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Buffalo Bills News - September 12, 2004

Marker Dominant defenses will test Bills' offensive philosophy [9:03 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'So don't be surprised if the Bills rank in the bottom third of the league in yards-per-attempt at the midpoint of the season.'

Marker Laying it on the line [9:02 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"I think he had mixed emotions," one of McNally's two daughters, Jenny Gardner, said by phone from Cincinnati. "But ever since he's been there he's been excited. He really feels at home there. We haven't talked in a week, which is really unusual, which means he's working his butt off right now. The fact I haven't gotten a call from him in a week tells me he's very, very focused, probably excited and nervous."'

Marker Tops links marketing to the Bills [9:02 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'But this year, Tops hopes to make better use of its affiliation by increasing its in-store promotions, Dobbs said. "We felt we wanted to see how we could push the envelope on this," he said.'

Marker Fish fried, Jets take off, Bills rebound in AFC East [7:38 AM]
Providence Journal reports: 'Prediction: 10-6, second in AFC East.'

Marker Redemption song [6:47 AM]
Toronto Sun reports: '"Last year was one of the hardest for me to shake during the off-season," Bledsoe said. "I can't claim that I've worked any harder than I have in past years, but during the off-season, I spent a lot more time thinking about football because I was so frustrated by what happened last year. "I do have a sense this year is an opportunity for us."'

Marker Double trouble [5:04 AM]
Rochester D&C reports: '"That's what you want to hear," Henry said. "It shows they are really committed to running the ball. It may start off looking ugly but it will eventually loosen up and those 3-yard runs become 5- and 6- yards later in the game. It's the mindset I'm taking. It's nice to know that commitment is there this year."'

Marker Q&A: Chris Villarrial [5:03 AM]
Rochester D&C reports: 'If you were head coach of the Bills for a day, what kind of day would it be? "It would be short. No, there'd be meetings in the morning, a nice light practice in the afternoon, then sum it up with meetings and lifting. Get the guys out of here and keep them fresh."'

Marker Donahoe's moves must reap results [5:03 AM]
Rochester D&C reports: 'You inherited an aging team and a big salary cap mess, and you've done a good job cleaning it up. You appear to have strengthened the defense and offense. But you erred with Gregg Williams, your first choice for coach, and there won't be any more mulligans as far as the fans and "experts'' are concerned. With Eric Moulds and Pat Williams the only holdovers from the John Butler era, you've almost completely purged the roster, and after a 17-31 won-lost mark that included last year's back-pedaling, it's time for your game plan to take hold.'

Marker Sunday's Jacksonville Coverage [5:02 AM] reports:
Excitement palpable in opening road test (Florida Times Union)
10th season's success rests on these issues (Florida Times Union)
Forward progress (Florida Times Union)
This season is Del Rio's time to shine (Florida Times Union)
Trainers help athletes get back on their feet (Florida Times Union)

Marker Scuffle off to Buffalo [5:00 AM]
Pittsburgh Post Gazette reports: 'One reason they hired the rah-rah Del Rio was to sell tickets. Owner Wayne Weaver, who made his money selling shoes, thought Mularkey was too low-key to do that.'

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September 11, 2004

Marker What to Look for vs. Jaguars [4:37 PM] reports: '"Last year they shut me down pretty good," Henry said. "This year, I'm just going to keep pounding the ball. Even if they stop me early on, we're not going to back down. We're going to show them that we're not scared and that we're going to be able to run the football."'

Marker Leftwich turns Jags right way [8:55 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"I think they're what everybody is pumping them up to be," said Bills linebacker Takeo Spikes, who will get an up-close look at the Jaguars on Sunday in Ralph Wilson Stadium. "They're an up-and-coming team, as of right now anyway. We don't want them to be up-and-coming against us on Sunday. But they are a good, young team on the way up."'

Marker Van Pelt offers fresh perspective [8:54 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"I'm so fresh from the team I get caught a lot of times saying "we ought to' as opposed to the Bills," Van Pelt said. "They are still my friends, so for a few years it is going to be tough to get over the we's."'

Marker Bills season on the line [5:08 AM]
Rochester D&C reports: '"It's not the sole nucleus of what's going to make this thing run, but they are a large part of any team," Mularkey said. "But I'm not going to put all the pressure on them. We have other positions that need to play at a high level. Receivers, tight ends and fullbacks doing their part will help the offensive line."'

Marker Defense is Gray's show now [5:07 AM]
Rochester D&C reports: 'Mularkey, former offensive coordinator of the Pittsburgh Steelers, was hired to score points, not prevent them, and he has made it clear he trusts Gray to do the job he hired him for without meddling.'

Marker Time for ‘10 things’ [5:06 AM] reports: 'Now, here are 10 things the Jaguars have to do to beat the Bills this Sunday...'.

Marker Saturday's Jacksonville Coverage [5:05 AM] reports:
Injury information to come from Del Rio, not players (Florida Times Union)
Leftwich grabs leadership role (Orlando Sentinel)
Time for ‘10 things’ (
Jags have ambassadors (
One more time (

Marker Bills Prediction [5:04 AM]
WOKR-TV reports: 'Bills 23, Jaguars 20 OT.'

September 10, 2004

Marker Jacksonville (0-0) at Buffalo (0-0) [9:05 PM]
The Sports Network reports: 'Predicted Outcome: Bills 28, Jaguars 20.'

Marker Three Keys to Bills Win [8:50 PM] reports: '"We're going to continue to pound on people," said quarterback Drew Bledsoe. "I think you'll see that at times it may not be efficient in the first quarter, it might not even be efficient in the second quarter. But as the game goes on, with the big dudes we have up front and with Travis Henry running the ball and pounding on people, late in the game that's where you can kind of start to wear them down." Jaguars second year quarterback Byron Leftwich can make things exciting, but stopping running back Fred Taylor is the key for buffalo's defense."

Marker Bills add Adams to injury list [8:49 PM]
AP reports: 'Adams was injured late Wednesday during practice. Adams did participate in Friday's workout and was slightly limited, but coach Mike Mularkey said he expected him to play Sunday.'

Marker Adams Injures His Toe [5:12 PM]
WGR-AM reports: 'Mike Mularkey said he hurt it near the end of Wedneday's practice. He did not participate fully in practice on Friday.'

Marker Eric Moulds Interview on NFL Network [5:06 PM] reports: 'DH: Everybody knows what Travis brings to the table, but what about Willis—has he looked good in practice? EM: He’s looked great, I think he came in and he’s picked up the offense well and I think he’s going to do great things for us. I think right now we know Travis is our guy, but Willis is going to get some of the carries also. At the same time we feel that we have 2 quality backs and like I said before, it’s a long season and it’s very hard for guys to stay healthy.'

Marker Numbers for Reed shout Hall of Fame [5:03 PM]
Olean Times Herald reports: '“They’re not strong enough to win the division ... I can see them going 8-8” he said, before hedging, “but they could get a wild card spot."'

Marker Mularkey eager to make debut [1:00 PM]
AP reports: '"There's no emotional high and low that you get that you can compare to any other job in the world," said Mularkey, who at 42 is the third-youngest coach in the league. "I know that no matter how many software programs I marketed, I didn't get any experience like I did on the football field."'

Marker 'Germanator' Tackles American Football [12:49 PM]
Deutsche Welle reports: 'As a first-year NFL player, Ritzmann will earn the league minimum of $230,000 per year, but said he knows he'll have to prove himself before he's able to command a salary comparable to the $98 million quarterback Peyton Manning will earn in seven years. "Of course it would be great if I could sack one of the big quarterbacks like Donovan McNabb or Peyton Manning," Ritzmann said. "And I'm sure that's going to happen in the future."'

Marker Bills Kickoff Weekend Memories [12:37 PM] reports: '"As a fan, the 1980 season opener when they beat the Dolphins and ended the streak of the 1970s stands out. They didn't beat the Dolphins in a decade - 20 straight losses. To beat the Dolphins in the season opener for most long-time Bills fans, that's everybody's most memorable opening game."'

Marker Kelsay, Denney Content with Sharing Time [12:37 PM] reports: '"Chris Kelsay and Ryan Denney have been doing a great job," defensive coordinator Jerry Gray said. "They're real good friends but they know they need to compete against one another at a very high level. It's not like one is a good run stopper and one is a good pass rusher, it's not that at all. When you look at their production, it's about the same. They're both playing good enough to start, so they're both going to play."'

Marker Bills to get a test run against Jags' tackles [8:52 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"They're guys who, if they catch you leaning a little bit, they're going to throw you down," said Bills guard Chris Villarrial. "You get off balance they're going to chuck you, throw you. . . . You have to be disciplined every time you set up against them. It's a great challenge for us and a good measure of where we're at."'

Marker Brown's brother supplies some perspective [8:51 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'He could reach an injury settlement with the team and become a free agent. If no settlement is reached, he could be released after his knee is healthy. In the meantime, he's helping Drew Bledsoe in meetings.'

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