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Buffalo Bills News - January 3, 2002

Marker Bills telling Johnson to renegotiate or leave [9:47 PM]
Fox Sports reports: '"There are two factors that are important," said Donahoe. "First, Rob has to want to be here, and, two, if he is here something has to be done with his contract. That's probably going to be a sticking point. The question is just how much they're willing to be realistic and how much they're willing to work with us to come up with the right number."'

Marker Gregg Williams press conference [9:36 AM] reports: "I'm really proud of how Alex has done, and I think I've said several times before, there wasn't another team in the National Football League that was willing to give him a shot as a number three, and we brought him in here to be a two, and he's done a great job with that. He's rallied the team, has played very well, and will be there with a good game plan going in there this week to play the Dolphins, and we're comfortable with Alex, and want him to continue to be a Buffalo Bill."

Marker Brown, Centers go Pro Bowling [9:36 AM] reports: 'Brown has been selected to the AFC's team every year since 1996, and joins Steve Tasker, Andre Reed and Bruce Smith as one of only four Bills to be selected at least six years in a row. For Centers, he becomes just the sixth player to represent each conference in the league's All-Star game, having been selected to the 1995 and 1996 NFC squads as a member of the Arizona Cardinals.'

Marker Pro Bowl press conference [9:35 AM] reports: "Pleasantly surprised, and as always it's an honor to be voted by your peers and coaches and the fans out there who are watching us play. As an offensive lineman, it's a big honor. I can't do it alone, I have teammates who help me be me, and I'm pretty fortunate in having John Fina, who's been my partner for seven years, and Billy Conaty, who did a great job for us this year and helped me do my job and a lot of the credit goes to those guys."

Marker Tom Donahoe press conference [9:34 AM] reports: "Rob has had a difficult season because of the injuries. He played a couple of games where he was very good in Jacksonville and San Diego, to name two, and I thought even our first game in Indy, he played well in that game. Unfortunately, early in the year we had some injuries, we had a lot of things going on with the offensive line, and the offense in general that made it hard to evaluate Rob fairly."

Marker Alex Van Pelt press conference [9:33 AM] reports: "Being in Buffalo would be great, either way - starting or back-up. If we both come back, Rob comes back and I'm here, I would be in a position to back Rob up, which is fine with me. I understand that, and that's a situation which would make me just as happy, being here."

Marker Tom Donahoe's Weekly Bills Update [9:33 AM] reports: 'In terms of progress, the last half of the season, this team has played a lot better football. We didn't play well in San Francisco, but other than that game, each game since the middle of the year we've been competitive, and it's come down to the end, and we've had chances to win. We haven't won as many as we should have, and we're disappointed in that, but there's been progress. '

Marker Donahoe clearly sounds vague on Rob returning [9:08 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'It's apparent that the high cost of the final year of Johnson's contract will make his return questionable. Very questionable.'

Marker Brown, Centers heading to Pro Bowl [9:07 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'The selection was the sixth straight for Brown, an honor only three other Bills have achieved.'

Marker Moulds flirts with chasing his hoop dreams [9:06 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'Moulds said Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban made contact with him last offseason about Moulds' potential interest in giving the NBA a shot.'

Marker Van Pelt just wants to return to Buffalo [5:17 AM]
D and C reports: '"This is a place where we've made our home, my daughter was born here, we have another one that's going to be born in February here," Van Pelt said. "We have a house here, we love it here, if possible we'd love to stay here."'

Marker Brown, Centers Hawaii-bound [5:16 AM]
D and C reports: 'There have been some years when it seemed like Brown made the Pro Bowl purely on reputation, but this was not one of them. This may be the 305-pounder's best season.'

Marker Moulds: Give me the (basket)ball [5:16 AM]
D and C reports: 'With his sixth season drawing to a close, however, Moulds, 28, said he yearns to play basketball professionally, the sport he loves the most.'

Marker Thomas, Madison in Pro Bowl [5:15 AM]
Miami Herald reports: 'Despite posting double-digit victories in consecutive seasons for the first time since 1984 and 1985, the Dolphins actually lost ground in the annual beauty contest that is the Pro Bowl.'

Marker Thomas probable for Buffalo game [5:14 AM]
Miami Herald reports: 'Linebacker Zach Thomas was limited in practice and had a Magnetic Resonance Imaging exam done afterward Wednesday but was listed as probable for Sunday's game against Buffalo.'

Marker 2 Dolphins in Pro Bowl [5:14 AM]
Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel reports: 'The Dolphins’ two Pro Bowl selections are considerably down from their total of seven a year ago.'

Marker Smith knows offense needs to utilize Minor [5:13 AM]
Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel reports: 'Smith, who is still the starter according to coach Dave Wannstedt, has 810 yards rushing and five touchdowns through 15 games. In 15 games last year, Smith rushed for 1,139 yards and 14 touchdowns.'

Marker Thomas, Madison to Pro Bowl [5:12 AM]
Palm Beach Post reports: 'In addition to earning a Pro Bowl berth Wednesday, Thomas was named the AFC's Defensive Player of the Week for the second time this season. Thomas had 18 tackles last week against Atlanta, including two goal-line stops and a career-high two sacks.'

Marker Bills hope to finish strong [5:12 AM]
Palm Beach Post reports: '"Back early in the season, a division game like this would have been huge," Bills defensive end Phil Hansen said Wednesday. "We don't have any hopes for the playoffs. At this point of the season, we want to finish strong, finish well for next season."'

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January 2, 2002

Marker Brown, Centers selected to Pro Bowl team [9:04 PM]
AP reports: '"He can say he's the greatest fullback to ever catch the ball," Brown said. "I don't have any stats other than my penalties, and those are down this season. I can just say I've got six Pro Bowls."'

Marker Bills want Van Pelt; Johnson's future less certain [9:03 PM]
AP reports: '"We definitely want Alex to be here and he's expressed to us that he wants to be here," Donahoe said. "We hope that he's found a permanent home here in Buffalo. And we're going to do whatever we can to try to keep him here."'

Marker Moulds considers trading in pigskin for hoop dreams [9:02 PM]
AP reports: '"It's definitely a possibility,'' Moulds said following practice. "I'd love to get my feet wet. If I have to go the NBA developmental league, I'd love to do that first. But that's a ways away. We're going to see what happens in this offseason and go from there."'

Marker January Bills Wallpaper [6:32 PM] reports: Former TBD artist, Gina Mustico, just finished another wonderful wallpaper for the official Buffalo Bills site... Great job Gina! Download your copy today!

Marker Bills Submit Patent Request for Logo [6:22 PM]
USPTO reports: The Buffalo Bills have filed an application for a new logo with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. It is not clear whether the Bills plan to use this logo on their helmets or if it would be limited to an 'alternate logo' or a merchandise only mark.

Marker The Real Reason the XFL Folded [6:18 PM] reports: Gregg Easterbrook's latest version of his quite bent Tuesday Morning Quarterback column from has some interesting things to say about NFL realignment includine this: "Note that Jim Kelly and Dan Marino, both Pennsylvania tough guys by birth, came out of college the same year. Kelly, who played (and practiced, equally important) in the Erie County cold, had to hang it up four years before Marino, who spent his seasons in the Miami shirtsleeves clime."

Marker 2 Bills Make Pro Bowl [6:17 PM] reports: The Bills avoid getting shut out of Pro Bowl as Larry Centers and Ruben Brown make the AFC squad!

Marker Are the Jets really that much better off than the Bills? [1:25 PM]
Olean Times Herald reports: 'Thus the question: If New York loses to fall to 9-7, and Seattle prevails, costing the Jets their playoff berth, would their season be any more rewarding than Buffalo's?'

Marker Bills wrap up season in Miami [10:12 AM] reports: 'While the game's true significance for Miami won't be known up until the time the two teams hit the field Sunday, the Bills might get the chance to prevent the Miami Dolphins from taking their second straight AFC East title, or at the very least, cost their rivals a home playoff game. '

Marker Gregg Williams press conference [10:11 AM] reports: "I don't know if you can say we're over the hump yet, until we finish out next week. I think you'll have to go through the off-season to see the dividends into next season. It's obviously a huge game against a quality opponent, they're a good football team, and we were able to go down to the end and find a way to win the ballgame."

Marker Prioleau measures up to role in Bills' secondary [9:05 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'Prioleau's elevation to the starting lineup sent Raion Hill to the bench.'

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