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Buffalo Bills News - August 2, 2004

Marker Buffalo Bills training camp boosts Fisher’s enrollment [9:32 PM]
WHEC-TV reports: 'Enrollment has grown 20-percent since the Bills began training at the college five years ago. “Enrollment has been growing over the last five years. Fisher, since 1996, has been in a growth period for undergraduate, full-time enrollment primarily, and this fall, we'll get up to about 2300 students."

Marker Evans Works with First Team [9:31 PM] reports: '"We are rotating so that (the receivers) get reps with different quarterbacks," said Coach Mike Mularkey. "Sometimes in off-season workouts you find yourself getting the same people in the same rotations. We're trying to help everybody out by letting them get a feel of different routes and a feel of the guy that's throwing it."'

Marker Bills OT Williams excused from practice [9:30 PM]
AP reports: 'Without going into detail, team spokesman Scott Berchtold said Williams' absence was not injury related. He added that coach Mike Mularkey indicated the former first-round draft pick could be back for Tuesday's session.'

Marker Bills receiver Moulds back happy and healthy [9:30 PM]
AP reports: '''When Eric is healthy, he's the No. 1, 2, 3 receiver in the league,'' said Vincent, the former Eagles star who signed with the Bills last March. ''And with him healthy, we're a totally different football team.'''

Marker Lester Enters 18th Season with Bills [5:09 PM] reports: '"I've been here with four head coaches now," Lester said. "It's difficult to say good-bye to a lot of people when they leave. Marv Levy's staff was a bit older and a lot of those guys were like father-figures to me. They were all mentors to me. It's difficult to lose them, but it's good as a growing experience as far as the game is concerned because you get to learn different philosophies."'

Marker Transcript: Coach Mike Mularkey [5:09 PM] reports: 'On Willis McGahee looking like a first round pick:
I think we still need to see him in some live competition. Whether that's a goal line period or when the Browns come in. I'm sure the tempo of the hitting will go up. I think that he obviously has the tools to do it. I just think that he needs to see things at a quicker pace and a more physical pace.'

Marker Mularkey delivers an early message [8:52 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"He's given me a chance to look at (the offense), have more time to study it," Williams said. "I felt it's going to help the team if I know my information and know the terminology. Hopefully, as the week goes on, I can get back in there. But I'm going to continue to work hard as if there is no chance (to get the job back), just to push myself."'

Marker First step is a success for McGahee [8:51 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"I'm not going to be pleased until I score my first touchdown," he said. "Right now it's just a regular, day-by-day routine. But when I score that first touchdown, then I'll be very pleased about how far I've come."'

Marker The billboard: A daily dose from Bills training camp [8:50 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"They want to win bad. They have a sense of urgency about them. . . . This is not a rebuilding process at all."'

Marker Transcript: Wide Recevier Lee Evans [7:49 AM] reports: 'My agent knew I wanted to be here but we were also going to take the right deal. Both sides cooperated with each other and bent a little bit but didn’t break. We got the right deal and I’m happy.'

Marker Camp Opens with Evans, Losman Present [7:48 AM] reports: '"This is a whole new level," said Evans. "The college game is out the window. It's so much more technical here and so much faster. You've got to be able to learn a lot of terminology real quick so it's just different. I've always been somebody who loves challenges and this is a challenge I've got to overcome."'

Marker Evans has speed to burn, lots to learn [5:22 AM]
Rochester D&C reports: '“The one thing we did have to do on the one (Evans' deal) is a voidable year, which we haven't done,” said Donahoe. “I don't like setting the precedent, but we had to do it. The numbers wouldn't work, and we could have argued for weeks.”'

Marker Message received, says benched tackle Williams [5:21 AM]
Rochester D&C reports: '“This is the first step for me really getting geared back up because I missed so much. I believe (it's) the right move,” said Williams, who said he missed the June workouts for personal reasons. “He's given me a chance to look at (the new offense), have more time to study it, and hopefully, as the week goes on, I can get back in there with the 1s.”'

Marker McGahee looks good in first workout [5:20 AM]
Rochester D&C reports: 'He ran hard during the three-quarter speed drills and bounced right back up after getting bumped and taking several tumbles in traffic. “I covered up,” McGahee said. “I know how to fall; you don't have to worry about that. But I felt pretty good. It was a good day — no setbacks, no problems.”'

Marker Daring to hope [5:19 AM]
Rochester D&C reports: '“There's only two seasons for me, football season and non-football season, and during the off-season I can't wait for the season to start."

Marker Fitting the Bill [5:18 AM]
Hutchinson News reports: '"I always felt that in every drill in every practice I had to win," said Tasker, now a 42-year-old East Aurora, N.Y., resident. "I think what kept me on a lot of football teams was my ability to exceed the expectations people had for me."'

Marker Inside slant [4:29 AM]
CBS Sportsline reports: '"I know it hasn't been like this in years past, but I'd rather start at this level, and if we need to cut back, fine," said the former Vikings and Steelers tight end. "You can't start (low) and then say, 'We don't have enough practices, we're not hitting hard enough.' None of the two-a-days are back to back. ... It's not as grueling as it sounds."'

Marker Strategy and personnel [4:28 AM]
CBS Sportsline reports: 'McGahee has had no setbacks in his recovery from major knee surgery and even shed his brace during off-season drills. He will be monitored closely, of course, once the hitting begins. Asked if McGahee was 80, 90 or 100 percent back, Mularkey said: "That question to me has got to be answered when we get the pads on and the speed gets picked up a bit. He's got to take a few bangs and see how he holds up after a while, but to me personally, I don't think there's going to be a difference once we get rolling."'

Marker Notes, quotes [4:27 AM]
CBS Sportsline reports: 'Rusty Jones, the Bills director of physical development, divides the team into three groups when devising conditioning and weight-lifting programs: offensive and defensive linemen; linebackers, tight ends and running backs; wide receivers, quarterbacks, defensive backs, kickers and punters. "This team is in great shape," Jones told the Bills' website. "With the improvements in technology and training programs in the past few years, this team has really taken advantage of that."'

Marker Bills Team Report [4:26 AM]
The Sporting News reports: 'OLB Jason Gildon gives the team a chance to work the 3-4 into its defense. Gildon spent 10 years in the Steelers' 3-4 defense and is a better fit in that scheme. Coordinator Jerry Gray will keep the 4-3 as the base alignment but might put LBs Takeo Spikes, London Fletcher, Jeff Posey and Gildon on the field together.'

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August 1, 2004

Marker WR Evans takes part as Bills open training camp [9:21 PM]
AP reports: 'The Bills were somewhat handcuffed in negotiations in that they were only allotted $4 million this season to sign six draft picks, including quarterback J.P. Losman, selected 22nd overall. Losman signed his contract a five-year deal that includes a $5.6 million bonus just hours before Evans. Evans' contract includes a clause giving him the option to void the final year.'

Marker OT Williams opens Bills camp with second stringers [9:21 PM]
AP reports: 'Asked when Williams will be back with the starters, Mularkey said: ''Eventually, obviously, the sooner the better for all of us, I think.'''

Marker Bills release cornerback Carter [9:20 PM]
AP reports: 'The Bills gave no explanation for the release. They signed Carter in January and he spent the spring playing in NFL Europe.'

Marker Bills Open Camp [8:05 PM] reports: 'Mularkey announced on Sunday that former first round draft pick Mike Williams was replaced at right tackle by Marcus Price. Mularkey said, "That was my decision alone. It's not a punishment of any kind. I think he understands that and I think Marcus Price understands that. I'm very up front with these guys, I think they need that." Williams was the fourth overall pick in the 2002 draft.'

Marker Bills Back at St. John Fisher [8:05 PM] reports: '"We have a great interactive area for the kids, youngsters get to test their skills, see all about football, and, of course, you get a couple of autographs with the guys coming over to the fence and signing," said Scott Berchtold of the Buffalo Bills.'

Marker Transcript: Coach Mike Mularkey [7:51 PM] reports: 'On Willis McGahee's knee: We'll find out the more the pads go on and takes some licks. I'm not sure you can even totally evaluate that until you get into a game type situation. In his running, I see no ill-effects of his injury whatsoever in what we're doing.'

Marker Bills Release Carter [3:43 PM] reports: 'The Bills announced today that the team has released CB Kahlil Carter.'

Marker Tickets Availability for Second Night Practice [3:42 PM] reports: 'The August 11th night practice will run from 6:45 - 8:45 PM and will once again feature an autograph session involving the entire team following practice. Tickets for the night practice are free and are limited to six per person.'

Marker Lou Holtz Predicts More Success for Clements [3:41 PM] reports: '"Tom was a lawyer and he wanted to get into coaching," says former Notre Dame and current South Carolina head coach Lou Holtz. "I’ll tell you this, he’s very intelligent and has the ideal temperament to be a coordinator on the professional level. He’s very patient and very aware. I think he’ll do a wonderful job and I’m very happy he’s gotten this opportunity."'

Marker All aboard [8:58 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"I can't even describe it," Losman said. "I'm really happy to be here on time. I didn't really like the idea of holding out or anything like that. Everything went real smooth. My agent said it was going to get taken care of, he was a man of his word and it happened. It's exciting. I have kind of been waiting for it for a long, long time, and now that it's actually happening it's all surreal."'

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