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Buffalo Bills News - November 14, 2001

Marker Report card [6:23 AM]
D and C reports: 'This was Rob Johnson's chance to prove himself as a viable NFL quarterback, but not only did he make no progress, he actually regressed.

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November 13, 2001

Marker Healthy Bills lose Johnson [1:28 PM]
Olean Times Herald reports: 'Van Pelt is a super guy, beloved by his teammates and better-versed in the no-huddle offense than Johnson. Unfortunately, he is neither strong-armed nor mobile. Van Pelt is a backup and doesn't seriously aspire otherwise, which makes him perfect for his position. Oh, he relishes this opportunity . After all, since going to camp with the Steelers back in 1993, the 31-year-old Van Pelt has started exactly three NFL games, all in Buffalo's nightmarish 1997 season when guys named Todd Collins and Billy Joe Hobert were his competition. Now, if he can stay healthy, Van Pelt will get a month's worth of starts. But what makes him different is that even if he plays lights-out, the former University of Pittsburgh star wouldn't expect to take Johnson's job. That's why Doug Flutie and Johnson couldn't co-exist, salary cap issues aside, while Van Pelt is perfect for that role.'

Marker New November Buffalo Bills wallpaper by 'Moose' [1:18 PM] reports: Subject: #22 rookie sensation Nate Clement.
The artist, Gina Mustico, is a poster who first started creating wallpaper for TwoBillsDrive.

Marker Patriots win despite pestered all day by Bills pass rush [12:59 PM]
CNN/SI reports: Antowain Smith, RB, New England: Rushed 20 times for 100 yards and two touchdowns, giving him 350 rushing yards in the past four games.
In a defensive battle that featured 12 combined sacks, the Pats persevered despite their problems in the passing game. Brady hit a high percentage of passes but threw for only 107 yards and was pestered all game by the Bills' pass rush. The Bills tightened it up to 14-11 with a Moulds TD grab with 2:43 to play, but the Patriots put it away when Smith broke free for a 42-yard scoring run on the first play after the two-minute warning to seal the victory.

Marker Tom Donahoe comments [10:24 AM] reports: "Last week, I think what I said … was that when we made the decision with Rob, it was a decision we were not making for 8 games, or 16 games, or whatever. We felt we were making a decision for the future. I also said we evaluate every player on this roster, and I'll be evaluated this last 8 games, as will the coaches and the players. There's a lot at stake here, and we can't feel that despite our record, the rest of our season we can go through the motions. If people are going through the motions, they're not going to be here. That's one thing I can assure you of."

Marker Johnson suffers broken collarbone [10:23 AM] reports: "One of those things that I will explain to you [about his injury] right up front of why he wasn't able to talk last night, it's more than just that," Williams added. "He found out late Friday night that his grandfather passed away, his dad's father, and he already had plans as soon as the ballgame was over to get him on out there and go to the funeral, and it's important as a family to do that."

Marker Gregg Williams press conference [10:22 AM] reports: "Defensively, right there, they fought and got us back into it when we didn't get the onside kick, which we had scripted and we discussed it the night before what we would do in that position. By working hard to strip it to get another chance and we end up having several missed tackles at the end when they break out for the score."

Marker Rob Johnson's playing style leads to injuries [10:10 AM]
The Sporting News reports: Is anyone really surprised about Bills QB Rob Johnson being out 4 weeks with a broken clavicle? I hate to beat a dead horse, or in this case, a half-dead quarterback. But Johnson's style of play leads to sacks, which leads to injuries.

Marker Rob's greatest hits [9:05 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'Team President and General Manager Tom Donahoe said there is no immediate plan to sign someone to be the third quarterback. Donahoe indicated the Bills might consider rookie practice squad player David Dinkins for the No. 3 role. Dinkins played quarterback at Morehead State and got work at there in training camp. He currently works as a scout team running back in practice.'

Marker Injury may be last straw for Johnson [9:05 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'He holds the ball too long. He doesn't make quick reads. He loses. And he keeps getting hurt. That's the unpardonable sin, his inability to remain healthy. Avoiding injury is a skill, and he doesn't have it. The surprise isn't that Johnson suffered a major injury, it's that it didn't happen sooner.'

Marker Rob's aches and pains [9:04 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'Nov. 11, 2001: Broken collarbone (at New England)'

Marker Defense climbing up statistical ladder [9:03 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'The Bills face nearly impossible odds of selling out Sunday's game against the Seattle Seahawks. The team still has about 15,000 tickets remaining. Former quarterback Jim Kelly will be enshrined on the Bills' Wall of Fame during a halftime ceremony.'

Marker Ted Tollner Fired From San Diego State [8:33 AM]
AP reports: Former Bills coach Ted Tollner, whose teams have won just five games in the last two seasons, was fired as the coach at San Diego State on Monday.

Marker Bills' Johnson will miss 3 to 5 weeks [6:17 AM]
D and C reports: 'Bills coach Gregg Williams revealed yesterday afternoon that Johnson's injury is not as serious as was first speculated, and there is a chance he can return to action in three to five weeks.'

Marker Wilson hints that quarterback will be brought back in 2002 [6:16 AM]
D and C reports: '"I didn't get a chance to talk to him before he left (following the 21-11 road loss to the New England Patriots), but I'm sure he is devastated by the fact he's been injured again. I'm sure the critics are going to say, 'See, I told you so.' But once he recovers from this -- and I'm told by our doctors he will recover completely -- Rob will be our quarterback. We'll be supporting him."'

November 12, 2001

Marker Johnson to miss 3-5 weeks with broken collarbone [7:20 PM]
AP reports: 'Determining whether to extend Johnson's contract or cut him now becomes more complicated, team president Tom Donahoe said on Monday. "Obviously it makes your decision different because we would like to have him out there especially now that we have some offensive linemen that we think can play and play effectively," Donahoe said. "We're at the halfway point of the season, and to say that somebody is or isn't coming back, I'm not prepared to do that right now."'

Marker Johnson, and the rest of the Bills, could be done [2:03 PM]
Olean Times Herald reports: 'Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse for the Buffalo did.'

Marker Do coaches share the blame for the mess the Bills are in? [2:02 PM]
Olean Times Herald reports: 'Not only is Williams a rookie coach, but also six members of his staff are in their first season in the National Football League, four of them on offense. And it's beginning to show.'

Marker Notes from another Buffalo bashing [2:02 PM]
Olean Times Herald reports: 'A bizarre scene occurred in the second half when, while pass blocking, Bills' rookie offensive tackle Jonas Jennings got his facemask caught in that of Pats' defensive end Anthony Pleasant. An official had to separate them.'

Marker Brady gets by against Bills [2:01 PM]
Metro West Daily News reports: 'Tom Brady created a negative hubbub when he got picked off four times in the fourth quarter of the Denver game. But yesterday's effort against the Bills made the Denver edition look like Johnny Unitas.'

Marker Johnson stumbles [2:00 PM]
Metro West Daily News reports: 'Look, these Bills stink. They're either too young, too old or list hospital bed as place of residence. They're also unlucky and a bit stupid. Yesterday they had nine penalties, none more egregious than when they had third down on the Patriots' 1-yard line, trailing just 7-0. A false start cost the Bills 5 yards, they took the obligatory three points but never recovered until Van Pelt gave them a (too) late quick fix. This was the first time Johnson had played at Foxboro Stadium. But it had a familiar look of other stadiums on other Sundays for the ill-starred QB. Another loss, another injury. Pretty much business as usual.'

Marker Patriots cover but not much else [1:58 PM]
Metro West Daily News reports: 'But basically it was three hours of heavy, well-paid guys in tight pants running into each other very fast while guys in striped shirts threw yellow hankies at them and the wind blew hard. Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy. For season ticket holders, this was the perfect occasion to give your seats to that nuisance neighbor down the street.'

Marker It wasn't a pretty game, but the result was [1:57 PM]
Quincy Patriot Ledger reports: 'The Pats, after all, missed two field goals, committed seven penalties (five of which handed the Bills first downs), turned the ball over three times and allowed seven sacks. Yep. Just the way they drew it up in practice last week.'

Marker Pats climb above .500 and set sights on playoffs [1:56 PM]
Qunicy Patriot Ledger reports: '"They had nothing to lose at 1-6, so they threw the kitchen sink at us," said Patriots veteran inside linebacker Ted Johnson. "It was fun because we made the big plays in the game when we had to."'

Marker Smith and Patriots run down the Bills [1:55 PM]
Quincy Patriot Ledger reports: 'Smith still has a number of friends on the Bills, and he wanted to show the Buffalo media and fans that he wasn't a bust, as many of them had said. That was motivation enough for Smith, but he acted all week as if he were going to face his old coaches. His teammates knew he was acting differently. The usually quiet Smith was gabbing continually.'

Marker Broken clavicle to sideline Bills Johnson [1:54 PM]
ESPN reports: 'Bills quarterback Rob Johnson will miss a minimum of four weeks after suffering a broken right clavicle in the fourth quarter of a 21-11 loss to the Patriots on Sunday, ESPN's Chris Mortensen reported. Johnson suffered the injury when he was sacked by Terrell Buckley with 4:17 left in the game.'

Marker Baffled Bills bounced by blitz [1:54 PM]
Niagara Falls Reporter reports: 'Buffalo's offensive disarray was largely responsible for the Patriots' 21-11 win. A false start by Jonas Jennings killed one should-have-been touchdown. Jay Riemersma's holding infraction not only erased another, but made necessary the play on which Rob Johnson's season very possibly ended. Penalties were only part of Buffalo's miseries. Just getting out of the huddle was more than the Bills could handle at times, leading to two wasted second-half timeouts. Those would have been pretty handy at the end, after Buffalo cut New England's lead to three points and desperately needed to stop the clock.'

Marker RJ broke collarbone [11:06 AM]
WIVB reports: 'The Bills lost 21-11 to New England Sunday, and lost Rob Johnson indefinitely. Johnson broke his collarbone after being sacked Terrell Buckley late in the fourth quarter. It was his 5th sack of the game. The Bills defense sacked Tom Brady seven times, and held him to just 107 yards passing with one interception by Antoine Winfield.'

Marker Buffalo's lost season gets even bleaker [9:11 AM]
Niagara Falls Reporter reports: The sun shone brightly over Foxboro Stadium for most of New England's 21-11 win over Buffalo on Sunday. At least above the Patriots' sideline. "When it rains, it rains hard," said Bills running back Travis Henry."And it's raining right now for us." The Bills outgained the Patriots, but fatal penalties kept them out of the end zone until 2:43 remained and they trailed by 11 points. Buffalo held New England to 205 net yards, but gave the Patriots less than half a field to cover on both of their touchdown drives (one of which was sustained by a pair of defensive pass interference penalties). Rookie punter Brian Moorman, whose kicking was one of the scarce bright spots through the first seven games, couldn't handle the southern Massachussetts wind as the Bills brace for the gusty portion of their home schedule.'

Marker Pats push Bills to breaking point [9:10 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'Was Johnson riding off into the sunset for the season? Or for his Bills career?'

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