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Buffalo Bills News - September 20, 2016

Marker Peter King: Rex Ryan is 'going to be very good next year on FOX' [1:59 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'Ryan's personality would make him great for television. But it's interesting to see someone like King imply Ryan won't be coaching next season.'

Marker Jimmy Garoppolo is better than Tyrod Taylor [1:58 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'Bills fans will cringe to hear this, but Garoppolo is better than Tyrod Taylor. His first two games were more impressive than anything I’ve seen from Taylor over a sustained period in his 18 games as a starter. You know what’s even more distressing? Taylor might be the fifth-best quarterback in the AFC East.'

Marker Sammy Watkins says he's good to go, but Rex not as sure [1:57 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"I think he’ll play," Ryan said, "but again, we’ll see how it progresses through the week. We’ll be smart. We’ll hold him out of some things just like we did last week. But the key thing there is to get him to where he can play and where he can be effective on Sunday."'

Marker Buffalo Bills transcripts of Rex Ryan, Sammy Watkins & Eric Wood [1:56 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'Well I think the spin in the offense is going to be immediate, some things that we’ll do from a tactical standpoint, I think we’ll see immediately. Changing the verbiage and playbook and all that stuff—we’ll pull from the same place. It may be an occasional play here and there, but we’re still definitely keeping the verbiage and everything else that’s already in place.'

Marker Rex Ryan says he still wants to 'build a bully' with Bills [1:55 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"I want to be able to run the football, don’t get me wrong," he said. "We need to be able to run the football. There’s the saying now, 'you pass to score and you run to win,' so that’s always going to be who I am – the philosophy that we want to have. We want to be able to run the football. We expect to be able to run the football, but I also think we need to expand what we’re doing in the passing game. Not with a zillion plays or whatever, but getting good at certain aspects and taking advantage of the players we have, especially on the outside."'

Marker Rex Ryan: Cardinals 'might be the exact team we need to play' [1:54 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"Because," he said, "if you’re 0-2 – our expectations were much higher than that. But against these two teams right here, it’s clear that they’re playing as well as any teams in the league, I don’t think there’s any doubt about that. I can’t see anybody playing better than what I saw on tape. So we’ll get to see immediately. I see we’ve had struggles. There’s no doubt about that. We’ve been far from perfect. I get that. But we’ll see how we measure up against maybe the best in the league here."'

Marker Ryan on Ryan: Rex says 'my brother's done as good a job as anybody coaching in this league [1:53 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"In regard to the reports about how players were seeing ownership, that happens all the time. I feel fortunate that our owners, I mean they talk to our players, they talk to everybody. I can tell you this: I’m in full support of our owners. And at the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter, does it? They own the football team, they don’t have to get permission to talk to anybody, myself included, but I have no problem with it whetsoever. In fact, I think it’s a real positive thing for us."'

Marker Ryan, Bills embracing huge challenge against Cardinals [1:52 AM]
Rochester D&C reports: '“Anybody who watched the Cardinals this past week realizes the task at hand,” Ryan said of Arizona’s visit to New Era Field. “If they’re not the best team out there, they’re certainly one of them. We know what we’re facing, and I’ll be honest, it’s an impressive group, there’s no doubt. Bruce Arians does a great job and he has those guys humming right now.”'

Marker Sammy Watkins explains what happened when Buffalo Bills players met with Pegulas [1:51 AM]
Syracuse Post Standard reports: '"They just showed up and said, 'Hey, we need to talk,'" he said. "I think the talk went well. It had nothing to do with anybody. It just had to do with the players. ... to be 0-2, that's probably the reason that caused it. I just think they wanted to see where my head was, and the leaders on the team, where their heads were."'

Marker NFL executive to Sports Illustrated: Rex Ryan will have successful career in media [1:50 AM]
Syracuse Post Standard reports: 'Added King: "That's not meant as a slam. It's true. He's going to be very good next year on FOX."'

Marker Buffalo Bills' Rex Ryan thinks Rob Ryan has coached as well as anyone in NFL [1:49 AM]
Syracuse Post Standard reports: '"Some of them you just totally dismiss," Rex said Monday. "I think my brother's done as good a job as anybody coaching in this league. But I get it, that's always going to be out there. Hey, it comes with the territory. I'm focused on Arizona and I better be."'

Marker Bills owner backs Rex Ryan's decision to fire Greg Roman [1:48 AM]
AP reports: '"There's a couple of things I think that we need to all understand. No. 1, I made the decision on letting Greg Roman go. I think that's it, final," Ryan said. "In regards to the reports about how players were seeing ownership, that happens all the time."'

Marker Rex Ryan, 0-2 Bills eager to face Arizona, New England [1:47 AM]
ESPN reports: '"That happens all the time," Ryan said. "I feel fortunate that our owners -- I mean, they talk to our players, they talk to everybody. I can tell you this: I'm in full support of our owners. At the end of the day, it really doesn't matter, does it? They own the football team. They don't have to get permission to talk to anybody, myself included. I have no problem with it whatsoever. In fact, I think it's a real positive thing for us."'

Marker Rex: I accept blame for 0-2 start [1:46 AM]
WGR-AM reports: '"I think the spin in the offense is gonna be immediate," Ryan said. "Some things we'll do from a tactical standpoint we'll see [changed" target="_blank"> immediately. [With" target="_blank"> the verbiage and playbook, we'll pull from the same plays. There maybe an occasional play [we'll change" target="_blank"> here and there, but we're definitely keeping the verbiage and everything else that's already in place."'

Marker Bills make predictable move [1:45 AM]
WGR-AM reports: 'I'm not trying to sell Roman as a great coordinator but I've seen this before and I've been guilty of it as much as anyone else. We want to believe the Bills have an elite quarterback ready to bust out and be the next Jim Kelly. We live in fear of reaching the point where we realize we are wrong about that player and its time to search once again. So we always look around the quarterback when placing blame.'

Marker 5 takeaways from Bills HC Rex Ryan (9/19/16) [1:44 AM]
WKBW-TV reports: 'The one thing the Bills do have going for them against the Arizona Cardinals offensively is this: the Cardinals don’t have any idea what to expect from Anthony Lynn as a play caller. The new offensive coordinator, who will likely feature a more prominent passing attack, has as Eric Wood termed it on Monday, “the element of surprise” working in his favor. However, he’s got only six days to get his offense together the right way, how much of his personal touch can we expect to see Sunday against the Cardinals?'

Marker Watkins believes that foot issue is manageable [1:43 AM] reports: '“That’s kind of out the window,” he said. “I know what I’m doing with it. The team knows what I’m dealing with. It’s up to me to go out there and play. If I’m out there playing I can’t feel sorry for myself. The foot is not an excuse or issue.”'

Marker Offense adjusts with Lynn now calling the shots [1:42 AM] reports: '“His message was there will be some growing pains with some of the things we’ll be doing, but ultimately just work,” said Charles Clay. “We’ll work through all that stuff. Guys are excited to have him. He’s been around for a long time. Guys are excited to be able to work with him and excited for the future.”'

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September 19, 2016

Marker For Lynn to succeed as Bills OC, he must put players before scheme [1:59 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'It's hardly a reach to think that, given the chance to explain to the big bosses why their production has mostly been ordinary, Taylor and others cited Roman's strategic shortcomings. Better to say that than, "No, you two are really wasting your money on us."'

Marker Greg Roman calls buffoon report 'damnable lies,' has 'nothing but respect' for R [1:58 AM]
Syracuse Post Standard reports: 'Ryan referred to Greg Roman as "tremendous" and "outstanding" on Friday after he talked about dismissing the coach. Although firing someone can never be easy, it sounds as though Ryan and Roman ended on as good of terms as possible.'

Marker Like quick turnaround, extended break comes at the right time for Bills [1:57 AM]
Batavia Daily News reports: 'It’ll be 10 days between games. The season isn’t over, but the playoffs are a long shot now. Teams starting 0-2 have approximately a 12 percent chance of making the playoffs. In fact two teams did it just last season, the Kansas City Chiefs and Houston Texans. There’s 14 more chances for the 2016 Bills to get it right, and they better for their head coach.'

Marker Bills’ scapegoat speaks: ‘Damnable lies’ about Rex relationship [1:56 AM]
New York Post reports: 'It was “my move, without question” a desperate Ryan said, putting all the responsibility — and blame, and credit — for this season onto himself.'

Marker Bills owners reportedly met with offensive players without Ryan [1:55 AM]
The Sports Xchange reports: 'The meetings -- involving key players such as quarterback Tyrod Taylor and others -- were to get a sense of what was wrong with the offense, including play-calling, according to the report.'

Marker Greg Roman's final act with Bills was to pose for team picture [1:54 AM]
ESPN reports: 'After Roman, and all the Bills coaches and players posed for the picture, head coach Rex Ryan informed Roman that he was relieving him of his duties.'

Marker Rex Ryan reportedly irate about Bills owners meeting with players in private [1:53 AM]
CBS Sports reports: 'When his bosses are going behind his back and meeting with his employees it's a very bad sign.'

Marker Greg Roman says reports of discord with Bills' Rex Ryan are 'damnable lies' [1:52 AM]
The Sporting News reports: '"I have nothing but respect for coach Ryan and I thought we had a great working relationship," Roman said Sunday afternoon in a telephone interview. "We met and he informed me of his decision. I thought it was handled very professionally. We then discussed how we could best make this work for everybody moving forward."'

Marker Panic In Buffalo? Will Rex Ryan Win Again? [1:51 AM]
Forbes reports: 'But Rex has problems you can’t charm away with a dose of personality and feature stories. He’s got to win and that hasn’t been happening for him. For the first time in eight years as a head coach Ryan has started the season 0-2. Bills ownership is dissatisfied. The hammer dropped on offensive coordinator Greg Roman. He was fired the day after the Bills’ Thursday night loss to the Jets. That move might shake things up. Will it turn the Bills into winners?'

Marker Sources: Roman firing was 'about eighteen games, not two' [1:50 AM]
WGR-AM reports: 'Additionally, I’m told Ryan and other high-ranking members of the organization, including owners Terry and Kim Pegula, had met several times over the course of the offseason to address these concerns.'

Marker Report: Greg Roman fired after taking team picture [1:49 AM]
WKBW-TV reports: 'The Bills fired the highest paid offensive coordinator in the NFL on Friday, and did it after taking the team picture, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter.'

Marker Rex wasn't at owners-players meetings before Roman's firing [1:48 AM] reports: 'Rex Ryan -- the coach who said the decision to fire Roman two games into the season was "my move, without question" -- was not present for these meetings. He wasn't in the room. Ryan also wasn't pleased when he learned of the nature of them, according to one source briefed on his thinking.'

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