical argument against McCoy will not register with them.'

Marker LeSean McCoy echoes Stephen A. sentiment in magazine interview [1:44 AM]
CSN Philadelphia reports: '“Other players have talked about it,” he added. “But that's one of the things where you don't even care no more. I'm on a new team, ready to play. So it's nothing to do with Chip. I have no hatred toward him, nothing to say negative about him. When he got [to Philadelphia], I didn't know what to expect. When he let DeSean go last year, I was like: 'C'mon. DeSean Jackson?' So it is what it is.”'

Marker Ryan won't 'muzzle' Bills after McCoy questions Chip Kelly [1:43 AM]
AP reports: '"I'd rather just be ourselves," Ryan said following the team's voluntary conditioning session Wednesday. "I think the players are more comfortable doing that. I know I'm more comfortable doing that. And I think that's the way it is. I think you'll get a real feel for who we are."'

Marker Race-based criticism of Kelly is off the mark [1:42 AM]
The Sports Network reports: 'Like it or not the only real narrative here is that Chip Kelly is football 24-7. He's not trying or even thinking about improving race relations in this country. He is only attempting to make the Philadelphia Eagles a championship contender and while many (including yours truly) believe he's made some very poor personnel decisions, none of them have been based on the color of people's skin.'

Marker Bills' McCoy says Kelly ran off 'all the good black players' [1:41 AM]
The Sports Xchange reports: '"To be honest, I didn't want to come," McCoy said. "I really didn't. I was so angry at first. You take a guy who's made his whole name and career in Philadelphia and move him. I didn't know anything about Buffalo, so I didn't want to go. But when you sit back and you really analyze just the good things here, it makes a lot of things better."'

Marker LeSean McCoy: 'I'm gonna show them' with Bills [1:40 AM]
ESPN reports: 'You've had three practices with Rex at the helm. What is his personality like on the field? Laid back. He wants the guys to have fun. It's work, but enjoy it. His approach is how a player approaches it. It's no surprise, because in his family, football is everything. You can just see that in the way he runs everything.'

Marker Bills' Ryan was pretty mum on Collins [1:39 AM]
WGR-AM reports: 'Look at it whatever way you want, but as Ozzie Newsome told me before, he used to say this and he goes if he needed someone to recruit to get him in to heaven, than I would be the guy that he would choose. He has someone else that he would stay there with, but recruiting is a part of it. I’ve done it in the past. Sometimes you get locked in with an undrafted free agent and you’re going head to head with somebody, so I still think you do that even if there is free agents that you get on your own roster that there is still a little bit of that recruiting that goes on.”'

Marker Corey Graham learns about life after football [1:38 AM] reports: '“It was above and beyond anything I have expected,” Graham recalled in an interview during The John Murphy Show. “It was so informative, you learn so much about the aspect of franchises and different businesses along with how you go about owning a business and what it takes. It was long days, but I definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking to own their own business.”'

May 6, 2015

Marker Manuel, Watkins sign up for LeSean McCoy softball event [1:59 AM]
Rochester D&C reports: 'Manuel and Watkins were among several Buffalo Bills players to commit to playing in new teammate LeSean McCoy's celebrity softball event on June 13.'

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