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Buffalo Bills News - October 20, 2003

Marker Levy's Week 7 snapshot [11:28 AM] reports: Bills bounce the Redskins
I was in attendance for this game, and I must say that the Bills just totally dominated the game, even worse than the 24-7 final score suggests. They struck great balance in their offense, and their defense thrived with good gang-tackling.

Marker Bills exceed Smith's grasp [9:02 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"We're probably a little hard to figure out, huh?" said quarterback Drew Bledsoe. "When we play to the level we expect to, we're going to be competitive against anybody."'

Marker As promised, Bills' 'D' dominates [9:01 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"It was a tremendous effort," Spikes said. "We went out with a lot of energy for the most part. I haven't seen the film, but I can tell you once we look at the film you will be able to tell that we were fundamentally sound, doing the little things right. And once you bring a lot of energy to the party, the offense is clicking and everything just held together."'

Marker Bruce set to celebrate, but sacks never came [9:00 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"One day that will take place," Smith said. "Right now, I still have some more football left to play."'

Marker Bills find the blueprint they've been looking for [8:59 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'A team with strong veteran leadership shouldn't reach the point where the 85-year-old owner is openly questioning its desire.'

Marker Moulds' brotherly advice elevates Reed's game [8:58 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"I am. I'm extremely proud of him," Moulds said. "Anytime a guy works that hard, you want him to have a lot of success."'

Marker Jennings shuts down Bruce [8:57 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"You know I always get up for challenges," Jennings said. "Having a chance to go up against one of the all-time sack leaders is something I definitely looked forward to. He's going for the sack record and everybody wants to see if he's going to get it on me, so everybody is eyeballing me to see what's happening. I've got one job to do, and it's shut him down. That's all it boils down to - mano a mano."'

Marker Monday Billboard [8:56 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'Rob Johnson on getting booed: "Maybe they're mad that I got a Super Bowl ring."'

Marker Having their cake [5:17 AM]
Rochester D&C reports: '“They really hustled today; everybody could see it,” Wilson said. “In this league it’s too tough to win if you just go through the motions. Any team would have had a hard time beating the Bills today because they played with so much emotion. They kept swinging.”'

Marker Bledsoe quiets controversy with his support of Henry [5:16 AM]
Rochester D&C reports: '“We just don’t know,” he said. “I will say unequivocally that Travis is our guy, the guy we’re counting on. That’s the way I see it for the foreseeable future until something happens to change that."'

Marker Reed goes back to basics, snaps out of slump [5:15 AM]
Rochester D&C reports: '“I give credit to Drew, to Kevin Gilbride — he called a great game tonight — and to my whole team. All my teammates had the faith and belief in me that I could go out there and do it. I give them all the credit for it.”'

Marker Bills defense turns up the heat [5:14 AM]
Rochester D&C reports: 'How about this statistical line for the Redskins: 8 first downs, 169 total yards, 2 of 14 on third-down conversions, 10 possessions out of 13 where the Redskins failed to make a first down.'

Marker Buffalo Bills report card [5:13 AM]
Rochester D&C reports: 'Running backs: The coaches finally provided Travis Henry with a game plan he could sink his teeth into. He had 86 yards and one TD by halftime, and started the second half with a strong 21-yard dash to trigger an 80-yard TD drive. By feasting on draws and toss pitches, he finished with 167 yards on 31 carries, both season highs and a career-best for yards. A'

Marker Antidote for Williams: Like Parcells, go blond [5:12 AM]
Business First of Buffalo reports: 'So what is it that Williams can do to turn around his team and career here in Buffalo? Here's one suggestion, a tactic that has worked for coaching wizard and turnaround specialist Bill Parcells, now of the Dallas Cowboys, and something that just might be the tonic to save Williams: Coloring his frosty hair blond.'

Marker Bills' Henry runs over Redskins [5:11 AM]
Toronto Sun reports: '"To have a quarterback say that, that means a lot," Henry said. "He has been the guy to keep my head up."'

Marker Bills run over Redskins [5:10 AM]
Toronto Star reports: 'But people in these parts have a short memory when it comes to their beloved Bills and Henry did a good job in proving to them that he is still the No.1 back in Buffalo until further notice.'

Marker 'This Is One of the Worst' [5:09 AM]
Washington Post reports: 'The Bills (4-3) began the day with the NFL's last-ranked offense and were without injured wide receiver Eric Moulds but outgained the Redskins 432 yards to 169. Struggling tailback Travis Henry ran for 167 yards and two touchdowns, and quarterback Drew Bledsoe completed 19 of 26 passes for 244 yards and a touchdown to wideout Josh Reed, who had eight catches for 109 yards. The Bills held Redskins defensive end Bruce Smith without a sack in his return to Buffalo.'

Marker Henry Gives Bills a Rush [5:08 AM]
Washington Post reports: '"[The offense] just made up [its] mind," Henry said. "The offensive line took it upon themselves to come out and just have a good game. They just got in a groove and I got in a groove with them. They did a terrific job."'

Marker For Ramsey, There's One Too Many Hits [5:07 AM]
Washington Post reports: 'Ramsey seemed to feel more anguish from Washington's worst offensive output of the season while facing one of the best defenses in the league. (Entering Sunday's game, Buffalo was ranked sixth overall and second in pass defense.) Ramsey completed 9 of 26 passes for 115 yards and finished with a 62.2 quarterback rating. "We couldn't get into a groove," Redskins wide receiver Rod Gardner said.'

Marker Quitters Need to Quit Quitting [5:06 AM]
Washington Post reports: 'And there's also no bigger indictment of the head coach of such a team than the fact that it didn't fight, that his players didn't put forth the necessary effort.'

Marker Team May Call On Fazio To Assist [5:05 AM]
Washington Post reports: 'Spurrier said it was the first time this season that he felt his players did not put forth the proper effort.'

Marker Best and Worst [5:04 AM]
Washington Post reports: 'Worst Tackling: Redskins safeties Matt Bowen and Todd Franz both fanned while trying to tackle Henry, who scored on a 14-yard touchdown to increase the Bills' lead to 24-7 in the fourth quarter. Henry rushed for a career-high 167 yards and scored two touchdowns.'

Marker Spurrier questions team's effort [5:03 AM]
Washington Times reports: 'The Redskins did little to convince coaches and fans alike that they can turn their once-promising season around. Their fourth loss in their last five games bore plenty of similarities to the ones that preceded it.'

Marker For 'Bruuuce,' a bittersweet visit [5:02 AM]
Washington Times reports: '"It was certainly an emotional experience for me coming back and seeing so many fans yelling and chanting," said Smith, who played 217 games and made 11 Pro Bowls while playing for the Bills. "It was certainly a memorable experience for me. For all the years that I have been here and they supported my career, I just wanted to tell them, 'Thank you.' It was a great treat for me."'

Marker Say hello to Serious Doubt [5:01 AM]
Washington Times reports: 'And make no mistake, the Bills were eminently beatable. They were without their top offensive weapon, wideout Eric Moulds, and had been struggling themselves of late. But while the Bills clearly grasped the importance of the occasion — and responded with their best effort in a month — the Redskins plunged further into the depths. They let Drew Bledsoe and Co. drive for scores on two of their first three possessions and showed only the faintest glimmer of life in the second half.'

Marker Bills' defense knocks Ramsey down and out [5:00 AM]
Washington Times reports: '"We had a chance to get back into it and make it 10-7," coach Steve Spurrier said. "We fumbled at the 1-yard line." Bills defensive end Aaron Schobel saw it as the game's defining moment, adding, "You sort of break their will when something like that happens."'

Marker Barreling to oblivion [4:59 AM]
Washington Times reports: 'So this is how it ends. The Washington Redskins come up empty in a game they absolutely had to win.'

Marker Skins hurting, reeling [4:58 AM]
Newport News Daily Press reports: 'Though badly outplayed, the Redskins kept the crowd of 73,149 from starting the celebration too early as they closed the gap to 10-7 early in the third on Ramsey's 25-yard pass to Rod Gardner streaking down the right sidelines. But they never threatened to take the lead after that.'

Marker No sacks for Smith on big day [4:57 AM]
Newport News Daily Press reports: '"It was an honor to be back in this stadium," said Smith, refusing to discuss his pass-rush performance and the record. "My goal is, and always will be, to win."'

Marker Oh, Henry! [4:56 AM]
Richmond Times Dispatch reports: '"You have to be a bit hard-headed at times," Bills quarterback Drew Bledsoe said. "You've got to keep going and doing the same things."'

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