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Buffalo Bills News - February 27, 2005

Marker Bills see little risk in Losman [9:01 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"We felt at times this year that the offense was a little too predictable and not varied enough," Donahoe said. "We've got some good young players on the offensive side of the ball, and we think J.P. can add to that."'

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February 26, 2005

Marker Bledsoe still has 'tons' left [5:56 AM]
San Antonio Express News reports: '"I backed up (Bledsoe) for two years and I couldn't sniff the field," said Alex Van Pelt, a 1988 Churchill graduate. "He will stay in the pocket while trying to make a play and take hit after hit and get back up. He's as tough as nails."'

February 25, 2005

Marker Gash To Start A Coaching Career [10:12 PM]
WGR-AM reports: 'Bills GM Tom Donahoe is at the Indianapolis combine this week. He's told numerous media outlets that the Bills won't be able to get Jonas Jennings or Pat Williams signed before free agency hits March 2nd. Donahoe has not ruled out resigning either one after free agency begins.'

Marker Cardinals shopping for a running back [9:40 AM]
East Valley Tribune reports: 'Green and Cardinals vice president of football operations Rod Graves arenít scheduled to meet with the media until Saturday. In the meantime, the idea of a swap of Henry for Arizona offensive tackle L.J. Shelton hasnít gone away. Bills general manager Tom Donahoe said Thursday the Bills will give the Cardinals the same chance to visit with Henry as the Cards did with Shelton last week. Donahoe also said he has talked to five teams about trading for Henry. As for acquiring Shelton, "We donít have a crystal ball," he said.'

Marker All eyes, ears focus on Clarett at NFL Scouting Combine [8:52 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"I don't wish the kid ill will, and I didn't wish him that last year with the comment that I made," Donahoe said. "But I think when you're on display, this is a job interview and you should do everything that you can to put your best foot forward. I don't think he did that last year, but I hope he will this year."'

Marker Is he super -- or not? [8:24 AM]
Fort Worth Star Telegram reports: 'Jones' rationale goes beyond a simple judgment call on Bledsoe. It might, more than anything, be a sign of what he and the Bills think of the readiness of their young quarterbacks. The Bills were willing to take the leap of faith with J.P. Losman. The Cowboys were not willing to do the same with Drew Henson.'

Marker Friday's Dallas Coverage [8:23 AM] reports:
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Marker Bills' Henry still on Cards' list [5:01 AM]
Arizona Republic reports: 'The proposed trade is more complicated than just swapping Shelton for Henry, because Henry has just one year left on his contract. Before agreeing to the deal, the Cardinals probably would like to reach agreement on a long-term deal with Henry.'

Marker Immobility sends Bledsoe on the move [5:00 AM]
Seattle Post Intelligencer reports: 'The problem was Bledsoe's mobility, or lack of it. "We just felt that our offense needed a little more mobility," Bills coach Mike Mularkey said. "Some of the things we like to do with running the quarterback and his ability to escape. Every year the pass rush just seems to get more fierce and faster, and we just felt we needed a little more mobility. We knew what we had with Drew. We think this is a step forward."'

February 24, 2005

Marker Bills GM gives Henry permission to visit Arizona [10:29 PM]
AP reports: 'Shelton has already visited Buffalo, and Donahoe said the Bills have given Henry permission to visit Arizona altough that has not yet happened. "That's as far as the talks have gone," Donahoe said.

Marker Bills prepared to let Jennings and Williams become free agents [10:24 PM]
AP reports: '''We'd like to get both back if we can, but it may not be cost effective,'' Bills president Tom Donahoe said at the NFL combine in Indianapolis Thursday.'

Marker Cardinalsí front office facing busy stretch [12:17 PM]
East Valley Tribune reports: 'Teams also can begin making trades March 2, and the Cardinals are expected to deal tackle L.J. Shelton at some point. One possibility is to Buffalo for disgruntled running back Travis Henry, a deal that would likely have to include a contract extension for Henry to get completed. The Cardinals are playing coy on any of the Shelton talks, although they are known to be in discussions about dealing Shelton for Henry.'

Marker Bills like Matthews as their backup to Losman [5:01 AM]
Rochester D&C reports: 'The Bills are confident the more mobile Losman will add spark to their 25th-ranked offense. But will reliability be sacrificed for versatility?'

Marker Bledsoe Buries Bitter Divorce With Buffalo [5:00 AM] reports: '"The sense that I got from talking to (Bills head coach) Mike Mularkey and (Bills president/general manager) Tom Donahoe was that the move was more that they felt like they needed to get the other kid on the field," said Bledsoe, who signed a three-year deal with Dallas on Wednesday. "I suppose I can understand that. It wasn't something that I agreed with, but I've moved on and moved on to something that I believe is better."'

Marker Thursday's Dallas Coverage [4:59 AM] reports:
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February 23, 2005

Marker What's the problem? Bledsoe is a good option [9:53 PM]
Dallas Morning News reports: 'Bledsoe doesn't fit as a player nearing career sunset. In fact, he should be at or near career peak. Even his near peak looks better to me than the offerings of predecessors Quincy Carter, Anthony Wright, Ryan Leaf, Clint Stoerner, Chad Hutchinson and Testaverde. Who among them was better?'

Marker Bledsoe Introduced In Dallas [9:51 PM]
WGR-AM reports: 'One surprising statement made by Bledsoe was he was upset Mike Mularkey didn't open up the job to a competition between him and J.P. Losman. Had that happened, Bledsoe indicated he may have stayed. He said he couldn't live with not being given a chance to hold on to his job.'

Marker Bledsoe signs [9:50 PM]
Fort Worth Star Telegram reports: '"I'm very excited to be a Dallas Cowboy. I can't wait to go home and dress my kids with the little stars and get rid of the old gear from the other team," Bledsoe said.'

Marker Dysfunction in Dallas is overblown [5:48 PM]
ESPN reports: 'The decision to sign Bledsoe, and to adopt a more prudent approach in the development of Henson (about whom some Dallas coaches have real doubts) will be viewed in a lot of different ways over the next few days. For what it's worth, here is one contrarian take on the signing: Parcells extended the career of Bledsoe by bringing him aboard. If Bledsoe plays well enough, wins, say, nine games in 2005, he'll help extend Parcells' stay as well.'

Marker Veteran's day [5:10 PM]
Dallas Morning News reports: 'Bledsoe said he was "disappointed and angry" he was released by Buffalo but "energized" to be in Dallas. "The passion is still there...any thoughts of retirement were fleeting," Bledsoe said.'

Marker Cowboys reunite Bledsoe, Parcells [2:24 PM]
AP reports: 'Parcells makes no secret of his affinity for his former players, believing he can trust them more. His collection in Dallas already included receivers Keyshawn Johnson and Terry Glenn and running back Richie Anderson. Glenn played with Bledsoe from 1996-2001 in New England.'

Marker Cowboys agree to deal with Bledsoe, sources say [2:23 PM]
Dallas Morning News reports: 'According to several sources, the Cowboys and Bledsoe have an agreement in principle, and the veteran quarterback is in Dallas today to finalize the deal. The Cowboys have scheduled a 3 p.m. news conference.'

Marker Bills Get Ready For NFL Combine [1:15 PM] reports: 'Each NFL team will be allowed to interview 60 players for 15 minutes apiece.'

Marker Whatís in a name? [12:59 PM]
Rochester City Newspaper reports: 'The Bills' first order of business during the new J.P. Losman era is to change the second-year quarterback's last name to "Winman." Losman is pronounced LOSS-man, and that makes me uneasy. Hopefully, his name doesn't reflect his on-field performance.'

Marker Cowboys Agree To Contract With Former Bills, Patriots QB [11:28 AM] reports: 'Since Cowboys head coach Bill Parcells arrived in Dallas back in early 2003, it has been no secret he likes to reunite with former players.'

Marker Cowboy up! Bledsoe agrees to terms [8:52 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'The Bills, meanwhile, did not exercise their option to designate anybody on the roster as a franchise player or transition free agent. It means left tackle Jonas Jennings and defensive tackle Pat Williams can shop their services around the league starting March 2. The Bills are expected to attempt to sign at least one of the two. They could wind up signing both, depending on how much money they command in the open market.'

Marker Cap leaves Bills some spare change [8:51 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'The Bills are likely to be at about $78.5 million come next Wednesday. Initial estimates of the Bills having more than $10 million in cap space did not take into account several bonus payments that are included in player contracts this year.'

Marker Henry's status affects Bills' strategy [5:01 AM]
Rochester D&C reports: 'Jennings is expected to command a signing bonus of more than $10 million alone. In recent days, huge deals have been struck with Seattle's Walter Jones (seven years, $52 million) and Indianapolis' Ryan Diem (seven years, $36 million) by their own teams to keep them in the fold.'

Marker One Drew too many [5:00 AM]
Dallas Morning News reports: 'Bledsoe playing behind the Dallas line? Jevon Kearse and Michael Strahan can almost feel their sack bonuses kicking in.'

Marker Bledsoe agrees to contract [4:59 AM]
Fort Worth Star Telegram reports: 'The page is one ripped out of the "Bill Parcells Players" book. Parcells drafted Bledsoe first overall with the Patriots in 1993, and Bledsoe helped lead New England to Super Bowl XXXI after the 1996 season. And while Bledsoe is 23-25 in his three seasons with the Bills, in many ways he defines the "bus driver" Parcells has said he desires in a quarterback.'

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