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Buffalo Bills News - September 30, 2002

Marker Bears' running game stages disappearance [9:19 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"We knew it was going to be very difficult to play here," Bears coach Dick Jauron said. "We were trying to come in here and steal a win. We almost did it, but almost isn't good enough."'

Marker Bills' believers start to hear an amen chorus [9:18 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"I think we're starting to develop a belief in ourselves that we've got the talent," said Bledsoe. "We know we've got the ability to play with anybody in the league."'

Marker Bledsoe bandwagon filling with teammates [9:18 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'You know what Bledsoe was doing after the Bears blocked the Mike Hollis kick that should have won it in regulation? Tight end Jay Riemersma saw it. "He was coming down the sidelines saying, "Hey listen, it's going to be on us to win this again. Let's go do it.' He's excited. He's like a little kid out there, a kid in a candy store. He's just excited to play every single play."'

Marker By leaps and bounds, Moulds enjoying himself again [9:17 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"It's a good feeling to know that you're going to have an opportunity to make plays every week," Moulds said. "Having a quarterback like Drew really makes things easier."'

Marker Monday Billboard [9:16 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'Bledsoe completed 28 of 36 passes for 328 yards and four TDs. His passer rating was 141.7, which is almost off the charts. He sure looks better than the last No. 11.'

Marker Bills president to speak at breakfast [9:16 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'Limited tickets still are available for a talk by Tom Donahoe, Buffalo Bills president and general manager, Oct. 8 in the Saturn Club, 377 Delaware Ave.'

Marker Week 4: Postgame Quotebook [8:54 AM] reports: Gregg Williams, Drew Bledsoe, Eric Moulds, Dave Moore, Travis Henry, etc.- talk about Sunday's win over the Bears.

Marker Bills 33, Bears 27 - Dramatic Win in OT [8:52 AM] reports: Bledsoe finished the game 28-of-36 for 328 yards and four touchdowns. The Bills offense accumulated 410 total yards and the defense held the Bears to a mere 52 yards rushing on 26 attempts (2.0 avg).

Marker Bears fall to Drew crew [7:50 AM]
Chicago Sun Times reports: 'Bledsoe, thought to be a perfect fit for the Bears by many in the scouting community but deemed too expensive by management, showed he's worth all of the $5 million he's earning, as well as the first-round pick Buffalo dealt to acquire him.'

Marker Strength getting weak [7:49 AM]
Chicago Sun Times reports: 'The team that won 12 straight games decided by a touchdown or less has now lost two straight by the same standard.'

Marker Colvin: I wasn't good enough [7:48 AM]
Chicago Sun Times reports: 'He was not down on himself for a roughing-the-passer call in the second quarter on a 19-yard completion from Bledsoe to Josh Reed in a drive that culminated in a four-yard scoring pass to Eric Moulds. ''I don't think it was a late hit, I don't think it was a cheap shot, I don't think it was a roughing the passer,'' he said. ''He got rid of the ball. I didn't even take one step. I was already leaving [my feet] to hit him. I didn't take him down. I just hit him. It's not my fault someone was in front of him and he fell over. That's on him.'''

Marker Robertson benched in favor of Colombo [7:47 AM]
Chicago Sun Times reports: 'One flinch and he was gone. Left tackle Bernard Robertson apparently made one mistake too many in Sunday's 33-27 overtime loss to the Buffalo Bills. He was benched late in the third quarter for jumping offside as the Bears prepared to run a play on fourth-and-inches from their own 39. The ensuing loss of five yards forced the Bears to punt.'

Marker Henry rewards Bills for keeping faith [7:46 AM]
Chicago Sun Times reports: 'Granted, Drew Bledsoe's aerial circus is the force behind the Bills' headline-grabbing, highlight-package offense. But it's Henry's rushing that makes its engine run. He's averaging just over four yards per carry.'

Marker Bad decision haunts Bears [7:45 AM]
Chicago Sun Times reports: 'This game wasn't lost Sunday in overtime. No, it was lost last February, when Jerry Angelo and the Halas Hall brain trust determined Drew Bledsoe wasn't worth the money or risk.'

Marker Decision to kneel typical of risk-free Bears [7:44 AM]
Chicago Sun Times reports: 'Twenty-four seconds in an NFL game is a lot of time in the hands of the right quarterback. The Bears did not have a timeout. But they did have a quarterback. And they had a receiving corps that some are touting as one of the best in the NFL. And they were facing a team that leads the NFL in defensive penalties.'

Marker Holdman injury hurts defense [7:43 AM]
Chicago Sun Times reports: 'Bills offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride tried to create a plan that would limit two-time Pro Bowl linebacker Brian Urlacher. The Bills tried to run at Urlacher, not away from him, in hopes of neutralizing his play-making ability.'

Marker Big-play magic vanishes [6:42 AM]
Chicago Tribune reports: 'The Bears were trampled early as the Bills gained 126 yards on the game's first 15 plays and went on drives of 75, 51, 41 and 76 yards the first four times they had the ball. Each of the possessions ended in points.'

Marker Any given Sunday: Bears good . . . losers [6:41 AM]
Chicago Tribune reports: 'What's happening here is fairly simple. The Bears are getting a large dose of reality. They are part of the great maw of decent NFL teams that are beatable on any given Sunday, a group doomed to a season of bits of optimism and pieces of hope.'

Marker Unable to put foot down [6:40 AM]
Chicago Tribune reports: '"It's clear that he was falling down. I was trying to drag my leg, he pushed me and kicked my leg out of bounds," Terrell said of Bills free safety Pierson Prioleau before teammate Olin Kreutz urged him to reconsider complaining about the officiating.'

Marker Gory details of OT demise [6:39 AM]
Chicago Tribune reports: 'When your defense allows 222 yards in total offense in the first half alone and your smash-mouth offense manages just 20 yards rushing in that same half, it would seem to be more than a case of details.'

Marker Blache vows shakeup [6:38 AM]
Chicago Tribune reports: '"We're a poorly coached, undisciplined defense right now," Blache said. "The onus is right here. We'll go through the film, we'll regroup the troops, see if we've got the wrong people on the field and what's the problem. But right now we're not getting the job done. There's no way of candy-coating it.'

Marker `Go' is unstoppable [6:38 AM]
Chicago Tribune reports: 'Bledsoe picked on every nickel and dime defender the Bears trotted out on the field. It was his 10th career four-touchdown game.'

Marker Determined Bills stop A-Train in his tracks [6:37 AM]
Chicago Tribune reports: 'You know what the Bills' defense thought about Thomas and the Bears' offensive locomotive after Buffalo's 33-27 victory Sunday in Ralph Wilson Stadium? Well, they weren't too impressed, actually.'

Marker Robertson gets hook at tackle [6:36 AM]
Chicago Tribune reports: 'Robertson was flagged for a false start to take the Bears out of a fourth-and-1 at the end of the third quarter, and Colombo was at left tackle the next time the Bears got the ball. Robertson has been plagued by false starts in his first season of game action.'

Marker Punting game needs a kick [6:35 AM]
Chicago Tribune reports: 'Maynard has struggled with his consistency. His 27-yarder in the fourth quarter against New Orleans gave the Saints great field position for their winning touchdown. Maynard punted a 31-yarder that gave the Bills the ball on their 44-yard line, setting up their winning drive.'

Marker Defenseless [6:01 AM]
Arlington Heights Daily Herald reports: 'The defense's inability to get to Bledsoe, with the exception of Colvin's 2 sacks, and repeated mistakes in coverage allowed the Bills to pile up 328 passing yards. That was 88 more than the Bears had passing and running combined.'

Marker Bledsoe tears apart Bears [6:00 AM]
Arlington Heights Daily Herald reports: '"He thinks we're going to score every time the ball comes out of his hands, and you can see the confidence he brings in the huddle,'' Bills coach Greg Williams said.'

Marker Terrell certain he was pushed on overturned TD [5:59 AM]
Arlington Heights Daily Herald reports: '"I made a catch, they made a call, it didn't go in my favor,'' Terrell said. "I felt I got pushed out of bounds on the play, but it didn't go my way. You can see if you look at the replay I got one foot inbounds, was about to drag my right leg and his body hit my right leg and pushed it out of bounds."'

Marker Thomas left spinning his wheels [5:58 AM]
Arlington Heights Daily Herald reports: 'For example, Bears running back Anthony Thomas rushed the ball 23 times Sunday for a total of 48 yards, with no single attempt going for more than 5 yards.'

Marker It's all in the details, Bears finding out [5:58 AM]
Arlington Heights Daily Herald reports: '"Details" is a convenient catchword, but maybe it's just that the Bears aren't good enough to out-detail the opposition. Like, it didn't hurt the Bills that one of their details happened to be Drew Bledsoe, who completed 28 of 36 passes for 328 yards and 4 touchdowns.'

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