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Buffalo Bills News - October 1, 2014

Marker Let’s be clear on what you’re saying when you choose Kyle Orton [10:58 AM] reports: 'Orton, simply put, does not pass the smell test. The worst thing that’s happened for Bills fans is Orton being signed after the preseason, because Buffalo has had four weeks to sit back and think “What if?” instead of reflecting on what they’ve seen in person.'

Marker Orton steps into familiar scenario with Bills [10:57 AM] reports: '“We thought he was a good player even in the preseason when he started,” said Brown of Orton. “He went out there and commanded the team on a few drives. We were like, ‘Wow this young quarterback that we got is pretty good.’ We never thought we would end up using him. We just thought it’d be nice to see him develop knowing he had the talent. But we wound up using him sooner than we thought.”'

Marker QB change proves Bills’ bluff on Manuel [10:56 AM]
Salamanca Press reports: 'Risking first-round draft picks in such a cavalier fashion is steps one two and three to getting fired in the NFL. Technically, Whaley’s predecessor, Buddy Nix, made the Manuel selection. But with the Watkins trade and Manuel’s benching, the Bills’ management has squandered two out of three picks (2013 and 2015). Aside from a franchise quarterback, no commodity means more in today’s league than first-rounders. This move confirms a failure to value both.'

Marker Bills aren’t cashing in on turnovers [1:59 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'The Bills actually recorded three takeaways – intercepting Ryan Fitzpatrick twice and jumping on a fumble by Texans receiver Andre Johnson. The stats support McKelvin’s claims, and show the team has a right to be fuming about the loss.'

Marker AFC East is there for taking [1:58 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'Yes, it’s early. Brady could come back and shred the undefeated Bengals this Sunday in Gillette Stadium. The Pats could reaffirm their place in the division a week later with another win over the Bills. Buffalo could lose to Detroit and New England for four straight defeats. Anything is possible. That’s precisely the point.'

Marker Peter King says J.J. Watt is big reason Buffalo Bills benched EJ Manuel [1:57 AM]
Syracuse Post-Standard reports: '"I think he ruined EJ Manuel in that game," King said. "EJ Manuel is not a very confident guy anyway but, I mean, I think he sent EJ Manuel to the bench. That’s the impact he had. He hit EJ Manuel nine times in that game. He had the incredible leaping interception and he outruns a running back and a quarterback 80 yards for a touchdown."'

Marker Kyle Orton stats, bio and other information about the Buffalo Bills new quarterback [1:56 AM]
Syracuse Post-Standard reports: 'The search for the next franchise quarterback hasn't been an easy one in Western New York, and the benching of EJ Manuel for Kyle Orton isn't likely the solution to the problem, either.'

Marker 3 reasons why EJ Manuel was doomed from the start with the Buffalo Bills, and what comes next [1:55 AM]
Syracuse Post-Standard reports: 'Forget his accuracy issues or relative inexperience going through multiple reads at Florida State. When a quarterback is drafted in the first round, he is expected to be a franchise guy sooner rather than later. Manuel was the only quarterback drafted in the first round of the 2013 draft, too, a year after Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III and Russell Wilson were some of the best rookie quarterbacks in the history of the NFL.'

Marker No more missed Buffalo Bills games in Syracuse? FCC abandons blackout rule [1:54 AM]
Syracuse Post-Standard reports: 'Today’s decision means only that the NFL can’t insist on network blackouts via an FCC policy.'

Marker Nobody circles the drain like the Buffalo Bills [1:53 AM]
Tonawanda News reports: 'Here’s the reality: The team reached to draft Manuel 16th two years ago. Then they reached to draft Sammy Watkins to prop him up. In the process they traded away the first round draft choice they now need after admitting Manuel isn’t the guy they hoped he would become. And now, a first-time NFL head coach and a first-time NFL offensive coordinator will turn to a journeyman signal caller who was benched for Tim Tebow twice to save their season — and their jobs.'

Marker Buffalo kicker Jordan Gay has plenty of local support [1:52 AM]
Danville Advocate Messenger reports: '“She gets a lot of people stopping by and seeing her that know the connection with Jordan or make the connection,” Jamey Gay said. “But it has been exciting. He definitely feels the community support in Buffalo and knows people here are excited and cheering for him.”'

Marker Former Wando star Jamie Childers signs with Buffalo Bills practice squad [1:51 AM]
Charleston Post and Courier reports: 'Childers, who played both quarterback and tight end at Coastal Carolina, has been with three different NFL teams since 2012 - St. Louis, New York Giants and Buffalo.'

Marker Upon Further Review: Bills at Texans [1:50 AM]
WGR-AM reports: 'Of the many reasons that head coach Doug Marrone elected to make the switch at quarterback for Week Five, anticipation and accuracy are chief among them. Manuel, at this point in his career, just does not throw his receivers open.'

Marker JW: All-22 Review Bills/Texans [1:49 AM]
WGR-AM reports: 'So far the best thing I can figure for Kyle Orton is this: He won't have to play against JJ Watt this year. Watt was a terror. Unblockable. The Texans slide him around to different spots on the line, but most frequently he was working against Erik Pears or Cyril Richardson. How'd you like that assignment?'

Marker TE Jamie Childers signed to Bills Practice Squad [1:48 AM] reports: 'A 6-5, 250-pound Coastal Carolina product, Childers entered the NFL as an undrafted free agent with the St. Louis Rams in 2012 before being released prior to the regular season. He then joined the New York Giants at the start of the 2013 offseason and was released prior to the start of the regular season. A native of Mount Pleasant, SC, Childers tallied 11 catches for 233 yards and three touchdowns during his senior collegiate season. He is 28 years old.'

Marker From the Booth: 5 observations at the quarter pole [1:47 AM] reports: 'He’s the oldest running back in the NFL, and there are no signs of slowdown from Fred Jackson. Through four games, Jackson is on pace for 128 carries this year, and he’s the team's leading receiver with 19 catches. The next most productive running back over 30 is Philadelphia’s Darren Sproles, who’s purely a situational player. Jackson’s tough, between-the-tackles running style is part of the foundation of Buffalo’s best offensive approach and he’s certain to remain an integral piece of the offensive attack in the final three-quarters of the season.'

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September 30, 2014

Marker Bills Move On From Manuel [12:01 PM]
Bills Daily reports: So I’m at a loss to explain why there is so much joy in Bills Nation today. Manuel may not be under center on Sunday but his failure, and the failure of the organization, should be a point of great hand-wringing. In the end I think Buffalo may salvage a 6 or 7 win season, but the cost for such mediocrity will be exorbitant - a first round pick in Manuel, 2 first round picks in Watkins, $5 million a year for 2 years of Orton. I’m not cheering this move, I’m crying – after so many years of football hardship it’s hard to believe there are any tears left. Is it too early to start worrying about backup quarterback?

Marker Football is king; no surprise Orton gets call [11:53 AM]
Olean Times Herald reports: 'In short, for all the justified criticism of Manuel, there was plenty of blame to go around for Buffalo’s offense. Now it’s Orton’s team, but he inherits the same line ... and offensive coordinator.'

Marker Marrone turns to Orton as Bills’ QB [11:52 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'The move is a shocking departure from the team’s “all-in” approach with Manuel, their 2013 first-round draft pick who has a career record of 6-8 as a starter.''

Marker Jackson stands behind coach’s decision [1:59 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '“It’s a decision that was made, and one that we just have to go out there and make it the right decision,” Jackson said before appearing on Monday’s episode of “The Fred Jackson Show” on WBBZ-TV. “Everybody’s got to continue to work. We’ve got to make everything as smooth a transition for Kyle as we can.”'

Marker Benching proves EJ can’t cut it [1:58 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'It’s a wonder that Doug Marrone’s nose didn’t grow after Sunday’s loss in Houston when he said he hadn’t considered using Orton in that game. It’s clear that using Orton has been on the table for some time. It was a consideration when they brought him in at the end of camp and paid him a $5 million salary.'

Marker Bills’ record looks better than they do [1:57 AM]
Rochester D&C reports: 'This 2-2 feels pretty dire, though, and Doug Marrone confirmed as much Monday when he announced that EJ Manuel is heading to the bench in favor of Kyle Orton. We’re only at the quarter pole of the NFL season, but the Bills are already facing a tough road if they hope to end their postseason drought. Upon Further Review, Sunday’s loss certainly didn’t help in that seemingly neverending quest.'

Marker Marrone needed to make QB move now [1:56 AM]
Rochester D&C reports: 'You have to wonder what took Marrone so long, because the tape has been showing exactly what Marrone saw on Monday pretty much from the moment Manuel showed up in 2013 as the first-round pick charged with becoming the Bills quarterback of the future.'

Marker Doug Marrone sticks his neck out on decision to start Kyle Orton over EJ Manuel [1:55 AM]
Syracuse Post-Standard reports: 'Marrone is the one who has had to figure out a way to win games in spite of his quarterback play. Marrone is the one who has to stand in front of reporters almost every day and answer questions about how inadequate Manuel is playing, and he's the one who ultimately would have been out of a job had he stuck with Manuel too long.'

Marker Can Kyle Orton take the Buffalo Bills to the playoffs in 2014? [1:54 AM]
Syracuse Post-Standard reports: '"Absolutely," Marrone said. "I believe that we have a playoff-caliber team. I think that we have to play better than we did the last two weeks, though."'

Marker Mario Williams has odd homecoming, and 7 things we learned in Buffalo Bills' loss to Houston Texans [1:53 AM]
Syracuse Post-Standard reports: 'Williams was in and out of the locker room before reporters could talk to him. He didn't have a chance to say what the return meant or didn't mean to him. Maybe it took until then for Williams to feel the frustration of the loss. Maybe he was in a hurry to say hello to old friends, or maybe the game really didn't mean anything extra to the star defensive end, who finished the game with three quarterback hurries and had a sack called back by a penalty.'

Marker Kyle Orton will replace EJ Manuel as Buffalo Bills starting quarterback, Doug Marrone announces [1:52 AM]
Syracuse Post-Standard reports: 'Asked after Sunday's game if he was tempted to insert Orton into the game against the Texans, Marrone said, "No, not at all.”'

Marker Four reasons why Buffalo Bills benching E.J. Manuel for Kyle Orton is a bad move [1:51 AM]
Auburn Citizen reports: 'The Bills are giving up on Manuel four games into his second season and after his 14th NFL start. He hasn't even played a full season yet as Bills quarterback, yet the coaching staff believes it's time to give Kyle Orton a chance.'

Marker The EJ Manuel era is on hold in Buffalo [1:50 AM]
Toronto Sun reports: '“When you go to bed at night you have to make sure that you’re making the best decisions to help our football team win,” said Marrone, deviating from his plan to stick with Manuel through the inevitable sophomore blues. After another bumptious outing against Houston, it was evident the Bills would face another season without the playoffs if it didn’t make a change.'

Marker Bills couldn't wait for EJ Manuel to develop [1:49 AM]
USA Today reports: 'All that's certain now is Orton will be under center against the Lions, Manuel will be on the sideline and Marrone better hope the gambit pays off, or the chances will go up quickly that he pays with his job.'

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