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Buffalo Bills News - September 9, 1999

Marker Flutiemania II Revving Up [7:02 AM]
Toronto Sun reports: 'For the few remaining skeptics who figured the phenonenom known as Flutiemania would die off during the off-season, the exact opposite has transpired. Less than a year after the six-time Canadian Football League MVP returned to the NFL in relative anonymity as the backup quarterback of the Buffalo Bills, America's love affair with Flutie has continued to swell.'

Marker AFC Preview [7:00 AM]
New York Post reports: 'BILLS (10-6): Can Magic Man Doug Flutie do it again? Why not? C has been upgraded now that Jerry Ostroski has been moved there from RT, where hulking Robert Hicks takes over, and rook Peerless Price looks like nice third receiver, freeing up Kevin Williams for KOR and PR duties. And WR Eric Moulds is super. Antowain Smith and Thurman Thomas led third-best rushing attack last year. Rook CB Antoine Winfield will shadow slot receivers (Wayne Chrebet) and shore up third-down pass defense. DE Bruce Smith can still rush QB and NT Ted Washington and LBs John Holocek and Sam Cowart can stuff run.'

Marker Colts Will Defend Their Turf In Week 1 [6:30 AM]
Indianapolis Star-News reports: 'The Colts will open the season with an encouraging, 31-20, victory.'

Marker Colts' Run Defense Will Be Tested In A Hurry [6:28 AM]
Indianapolis Star-News reports: 'The Bills had the NFL's third-ranked rushing offense last season (135.1 ypg). But more telling than the raw numbers is Buffalo's commitment to the run. Despite the passing options provided by quarterback Doug Flutie and wide receivers Eric Moulds and Andre Reed, the Bills rushed a league-high 531 times in 1998. "Buffalo has the mentality to just pound you if they want to," Fangio said.'

Marker Flutie Back To Stir Things Up For Buffalo [6:23 AM]
Syracuse Post-Standard reports: 'Apparently big bucks don't guarantee thick skin. Throughout the preseason Phillips handled his two pricey quarterbacks like a pair of fragile Little Leaguers, granting them equal status on the depth chart as co-starters. But Johnson, the oft-sacked former USC star who fires bullets, but sometimes wanders into trouble, knew the score. "It's Doug's town and Doug's team," Johnson said, "until something happens."'

Marker Panos Will Miss Opener Against Colts [6:19 AM]
D & C reports: '"I went to see the doctor yesterday and he said it would be in my best interest to sit down for this week," Panos said. "But they all agreed if I absolutely had to play and there were no other guards here, I would play. "I don't like the situation, but there's nothing I can do about it. I'm going to listen to them."'

Marker Inability To Run No Worry For Bills [6:17 AM]
D & C reports: '"Did we play a game yet that means something?" asked fullback Sam Gash. "My whole thing about this deal is to wait and see when the season starts to see what we do, what they allow us to do, and we'll get it done. "Yes, we didn't run the ball in the preseason, but I can care less."'

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September 8, 1999

Marker To Pick a Champ, Cull Out the Losers [11:59 AM]
The Sporting News reports: Look at this piece of idiot analysis: "You can dismiss any team commanded by a Munchkin at quarterback: Chicago and Buffalo." Using logic like this, some guy named T. J. Simers manages to come up with Jacksonville beating Minnesota in the Super Bowl. To this I respond: Oh yeah, well our Munchkin beat your Super Bowl Champs last year! How do you explain that! Hmmmmmm?

Marker NFL Power Poll [11:47 AM]
The Sporting News reports: Sure, the Bills come in at #6 overall here, but the Fish at #2? Get real. As for the Jets.... look for them around #8.

Marker Bills Team Report 09/06/1999 [11:42 AM]
The Sporting News reports: "There is no quarterback controversy." Also, Sal calls Nails (listed 354) as "definitely in the 370 range."

Marker Zeigler will Start vs. Colts [11:35 AM]
Shout! reports: Panos won't play vs. the Colts, giving Zeigler the nod. In other news, Wade also has this to say about Anthony Gray ""I pick the team based on all aspects of their play. I like Gray, but I liked the other two guys better."

Marker Flutie Named the Starter [11:20 AM]
Shout! reports: Wade finally comes clean and calls Flutie the starter, *but* he also says that RJ will see some playing time. This sounds a lot like the plans instituted for McNabb in Philly and McNown in ChiTown. Perhaps history will look back on the QB Class of '99 as having a sixth member.

Marker No More Containers? [7:40 AM]
Shout! reports: TBD columnist, A. James Nicholas is hot under the collar Bills fans. The new container rules instituted by the Bills this year at RWS are short-sighted at best and a big corporate money grab at worst. Thankfully, Shout! and TBD have given him a forum to release some steam!

Marker Kickoff 1999! - Bills vs.Colts [7:39 AM]
Shout! reports: The Bills start the 1999 season with a visit to Indianapolis to play a dangerous Colts team. TBD columnist, Eric Schweitz, takes a look at the kickoff of the new season - the Bills vs. the Colts!

Marker Running Wild [6:34 AM]
Fox Sports reports: 'The reason the running game has been lagging is more a matter of preseason strategy than missed blocks, blown assignments and aching muscles, according to Smith. "We haven't opened up the whole offensive package because we don't want to show teams what we're going to be doing in the games," he said. "We're limited to three or four runs that we're trying to execute."'

Marker Bills Name Three Players To Practice Squad [6:30 AM]
Syracuse Post-Standard reports: 'The three are fullback Brian Edwards, running back Lennox Gordon and wide receiver Jeremy McDaniel, the team said Tuesday. They were among 13 players cut by the Bills on Sunday. Teams are allowed to keep as many as five extra players for their practice squads.'

Marker Reed Brings Along His Proteges [6:27 AM]
D & C reports: '"It's nice. They're my proteges," Reed says of Moulds and Price. "It's a sense of accomplishment for me. I try to set an example for everybody here. As far as receivers go, as a veteran, as a leader on the team for a lot of years, you take that upon yourself to be an example. When it comes down to it, the younger guys are going to look up to us veterans. We didn't stay around this long not knowing what we're doing."'

September 7, 1999

Marker NFL Team Values [7:31 AM]
Forbes Magazine reports: 19. Buffalo Bills $326,000,000

Marker Undrafted Free Agent Carpenter Makes It Big With Bills [6:16 AM]
Syracuse Post-Standard reports: 'Bills coach Wade Phillips knows why Carpenter is getting ready for the Bills' season opener at Indianapolis on Sunday and not looking for a job. "He makes plays for us," said Phillips, who was impressed with the way Carpenter managed to zero in on the ball with special teams and in the defensive backfield. "He caught my eye a lot, and he deserves to be on this team."'

September 6, 1999

Marker Fox Sports Net Hires Marv Levy For NFL This Morning Pregame Show [8:13 PM]
Fox Sports reports: '"When we first announced the creation of the NFL THIS MORNING, we made clear our commitment to having outstanding talent in studio. Hiring Marv Levy is a key step in that direction," said Terenzio who, along with FSN executive vice president programming and production Arthur Smith, will serve as executive producers for NFL THIS MORNING. "Marv’s years of experience and track record as a winner place him in an elite class among NFL coaches. We’re thrilled to have him on board for both the pregame show and for FOX SPORTS NEWS."'

Marker Advice From A Champion Nice Guy [7:43 PM]
San Diego Union-Tribune reports: 'Levy wound up as a runner-up in four Super Bowls when he was handling the Buffalo Bills, not that that diminished him, in my thinking. His team taught us something about gallantry, about striving and failing and coming back to strive and fail some more. That was the Bills' triumph and it was all of ours.'

Marker Bills' Top Preseason Running Back Given Pink Slip [6:56 PM]
Syracuse Post-Standard reports: 'But Gray's departure didn't surprise veteran running back Thurman Thomas. "You don't always see everything when you're watching the game from the outside," Thomas said. "A guy might not be playing as well in practice as he is in a game. (Gray) made a lot of mistakes and that might have cost him."'

Marker Bills Cuts Offer Few Surprises [6:21 PM]
Olean Times Herald reports: 'The biggest surprise in that group was Gray, who had 156 yards on 43 carries with two touchdowns while averaging four yards per attempt during preseason. He seemed to have secured a roster spot in Saturday night’s 16-14 victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers. In fact, with 50 yards on 10 carries plus a 36-yard run that was wiped out by a holding penalty, it appeared Gray, a free agent from Western New Mexico, might have moved ahead of fumble-prone Jonathan Linton on the depth chart. Also surprising was the waiving of McDaniel, who had eight receptions and a touchdown catch during the preseason.'

Marker Bills Don't Need Runner Gray After All [6:01 PM]
D & C reports: 'It was expected that the Bills would keep five running backs, and after Smith, Thomas, Jonathan Linton and Sam Gash, Gray appeared to be head and shoulders above the other candidates in training camp. And he very well might have been, but coach Wade Phillips decided to keep only the four running backs.'

Marker Flutie Hopes To Avoid Opening-Game Woes Of Past Bills QBs [5:59 PM]
D & C reports: 'Doug Flutie will be the 13th different season-opening starting quarterback in the 40-year history of the Buffalo Bills...The only ones to win their first start were Flores, Ferguson and Collins. Their overall opening-week record is 17-22.'

September 5, 1999

Marker The Preseason is Over! [11:02 AM]
TBD reports:

Marker Flutie Cements His No. 1 Status [8:20 AM]
Toronto Sun reports:

Marker Game Photos [8:04 AM]
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports:

Marker Steelers Notebook [8:03 AM]
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports:

Marker Gonzalez Status Shaky As Cowher Mulls Cuts [8:02 AM]
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports:

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