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Buffalo Bills News - September 8, 2003

Marker Milloy, Bills form stellar defense [4:43 AM]
Yale Daily News reports: 'Nobody circles the off-season defensive acquisitions like the Buffalo Bills.'

Marker Hoping for a meaningless season opener [4:42 AM]
Brown Daily Herald reports: 'It's difficult to win a game when your team gets outplayed, out-hustled and out-coached — all of which, in the end, makes New England fans outraged.'

Marker Milloy makes immediate impact in Bills win [4:41 AM]
AP reports: '''I wish we could have picked his brain a little more but (the Patriots) didn't game plan with him,'' said linebacker Takeo Spikes, who had two interceptions in the win.'

Marker Henry runs all over Patriots [4:40 AM]
The Sports Network reports: '"He's (Milloy) a Pro Bowler and he's a vet," said Bills defensive lineman Sam Adams. "I thank God that the New England Patriots let him go and we were able to pick him up because he's going to make us better. The more bullets you can have to shoot in your gun, the better."'

Marker Gregg Williams Quotes [4:39 AM] reports: '"We have some new Buffalo Bills from a lot of different places and they had a chance to experience the Buffalo crowd. We could tell it was going to be special when the fans started piling in here on Friday night and cranking up the party."'

Marker Drew Bledsoe Quotes [4:38 AM] reports: '"Late in the game, obviously, they were disheartened as anybody would be because they weren't winning. They came out and they played with emotion. They have a lot of prideful guys over there, a lot of guys I know very well, that were a little bit stunned early in the week, but they came to play, they came and they were ready to go, but we just came out and we played very well."'

Marker Travis Henry Quotes [4:37 AM] reports: '"We got a taste of that, we all were waiting for this to happen. The defense played great and we had a chance to finish the game out. One drive, I think we ran the ball six or seven times in a row and just pounded the defense."'

Marker London Fletcher Quotes [4:36 AM] reports: '"I think we still have some improvements to make but you are always happy with a win. We thought it was going to be tough and the score really doesn't indicate how good of a football team New England is."'

Marker Eric Moulds Quotes [4:35 AM] reports: '"At times they did (seem confused). Sometimes when we used motion with Bobby (Shaw) or Josh (Reed) they got confused. Anytime you have a veteran back there, like (Lawyer) Milloy, he handles that situation and defuses it. They didn't have that guy to do that tonight and I think it hurt them a little bit."'

Marker Sam Adams Quotes [4:34 AM] reports: '"You have to do what you're supposed to do. They brought us here for a reason - to get better. If they aren't any better, then they made a mistake on us. God-willing, that's not the case. We worked hard together, gelled together, learnrd the defense. We came out and executed today and that was very important. Gregg (Williams) and the staff from top to bottom - from the administration to the coaches to the players - they all did a great job this offseason and now it's our job. When we step foot on the field on Sunday, we have to execute, make plays and win. Today was our first step."'

Marker So Much for "Professionalism" [4:33 AM] reports: 'Wasn't that the Bills team jumping around and slapping helmets during the pre-game while the Pats stood emotionless across the sidelines?'

Marker Milloy Gives Bills Emotional Lift [4:32 AM] reports: 'For the Patriots they must have been wondering how it was possible for a player who had been preparing for a game with them less than a week earlier could be standing across the field wearing their opponents uniform. While he’ll never admit it, even Belichick must have been taken back watching Milloy make plays for another team.'

Marker A Shocking Start To The Season [4:31 AM] reports: 'The Patriots were out-muscled and pushed around the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball.'

Marker Old Pats Exact Revenge Of The Sweetest Kind [4:30 AM] reports: 'Let there be no doubt about the real fallout from this game: Regardless of the emotional high Lawyer Milloy imparted on his new team, the Patriots were simply not ready to play football today. They could do nothing with a team which, not only they could have done something with, but which seemed to let up in the second half and give the Patriots a foot in the door before the Patriots pulled their foot away.'

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September 7, 2003

Marker Patriots drop opener, 31-0 [7:29 PM] reports: 'It couldn't have gone any worse if you were a New England Patriot or one of their fans.'

Marker Milloy denies report of alleged tampering [7:23 PM]
AP reports: '``I wasn't contacted by any other team before the Patriots cut me,'' Milloy said Sunday after he made his Buffalo Bills debut in a 31-0 victory over New England.'

Marker Belichick Might Need A Lawyer After This [6:57 PM]
New York Newsday reports: 'Belichick not only lost a productive player, he may have lost his locker room. Bad move.'

Marker Buffalo 31, New England 0 [4:57 PM]
Sportsticker reports: 'Tom Brady sure didn't recognize this defense for the Buffalo Bills.'

Marker Bills 31, Patriots 0 [4:44 PM]
AP reports: 'Bledsoe and Milloy combined to stick it their former team, the New England Patriots, sparking the Bills to a dominating 31-0 victory in their opener.'

Marker Radio man Miller says this season will be his last [4:31 PM]
AP reports: 'Though he won't be calling the games next season, Miller won't be a stranger in the press box at Ralph Wilson Stadium. The team is expected to try to keep him involved somehow in next year's broadcasts.'

Marker Bills ready for rival Patriots [4:18 PM]
Rochester D&C reports: 'Regardless, until Bledsoe proves otherwise, Belichick has his number.'

Marker Williams' job is on the line [4:17 PM]
Rochester D&C reports: 'This is the autumn when Williams must prove he can be a successful head coach in the NFL. Throughout his third season with the Bills, he will be on trial with his bosses and the fans.'

Marker Bills' Big Williams plays big, too [4:16 PM]
Rochester D&C reports: 'Of course, expectations are huge for the entire team. Upgrades on defense have players and fans alike expecting a trip to the playoffs. “ We know what’s there, we know the talent’s there,” Williams said.'

Marker Q&A: Antonio Brown [4:15 PM]
Rochester D&C reports: 'Q: When you came to training camp, did you think special teams would be the way you could turn heads with the Bills? A: “ I was pleased they invited me to mini-camp, then to training camp, and I just went out every day and tried to do the little things right.'

Marker People Talk Van Miller [3:49 PM]
Buffalo News reports: 'FS: How many phrases have you created? VM: Only a few: "Fasten your seat belts," "It's fandemonium," "Do you believe it?" Those were pretty spontaneous. On HBO, they use it a lot, especially in those Super Bowl years. I've done some voice stuff for the Hall of Fame in Canton. A lot of people tell me they turn the sound down on the TV and turn the radio on, but maybe they tell me that to make me feel good.'

Marker Anticipation is Over, Bills Begin 2003 Season [9:23 AM] reports: '"It's an important game for us, there's no question, it's a division game," said Bills quarterback Drew Bledsoe. "It's the first one out of the blocks. It's a huge game, there is no other way I can put it. If we win this game that's not going to put us in the playoffs, but it's a big game. We are going to do everything we can to win the ball game."'

Marker Players ready to settle scores on the field [9:17 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'So the stage is set for one of the most important AFC East games of the season.'

Marker When the Bills run [9:16 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'Bledsoe and the Bills finally end the Belichick hex with a 27-24 victory.'

Marker Mr. Intensity [9:16 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"I love the teaching part of it, passing on stories and techniques and that stuff, but I want to win," he said. "I want to win the Super Bowl. There's no second. I've been second, and it's not good enough. I'm not a second guy. I want to be first."'

Marker Offensive coordinator Gilbride's easy job: be conservative, yet creative [9:15 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'What you want is balance. But what is a balanced attack nowadays? Is it passing 56 percent of the time, as opposed to the 63 percent that Buffalo threw it a year ago? Maybe he got a little carried away last year, but is Gilbride supposed to apologize for an offense that set a team record for passing yards and amassed the second most first downs in Bills history? "Circumstances dictated what we had to do," Gilbride said. "A lot of times we were behind. There wasn't enough time to focus on getting X amount of runs. We were struggling to stop people."'

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