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Buffalo Bills News - December 31, 2004

Marker Where are they now? [3:53 PM]
Toronto Sun reports: '"The worst was at the border," Tindale, 33, said. "You would be holding up 50 cars because the border guard would want to talk football with you."'

Marker Pittsburgh (14-1) at Buffalo (9-6) [12:46 PM]
The Sports Network reports: 'Bills 17, Steelers 16.'

Marker Kelsay proud of Bills [12:39 PM]
Omaha World Herald reports: '"The way I look at it," he said, "I need to go out there and have a blast, just like I have the last five, six weeks. I'm proud and humbled by our success, but I'm not going to do anything other than work hard and try to do my little part to win this game."'

Marker Lindell flying under radar [8:59 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"I haven't exactly been in a position to be the lead-in of "SportsCenter,' " said Lindell, who has made 6 of 7 field-goal attempts in the final seconds of regulation or overtime during his five-year career. "It's been weird that I haven't gotten a chance to win a game, but that's a good thing because we've been playing so well that the games have been decided by the fourth quarter. But as a competitor, you'd like to have a role in winning a game or two."'

Marker Moulds encourages Colts to help Bills by beating Broncos [8:58 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"Marvin said that he and (quarterback) Peyton Manning may only play about a quarter," Moulds said. "But I was trying to tell him to ask (coach) Tony Dungy to let them play at least a half and let Peyton try to add to his touchdown record. Marvin said he would mention it to coach Dungy. Hopefully those guys will go out to Denver and play well."'

Marker Bills would rather not be in the company of '73 team [8:57 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'Are the 2004 Bills better than the '73 Bills? Close call. If they beat the Steelers, I say yes. If they don't, I say no. This year's team is more balanced and has a much better defense. The '73 Bills rushed for 3,088 yards, which still ranks second most in NFL history, even counting 16-game seasons. But the Bills were last in the league in passing, completing just 96 passes all year and just four for TDs. The defense was ranked 14th out of 26.'

Marker Front-runners earn right to take it easy [8:55 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'The integrity police need a reality check. Teams have often seized the opportunity to protect or rest their better players in advance of the playoffs. The initial 16 games constitute Phase One of a two-part series. Once a team has accomplished all it can in Phase One, its focus shifts to Phase Two, the postseason. It is under no obligation to strive to play well on behalf of teams who've performed to a lower level. As always, it's every team for itself.'

Marker Steelers-Bills matchups [8:47 AM] reports: 'In a lot of ways, it’s going to be like looking in a mirror.'

Marker Friday's Pittsburgh Coverage [5:19 AM] reports:
Steelers' Scott returns for start vs. Buffalo Bills (Pittsburgh Post Gazette)
State Capitol loses biggest Steelers fan (Pittsburgh Post Gazette)
Fourth-grader uses heart and helmet to help others (Pittsburgh Post Gazette)
Farrior fined for facemask penalty (Pittsburgh Post Gazette)
Steelers to face tough offseason choices (Pittsburgh Tribune Review)
Bettis, Roethlisberger nab honors (Pittsburgh Tribune Review)
Roethlisberger Steelers injury list unchanged (Pittsburgh Tribune Review)
Q & A with Dan Kreider (Pittsburgh Tribune Review)
Steelers have a debt to pay back today (Pittsburgh Tribune Review)
PrediXtions: Steelers vs Bills (Pittsburgh Tribune Review)
Scott replaces Townsend at left cornerback (Beaver County Times)
Rothlisberger's jersey is top seller (Beaver County Times)
Looking at: Craig Colquitt (Beaver County Times)
More awards for Bettis, Big Ben (Washington Observer Reporeter)
Steelers realize dangers of late-season letdown (AP)
Bettis, Roethlisberger Earn Steelers’ Pro Football Writers Awards (
Ben Roethlisberger and Jerome Bettis Press Conference (
Farrior deserving of more than MVP (

Marker From the ashes [5:01 AM]
Rochester D&C reports: 'The Buffalo Bills may be excused this weekend for assigning one of their bench warmers or assistant coaches to keep tabs on the New York Jets-St. Louis Rams contest even as the Bills take on the powerhouse Pittsburgh Steelers in the last game of the season.'

Marker Big Ben right on time [5:00 AM]
Rochester D&C reports: '"What really sticks out about this kid is that he avoids a lot of sacks. He has a real ability to get away. His passes also look sharper and crisper and he's gotten a better feel for the personnel around him. He's just going to be a phenomenal football player."'

Marker Former Pitt QB still has fond memories of '89 game [4:59 AM]
El Paso Times reports: 'Van Pelt has formed a special bond with the Western New York area near Buffalo, where he's worked the past 10 years, first as the Bills' backup quarterback and, beginning this past fall, as a radio analyst for their games. But Van Pelt longs to be even closer to the game. His NFL legacy is as a player who made the most of his ability and always came prepared. The Bills valued his ability to step in if needed, but they also knew his work in the filmroom allowed him to serve as a sort of player/coach at his position. He essentially was a two-for-one type of player.'

Marker It's a Buffalo stampede [4:58 AM]
CBS Sportsline reports: 'Think about it. When the Bills were 0-4, you couldn't find a damn fan anywhere. They never wrote. They never complained. They never sent a nasty e-mail. Now they're everywhere.'

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December 30, 2004

Marker Villarrial Thinks He'll Play. Vincent Misses Practice [8:09 PM]
WGR-AM reports: 'Chris Villarrial missed his second straight practice with an abdomen injury, but he indicated he'll play on Sunday.'

Marker Bills Playoff Scenarios [8:08 PM]
WGR-AM reports: 'Three teams have failed to qualify for the post season after six straight victories to finish the year.'

Marker Linemen Key To Revival [8:03 PM] reports: '“To date, that is the strength of this football team,” Vincent said. “All preseason long, it was the talk of it not being the strength of this football team. They have carried the load.”'

Marker Donahoe's stamp evident on Bills' resurgence [4:42 PM]
AP reports: 'In fact, only two players, receiver Eric Moulds and defensive tackle Pat Williams, are left from the team Donahoe inherited.'

Marker Bills' OG Villarrial questionable with rib injury [4:41 PM]
AP reports: 'Without divulging the extent of the injury, Villarrial said he expects to play. Then, he added laughing that he'll have to since he has about 50 family and friends that will be attending the game against the visiting Steelers on Sunday.'

Marker Steelers realize dangers of late-season letdown [4:08 PM]
AP reports: 'The game is far more important to the Bills (9-6), who have won six in a row but must win to retain their playoff hopes. The Bills are loaded with former Steelers personnel, including general manager Tom Donahoe, coach Mike Mularkey and offensive coordinator Tom Clements. ``They're playing with a lot of confidence. And they're on a roll, so teams that are peaking at the right time going into the playoffs are tough. So it would be nice to keep them out of the playoffs,'' said quarterback Tommy Maddox, who will make his first start since Sept. 19.'

Marker NFL’s Best team heads to Buffalo [11:47 AM] reports: 'Pittsburgh will be playing to win the game and possibly eliminate Buffalo from playoff contention. The game has many subplots with so many connections between the two teams, but Mularkey said it's just like any other game. "There's not enough time to put the emotional part into it," Mularkey said, "maybe as we get closer but not right now. To me, it still feels the same. We've got another opponent we're game planning for and practicing and meeting and focusing on."'

Marker Bledsoe's field generalship jells in a hurry [8:52 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'So as they enter their must-win regular-season finale against Pittsburgh on Sunday, it's no wonder the Bills are thinking the no-huddle is a good idea.'

Marker More to Steelers than magical arm of rookie QB [8:51 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"Ben has had a very good supporting cast around him," Steelers coach Bill Cowher said Wednesday during a conference call with the Western New York media. "It's really been a collective effort on everybody's part, but Ben certainly has held up his end of it. He has performed very consistently and has performed at a very high level."'

Marker Cowher would love to pop Bills' balloon [8:50 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'The Cowher-Donahoe feud is one of many intriguing subplots to the season finale. Maybe Cowher has put it behind him. But it had to rankle him when, just three months ago, Donahoe said the Steelers had made a mistake in choosing Cowher over him - and that a lot of people in the Pittsburgh organization agreed with him.'

Marker Playing at Indy likely in playoffs [8:49 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'If the Jets lose and Denver wins, Denver is the No. 5 seed and the Bills are the sixth seed. If the Jets win and Denver loses, the Jets are the fifth seed and the Bills are sixth. If the Jets lose and Denver loses, the Bills are the fifth seed and the Jets are the sixth seed. In that case, the Bills would make their fourth West Coast trip of the season and go to San Diego.'

Marker Donahoe earns players' respect [5:19 AM]
Pittsburgh Tribune Review reports: '"The big thing that Tom has done -- and it shouldn't be something that's hard for people to understand, but sometimes it gets overlooked -- is that he has put together a team of good people, guys who understand playing within a team concept, guys who are unselfish and willing to put the team first," said Bledsoe, who was with the Patriots until Donahoe acquired him in 2003. "When I was in New England, when they started to put together that team, which has become, really, a true dynasty, that is what happened there. They brought in guys of good character and put that above athletic ability and physical talent, in terms of evaluating guys."'

Marker Nothing personal between Steelers and Bills [5:18 AM]
Pittsburgh Post Gazette reports: '"I'm very appreciative of him," Ward said. "He is the reason I'm here, playing with this team. I have to give him a lot of credit and thank him because there were a lot of teams that passed on me because I didn't have an ACL. He took a chance on me and seven years later look at me."'

Marker Thursday's Pittsburgh Coverage [5:17 AM] reports:
Nothing personal between Steelers and Bills (Pittsburgh Post Gazette)
It's official: Maddox to start (Pittsburgh Post Gazette)
Farrior picked as team's MVP (Pittsburgh Post Gazette)
Roethlisberger's jersey climbs to top of sales list (Pittsburgh Post Gazette)
Farrior overwhelmingly picked as MVP (Pittsburgh Tribune Review)
Cowher names Maddox as the starter Sunday (Pittsburgh Tribune Review)
Roethlisberger doesn't think Suggs deserves fine (Pittsburgh Tribune Review)
Donahoe earns players' respect (Pittsburgh Tribune Review)
This Sunday a day of rest for Big Ben (Beaver County Times)
Steelers' MVP? Farrior's the pick (Beaver County Times)
Turnarounsd (Beaver County Times)
Maddox to start for Big Ben (Washington Observer Reporter)
Despite 13-game winning streak, Roethlisberger all but certain to rest (AP)
Steelers draw huge TV ratings in Pittsburgh (AP)
Inside slant (CBS Sportsline)
Strategy and personnel (CBS Sportsline)
Notes, quotes (CBS Sportsline)
Farrior Selected Steelers’ 2004 Most Valuable Player (
James Farrior MVP Press Conference (
Steelers will play to win (
Giant Eagle Jerome Bettis Show Post-Season Taping Dates (
Buffalo Bills Conference Calls (
Steelers RB Duce Staley named this week's Ameriquest Mortgage Neighborhood MVP (

Marker Steelers head into Buffalo intent on winning [5:02 AM]
Rochester D&C reports: '"That's just the way it is. You've got to be smart about it because there are things in the future that you have to start looking for. I think that it's a fine line that you're on. But it will be hard to tell the 11 guys on the field that they're trying not to win."'

Marker Bills' playoff chances no longer slim [5:01 AM]
Rochester D&C reports: 'Cowher has said the Steelers are coming to Buffalo to win and hints that most of his regulars will be in the lineup, but the wizards of odds in Las Vegas obviously don't believe him.'

Marker Gray's defense near top [5:00 AM]
Rochester D&C reports: 'Regardless of where the rankings end up, Gray said it is LeBeau who can do the most crowing. His team is primed for a run at the Super Bowl after a Steelers' record 13 consecutive wins, the Bills are still on the outside looking in, and the Redskins (5-10) are looking forward to the draft. "Dick's been No. 1 most of the year," Gray said. "You look at that team, sitting 14-1, it's great. But all three of the guys who were here last year landed on their feet and we all showed we can handle our own business."'

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