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Buffalo Bills News - August 2, 2003

Marker Lofton goes enters Pro Football Hall of Fame as a Packer [5:16 AM]
Green Bay News Chronicle reports: '"He was kind of the missing piece we needed," retired Bills head coach Marv Levy told The Associated Press. "We had a great quarterback and two good receivers, but we were a three-receiver offense."'

Marker Bledsoe understands Browns' QB battle [5:15 AM]
AP reports: '''It can be unsettling,'' he said, ''more so because it's a media frenzy than what happens within the team. So that's what falls on the two quarterbacks to squash that as fast as they can.'''

Marker Bills Practice in Cleveland [5:14 AM] reports: '"There were some good things that we did," quarterback Drew Bledsoe explained. "I think we're getting better."'

Marker Interview with Joe DeLamielleure [12:43 AM]
TBD reports: Reprint of Spring Interview....

"I was blessed to be on teams with players like O.J. Simpson, Brian Sipe and J.D. Hill. I was fortunate to be part of the greatest running team in History and with greatest passing team in history. And I loved the game. I would have played for a T-shirt and a cap."

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August 1, 2003

Marker Hall's call worth the wait for 'Joe D' [7:38 PM]
AP reports: 'The recognition didn't come until football researcher John Turney released a list ranking DeLamielleure as the NFL's third-most accomplished offensive lineman in terms of awards received, behind John Hannah and Anthony Munoz.'

Marker Bill past due [7:38 PM]
CNN/SI reports: So do you feel at home yet as a Buffalo Bill?

DB: I do, I really do. But that happened very, very quickly for me here. Both with the organization and the community. This organization and the players here did a great job. I felt right at home when I stepped in the door. This community embraced me and really embraces this team as they have for a long time. So that transition happened very quickly. I was in New England for a long time and appreciated the time there, but I also feel like I've been here for a lot longer than just a year.

Marker Hall of a task: Paring list of Seniors candidates from 68 to 15 is arduous [7:36 PM] reports: Dr. Z explains his choices of 15 "Seniors" Finalists for the NFL Hall of Fame from 68 nominess and says: "I voted for... (Tom) Sestak, an underrated rock on the great Buffalo lines of the 1960s." The actual list of 15 Finalists will be released later.

Marker Ask Vic: Fiedler, Maddox should do well [7:31 PM] reports: Granted, I think Drew pressed too hard at times and forced some questionable throws, but I don't think that will be the case as often with the improvements the Bills made to their defense and a greater commitment by the offense to run the ball.Granted, I think Drew pressed too hard at times and forced some questionable throws, but I don't think that will be the case as often with the improvements the Bills made to their defense and a greater commitment by the offense to run the ball.

Marker Training Camp Journal: Pierson Prioleau Entry #1 [2:55 PM] reports: 'We have such a great coaching staff too. There are a few new faces around here and it's been great to have a lot of coaches who are former players. They really know how to relate the information to us from a player's stand point.'

Marker Five Questions: Drew Bledsoe [2:54 PM] reports: 'Q: What’s your reaction to the Browns players’ talkative mood during the morning practice? A: Yeah, they were making some noise. That’s not really our mentality for the most part – other than Eric (Moulds), who likes to yap a little bit. But we just wanted to go out and perform well. Overall, I felt like we performed well.'

Marker August 1st Scrimmage Pictures [2:52 PM] reports: Thumbnail gallery.

Marker Browns and Kardiac Kids honor Joe DeLamielleure [2:51 PM]
Bucyrus Telegraph Forum reports: '"A tough guy, a guy of few words," Greg Pruitt said describing DeLamielleure. "He led by example. What he brought to our team was his work ethic."'

Marker DeLamielleure credits teammates for hall entry [1:35 PM]
Columbus Dispatch reports: 'DeLamielleure played from 1973-79 with the Buffalo Bills, becoming well-known as a member of the "Electric Company" offensive line that blocked for O.J. Simpson. DeLamielleure played his final five seasons for Cleveland. He never missed a game in his NFL career because of injury. "I’ve never been in a hospital except to be born," DeLamielleure said. "My wife said it’s because I never hit anyone."'

Marker You ain't seen nothin' yet [1:23 PM]
WGRZ-TV reports: 'Here’s what it all boils down to. November 11th. The Bills have until 4pm November 11th to sign McGahee, or else he will NOT be eligible to play in the 2003 season. They can still sign him after that date, but he can’t play until 2004. In a worst case scenario, if the Bills can’t sign him by the time the 2004 NFL draft rolls around next April, McGahee would go back into the NFL draft pool, and the Bills would be unable to redraft him.'

Marker Training camp billboard [10:50 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"He's kind of a silent assassin. He keeps his mouth shut and does his work and I like those kind of guys." - Gregg Williams on strong-side linebacker Jeff Posey.'

Marker Training Camp Journal: Mark Campbell Entry #1 [10:49 AM] reports: But the main thing for me this first week is to try and bond with my teammates. I was traded here in February but after mini-camp guys usually just go home. While I'm here I try to do as many activities with the guys as I can. Sometimes I play cards, sometimes we just hang out. It's been a great way to get to know people.

Marker Browns, Bills: Round Two [9:31 AM]
Lorain Morning Journal reports: '''I hope some of our guys get the nastiest, ugliest, meanest bull in the rodeo tomorrow. The only way you'll ever get good is going against good people. We're going to win some and they're going to win some. We're going to make some mistakes. All getting beat does is open your eyes to what you have to work on.'''

Marker Scrimmage provides first test [8:55 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"After 14 weeks of the offseason and the first few practices here, I've seen these guys in shorts enough," said Bills coach Gregg Williams. "It's time to see them in pads."'

Marker Kelsay off to flying start as Bills rookie [8:54 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"He's an athletic guy - big, strong, fast - so he's going to be all right," said right defensive end Aaron Schobel. "He came in knowing a lot of stuff about football. He's got to get better at the little things, like everybody does, but he's got the ability to play this year and play well. He's pretty far ahead though; he's not just a raw guy. He knows how to play football."'

Marker Bills hit the road to hit [5:28 AM]
Rochester D&C reports: 'Williams plans to sit his starters quickly. That means such young defenders as Ryan Denney, Chris Kelsay, Angelo Crowell and Kevin Thomas will go against Cleveland’s better players.'

Marker Rested and ready, Gary's on the go [5:27 AM]
Rochester D&C reports: 'One of the reasons he came to Buffalo is because the Bills are closer to winning than the other teams he considered.'

Marker Pass rushers take first quiz [5:27 AM]
Rochester D&C reports: 'His “ fire zone” scheme is noted for hiding the blitzing players and utilizing techniques like defensive ends dropping into coverage. “ When it’s working right, you’ll see defensive linemen getting interceptions,” Spikes said. “ Crazy things, stuff you don’t think will happen. The key is having athletic guys, not just straight-forward guys who fit the stereotype of a nose guard or an end. We have guys who can move.”'

Marker McGahee's agent is optimistic [5:26 AM]
Rochester D&C reports: 'He last spoke with Buffalo’s chief negotiator, Jim Overdorf, on Wednesday.'

Marker No bull, there is late due bill [5:25 AM]
Akron Beacon Journal reports: '``Let's just say that now I know what to expect from London Fletcher,'' Shea said. ``Cheap.'''

Marker `Joe D.' business benefits [5:24 AM]
Akron Beacon Journal reports: '``You never think about things like that when you are a (Hall of Fame) finalist,'' DeLamielleure said. ``The honor is rewarding enough, but it has helped us out tremendously.'''

Marker Joe D. says it like it is [5:22 AM]
Canton Repository reports: '“Football is not rocket science,” DeLamielleure told the men in pads, his booming chest and muscular arms commanding respect — he was still playing arena football at 42. “One play at a time. It’s that simple. If you did good on a play, or if you did bad, think no more of it. Do well on the next play. I got that advice from one of my coaches, Jim Ringo, a man of few words. But it’s exactly what I did it every day of my career, and it paid off.”'

Marker Browns gear up to scrimmage Bills [5:12 AM]
Dayton Daily News reports: '"He's like the Dennis Rodman of the NFL," Shea said. "That's his game. I didn't know what to expect last year, but I'll be ready this year. I'll have my head on a swivel. If he wants to play dirty, we can play dirty."'

Marker Spikes looks to shine in 'Super' season [5:11 AM] reports: "I think I'll be very helpful with just my natural instincts as a player," Spikes said. "A lot of people are not blessed with that. A lot of people are athletically built and they look like Tarzan, but play like Jane."

July 31, 2003

Marker Bills Head to Cleveland [4:04 PM] reports: '"We're not going down there and try and beat each other up," explained defensive tackle Sam Adams. "They're going to have a good football team this year and they're going to be a challenge for us."'

Marker NFL 101: Football Clinic for Women [2:47 PM] reports: NFL 101 is specifically designed to teach women the X's and O's of football and find out what happens behind the scenes in the NFL. Wear your comfortable clothes and be prepared to participate! Along with the classroom session, there will be interactive football drills led by former Bills as well as a tour of the training facility. Food will be provided.

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