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Buffalo Bills News - July 25, 2005

Marker Strategy and personnel [7:01 AM]
The Sports Xchange reports: 'He's no Michael Vick, but Bills QB J.P. Losman is no turtle when it comes to flat-out running speed. At the combine workout before the 2004 draft, the former Tulane star clocked consistently in the 4.6 range in the 40-yard dash.'

Marker Notes, quotes [7:00 AM]
The Sports Xchange reports: '"We made it clear to the teams [that] if somebody [was] willing to step up and give us a solid third, we [would] do the deal," general manager Tom Donahoe said. "A couple teams said, 'What if you get two offers for a third-round pick?' I said our inclination would be to take who offered it to us first."'

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July 24, 2005

Marker 'Wide Open' Battle for Bills Third WR [7:52 PM] reports: 'Reed knows that it's likely a make-or-break year for him with the Bills as his rookie contract comes to a close. And he finds himself with more competition as well, as the team used its first pick in the 2005 draft to take speedy wideout Roscoe Parrish in the second round.'

Marker Tight End Depth Chart Looks Promising [7:52 PM] reports: '"I think I'll be close to 100 percent," Campbell said about how he should be feeling by August. "The only thing that's going to make me 100 percent will be playing in games. That will be the deciding factor. Whether I'm 90, 95, or 100 percent, it's how well I can take a hit or how well I can get extra yardage after a hit and really get in the whole scheme of blocking somebody in a game situation. That's when I'll really be able to tell you that. But I'll definitely be good enough to go, I know that. And I feel good about where I'm at. I realize as the season goes on my knee is going to get better and stronger."'

Marker Keeping it real [8:57 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'The fact he's handsome, a Southern Californian and usually is seen dressing down leads Bills fans to one thought: Rob Johnson. It's an allusion that won't go away, because the scar from Johnson'stenure in Buffalo still exists on the psyche of Bills fans.'

Marker Losman finds Buffalo to be a 'grind it out' town [8:56 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"The main differences I see are Venice is a small area but the community is not as tight as the community here in Buffalo. L.A. is so big and there's so much more to do, so many more roads that lead you so many other places. Here in Buffalo it seems like everyone here has each other's back. Everyone knows pretty much everything about everybody. There are rumors in the town everyone knows.'

Marker Cyber-experts take their shots at forecasting Bills' fate [8:55 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'The game is still played on the field.'

Marker Despite changes, Patriots still class of AFC East [7:26 AM] reports: 'Buffalo's defense and special teams are playoff caliber, and the Bills are strong at running back (McGahee) and receiver. The biggest question marks -- and the reasons why they might not make the playoffs -- are their inexperienced quarterback and their reshuffled offensive line.'

July 23, 2005

Marker Jags could be richer without payoff to Bills [4:09 PM]
Florida Times Union reports: 'This was much more about the Buffalo Bills trading Henry to a team they felt would be less competitive for an AFC wild-card berth than the Jaguars spinning their wheels. Besides, hadn't the Jaguars already won a landslide decision over Buffalo in 1998 by swindling a first-round pick (which turned out to be Taylor) for Rob Johnson?'

July 22, 2005

Marker Titans have challenge of balancing backs' loads [5:31 PM]
ESPN reports: 'Henry forced his way out of Buffalo, after losing his starting job to Willis McGahee in 2004, because he wasn't inclined to play second fiddle. But history has demonstrated that it's difficult in the NFL to keep one back happy while the other gets most of the carries. So how long will Henry, who despite signing a four-year contract extension isn't going to earn a dime more in Nashville in '05 than he was scheduled to make in Buffalo, bite his tongue if he is logging, say, only six carries a game? Or will Brown, who has missed five games in each of his first two seasons, chafe if Henry knocks him from his No. 1 perch on the depth chart?'

Marker Bills put their faith in untested Losman [4:29 PM]
NBC Sports reports: 'Prediction: Second.'

Marker Whatever happened to Kent Hull? [4:16 PM]
Delta Democrat Times reports: 'Being away from his native Mississippi didn't bother Hull. Instead, he got to love western New York. Except for the heaps of snow that dump on Buffalo every winter, Hull said western New York is a lot like Mississippi. "When people in the South think New York, they think New York City," Hull said. "But western and upstate New York has very friendly people much like the Delta with strong emphasis on farming. People don't know that farmers in New York grow soybeans and corn. It's a huge agricultural community. As for the snow, you adapt to it. We've all had good times in the snow up there."'

Marker Bills May See Change at Nickel Position [2:48 PM] reports: '"I would say overall we'll be a better group from top to bottom than we were a year ago," Szabo said. "A year ago we had an unsettled situation at safety, which was compounded by the fact that Lawyer broke his arm. With Milloy healthy and now having moved Troy Vincent to free safety, we should be a little more consistent. … and our corners are both the same and both went to the Pro Bowl. They're very good players."'

Marker Ten Burning Questions: AFC East [12:54 PM]
CNN/SI reports: 'Is second-year QB J.P. Losman ready to lead Buffalo's offense?'

July 21, 2005

Marker Packers and Bills will bang helmets [5:33 PM]
The Sporting News reports: '"It helps speed up the process of getting into camp," Mularkey says. "It's an extra preseason game without calling it one, which is important, especially for us with a first-year starting quarterback. As many opportunities as you can get against an opponent where everything isn't scripted, the better."'

Marker McGahee Set for a Full Season as Starter [4:15 PM] reports: '"There's no question he's been working out," Mularkey said. "You can tell physically he's a specimen. I know that group down there, they work hard. There's a number of them that have a strict workout and you can tell he's been working out. He's in [good] physical condition."'

Marker Defense Wants to Be ‘All-Time’ [4:14 PM] reports: '"We have high goals set for ourselves," said defensive captain London Fletcher. "It goes beyond just wanting to be number one in the league. Our goal is to be the greatest defense of all time."'

Marker Jaguars dropped ball on Travis Henry trade [2:42 PM]
Brunswick News reports: 'With all the questions surrounding Fred Taylor's knee and whether he'll be ready, an insurance policy like Henry may have been a little pricey, but worth it. If Taylor cannot be the player we've come to expect the past couple of seasons (and there's no way to tell what's happening in J'Ville right now, with Jack Del Rio trying to control the flow of info surrounding the team like he was head of a Communist state), that will do nothing but put more pressure on quarterback Byron Leftwich to carry the offense in his third season.'

Marker Cornerback ready to grab NFL job [2:39 PM]
Owings Mills Times reports: '"It's difficult to get rookies to settle down," Buffalo Assistant General Manager Tom Modrak said. "They are in awe of things. He came in with a great deal of confidence because he can make plays. He was intense about everything. He was very good at minicamp."'

Marker Kelly tackling auto racing [8:51 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"I enjoy the race course," said Kelly, who will be Grand Marshal at the event. "I think from a spectator standpoint, they enjoy it as long as they can see what's coming on from the turns. It's interesting from the standpoint that it goes by the pits and then you wait about a minute and a half and boom, they're there. But Watkins Glen is a place I've been to many times. I enjoyed the people. I love it."'

Marker Ask Bills GM Tom Donahoe [7:53 AM]
WKBW-TV reports: 'E-mail your questions for the GM to'

Marker Henry deserved better from Bills [7:52 AM]
Lockport Union Sun and Journal reports: 'True, his relationship with the team likely had deteriorated beyond repair after he lost the starting running back job last season — but I can’t help wishing that the team had found a way to use both Henry and the explosive Willis McGahee at the same time. Henry was a warrior in his time with the Bills, twice rushing for more than 1,300 yards. He also played through numerous injuries, including a broken bone in his leg.'

Marker Texans' rush, no Ricky are breaks for Bills [5:02 AM]
Rochester D&C reports: 'The Bills will open at home against the Houston Texans on Sunday, Sept. 11. There couldn't be many softer spots for second-year quarterback.'

Marker Thursday's Tennessee Coverage [5:01 AM] reports:
Henry has grip on future (Nashville Tennessean)
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No reunion with Titans for George (Nashville Tennessean)
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Titans' Henry says main goal is winning (Nashville City Paper)
Oh Henry! Reese all smiles (Murfreesboro Daily News Journal)
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Running back says trade gives him fresh start (AP)
McNair, Brown excited about Henry's arrival (
Travis Henry Press Conference (

July 20, 2005

Marker Losman growing at his own beat [9:26 PM]
USA Today reports: '"I should know after about Week 3 or 4. I'm going to look back and either go, 'This football thing is going to happen for me.' Or I'm going to look back and say, 'Man, this is going to be really tough.' But until I know, this little waiting period is stressful."'

Marker Kelly fuels competitive itch with car racing [9:24 PM]
AP reports: '"I ran the no-huddle offense. Well, that's what this is, it's fast-paced," Kelly said Wednesday. "I just love it. I really do. I'm a NASCAR freak."'

Marker How Will the Bills’ Offense Be Different? [4:18 PM] reports: '"We can do so many things now," Moulds said. "We can put guys in the backfield, we can put Roscoe in the backfield, you can put Lee back there, you can use those guys' speed and mix it up a little bit. I think it's going to be tough for guys to come in and throw coverage and try to do different things and try to take one guy away. It's going to be more diverse because if they do that we're going to get Roscoe down the seam, going to get Lee down the seam for a touchdown. I think teams are going to have to respect the speed outside."'

Marker Wilson Posts Double Victory at USTA National Championships [12:12 PM] reports: 'Mary Wilson, the wife of Buffalo Bills owner Ralph Wilson, showed the family’s athletic success expands beyond the football field.'

Marker New York's senators seek careful check of Supreme Court nominee [9:06 AM]
AP reports: 'The son of a former Bethlehem Steel executive, Roberts was born in Buffalo but left when his family moved when he was a young boy. But his childhood was apparently long enough to make him a fan of the city's football team, the Bills.'

Marker Mary Wilson earns two titles [8:58 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'Mary Wilson, the wife of Buffalo Bills owner Ralph Wilson, won two titles last Friday in the United States Tennis Association's National Grass Court Championships, held in Forest Hills, Queens.'

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