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Buffalo Bills News - February 19, 2005

Marker Cards' Shelton visits Bills; deal for Henry could follow [5:01 AM]
Arizona Republic reports: 'If a deal is made with Buffalo, it could be a rare player-for-player trade. The Cardinals are interested in Henry, who wants out of Buffalo after losing his job to Willis McGahee last season.'

Marker Bills to swap Henry for Shelton? [5:00 AM]
ESPN reports: The Bills were given permission early this week to meet with Shelton, who was told he could shop his services in exchange for a draft choice in the first day of April's draft. The Bills are looking for left tackle options because they aren't expected to re-sign their starting left tackle, Jonas Jennings, who is an unrestricted free agent.

Marker Bills May Swap Henry For Shelton [4:59 AM]
WGRZ-TV reports: 'While re-signing Jennings would cost the Bills a signing bonus of around $10 just for starters, Shelton still has four years left on his contract at $3 million per year.'

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February 17, 2005

Marker Losman Speaks After Bledsoe Announcement [10:42 PM]
WGR-AM reports: '“It was good. It never felt like a sticky situation. I was in the same situation competing in college and it was really like that. Drew Bledsoe always answered my questions and he always gave me help. It was a great situation."'

Marker A Position-By-Position Look at the Buffalo Bills Strengths and Weaknesses [10:12 PM]
On The Clock Draft reports: 'The Bills needs can be summed up in the following short list...'.

Marker Jones supports Henson, won't comment on Bledsoe [10:10 PM]
Dallas Morning News reports: 'On Wednesday, Bledsoe said he had no intention of being a backup, but Jones said he assumes Bledsoe would be willing to compete knowing coach Bill Parcells does not believe in handing players jobs. "We just can't bet the house on how these two young guys are evolving," Jones said. "That's just not smart."'

Marker Bye, bye Bledsoe [5:14 PM]
Pro Football Weekly reports: Though many have opined the Bills are taking a huge risk with Losman, a look at Bledsoe’s 2004 game film would open your eyes and leave you wondering if the falloff in performance will be that significant. Bledsoe’s 12 years of experience and command of the huddle is one thing. But grading him strictly on performance, Bledsoe was one of the 10 worst starting quarterbacks in the NFL last season.

Marker Milloy going for the money had ring of reason [5:13 PM]
CBS Sportsline reports: 'Milloy did the right thing. That isn't to say players like Tedy Bruschi, who stayed in New England for less money, did the wrong thing. Bruschi is still a millionaire plenty of times over, and he liked playing for the Patriots. The choice was his. Milloy made a different choice. It has probably eaten at him some the past two years when he watched the Super Bowl, realizing he could have been him in that celebration. But 30 years from now, he'll realize he did the right thing.'

Marker Losman's promotion reflects Bills' needs to address offense [3:56 PM]
AP reports: '''Our defense we felt was playoff-caliber. Our special teams ended up first in the league,'' Donahoe said. ''If we're going to take that next step, we've got to get better on the offensive side of the ball.'''

Marker New Wave in Buffalo [2:11 PM]
New Orleans Times Picayune reports: '"He's going to have the benefit of a defense that's going to be great, and a very strong running back," Bledsoe said of Losman's opportunities. "He'll have a lot of help around him. I'm sure they'll design an offense that lets him get out and run around."'

Marker Transcript: President/GM Tom Donahoe [11:11 AM] reports: 'I think when Drew came here we were in a big black hole with this football team and he certainly helped us get out of that. He helped bring respectability back to the Buffalo Bills. He brought creditability to the football team and I owe him a debt of gratitude. Personally, I learned a lot from being around Drew. The way he dealt with adversity. The way he dealt with criticism. I learned a lot by being around him. I really appreciate what he did for us and hopefully he'll be successful with what happens in the future. I never felt in my conversations with Drew or David Dunn that he would be comfortable here or anywhere as a back-up quarterback.'

Marker Transcript: Head Coach Mike Mularkey [11:10 AM] reports: 'We had a good season last year. As I've told the team and the organization it was not a super year.'

Marker Disappointed Bledsoe didn't see sack coming [8:52 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"If you're looking for life or football to be fair, you're going to be disappointed a lot," Bledsoe said in a conference call from his Oregon home. "Do I think this is fair? No, I don't think this is fair. But I'm also aware that that's how it works."'

Marker Pocket change will pay off for Bills [8:51 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'The Bills should be applauded for taking a bold, necessary step. I felt Donahoe would try to squeeze one more year out of Bledsoe, to prove he was right to bring him here all along. But in the end, Donahoe acted in the long-term interests of the franchise.'

Marker Offensive mobilization prompts QB switch [8:51 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"This just doesn't speak to Drew Bledsoe, I think it speaks to our offense," Donahoe said. "Our offense isn't good enough. We're not good enough on that side of the ball, and it's not just Drew Bledsoe. We've got to get better on the line, we've got to get more consistent. We've got to get more big plays from our playmakers."'

Marker Bledsoe sacked by his own team [5:05 AM]
Rochester D&C reports: '"When I had the conversation with Mike and first found out the direction they were going to go was with J.P., I was beside myself," Bledsoe said. "I was very disappointed, very angry, all those things. But since then I've kind of gotten around to where I'm excited about finding out what the future holds and moving on to the next challenge."'

Marker It's J.P.'s huddle [5:04 AM]
Rochester D&C reports: '"We had a good year last year, but as I told the team and this organization, it was not a super year," said Mularkey. "We did not reach some of the goals we set out for. You're constantly trying to grow and with that comes change. Sometimes that's subtle and sometimes it can be large, and that's why we're here today."'

Marker Mularkey correct to turn the ball over to Losman [5:03 AM]
Rochester D&C reports: 'Turns out, it's actually coach Mike Mularkey's team.'

Marker Sending Bledsoe packing is right decision to make [5:02 AM]
Rochester D&C reports: 'In perhaps his biggest game as a Buffalo Bill, Drew Bledsoe came up small.'

Marker Ditching Drew right move [5:01 AM]
Rochester D&C reports: 'If the Bills had defeated visiting Pittsburgh in the final game of the 2004 season, Bledsoe probably still would be the team's starting QB. But he played horribly, as usually happened in big games against quality opponents.'

Marker Bills decide to take a pass on keeping Bledsoe [5:00 AM]
Boston Globe reports: '"In New England I was the first pick in the draft," Bledsoe said. "If they're going to trade away picks, they're going to try to get him on the field. That's obvious. Had the Pittsburgh game turned out different [a 29-24 loss in the season finale] and we'd won a playoff game or two, I don't know what would have happened . . . it might have played out differently."'

Marker Release Buffaloes Bledsoe [4:59 AM]
Boston Herald reports: 'Determining a winner and loser from the April 21, 2002, trade that sent quarterback Drew Bledsoe from the Patriots [stats, news] to Buffalo didn't take long. The only question was how long it would take the Bills to stop the bleeding.'

Marker Bledsoe considers Cowboys [4:58 AM]
Fort Worth Star Telegram reports: '"Backing up anybody is not something I foresee for me," Bledsoe said during a conference call Wednesday. "I just don't see myself ever being a backup in this league. If it comes to that, you will probably see me tip my hat and head back here to the Northwest."'

Marker Signing Bledsoe doesn't add up [4:57 AM]
Fort Worth Star Telegram reports: 'Other than eight years in age, and that both had a previous history with Bill Parcells, what actually is the talent difference between Vinny and Bledsoe? For all of us who cussed Vinny, this might be Big Bill's revenge. Bledsoe could be worse.'

Marker Finding the right places for Bledsoe, Garcia [4:56 AM]
CBS Sportsline reports: 'The Cowboys have been looking for a reliable starter for years, and while Bledsoe won't be confused with Troy Aikman, he's an upgrade from Vinny Testaverde.'

Marker Bills Fans: Bye-Bye Bledsoe [4:55 AM] reports: '“I mean they're going to pick up a second- or third-ranked quarterback who’s released because of salary cap or age,” said Lou Jones. “It isn't going to work for them. The team won't coalesce around someone like that."'

Marker Bills won't add much risk going with J.P. [4:54 AM] reports: 'Losman is raw. He has plenty of rough edges. He will make the kind of mistakes all first-time starting quarterbacks make. And the Bills will have to deal with the consequences, some larger than others.'

February 16, 2005

Marker Buffalo Bills Release Quarterback Bledsoe [9:54 PM]
Reuters reports: '"Our starting quarterback next year will be J.P. Losman," Mularkey said. "We had a good year last year. It was not a super year. You're constantly trying to grow (and) with that comes change."'

Marker Bledsoe is available, but not as a backup [9:52 PM]
Dallas Morning News reports: '"Dallas is intriguing for obvious reasons, with playing for my old coach and looking at the weapons they have offensively," said Bledsoe, who has 39,808 passing yards and 221 touchdowns in his career. "That's intriguing, but there's a number of teams that are possible, and Dallas is one of those. That would be an interesting option, no question."'

Marker Bledsoe Era Over [9:50 PM] reports: '"We don't see this like we're changing the course or we're changing the direction," said Donahoe. "We're trying to go forward and we think our best opportunity to go foward offensively is with J.P. at quarterback."'

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