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Buffalo Bills News - August 2, 2002

Marker Kelly's approach made him a Hall of a player [5:26 AM]
D and C reports: '"Jim truly didn't care about his individual stats. He cared about how many wins the Buffalo Bills had instead of how many touchdown passes Jim Kelly had. He measured his success by the team's success, which is why, more often than not, he would audible to a run rather than a pass. That told you where his focus was. It was on the team."'

Marker Stand up and be heard [5:25 AM]
D and C reports: 'Gray barely made a slice last season, though, when the Bills stumbled to a 3-13 record and his defense ranked 21st in total yards allowed, 26th in rushing yards allowed, 28th in third-down success and 29th in points allowed.'

Marker It's time to play some real football [5:24 AM]
D and C reports: 'Saturday's scrimmage will last two hours and each team will probably have five or six 10-play possessions where they can score as often as they can. However, if they don't score in 10 plays, the possession ends and the other team will go on offense.'

Marker Warning: The Dawgs are coming [5:23 AM]
D and C reports: 'For Cleveland fans, many of whom grew up watching Jim Brown bulldoze opposing defenders, the visit to Fisher is a dream come true.'

Marker Plenty to check out during first scrimmage [5:21 AM]
D and C reports: 'Defensive line. This is considered the weakest unit on the team, and for good reason. Outside of tackle Pat Williams, there is no proven commodity up front.'

Marker Fan of the day [5:20 AM]
D and C reports: '"We were fortunate to get to three of the Super Bowls in Tampa, Pasadena and Atlanta. They were so exciting. But when (Scott Norwood) missed that kick against the Giants, it was the saddest thing, just awful. I always felt sorry for him."'

Marker Kelly still puts up big numbers [5:19 AM]
Cleveland Plain Dealer reports: '"Jim Kelly is bringing along an entourage of family and friends numbering more than 1,000," said HOF information service manager Pete Fierle.'

Marker The targets move to different backs [5:18 AM]
Cleveland Plain Dealer reports: 'Their No. 1 pick was offensive tackle Mike Williams of Texas. Williams signed last Sunday and reportedly is closer to 400 pounds than the 375 he is listed at. "I've been in this league long enough to know size don't mean nothing. I've seen guys look like Tarzan and play like Jane," said Browns left end Kenard Lang, who will compete against Williams.'

Marker Browns training camp log [5:17 AM]
Cleveland Plain Dealer reports: 'Q: Everybody's looking for re ceivers with your size and your college credentials. Why weren't you drafted and why didn't it work out in Buffalo? A: [Kwame Cavil] I don't know. I guess I didn't run a good time and they didn't feel I was ready for the NFL. Things like that happen for a reason and I'm just happy to be where I am now. With Buffalo, I guess I just didn't fit in anymore. I had a good camp, I thought. You know how things go in the NFL.'

Marker Bills offer change of pace [5:16 AM]
Lorain Morning Journal reports: 'The practices and scrimmage are scripted. In fact, Coach Butch Davis and Bills' coach Greg Williams met last night to go over final details to make sure no one is surprised.'

Marker Cleveland, Buffalo team up to practice and scrimmage [5:15 AM]
Warren Tribune Chronicle reports: 'The scrimmage will consist of five 12-play series. The first teams will go at it on the first and third possessions. The second teams will compete in the second series, with a mixture of players on the fourth and fifth possessions.'

Marker Browns gear up for Bills [5:14 AM]
Canton Repository reports: 'The Bills are due for more prosperous times with Drew Bledsoe. The Browns are banking on Butch Davis - two first-round picks, Gerard "Big Money" Warren and William Green, to cash in the first expansion-era playoff year. The optimistic 2001 also-rans get a chance today and Saturday to see whose optimism is more worthy of investment.'

Marker Jim Kelly [5:13 AM]
Canton Repository reports: '"I owe everything to my dad," Kelly said. "He took the time to work with me when I was younger. More than that, he taught me if you work hard enough, anything is possible."'

Marker Buffalo’s Kelly learns how to be a pro in upstart USFL [5:12 AM]
Canton Repository reports: '"I was a part of the USFL at the time Buffalo drafted him," said San Diego Chargers General Manager John Butler, who worked in Buffalo when Kelly played there. "I was with George Allen at the Chicago Blitz. We drafted Jim, but we had Greg Landry as our quarterback, so we traded his rights to Houston because we wanted as many great players in the league as we could get."'

Marker Quarterback helped revive Miami program [5:11 AM]
Canton Repository reports: '"I believe that he mirrored the physical Buffalo Bills fans - hard-working, tough-as-nails, gritty, determined type of player. Looking at it from a historical perspective, he is one of the three great quarterbacks from the class of 1983. ... Personally, he took an old, washed-up receiver, who couldn't out run his shadow, and made him an All-Pro again. For that, I thank him." - Wide receiver James Lofton'

Marker Jim Kelly: ‘One of greatest competitors’ in NFL uniform [5:10 AM]
Canton Repository reports: '"The "Golden Age" of the Buffalo Bills started when (General Manager) Bill Polian pulled off a three-way trade that sent Eric Dickerson to the Colts and the rights to Cornelius Bennett to Buffalo,"Felser said. "That was Marv Levy's first full year there. Jim Kelly was coming into his own, and the "Golden Age" didn't end until 1997, when Kelly was gone."'

Marker Buffalo antes up for top-quality quarterback [5:09 AM]
Canton Repository reports: '"Jim Kelly succeeded the legendary Bruce Mathison as Bills' quarterback," said retired Buffalo News sports editor Larry Felser, tongue in cheek. "I think Bruce won one game by accident. When Jim Kelly came to Buffalo, the fans knew it, I knew it, and the players knew it: Jim Kelly was their meal ticket. I don't think many minded what he was being paid."'

Marker Milloy can't wait to face new Bills QB [5:08 AM]
Boston Herald reports: '"Those two games, for me...There are only a few guys that I really, really respect in this league. And the way I work is, if I respect you, you're going to get my best. And that's what I'm going to do with him. I'm going to want to kick his ass, basically."'

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August 1, 2002

Marker Bills Set To Face Browns Next Two Days [11:52 PM] reports: Quarterback Drew Bledsoe and the Bills offense completed Thursday's afternoon session with a crowd pleasing two-minute drill that was culminated by a 12-yard touchdown pass to tight end Jay Riemersma with no time left on the clock.

Marker Bills - Browns Scrimmage Notes [10:31 PM] reports: The Bills and Browns have met 11 times during the regular season and Cleveland holds a 7-4 edge in those contests but the Bills have won the last two. They last met in Cleveland in 1995 when Buffalo recorded a 22-19 win.

Marker Bills look forward to Browns scrimmage [9:36 PM]
AP reports: 'Williams and his staff know the two days against the Browns will provide a more tangible means for evaluating talent. Players tend to coast through the monotony of two-a-day practices.'

Marker Bills Stars Weigh In For A Good Cause [9:23 PM] reports: Buffalo Bills veterans Ruben Brown and Pat Williams had a big weigh in today and it did not involve being on the football field. This weigh in was a little different. This weigh in helped the Food Bank of Western New York and the Rochester Food Link beef up.

Marker Final chapter [4:44 PM]
Butler Eagle reports: 'Kelly, who set many passing records with the Buffalo Bills, has already set a Hall of Fame record: most rooms reserved.'

Marker Kelly's ability to lead earns him induction [4:03 PM]
AP reports: 'For all the honors, passing numbers and victories Kelly compiled, few could match the quarterback's confidence and determination. Some had better arms and many had faster feet, but Kelly had an unmistakable ability to lead.'

Marker London Fletcher Diary [3:23 PM] reports: LB London Fletcher is reporting from Training Camp. He'll be giving you the inside scoop of what's going on as the Bills prepare for the regular season.

Marker Training Camp Photos [2:38 PM] reports: Photos from the 2002 Bausch & Lomb Training Camp

Marker Mr. Wilson To Answer Questions From Bills Fans [2:09 PM] reports: Ralph Wilson reintroduced football to Western New York in 1960 when he formed the Buffalo Buffalo and joined Lamar Hunt, along with six owners, to make the American Football League. The league persevered and merged with the long established National Football League.

Marker Kelly will be surrounded by friends and family [1:26 PM]
ESPN reports: "Paterno still contends that Kelly would have been a star at Linebacker U., and insisted last week that he would have played in the NFL on the defensive side of the ball and been a Pro Bowl caliber performer."

Marker Where Are They Now: Ron McDole [11:55 AM] reports: Where Is He Now: During the early stages of his football career, Ron McDole was either one of the most persistent players in the NFL or AFL, or he was one of the unluckiest.

Marker Kodak Fan's Fan of the Day [11:54 AM] reports: Photo of the fan of the day at camp.

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