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Buffalo Bills News - December 4, 2001

Marker Bills will honor the greatest coach in their history. Marv Levy [11:18 AM] reports: Get your beer during 2nd Quarter - The Marv Levy Hall Of Fame ring ceremony will be at halftime this weekend.

Marker Hunter's Hope Ball Charity Ball pictures [9:41 AM]
TBD reports: Hunter's Hope Charity Ball held November 30th, 2001 in Buffalo, NY at the Adam's Mark Hotel was attended by Jack Wheeler, TBD's Resident Blue Coat.

Marker Game could decide No. 2 in Draft Derby [9:06 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'Despite a few pretenders, the race for football futility is pared down to three teams: the Detroit Lions (0-11), Carolina Panthers (1-11) and Buffalo Bills (1-10).'

Marker How bad is it? Let's count the ways [9:05 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'So I've decided to put together a list of low points and let you decide for yourselves.'

Marker Physically, Bills were no match [5:11 AM]
D and C reports: 'Said cornerback Antoine Winfield: "It was a long flight out here to get blown out like this."'

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December 3, 2001

Marker Even P.R. gimmicks backfire on futile Bills [4:49 PM]
Business First of Buffalo reports: 'Days later, in timely order, Wilson used the Thanksgiving holiday to announce the Bills, with more than 3,000 unsold tickets, would lift the blackout -- another first for them -- and allow local television for the Miami Dolphins, the most anticipated home game of every season. Still, among the first reactions heard were, Why didn't the Bills do this last week when Kelly was honored?'

Marker AFC East a horserace but Bills headed toward gluehouse [2:22 PM]
The Sporting News reports: 'While the NFC East race full of sputtering engines will come down to whoever runs out of gas last, the AFC East is developing into a full-steam bell-lap affair featuring a strong troika of teams. The Bills got out of the fun early -- when they picked Door No. 1 and Rob Johnson was behind it, they were left with the NFL equivalent of the clucky chicken gag prize.'

Marker Peter King Thoughts [2:04 PM]
CNN/SI reports: I think the league has bent over too far to protect QBs and we see more of it every week. Eaton's hit on Doug Flutie was brutal, but it was simply a football play, and he got 15 yards for it. Ditto Flowers for tackling Garcia near the sideline -- but not out of bounds. This just continues a trend that is admirable but has just gotten out of control. Everyone wants to see the QB stay upright, but no one wants to see him treated like a piece of china. I think Van Pelt made some of the dumbest throws I've seen a QB make in a long time in San Francisco. Rob Johnson, your job looks secure to me.

Marker Dilemma: Johnson, Van Pelt or neither? [1:47 PM]
Niagara Falls Reporter reports: 'A great team, the pro football adage says, needs a great quarterback. So much for adages. First off, parity rendered the word "great" in relation to National Football League teams as obsolete as the single-wing formation. "Pretty good" would represent a major step up for most. The Buffalo Bills, who embodied the above bromide through the late 1980s and early '90s, would settle for "not horrible." Particularly after their pathetic showing Sunday night in San Francisco. Then you look at the guys throwing the passes. Kurt Warner and Peyton Manning come closest, but even they have turned into interception machines the last few weeks. Fans and general managers alike salivate at the thought of drafting a prototypical quarterback like Manning. But more and more, the top passers take Warner's more circuitous route to stardom.'

Marker Finally, 49ers clobber weaker foe [10:36 AM]
Oakland Tribune reports: 'The Bills had 191 yards in total offense for the game, and they had a mere 29 rushing yards.'

Marker It's 49ers-Rams for first in West [10:35 AM]
Oakland Tribune reports: 'Bills quarterback Alex Van Pelt had thrown for 300 yards in each of his past two games. Against the 49ers, he passed for 168. The Rams' offense is light years ahead of Buffalo's, but you've got to start somewhere.'

Marker Niners do their best to avoid letdown against lowly Bills [10:34 AM]
Oakland Tribune reports: 'The Bills never had a chance. The 49ers never gave them a chance. Travis Henry rushed for 9 yards on Buffalo's second offensive play. The rest of the first half the Bills ran for 3 yards on five carries.'

Marker Parking lot floods ruin day for many fans [10:33 AM]
Oakland Tribune reports: 'While some fans were able to park and walk from outside lots, many had to pay $20 to $30 fees to park in lots or spaces quickly set up by local entrepreneurs, before trekking through the December chill to the stadium.'

Marker 49ers put the chill on Bills [9:54 AM]
Sacramento Bee reports: 'The numbers were numbing: The 49ers held the ball for 39:48, nearly double the Bills' time of possession; they outgained Buffalo 409 yards to 191 -- and 56 of those yards came during the Bills' last futile drive in the final minutes against a soft prevent defense. The Bills were 2 for 12 on third downs, while the 49ers were 10 for 15.'

Marker 49ers play tough on defense -- you hear that, Rams? [9:53 AM]
Sacramento Bee reports: '"Alex Van Pelt threw for 300 yards the last two games, but we found a way to control him, and we also stopped their running game."'

Marker Wet weather causes delays with parking [9:51 AM]
Sacramento Bee reports: 'Flooding of city streets near the Hunters Point Expressway spilled into the stadium's lots. As a result, two of the stadium's main entrances were blocked and fans were redirected to park in alternate areas, according to 49ers public relations coordinator Kirk Reynolds. The stadium-operations crew hired a Roto-Rooter truck to pump the excess water and clear a path near another of the stadium's main entrances.'

Marker Bills get a West Coast whipping [9:07 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"I mean, everybody played poorly. I don't know what happened to us tonight."'

Marker Defense blown off the ball [9:06 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'The 49ers didn't have many big plays, just modest but decisive gains.'

Marker Bills look like mutts compared to Frisco's Jeff [9:05 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'So much for the Miami loss being the low point.'

Marker O-line reunion a short one [9:05 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'The Bills saw their five-game winning streak in Sunday night games snapped.'

Marker Monday billboard [9:03 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'Player of the Game: Garcia. Now that's how the West Coast offense is supposed to be run.'

Marker 49ers grind down Bills [8:35 AM] reports: 'San Francisco controlled the ball for almost 40 minutes in a 35-0 win over Buffalo Sunday night at 3Com Park, and gained a big victory in their quest to take the NFC West title after finishing 6-10 last season.'

Marker 5th Down: Searching for leaders [8:34 AM] reports: 'But there is one area of lacking that is worth talking about now: Leadership. By that, I mean leadership from players, not coaches. The current-day Bills have a few fine leaders-- Phil Hansen and Jerry Ostroski-- but this doesn't touch the Buffalo teams of the 90's. Is that a revelation? Not unless you've been watching nothing but curling for the last 10 years. But it is a point worth examining.'

Marker Niners take heavyweight look in shutting out Bills [8:12 AM]
USA Today reports: 'Larry Centers got his 750th career reception, but he also was Buffalo's leading rusher with 14 yards...'.

Marker Pouring it on [7:33 AM]
San Jose Mercury News reports: 'The 49ers kept possession for 39:48 and recorded five takeaways for the second consecutive week.'

Marker If this was Rams audition, 49ers must play even better [7:32 AM]
San Jose Mercury News reports: 'But let us paraphrase Vince Lombardi. Winning against Buffalo isn't everything -- it's the only thing that's barely more than something. If you know what we mean.'

Marker Mora's aggressive defensive plan quashes any notion of Bills upset [7:31 AM]
San Jose Mercury News reports: 'Van Pelt couldn't get his feet set, couldn't find his rhythm, often lost sight of defensive backs downfield and soon lost the confidence he built in 300-plus-yard passing performances against the Seattle Seahawks and the Miami Dolphins. He was sacked twice, hurried at least 10 times and repeatedly confused.'

Marker Weather problems leave 3Com half-full [7:30 AM]
San Jose Mercury News reports: 'Thousands of fans -- as many as 35,000, judging by the half-empty stadium -- were turned away from 3Com Park parking lots because several lots and access roads were blocked or flooded.'

Marker Game rewind [7:28 AM]
San Jose Mercury News reports: '2: First downs allowed by the 49ers' defense in the first 29 1/2 minutes.'

Marker St. Clair's number retired in ceremony [7:28 AM]
San Jose Mercury News reports: 'Add Buffalo Coach Gregg Williams to the growing list of admirers of quarterback Jeff Garcia.'

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