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Buffalo Bills News - January 19, 2004

Marker Bills take ticket sales campaign to market [5:16 AM]
Business First of Buffalo reports: 'It will be interesting to see how Donahoe's comments resonate with the rank-n-file fans. As the highest executive the team has ever had, Donahoe's stamp is on virtually everything the Bills do. Yet it's those staffers under him, many on board prior to his arrival, who developed and redeveloped much-needed marketing ties and now are faced with defending and/or explaining their boss' words, all the while trying to again get them to commit on long-term business deals.'

Marker Only Buffalo Bills Have Sense of the Direction the Eagles Fly [5:15 AM]
Los Angeles Times reports: 'The Eagles are making the Buffalo Bills look like overachievers.'

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January 18, 2004

Marker Former Bears coach accepts three-year deal with Detroit Lions [4:41 PM]
ESPN reports: Jauron also interviewed for the Buffalo Bills head coach opening early this month. He had been contacted by, but did not interview with, at least two other teams who needed to hire a defensive coordinator.

Marker Bills' new head coach has a lengthy to-do list [9:06 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'Try running on third-and-1. Try running on first down.'

Marker Title game looks familiar [9:05 AM]
Boston Herald reports: '``Then about three years ago we evolved into a no-huddle team that went with three wide receivers instead of two tight ends. We knew we needed a good center and Jeff Saturday is another Kent Hull. They're the same guy. Getting Troy Walter last year and Brandon Stokley this year gives us good people in the slot and that let us move Reggie Wayne to the outside where he's better suited.'''

Marker Belichick: Colts are like '91 Bills [9:04 AM]
Toronto Star reports: ''"Buffalo was a very fast-paced offence. A lot of times there were 20 or 18 seconds left on the (play) clock when the ball was snapped, so there was a much higher urgency to get the (defensive play) call in, get lined up and be ready to go. It was a two-minute type of pace. "There is a lot more play-action, a lot more variety in the Colts' offensive system,'' the coach of the year went on. "They do use some substitution and they do use different personnel groups. Looking back at Buffalo, they were more of a one-group, one-formation, hurry-up-and-run-the-plays kind. They put pressure on you defensively that way.'''

Marker Mularkey's relentless intensity, work ethic finally brings top job [5:15 AM]
Pittsburgh Post Gazette reports: 'He is low-key, gentlemanly and smart, a person who earned dual degrees in kinesiology and sociology. What's more, he is even-tempered, like Noll, rarely losing composure and almost never showing any emotion. That, though, is veneer for what burns inside, a fire that fuels a mental toughness that exemplified his playing career.'

Marker Spurrier in waiting: Just what Mack needs [5:14 AM]
San Antonio Express News reports: 'Jerry Gray certainly saw some urgency. He wanted to go back to the school where he played, and he had some credentials. He was the Bills' defensive coordinator last season, and only the Cowboys' defense ranked higher. There was some irony; a few Aggies propped up the Buffalo defense. But Gray seemed an ideal hire for Texas. Smart, young, experienced, orange-blooded. As for Gray's skin color: If not for social change, why not for recruiting? But Brown showed little interest, and last week it became official. Gray will remain in Buffalo as the Bills' defensive coordinator. Brown likely saw Gray's background as less collegiate than pro. But there are also hints that Brown viewed Gray as a threat, and for a reason. Gray's goal is to someday be the head coach at Texas.'

January 17, 2004

Marker LeBeau chooses Steelers over Bills [9:25 AM]
Washington Observer Reporter reports: '"One of the attractions to me being in Pittsburgh was the fact that, philosophically, Coach (Cowher) and I have always been on the same page, and that is attack," said LeBeau, who takes over a defense ranked ninth in the NFL last season. "We will be a pressure defense, and I know the head coach feels that way, too."'

Marker Bills keep status quo with Gray [8:55 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"I can be an ally to help him on the other side of the ball," Gray continued. "He doesn't have to worry about me making a transition. I know what went on here. I can help him with players and personalities. I can help him with things that you can't learn by watching film."'

Marker Bills lose LeBeau, retain Gray [5:20 AM]
Rochester D&C reports: 'Gray, who was rumored to be interested in returning to his alma mater, the University of Texas, to be the Longhorns’ defensive coordinator, said he was more than pleased to return under Mularkey as the defensive coordinator. “To me, I went into the process thinking it was an honor,” Gray said of being interviewed by general manager Tom Donahoe. “I knew it was a long shot to get the head coaching job so it wasn’t a letdown. After we found out that Mike was going to be hired, I didn’t know if I’d have a chance to stay here or not. I knew our defense performed well and hopefully the guy would give me a chance. It just so happened that things fell right.”'

Marker Mularkey a comfortable fit for Bills and fans [5:19 AM]
Medina Journal Register reports: 'Western New Yorkers will love him in time. Not only is the approach blue collar, but so is the man behind it.'

Marker Gibbs to Count On 'Character' Players [5:15 AM]
Washington Post reports: 'The Redskins also have been interested in Bills defensive line coach Tim Krumrie and linebackers coach Don Blackmon. LeBeau's departure means Washington has a shot at signing Krumrie. The assistant was considered a lock to remain in Buffalo if LeBeau stayed there: Krumrie was a defensive line coach under LeBeau in Cincinnati from 1997 to 2002. Mularkey hasn't announced his decision on Blackmon and Krumrie. And Gibbs -- who is considering New York Giants running back coach Eric Studesville -- is eager to find out.'

Marker Character the deciding factor for Mularkey [5:13 AM]
Pittsburgh Tribune Review reports: 'But now, Donahoe has Mularkey and offensive coordinator Tom Clements, formerly the Steelers' quarterbacks coach, in charge of the offense. Clements was a leading candidate for the same job two years ago, but Williams insisted on hiring Kevin Gilbride. Gilbride has failed to properly fit quarterbacks Drew Bledsoe of the Bills and Kordell Stewart of the Steelers into his offensive system, but Donahoe defended him. "Kevin has gotten a lot of criticism (in Buffalo)," he said, "and it wasn't all Kevin. I thought there were things that the head coach should have stepped in and controlled better than he controlled it."'

Marker LeBeau returns to Steelers as defensive coordinator [5:12 AM]
Pittsburgh Tribune Review reports: 'Dick LeBeau could have joined Mike Mularkey's coaching staff in Buffalo as the defensive coordinator. If so, he would have had a lesser shadow lurking over his shoulder. Instead, LeBeau chose a similar and, perhaps, a more challenging path with the Steelers, opting to reunite with coach Bill Cowher's strong personality, notable defensive mind and many more years of experience. Friday, LeBeau become the new coordinator in Pittsburgh, replacing the fired Tim Lewis.'

January 16, 2004

Marker Bills retain Gray as defensive coordinator [7:12 PM]
The Sports Network reports: 'Since Gray has been the coordinator, the Bills have improved from 21st defensively in his first year to 14th in 2002 and second this past season.'

Marker Tip Sheet: Henning had right approach with QB [7:11 PM]
ESPN reports: One guess on who could be the most improved player under the Mularkey system: Two-year veteran wide receiver Josh Reed, who caught just 58 passes and scored only two times in '03, after replacing Peerless Price as a starter

Marker Gray To Stay As Defensive Coordinator [6:40 PM]
WGR-AM reports: Gray has been the Bills defensive coordinator for the past three seasons. The defense had its best season under Gray in 2003, ranking second overall in the league.

Marker Steelers named LeBeau defensive coordinator [6:40 PM]
Sportsticker reports: "One of the attractions to me being in Pittsburgh was the fact that philosophically, Bill and I have always been on the same page, and that is to attack," he said. "We will be a pressure defense and I know the head coach feels that way, too."

Marker Bills retain Gray as defensive coordinator [2:52 PM]
AP reports: 'Gray's unit ranked second in defense this season, and allowed the fifth fewest points per game in the league.'

Marker Gray To Remain Defensive Coordinator [1:33 PM] reports: '“We are very pleased that Jerry Gray has accepted the offer to continue as the Bills Defensive Coordinator,” said Mularkey. “Jerry has done an outstanding job with our defense and last year’s league rankings are a good measure of his abilities as a defensive coordinator.”'

Marker Ex-Longhorn Gray staying with Bills [1:11 PM]
Dallas Morning News reports: 'Former Texas All-American safety Jerry Gray will continue as Buffalo Bills defensive coordinator under new coach Mike Mularkey, the Bills announced Friday, ending the possibility of Gray joining Mack Brown’s staff as defensive coordinator at Texas.'

Marker LeBeau Accepts Coordinator Position In Pittsburgh [1:10 PM] reports: 'The 2004 season will mark the 46th in the NFL for LeBeau, who played 14 years as a defensive back and has been a coach in the league for the last 30.'

Marker No Mularkey from Mike ... just what Bills’ fans wanted [12:41 PM]
Olean Times Herald reports: 'He avoided the immediate error Williams made ... self-confidence that came off as arrogance and spawned some ridiculous predictions. But the main reason Williams is no longer coach of the Bills is that he did a poor job of selecting assistants. They weren’t all duds, of course. But for every Dick LeBeau and Jerry Gray there was a Kevin Gilbride and Mike Sheppard. There were just too many Pat Reuls and Ronnie Vinklareks ... overmatched assistants in charge of critical positions.'

Marker LeBeau returns to Pittsburgh as defensive coordinator [11:40 AM]
The Sports Network reports: '"I am very excited to return to Pittsburgh and rejoin coach Bill and a defense that plays hard," said LeBeau.'

Marker Familiar Coach Returns to Steelers [11:28 AM] reports: '“Dick LeBeau is a quality coach who is well respected not only here in Pittsburgh but around the National Football League,” said Cowher. “Dick’s ability to communicate to and teach players, along with his knowledge of our defense, make it exciting to reunite with him."'

Marker LeBeau chooses Steelers over Bills [11:25 AM]
AP reports: '``Pittsburgh is like going home,'' LeBeau said Friday. ``I was at the Pitt basketball game Monday night and 25 people came up to me and wished me good luck and said, 'Come on back.' I thought, 'This is pretty neat.''''

Marker Bills' new man has a plan [8:52 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"Our philosophy is basically this," the 42-year-old Mularkey said. "It's a methodical, time-of-possession, wear-you-down approach, which may not happen until a certain point, but you will wear down. Try to control the football. I like to think your offense can be your best defense if you can keep your defense off the field. Control the football and score points in the red zone. I'm not a big stat guy and we were low in ranking in the red zone. But we were down there a lot. That's not a bad problem to have. Controlling the football is something that I think is important in this league."'

Marker Bledsoe excited about future [8:51 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"I only know of him from afar and by reputation, but just from watching what the Steelers have done, I know he's a guy who is very creative but he makes things fairly simple for his players. The Steelers have been a hard offense to nail down for opposing defenses, but he still does it within a system that makes it easy for the players to execute."'

Marker Donahoe has been longtime fan of Mularkey [8:50 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"In today's football, you really have to understand what you have and what you don't have," Donahoe said. "You sort of have to coach to your strengths - not sort of, you do. That was a criticism that I felt was justified with our team this year. I'm not sure we played to the strengths of our team."'

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