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Buffalo Bills News - November 13, 2003

Marker Donahoe's drafts contain more hits than misses [8:56 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'Q: With 2:07 left in the Dallas game and the clock running, we did not take a timeout. So the clock stops at 2:00, Dallas runs a play, we take a timeout and they run their next play with 1:53 left. If you take the timeout at 2:07, the second play goes at 2:00. What am I missing? This obvious strategy is missed by 80 percent of coaches. Furthermore, if you have multiple timeouts remaining, use them all before the 2:00 warning. - Ray Orrange, Tonawanda A: Good point. . . . What are you doing between 1 and 4 p.m. Sunday?'

Marker Tasker, Wilson a step closer to hall [8:55 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'The 15 finalists will be announced in mid-January, with the new class elected Jan. 31, the day before the Super Bowl in Houston.'

Marker Bills' foes succeed in putting on the blitz [5:15 AM]
Rochester D & C reports: 'Much of the offensive ineptitude has been due to Buffalo’s inability to cope with blitzes. The line is getting overpowered by the extra pass rushers, the receivers are not winning their one-on-one battles and giving Bledsoe someone to throw to, and Bledsoe has either held the ball too long or thrown it inaccurately.'

Marker Jaguars quickly snag WR Johnson [5:14 AM]
Rochester D & C reports: 'Shaw, who was signed as a free agent to help ease the loss of Peerless Price to Atlanta, has been even more disappointing with just four catches for 22 yards (5.5) with a long of seven. The Bills failed to score a touchdown against the Chiefs or Cowboys, and quarterback Drew Bledsoe perished against all-out blitz tactics with his receivers blanketed at the line.'

Marker Answers, like TDs, hard to come by as Bills keep losing [5:13 AM]
Toronto Star reports: 'The immobile quarterback has had difficulty releasing the ball when under pressure — he's been sacked a conference-leading 26 times — and is ranked 11th in the American conference with a 74.4 quarterback rating.'

Marker Thinning out [5:12 AM]
Houston Chronicle reports: 'The Texans have an AFC-low eight sacks, with only two coming from an outside linebacker.'

Marker 16-year NFL veteran takes being a role model seriously [5:11 AM]
Shelby Star reports: 'In addition to his four AFC Championship rings in his 10 years in Buffalo, Metzelaars was also part of the biggest playoff comeback in league history. The Bills trailed 35-3 in the third quarter before rallying to a 41-38 overtime win over Houston. It’s a day that ranks as his most memorable as a professional. “It was from the lowest of lows to the highest of highs,” Metzelaars said. “We were resilient, persistent and we just kept playing.”'

Marker Bills Lose DT Edwards For Season [12:30 AM] reports: "He was playing pretty strong earlier in the year," said Williams. "The injury has been going on for a month. We just made the decision to go in and have (surgery) done."

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November 12, 2003

Marker Blitz baffling Bledsoe, Bills [8:01 PM]
AP reports: 'During that span, Bledsoe has been sacked 24 times once for every 10 dropbacks for 185 yards. And in four of those games, all losses, he's failed to complete a pass longer than 21 yards.'

Marker Bills Glad To Be Home [8:00 PM] reports: '"We have to get something going," tight end Mark Campbell explained. "At what point in time do you say enough is enough and say let's go?"'

Marker Bills Coach Gregg Williams Previews Houston [7:59 PM] reports: '"We're back at home. We're still in the mix. Every game is the most important game. This week becomes the most important game that we have. We have a lot of areas on our football team that are playing really strong. We just have to get a couple of the other (weaker) ones fixed and we'll be right back in the mix again."'

Marker Quarterback Drew Bledsoe Previews Houston [7:58 PM] reports: '"We actually had some stuff last week and got some plays called that could have been very effective for us against the blitz. If you get the ball out quick and split it then there's nobody left out deep. We have to be able to continue to do that. We had one play set up throwing it deep down the field to Bobby Shaw. If I were able to put a little more air on that it might have turned into a big play. When you're in a type of game like that, when they are going to come after you on every play, you have to hit one play. You have to get the ball out. Somebody has to break a tackle and they can go the distance, and that will discourage the defense from having that attitude and that type of game plan against you. We didn't get those plays made so they kept coming after us."'

Marker Bills Make Roster Moves [7:57 PM] reports: 'Also, running back Ken Simonton has been re-signed to the Bills practice squad while wide receiver Jerel Myers had been released from it.'

Marker Ask Safety Pierson Prioleau [7:56 PM] reports: 'Here's your chance to find out more about Bills free safety Pierson Prioleau.'

Marker Buffalo Bills Conference Calls [7:55 PM] reports: '“We’re pretty close to desperation mode. We have got to start winning immediately. We’re 4-5 and offensively we haven’t played well for a little while. So offensively we’ve got to get something going. It doesn’t matter who we’re playing, we just have to produce more offensively than we have in the last few weeks. I’m sure the Texans will look at both what the Chiefs and the Cowboys did against our offense and what they had success with. I’m sure that they’ll use some of those same concepts and same types of schemes. It’s up to us to address the problems that we’ve had offensively and get those things fixed. Otherwise, we are going to continue to see the same things.”'

Marker Bills lose DT Edwards for season [3:22 PM]
The Sports Network reports: 'The three-year veteran has missed four straight games after being hurt on October 3, in practice and will be placed on injured reserve.'

Marker Bills Alumni Spotlight: Scott Hutchinson [3:18 PM] reports: Hall of Fame running back O.J. Simpson rushed for 10,183 yards and scored 70 touchdowns for the Bills. He also brought five draft choices to Buffalo with his 1978 trade to the San Francisco 49ers. The first? University of Florida defensive end Scott Hutchinson.

Marker Modern-era 25 semi-finalists for Class of 2004 announced [2:07 PM] reports: Steve Tasker (Special Teams/WR – 1985-86 Houston Oilers, 1986-97 Buffalo Bill) and Ralph Wilson (Owner – 1959-present Buffalo Bills) made the list. Kent Hull, Chuck Knox & Darryl Talley did not.

Marker Bills DT Edwards to miss rest of season [11:49 AM]
AP reports: Buffalo Bills backup DT Ron Edwards will miss the rest of the season after having surgery Wednesday to repair a torn rotator cuff.

Marker Playing hurt a real pain for Moulds [8:52 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"It's tough," said Moulds, the Buffalo Bills' veteran wide receiver. "Everything I do as a receiver is predicated on exploding. If you can't explode, then you're basically in a situation where you're depending on your instincts from playing the last eight years to get you through it."'

Marker Pinpoint precision [5:15 AM]
Houston Chronicle reports: 'After nine games, Stanley is leading the NFL with 22 punts dropped inside the opponents' 20-yard line, a pace that would break the league record of 39 set by Baltimore's Kyle Richardson in 1999. Of Stanley's 48 punts this season, only 16 -- or one in every three -- have been returnable.'

Marker Defense suffers in year two [5:14 AM]
San Antonio Express News reports: 'The only relief in sight is that the offenses, particularly the rushing offenses, of the next three teams aren't particularly daunting. Nevertheless, the Texans will visit Buffalo to face one of the league's weakest ground games this Sunday, then host two middling backfields-by-committee when the Patriots and Falcons visit Houston. So there is hope.'

Marker Bledsoe's the man, warts and all [5:13 AM]
WGRZ-TV reports: 'Bledsoe must play better, no question, but it says here he will, when other areas around him, including coaching, improve. That may not happen this season, but it doesn’t mean the season is a waste. Donahoe didn’t expect to go from 3-13 to 13-3 in two seasons anyway, and it’s almost a shame the first two games masked the problems that were here all the time.'

Marker Drew Bledsoe's parents on the Today Show [5:12 AM]
WGRZ-TV reports: 'Bennett says his 10th grade teacher, Mac Bledsoe, reinforced that belief. As did his classmate, Drew Bledsoe.'

Marker Drew Bledsoe’s parents honored on The Today Show [5:11 AM]
WHEC-TV reports: 'Drew made a surprise appearance on the show and gave Bennett an autographed Bills jersey. Drew says teachers are the real heroes. “As football players we're held up as hero's and people know all about what we do, but the real heroes are the teachers that make an impact on kids on a daily basis and it's neat to see my parents being recognized for doing that.”'

Marker Bledsoes in NY [5:10 AM] reports: 'Mac, Barbara and Drew Bledsoe were guests of Katie Couric (NBC's Today Show) on November 11, 2003. The event was a special reunion for Mac and Barbara with a former student and classmate of Drew's.'

Marker Tops Game Ball Winner: Aaron Schobel [5:09 AM] reports: 'To date this season, the third-year veteran from TCU has posted 36 tackles, 4.5 sacks, and one interception. In addition, he has accumulated seven quarterback pressures and six quarterback hits to lead the Bills pass rush.'

Marker Eden's Doug Beetow Named Bills HS Football [5:08 AM] reports: 'Head coach Doug Beetow of Eden High School has been named the Buffalo Bills’ high school football “Coach of the Week” for the tenth weekend of the 2003 season (Nov. 7-8). Beetow led Eden (10-0) to a 45-33 victory over rival Southwestern HS (8-2) in the Section VI Federation Class B championship playoff game last Saturday at Ralph Wilson Stadium.'

Marker Buffalo Bills Scouting Report [5:07 AM] reports: 'Technically, the Bills still have a chance to make the playoffs. With games at home against the Texans, Colts, Jets and Dolphins and away games at the Giants, Titans and Patriots, there is plenty of time for the Bills to get themselves back in the playoff hunt. With five losses, their margin for error is slim. But with one of the NFL's strongest defenses and an offense that could quickly catch on fire, they have as good a chance of making a run as any team in the league. Unfortunately, the Bills have shown little in the past two weeks to show that they're trying to turn things around.'

November 11, 2003

Marker Bills Offense Should Mutiny [1:52 PM]
WIVB-TV reports: 'Drew deserves a huge chunk of the blame, but so do his teammates. The offensive line did not hold up well in Dallas on Sunday. Eric Moulds said that several players were responsible for missing blitz pick-ups. But, I believe that Offensive Coordinator Kevin Gilbride should shoulder most of the blame. His play-calling has been atrocious. The offensive line, the running back, and maybe even Bledsoe have to be ready for a mutiny.'

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