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Buffalo Bills News - December 31, 2001

Marker With Door Open, Jets Hit a Wall [5:08 AM]
New York Times reports: '"All I'm going to say is the play came in from the sideline and we executed it the best we could," he said. "I'm not going to say `what if' because then it looks like I should be calling the plays and whatever play came in was wrong. You guys can make you own decisions based on what happened."'

Marker Defensive Holes Catch Up With Jets [5:07 AM]
New York Times reports: '"I think we had this game in the bag and let it slip away," he said. "We did not stay focused. We didn't do what we needed to do to win."'

Marker Jets Get Signals Crossed [5:06 AM]
New York Times reports: 'But with defensive end John Abraham injured, Buffalo, which had the 23rd-ranked rushing offense, ripped large swatches out of the Jets' defense, rushing for 192 yards. Ted Cottrell, the Jets' first-year defensive coordinator, shook his head and muttered as he left the locker room. "This was not good," he said.'

Marker Wind Proves to Be a Foe [5:05 AM]
New York Times reports: 'In the second quarter, the Jets went into the wind, which prevented them from trying a field goal from Buffalo's 29-yard line as time expired. Edwards asked Hall if he thought he could make the kick — it would have been about a 47-yard attempt — and Hall said no.'

Marker Clock Ticking on Jets [5:04 AM]
New York Daily News reports: 'The Jets, once thought to be a playoff shoo-in, imperiled their postseason hopes yesterday with a dreadful 14-9 loss to the lowly Bills — a performance eerily reminiscent of ... well, last year's late-season collapse.'

Marker Hackett Botches Final Call [5:04 AM]
New York Daily News reports: 'He said he thought the Jets had time to run two plays after they had spiked the ball at the Buffalo 24.'

Marker Testy QB Passes the Buck [5:04 AM]
New York Daily News reports: 'Vinny Testaverde threw a pair of interceptions and had no touchdown passes, but he seemed unwilling to accept at least some of the blame for either one of them in the Jets' 14-9 loss to the Bills yesterday.'

Marker Ringing in New Year With More Of the Same Old Finish [5:04 AM]
New York Daily News reports: 'Good teams can make mistakes and win. Not the Same Olds. They began the day with the best turnover record in the NFL. They take it away and they don't cough it up. Yesterday, they coughed it away three times and every one of them was painful.'

Marker Questionable Calls [5:04 AM]
New York Daily News reports: 'The Bills confused the Jets with a "bunch" formation, resulting in a 22-yard TD pass to WR Peerless Price. CB Ray Mickens, responsible for Price in man-to-man coverage, got picked on the play, according to Edwards.'

Marker Jets' Report Card [5:04 AM]
New York Daily News reports: 'Herman Edwards made several tactical errors. Clearly, the Jets underestimated the Bills.'

Marker Jets take page from dismal past [5:03 AM]
New York Post reports: '"We had an opportunity to do something special today, but we just didn't get it done . . . I still don't believe we lost," linebacker Marvin Jones said.'

Marker Hackett takes lumps for last call [5:03 AM]
New York Post reports: '"We just didn't have enough time," Hackett said. "We had 13 seconds and we thought we had two plays [left]. Everybody knows that, but it turned out we only had one."'

Marker Finally, Bills get big break [5:03 AM]
New York Post reports: '"It would have been easy for us just to give up and go home," said Van Pelt. "Ever since I've been here, that's not the way we've done things, no matter what the odds are."'

Marker Jets not looking for help to get in [5:03 AM]
New York Post reports: 'Given the way the Jets played yesterday and their recent history in critical games, a win over Oakland is hardly a given - but the Raiders' recent performance doesn't make them world-beaters, either.'

Marker A wrong time coming [5:03 AM]
New York Post reports: 'All the Jets needed, after showing no absolutely killer instinct and letting the Bills hang around all day and making Alex Van Pelt throw like Jim Kelly and Shawn Bryson run like Thurman Thomas, was the kind of grace under pressure that champions show you with a game, and, quite possibly, a season, on the line. In other words, the moment seized them instead of them seizing the moment.'

Marker Good soldier, but... [5:03 AM]
New York Post reports: 'The Jets didn't need a good solider yesterday. They needed a renegade. All they had was Testaverde.'

Marker Curtis vaults to top in rushing race [5:03 AM]
New York Post reports: 'The Jets, who entered the game leading the NFL with a plus-23 turnover ratio and with a league-low 15 giveaways, turned the ball over three times, with Vinny Testaverde throwing two INTs and Craig Yeast losing a fumble.'

Marker Jets' Clinch Is No Cinch [5:02 AM]
New York Newsday reports: 'The Bills won for the third time in 15 games; the Jets provided what must have looked like a blooper film from their forgettable December past.'

Marker No Debate: Jets Messed Up [5:02 AM]
New York Newsday reports: '"Theoretically, it shouldn't be a problem," beleaguered offensive coordinator Paul Hackett said about getting off two pass plays to the end zone in 13 seconds. "We don't make that play call if you can't make two plays."'

Marker Read It and Weep: Jets Can't Stop the Sweep [5:02 AM]
New York Newsday reports: 'It wasn't that the Jets allowed Bryson to break off huge chunks of yardage (he averaged just 3.8 on 28 carries), it was that they allowed Buffalo to gain a nine-minute advantage in time of possession.'

Marker Ill Wind Blows For Jets [5:02 AM]
New York Newsday reports: 'Of course, everything would have been fine if the Jets' defense had been able to slow the Bills' running attack, which allowed them to keep the ball for 10:15 in the third quarter to the Jets' 4:45.'

Marker A rapid descent for Jets as Bills prevail [5:01 AM]
Newark Star Ledger reports: 'Against Buffalo, the Jets didn't play well in any phase of the game.'

Marker Jets stop short of blaming Testaverde [5:01 AM]
Newark Star Ledger reports: 'No one pinned the Jets' 14-9 loss to Buffalo directly on Testaverde. But no one was saying he had a banner day, either.'

Marker The play not made raises plenty of questions [5:01 AM]
Newark Star Ledger reports: '...shouldn't Testaverde be looking to throw into the end zone when he's down five points with 13 seconds remaining? "Yeah, but he didn't," coach Herman Edwards said. Why not? "Because he didn't throw it in the end zone," Edwards said.'

Marker Another crash with a no-fault policy [5:01 AM]
Newark Star Ledger reports: 'Let's hear this band of compulsive chokers and perennial losers explain why they are deserving of even one ounce of esteem in the wake of this pathetic mess of a 14-9 loss to the Buffalo Bills, the 3-12 Buffalo Bills, the playing-out-the-string Buffalo Bills.'

Marker It's try, try again in trying times [5:01 AM]
Newark Star Ledger reports: '"This year has to be different from last year," running back Curtis Martin said. "I believe it will be."'

Marker The morning after [5:01 AM]
Newark Star Ledger reports: 'Buffalo rushed for 192 yards against a poor tackling defense that didn't seem ready.'

Marker Jets' playoff hopes take hit with loss to Bills [5:00 AM]
Bridgewater Courier News reports: 'The Jets drove inside Buffalo's 20-yard line on four of their 10 possessions yet they had to settle for three Hall field goals against a defense that had allowed the third-most points in the NFL this season.'

Marker Edwards sensed [5:00 AM]
Bridgewater Courier News reports: '"They were able to run the football on us and they killed us," Edwards said. "They ran around the end and they made plays and we didn't. We had a chance at times to make plays and we didn't get it done."'

Marker Time to point a finger [4:58 AM]
Albany Times Union reports: 'So much for a 15-year veteran and supposed team leader actually standing up and taking some responsibility. "He can change (a play call)," Hackett said. "That's happened before."'

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